Ramayana Water Park in Pattaya – No. 1 water park in Thailand

The Ramayana water park in Pattaya is the first largest in Thailand, the second largest in the Asian continent and closes the dozen largest in the world. The highlight of the water park was the design and engineering idea to place a complex of water entertainment on the ruins of a mysterious city. Here are picturesque ruins, and ancient artifacts, cave paintings, unique natural and man-made objects. The central link of Ramayana in Pattaya was a natural lake, and entertainment lined around it. Tourists are attracted by the diversity of the park, service, originality and safety.

Ramayana water park in Pattaya

What is a water park

Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya has accommodated about fifty recreational facilities, “marine” and “river”, some of them were developed according to separate special projects and are no longer found anywhere on the entire Asian part of the continent. A modern filtration and purification system is involved, which guarantees high quality water. 350 employees provide service and safety, one third of them are qualified lifeguards.

Map of water park Ramayana

Ramayana in Pattaya was opened on May 6, 2016, covers 18 hectares of territories among natural landscapes. It took almost 5 years and 46 million dollars to build it, and a company specializing in creating amusement parks such as Disneyland was engaged in the design.

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Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya

The name of the park, reminiscent of the famous Indian epic, is in fact little connected with the idea, but serves as a beautiful attractive sign. In the architecture of buildings, as conceived by landscape designers, there are motifs of Thai, Khmer and Indian orientations, which helps to join the culture of Southeast Asia.

Water park Ramayana is most suitable for family vacations. There are 2 children’s zones in it – for toddlers and older children, where there are interesting game designs, thematic figures, as well as little cars for skiing. There is even a little attraction for six-month-old kids.

Rest in the water park Ramayana

The popularity of Ramayana in Pattaya is such that the flow of tourists does not dry out, and even have to queue up for some attractions. According to visitors, this circumstance is understandable and incomparable with the pleasure.

Another plus is the large territory and the fact that the slides are not located as compactly as other water parks. Many argue that this is much more convenient.

Slides and attractions of the park

On the territory of the Ramayana water park in Pattaya there are more than 2 dozen water attractions. There are over 50 water activities in total. They are divided into two groups – family and extreme. Ramayana organizers claim that they are all designed and made from high-tech materials from trusted suppliers. Slides 240 meters long are considered the longest in the world.

Duiling Aqua-Coasters slide
Duiling aqua-coasters

Ramayana water park in Thailand is famous for its thrilling rides. The following are considered the most popular.

Aqualoop slide
  • Aqualoop – an energetic descent for fans of adrenaline in the blood, is a closed slide with bends and loops.
  • The Spiral – the name speaks for itself. This is a slide with smooth sliding along dizzy spirals.
  • Python & Aquaconda – huge intertwining tunnels with a diameter of 6 m.
  • The River slide – after descending the gutter, visitors fall into the so-called “lazy” river 600 meters long, which flows through a ridge of mysterious caves, mini-geysers, looping for a long time across the territory of Ramayana. This is followed by a dual wave system pool, like a storm, and traditional free fall.
  • Attraction Aqua Play
    Aqua play
  • Aqua Play is a playground for children’s active games with the ability to shoot cannons, climb stairs, play with a fountain.
  • Boomerango – with a sheer wall and a lot of spray when falling into the pool.
  • The Mat Racer! – consists of several tracks arranged in rows, where it’s just right to arrange competitions with a whole company, who will quickly go to the pool.
  • Slide Freefall
  • Duelling Aqua-Coasters – 240 m high-speed multi-height trip for two, combined trajectory, abrupt changes in position, height and speed.
  • Freefall – the slide is very high, almost vertical, falling from a height in a closed capsule with a 360º flip, a lot of spray and, oddly enough, a soft drop.
  • The Serpentine – sliding in a tunnel with many turns and “splashing” into the pool.

For safety and even more to be sure, life jackets are worn on some slides. All attractions are easy to find on the Ramayana in Pattaya using signage and a large location map. There are traditional swimming pools with sunbeds for a relaxing “parental” vacation and sunbathing, a trampoline, surfboard training services on the board in a separate special pool with waves. In the Jacuzzi-bar-pool tables are set directly in the water, which is very convenient on a hot day.

Double Wave Pool

How much

Ticket price

The prices for entering the Ramayana water park depend on the package, the duration of the use of the services of the entertainment complex and some other criteria. Separate cost of tickets for every day, package of visits for a year, payment of gazebos, lockers, towels, there are offers tickets + buffet or tickets + buffet + transfer – they are divided into price categories for adults, children, seniors (pensioners).

Ticket offices in Ramayana water park
Division into children and adults

Prices at Ramayana Water Park are divided according to their own criteria. The division into children and adults occurs not by age, but by height:

  • up to 121 cm are children
  • from 122 cm – already adults,
  • up to 90 cm are kids, everything is free for them.

The category of elderly includes visitors aged 60+, pregnant women and people with additional needs.

A day ticket can be used for six months. Annual subscriptions – for 365 days daily.

Cost of additional services:

  • a transfer from anywhere in Pattaya will cost 120 ฿ (~ $ 3.7),
  • a left-luggage office costs 120 (~ $ 3.7) and 190 ฿ (~ $ 5.8),
  • minicamera 100 ฿ (~ 3 $), towel 99 ฿ (~ 3 $) per day.

Online payment options on the website are offered for residents and tourists.

Discount prices
Sun loungers at Ramayana water park

Prices are constantly changing, discounts are in force, tickets are sold under the action. All information about the cost and payment methods can be found on the page of the official website of the water park: www.ramayanawaterpark.ru/select-tickets/. Sun loungers and umbrellas are free for everyone.

For example, regular tickets, which include a full day of stay at Ramayana in Pattaya (adults on all slides, children and seniors – except adult slides), will cost:

  • 1190 ฿ (~ 36 $) adults;
  • 890 ฿ (~ 27 $) children;
  • 590 ฿ (~ 18 $) at a discount (before a discount of 1190 ฿) for the elderly category.

For greater access to package services of the park, it is proposed to join the Ramayana Club with exclusive bonus programs. You can join online through the site.


Prices for gazebos:

Gazebo in the water park
  • standard (up to 4 people) – 700 ฿ (~ $ 21.3);
  • large (up to 8 people) – 1200 ฿ (~ $ 36.5);
  • extra-large (up to 12 people) – 1900 ฿ (~ 58 $).

Pergolas can be booked, use throughout the day at Ramayana. When ordering a gazebo for an additional fee of 200-300 ฿ (~ 6-9 $), VIP service is offered, which includes individual: entrance, showers, sofas, massage, drinks, water, rental of the most expensive type storage room and a required towel.

Food and drink
Children's Cafe

An assortment of restaurant and cafe service with offers of world cuisine: from European to Asian and, in particular, Thai and others. The menu offers halal and vegetarian food, a separate children’s menu. The option of payments for food and drinks is embedded in the customer’s electronic bezel. A buffet for adults costs 299 ฿ (~ $ 9), children – 199 ฿ (~ 6 $). Dishes from fresh products, lots of fruits, salad bar, sauces, light and hearty soups, pizza, vegetables, meat, fish dishes, desserts, nuts, etc. Alcoholic drinks are on the menu.

Massage at Ramayana Water Park

Additional amenities from Ramayana in Pattaya: massage, spa with fish (fish peeling), wi-fi, a shop selling related products, a floating market, as well as non-stop contemplation of the picturesque surrounding landscapes – green hills, flowing waterfalls and peculiar local natural reservoirs.

It should be added about the floating market. This is an ancient Asian tradition – to establish a market on the rivers. Since a natural river flows through Ramayana in Pattaya, its floating market has appeared here. It is popular, you can buy souvenirs and Thai food on it, and on the banks relax in thatched-roof bungalows, contemplating the surroundings.

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Useful Tips

Daily towel
  1. Get ready for extra spending. For example, to get a towel for the day, you need to make a deposit of 200 ฿ (~ $ 6), which will be returned.
  2. It is better to leave jewelry at home or use a left-luggage office, otherwise in case of loss of even especially valuable things, the cost is not refunded and claims are not accepted.
  3. If you want to use your inflatable objects, for example, for a child, then you can take them with you to the water park, but only not large mattresses (they are forbidden).
  4. Do not try to take a selfie stick, they are also prohibited. But the park provides for the free use of photo and video systems – with the help of your bracelet you can view the shooting and share it.
  5. Beach furniture, accessories for games and other things also cannot be carried, everything is here!

Practical information

  • Ramayana water park address: หมู่ ที่ 7 9 Ban Yen Rd, Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, 20250, Thailand. This is approximately 15-20 minutes. from Pattaya south and an hour and a half by car from Bangkok. The main tourist landmarks are the huge rock carvings of the Buddha (Khao Chi Chan) and the Silverlake vineyard (Silver Lake).
  • Entrance to the water park Ramayana
  • Opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00 in a daily mode all year round. Opening hours may vary on Thai Constitution Day – December 10th.
  • Water park Ramayana in Thailand has its own parking – it is free.
  • The official website of Ramayana water park in Pattaya: www.ramayanawaterpark.ru/ in 4 languages, including Russian. The site is colorfully designed, vibrant, inviting and informative. Here you can see a photo and map of the park, order tickets, transfers, events and other services, find out where to eat and everything you need about Ramayana in Pattaya.

According to the creators, the Ramayana water park in Pattaya meets the most demanding requirements of sophisticated visitors and international quality standards. It is equipped with high-tech equipment, and the water in the pools is crystal clear. Water is supplied from independent underground sources, which are specially designed and supplied for the needs of Ramayana.

The organizers position the complex as modern, reducing the environmental burden on the environment through energy saving systems, special cleaning and sorting of garbage. The complex is designed to provide a full range of services and has established itself as a universal and unique entertainment aquacenter.

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