The best beaches in Phuket – which one to choose for your vacation

Phuket is a Thai island that has gained fame thanks to the numerous beaches located on its shores. There are really a lot of them, and the best beaches in Phuket are located on its west coast.

Phuket Beach

Although you need to take into account that someone likes to relax where the sea is shallow and the depth grows gradually, while someone likes a great depth. For some vacationers, big waves cause real panic, for others – a feeling of delight. In addition, at different times of the year, in the tides, the same beach will look different

In this article you will find an overview of the most popular beaches in Phuket – it will help you choose the best place to stay. We will consider the beaches in order, moving from north to south.

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Mai Khao

Mai Khao is recognized as the longest beach in Phuket, its length is about 10 km. It is located in the north of the island, close to Phuket Airport. So close that the landing planes fly literally over the heads of vacationers.

Mai Khao Beach

Partially, the beach is located on the territory of the Sirinat National Park, which explains the lack of developed tourist infrastructure on it. There are few hotels here, and those that are are mostly chic and very expensive. But since there are no shops or restaurants nearby, it is advisable to settle in hotels with the maximum range of services.

Sand Beach Mai Khao

The sea at Mai Khao is clean, sand is large and soft, entry into the water without stones, but very sharp. The shore hides steeply under water, literally a few meters later the water covers the head of an adult. Sun loungers and umbrellas cannot be placed here, but umbrellas are not needed: many casuarine trees grow along the coast, creating a dense thick shadow.

Among foreign tourists, Mai Khao is not very popular, and in the ranking of beaches in Phuket quite rightly takes first place as the most deserted.

Nai young

This beach, barely 3 km long, is just a 5-minute drive from Phuket Airport. During the rest, tourists from afar observe the takeoffs and landings of aircraft, and the most restless take a camera and go to the airport.

Nai Yang Beach

There are never strong waves in Nai Yang Bay, as they are broken offshore on a coral reef. The water here is clean, very pleasant. But the ebbs and flows are palpable: sometimes the bottom is open for several tens of meters.

Where exactly it is better to relax on this Phuket beach – in the central, northern or southern part – draw your own conclusions. In the center, the entry into the water is smooth, but at the same time, after 10 m, the depth begins. And from the north and south, you need to go a long time to the depths, at low tide it is generally unrealistic. In addition, on the southern outskirts, the bottom is strewn with stones, and at low tide the locals collect sea gifts among them. But on the south side, a casuarine forest grows and creates a dense natural shadow – relaxing under large trees in the Thai heat is very pleasant.

Shade on Nai Yang Beach

Nai Young does not have a high official rating and is not “promoted”, and accordingly, not very crowded. Like most small beaches, Nai Yang does not have a good infrastructure and serves as a refuge from the bustling bustling civilization. Small shops, cafes, massage parlors, travel agencies – all this is on the only street parallel to the beach, mainly next to its central part. With the onset of darkness, movement is observed only in the area of ​​hotels. And there are few hotels, and they are concentrated near the coast.

Nai Ton

In the list of the best beaches in Phuket, Nai Thon is highly rated. This is the smallest beach in the north of Phuket – its length is 1 km, and its width is slightly more than 50 m, however, at low tide it increases several times.

Nai Thon Beach

The beach has fine yellow sand, clear clear water, a good sunset. The great advantage of Nai Thon is that waves rarely occur during the holiday season, and even with a strong ebb tide, it is not long to get to the water. Is it any wonder that Nai Ton has a high rating as the best Phuket beach for families with children.

Casuarins grow along the entire sandy strip: they give a fresh coolness, but only until noon and only to those who are located on the sun loungers standing close to them. And the sun loungers here are installed in several rows so that the rest is as comfortable as possible. Renting a deck chair with an umbrella is standard for Phuket – about 100 baht per day.

Sun loungers on the beach

As for entertainment, then on Nai Ton there are conditions only for relaxing on a deck chair and swimming in the sea. There is a kite-surfing school, but since there are no big waves in the high season, this sport is interesting only for beginners.

In a cafe on the beach

Behind the casuarine forest belt, along the entire beach, there is a road. Beyond the road and along it is the entire infrastructure: shops, convenience stores, massage parlors, restaurants, cafes. In a mid-level cafe, you can dine for 70-100 baht, pizza at a local pizzeria will cost 300 baht. There are not many hotels, but there are apartments of different price categories.

In the high season, Nai Thon is relatively popular among vacationers and fully justifies the rating of one of the best beaches in Phuket. There are many tourists on the coast, even the impression of a large-scale resort. In low season, tourists rarely come here, almost all hotels are closed. Large waves are raging at this time, various garbage floats in the muddy water due to sand.

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Bang tao

Bang Tao is located in a spacious bay, the coastline of which stretches for 8 km.

Bang tao

A distinctive feature of this elite beach is its orientation to wealthy vacationers. The most luxurious hotels, spas, shopping centers are located here, a very diverse range of entertainment is provided. If there is a lot of money and at the same time the question is “Where is it better to relax, on which beach of Phuket?”, Then the answer will be unequivocal: “The best place is Bang Tao.”

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Surin is a modest beach, characterized by excellent infrastructure. Surin is always noisy and crowded; Russian-speaking travelers prefer it to relax.

Surin Beach

Surin is good for swimming: a pleasant descent into the sea with evenly increasing depth, clear water, everything is clean.

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According to many travelers, Kamala is the best beach in Phuket for relaxation. Indeed, there are almost no waves rising, the coast is covered with fine light sand, it is convenient to enter the sea.

Kamala Beach

The beach stretches for a long distance, and in each of its parts the infrastructure is different. But basically it can be described as a calm “rural” beach without nightly resort life. By the way, Kamala has a high rating among Europeans, less popularity among Russian-speaking tourists.

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People on the coast are present in huge numbers. The city has a busy traffic with frequent congestion and all the other “benefits” of civilization.

Patong Beach

But if you ask, “Which beach in Phuket is the best in terms of entertainment?”, The answer can only be: “Patong.” People come here for parties.

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Three Trang

Hotel Tri Trang Resort
Tri Trang Resort

If you go from Panton to the south not along the main road, but along the coast, then over the hill (in just 5 minutes) the Tri Trang Resort will have a sharp turn and a descent down – this is a descent to the Three Trang beach. Cars can be left at the hotel in the parking lot, there you can also use the toilet and shower (they are paid).

Tri Trang Beach

Choosing which beach in Phuket it is better to relax with the whole family, with children – do not forget about Three Trang, it has a high rating and is really quite good.

A sandy strip in length reaches about 700 m, and its width is such that it is possible to install sun loungers with umbrellas in 2 rows (they are leased for 100 baht per day).

Sandy Tri Trang Beach

At Tri Trang it’s clean, comfortable to go into the water. It is better to swim in the northern section, since it is protected from the winds by a cape and waves are very rare there, and even then they are small. It must be borne in mind that the ebbs can make their own adjustments to the rest program. They are strong enough here – it’s impossible to swim, you just have to walk and collect shells.

In a cafe on the beach of Tri Trang

On the beach there are restaurants, bars, massage parlors. Water skiing, a kayak, a banana are available, you can do snorkeling. And for nightly entertainment you have to go to Patong, fortunately, it is very close.

There are few people on the Three Trang, the atmosphere is quiet. There are rarely random people here, as a rule, they are guests of the nearest hotels (mostly these are affordable multi-storey resorts).


According to holidaymakers, Freedom is the best-rated Phuket beach. And this despite the fact that it is located on the most inaccessible stretch of the island: you have to either overcome a kilometer path through the dense jungle, or sail in a boat.

Freedom Beach

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Karon Beach is a four-kilometer strip of special golden sand that makes strange creaky sounds. Such a sound is characteristic only for the sand of this area.

Karon Beach

The beach is busy, there are always a large number of vacationers, especially young people and families with children. Karon is one of those beaches that are considered the best in Phuket and have been highly rated in popularity.

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It is almost always quiet, without waves, the water is clear. Sunset at sea is good, which is especially evident at low tide. The place is quite calm, and at the same time there is a whole tourist infrastructure: from diverse hotels to various excursions.

Kata Beach

Choosing which beach in Phuket is best suited for a seed vacation, many tourists prefer Kata.

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Kata noi

Kata Noi is quite modest in size, and because of the luxurious hotels around it is considered almost the most expensive in Phuket. The beach is ideal for measured relaxation, and diverse entertainment in Thailand can always be found.

Kata Noi Beach

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Nai harn

Nai Harn is located on the outskirts of Phuket on its south side. The beach is not crowded with vacationers, it is clean, with a quick entry into the sea, with the ability to swim even at low tide.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn is rated the most beautiful beach in Phuket. Here the glorious Royal Regatta begins, in which yachts from around the world participate.

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These are, in our opinion, the best beaches in Phuket. We hope this review will help you choose a beach on the Thai island that suits you in all respects.

Have a good rest, and do not forget to tell about your impressions and make your corrections in the rating, compiled on the basis of reviews of tourists.

All the beaches of Phuket described in the rating on this page are marked on the map in Russian.

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