How to get to Koh Phangan from different points of Thailand

Who would not want to attend the Full Moon party held on Phangan Island in one of the provinces of Thailand? Every month during the full moon, thousands of backpackers from different countries gather there. It is believed that in this place of the Gulf of Thailand, the moon is the most beautiful. These days, visitors to the local Haad Rin Nok Beach have fun in bars, clubs and dance venues to the sounds of reggae and techno. Young people from all over the world seek to get to the island to spend an unforgettable weekend with friends. How to get to Koh Phangan from different points of Thailand?

How to get to Koh Phangan

Starting Point – Bangkok

The bulk of tourists arriving in Thailand first visit Bangkok. The capital has something to “demonstrate” to residents of other countries. Many attractions and a rich nightlife will not leave indifferent any traveler.

Starting Point - Bangkok

How to get from Bangkok to Phangan to a wanderer seeking adventure on the island? The distance to be covered is about 450 km. Consider several methods of transportation using various vehicles. You can reduce the time spent on the road by paying more for amenities. If funds are limited, it will take a little longer to get to Phangan.

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Overcoming the water surface

Regardless of the chosen route option, at the last stage, a tourist needs to get to Phangan Island by water. This section of the route will have to be overcome on watercraft. From several piers from the mainland and Koh Samui in Thailand regularly depart:

Lomprayah Speedboats
  • ferries;
  • boats (tickets for the first two transport options can be purchased at any airport in Thailand, as well as in advance on the Internet);
  • large night boat boats (their feature is that an unhurried trip to the island lasts all night);
  • faster boat options (for example, transport from Lomprayah).
From Bangkok by train
By train from Hua Lamphong Station
Hua lamphong

This mode of transport can be reached from Hua Lamphong Station (station of the same name) to:

  • the southern province of Thailand – Surat Thani by train No: 39, 35.37, 41, 83, 85, 167, 169, 171, 173. (Departure time varies. It will take about 11 hours to get there. The cost of the ticket depends on the chosen amenities. It varies from 15 to 45 US dollars);
  • the town of Chumphon, which is located at 460 km distance from the capital of Thailand (the same trains will be needed, since both cities are located in the same direction from Bangkok).
From Bangkok by train

If you choose to follow through Chumphon, then you must get off the train three hours earlier. In this case, a tourist will get to Phangan from the opposite side of the island via Koh Tao. Here you should calculate your route, taking into account the fact that the first boat leaves from Chumphon to the island only at 7.30.

It is possible to get to this city of Thailand from Bangkok by cheaper trains departing from Thon Buri Station. Ticket price – 10 dollars. The seats on the train are only sedentary. The cars are equipped with fans. This transport is sent twice a day. In the morning at 7.30, in the evening – at 19.30. The trip lasts 8 hours.

Transfer. Path to the pier
Regular buses run from the bus station in Surat Thani

In Surat Thani, directly on the platform, travel agencies offer comprehensive tickets to Phangan. You can take advantage of such a transfer or drive to the piers leading to the island on your own.

Regular buses run from the bus station in Surat Thani. It is located in the city center, near the bridge. A trip to any of the marinas will last about an hour. Buses in these directions depart every 15–20 minutes.

Of course, you can hire a taxi directly from the railway station. It will turn out a little more expensive, but faster than three times. In addition, there will be no need to get to the bus station and wait for the desired flight.

How to get to Koh Phangan from Chumphon? A taxi will take you to the pier. From the pier, tourists are ferried to Thong Sala Koh Pha Ngan Pier in Phangan. The cost will be about 30 dollars. USA. It will take 3 hours to sail to the island along the bay.

From Bangkok by bus
From Bangkok by bus

The most budgetary option to overcome the path to Phangan from the capital of Thailand is a bus trip and a ferry (boat). There are several such routes.

  • Coaches of different companies from Khaosan Road. All details on payment and timetables should be found on the spot with agents. Adjustments and changes to the graphics may be made.
  • Pars Chumporn Pier
    Chumporn pier
  • The Lompraya bus leaves from Khao San in the morning at 6 o’clock and in the evening at 21.00. After 8 hours, tourists will drop off near the Chumporn Pier. Here you have a speed boat to Phangan. On the way to the island, the boat makes two stops. The total travel time to Phangan is 3 hours. Such a full route from Bangkok to the island will cost the traveler $ 45.
  • A shuttle bus from the local Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal in the southern part of the city arrives in Surat Thani after 10.5 hours. Travel by bus will cost $ 25 per person. On the spot you need to get to the pier, making the way from the bus station of Surat Thani, as mentioned above. Next, transfer to water transport, having previously bought a ticket.
Airline Services

The shortest route option is to use the airline service. There is no airport on Phangan Island itself. There are various options for flying from the capital of Thailand closer to the berths with water transport, from where you can already swim to the island by water.

From Bangkok to get to Phangan, flying through Samui. Tourists deliver to this island in the Pacific:

From Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • by plane, using the services of Bangkok Airways (ticket price about $ 100);
  • from Suvarnabhumi – more than 10 flights per day (the starting point is the international airport of the capital of Thailand, tickets can be purchased on the spot or booked in advance on the company’s website).

The further route from Samui airports will take a taxi directly to the berths. The price of the service is 12-15 dollars. Or, if the ticket was purchased in advance through a certain company, you can use the free shuttle service to the pier. Next, a boat or ferry will take you to Phangan.

To get to Phangan Island Thailand, you need to know how else you can fly from Bangkok closer to your destination. This option is a flight through Surat Thani. This is possible thanks to several carriers:

By plane Thai Lion Air
  • Tai Lyon Air;
  • Air Asia;
  • Nok Air.

The closest airport to mainland Thailand is Surat Thani. From here, by bus (bus) or taxi, it is easy to reach the port of Don Sak, where ferries leave for the island.

The big advantage of such a trip through Samui is that you can immediately buy a ticket for a plane or bus to the island. And upon arrival, do not look for the best way to get to the pier. On a ferry or boat, sail from one island to another for about half an hour. The ticket will cost about 5-10 dollars. Detailed information on the passage from Samui will be given below in the corresponding section of the article.

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To Phangan from Phuket

Resting in Phuket, a tourist can diversify his vacation trip to Phangan Island. The distance to be covered is 350 km. It’s impossible to get there without transfers. Therefore, the road will have to spend more time than we would like.

There are several ways to get to the island.

  1. By plane, get to Samui. It will take about half an hour to fly. Such flights from Phuket are served by Bangkok Airways. The ticket price is slightly higher than $ 90. Pleasure is not cheap, but everything is compensated by the speed of the process. And how to get from Koh Samui to Phangan in Thailand, we will consider separately.
  2. By bus from Phuket to Phangan
  3. By bus. The most inexpensive option. The ticket price is approximately $ 20. But you have to be prepared for a ferry transfer in Surat Thani province and a 12-hour journey to the island. Although the ferry travels to Phangan in just an hour, there is always a queue of people who want to get on the boat at the quays. Therefore, you will have to spend several hours waiting. Before leaving from the bus station in Phuket Town with the name Bus Terminal 2, it is better to buy a ticket of a combined type at the box office. This means that you will immediately have in your hands travel cards for the bus and for the ferry, which will take you to your destination. They can be purchased on the website and other online resources or at your chosen travel agency. Bus departure at 8 and 9 in the morning daily. After 6 hours, the landing of tourists will take place on the pier of Tong Sala on Koh Phangan.
  4. By taxi from Phuket
  5. Taxi or car rental. With hired transport it is easier to get from Phuket to Phangan, as drivers are well oriented on the ground. But if there is an opportunity, it is worth renting a car, not forgetting about the navigator. So the traveler will feel more confident knowing the way to Surat Thani province (Thathong pier) or to Don Sak district in Surat Thani province (Seatran pier). In this case, there will be additional costs for crossing the car on a ferry – 10 dollars. Water transport from these places leaves for Phangan every hour every day, from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What is the most suitable way from Phuket to Phangan Thailand – everyone decides for his own means and the need to save time on the road. Often what matters is not the fact of how to get there, but the mood with which the traveler arrived on Koh Phangan. Therefore, it is advisable to think through all the stages of the path in advance.

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From Samui to the coveted island

By minibus from Samui Airport

After you reach Samui, to continue the path to Phangan you need to get to any pier on the island. Minibuses and taxis run from the airport to the pier. Tickets for regular transport are sold in specially designated places, which are racks at the exit from airports. The cost of 4 dollars. Minibuses are dispatched as the required number of passengers is gathered.

How to get to Phangan Thailand from Koh Samui by ferry? On the island you need to find any of the piers.

Haad Rin Queen Ferry Ferry
  1. Bang Rak is located near the Big Buddha. The closest pier to the airport. Not only ferries depart from here (at 8.00, 13.00, 16.30), but also boats that arrive at Haad Rin Phangan Beach. The price of the crossing is 10 dollars. The trip will last half an hour and end at Tong Sala Pier. The ferry Haad Rin Queen Ferry, which leaves at 10.30, 13.00, 16.00, 18.30, will take you to the Haad Rin pier. The cost per person is about 6.5 dollars.
  2. Maenam. From here, catamarans leave for Phangan at 8 in the morning and at 12.30. The path is short, as the distance between the islands is 8 km.
  3. Nathon Pier, Samui
  4. Central – Nathon. Sends and receives the most flights. Catamarans also run to the Thong Sala pier of Koh Phangan at 11.15, 13.30, 17.00 and 19.00. The trip lasts 30 minutes. The cost is about 9 dollars. If you buy a ticket online, then the bonus tourist will receive a free transfer from their place of residence in Koh Samui Thailand. Reservation must be confirmed a day before departure. Songserm Express leaves at 11 and 17.30.

If you book a boat ticket in advance on the Internet, the departure time of the boat should be calculated with a margin, as sometimes planes are delayed, and the landing time may change.

Citran Ferry Ferries, as well as Raja Ferry Ferries, can transport equipment to your destination. The cost of crossing a scooter is $ 6, and a car is 13. Raja Ferry leaves at 7, 10, 12, 13, 16 and 18. The road will take 2 hours 30 minutes. Passenger ticket costs $ 6.5.

Path to Phangan from Pattaya

If, basking on the famous beaches of Pattaya, a tourist suddenly wants to make a trip to Phangan Island, he has several opportunities to get there.

Bus from Pattaya
  1. A bus from Pattaya will take you to Don Sak Pier near the city of Surat Thani (370 km). The further way will be possible by ferry (see the section “To Phangan from Phuket”). You can use the services of a night bus so that you can sleep on the way to the pier. Moreover, the total time spent on the journey will be at least 18 hours. And all expenses will cost from 45 to 80 dollars. The price varies from the conditions of a comfortable trip.
  2. Flight by Bangkok Airways
  3. Plane to Samui from Pattaya. On a direct flight, fly only an hour. But the whole trip will take about five hours. How to get to Phangan Island itself, each tourist will decide at his discretion. The easiest way to go to the nearest pier in Samui is by taxi. And from there – by boat (ferry) to Phangan. Unlike the first option, such a trip to the island will cost a tourist 2, or even 3 times more expensive. But you will reach Phangan 2-3 times faster. Flights are operated from Koh Samui Thai Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Airways International and Bangkok Airways provide their services.
  4. You can go from Pattaya to Bangkok, and from there – to the island part (how to get to Phangan Island in Thailand, we have already said in the section “Starting Point – Bangkok”).

Prices on the page are for October 2018.

To clearly know how to get to Koh Phangan yourself, where you need to start your journey, where to transfer and continue on, you need to carefully consider the map of the area in Thailand. Visually or in pencil, draw the main points of departure and strictly follow the plan. If priorities are set correctly, the trip to Koh Phangan will turn out to be fascinating and interesting, and unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

Overview of Koh Phangan, prices and beaches – in this video.

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