Guide to the best Hotels on Bang Tao beach in Phuket

It is believed that next to one of the best beaches in Phuket Bang Tao, hotels are mostly fashionable. Indeed, this place was chosen by a wealthy audience for relaxation.

Bang Tao Beach Hotel

But in addition to luxury apartments, you can also find inexpensive hotels available to middle-class Russians. We have compiled for you a rating of the best hotels in terms of price and quality, including establishments of different price segments. The main criterion for rating was reviews and ratings of guests staying in Bang Tao Beach hotels.

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10. Bangtao Varee Beach 3 *

  • The rating at the booking is 8.7.
  • The cost of a double room in the season is from $ 65 / night, a bungalow for two will cost, starting from $ 105 / night.
3 * hotel Bangtao Varee Beach

The small Bangtao Varee Beach Hotel is a kilometer from the beach. All rooms are air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. There is a small pool, free Wi-Fi is available throughout. Breakfast is served for a fee.

The vast majority of guests respond positively to Bang Tao Var Beach.

Among the advantages are called:

Hotel staff
  • low price;
  • Tasty food;
  • Helpful staff
  • a quiet place.

The shortcomings noted by some guests concerned:

  • location away from the main streets;
  • old bedding;
  • hard mattresses.

Find out more about the conditions of accommodation and prices in Bang Tao Var Beach, as well as get acquainted with the reviews of vacationers here .

9. Hill Myna Condotel 3 *

  • Score on booking 9.1.
  • The price for a double studio in the season is from $ 85 / day, deluxe suite with a bedroom – from $ 105 / day.
Pool at Hill Myna Condotel

Condotel Hill Myna is a 10-minute drive from the beach, and guests are brought to the beach for free at any time of the day. There is a large outdoor pool. All rooms are air-conditioned, each has a private bathroom, free WiFi. Breakfast is not served.

Almost all vacationers speak very well of Hill Myna Condotel, in terms of price / quality ratio it belongs to the best Bang Tao hotels.

The following advantages were noted:

Room at Hill Myna Condotel
  • excellent level of service;
  • transfer to the beach – on request;
  • next to the condotel there is a cheap cafe with delicious cuisine;
  • within walking distance of the market;
  • the rooms replenish free stocks of drinking water;
  • Cheap rental of good bikes without collateral.


  • do not serve breakfast;
  • the restaurant at the condotel is expensive, cheaper and tastier to eat in a nearby cafe.

More information about Hill Myna Condotel is available on the website .

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8. Oceanstone 4 *

  • The rating at the booking is 8.8.
  • The cost of a double room in February-March is from $ 90 / day, an apartment for two – from $ 106 / day.
Room at 4 * Oceanstone Hotel

The new comfortable Oceanstone Hotel is located one kilometer from the beach. There is a large pool on the roof of the hotel. There is a fitness center. Air-conditioned rooms with all amenities are equipped with kitchenettes with microwave ovens and high-speed free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is not served.

The vast majority of guests were satisfied with the rest, noting that this is one of the newest Bang Tao hotels in Phuket.


Hotel rooftop pool
  • high level of service;
  • everything is new and clean;
  • stylish interiors;
  • rooftop pool;
  • a fitness center;
  • There is a restaurant with Russian cuisine.


  • a noisy construction site is located nearby, but this is a temporary phenomenon.

You can get acquainted with the opinions of vacationers in more detail, find out about prices and living conditions in Oceanstone at this link .

7. Pai Tan Villas 3 *

  • Guest rating – 8.9.
  • The price of living in the season is from $ 105 / day for a double room, a double villa with access to the pool – from $ 135 / day.
Hotel complex Pai Tan Villas

Pai Tan Villas is located 0.5 km from the beach and consists of 11 villas located by two swimming pools. Air-conditioned villas with all amenities are equipped with minibars, safes, LCD TVs. Free high-speed WiFi is available. Delicious breakfasts are included in the price of luxury villas, and guests of budget rooms can be ordered for a fee.

Almost all vacationers respond well to the comfort of living and the high quality of service at Pai Tan Villas; the rating of this hotel near Bang Tao Beach is one of the highest in the area.


Hotel room Pai Tan Villas
  • great service;
  • purity;
  • proximity to the beach, places of entertainment and busy shopping.


  • crowded beaches;
  • not far from the mosque from which the prayers reach.

You can familiarize yourself with the living conditions, as well as prices at Pai Tan Villas in more detail by going to the website .

6. Cassia Phuket 4 *

  • Score on booking 8.6.
  • The price of a double room in February / March is from $ 160 / day, a continental breakfast is included.
Hotel Cassia Phuket

Cassia Phuket Hotel is located almost on the beach, with sea views. Near the outdoor pool there is a terrace for sunbathing, and there is also free parking. Wi-Fi is free throughout. Air-conditioned rooms with all amenities have large kitchens with all necessary appliances.

Judging by the guest reviews, most of them praised the level of comfort and service.

Hotel room Cassia Phuket


  • proximity to the beach;
  • great service;
  • the best combination of price and quality.


  • remoteness from the center and entertainment.

Detailed description and prices in Cassia Phuket can be found by going to this page .

5. Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort 4 *

  • The average guest rating is 8.2.
  • High season rates starting at $ 186 / day for a double room with a good breakfast included.
Hotel Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort

Arinara Bang Tao Beach Hotel is located 300 meters from the beach. It has three swimming pools with hydromassage, water slides, a bar, and private parking. Comfortable rooms with quiet air conditioning, panoramic windows are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available.

Almost all of the guests commented on their stay in Arinara Bangtao positively.


Hotel room Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort
  • proximity to the sea;
  • great service;
  • delicious breakfasts;
  • daily live music and spectacular shows.


  • Sewer drains into the sea near the beach.

Full details of Arinara Bang Tao Beach are available here .

4. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort 5 *

  • Hotel rating by reviews – 8.9.
  • The cost of living in the season – from $ 250 / day for a suite for two. Breakfast is included only when renting deluxe rooms.
Room at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort

Outrigger Hotel Laguna Phuket Beach is located in close proximity to the beach. The hotel has a spa, a kids club where babysitting services are provided, there is a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a business center, and meeting rooms. The air-conditioned rooms have balconies, free Wi-Fi, bathrooms and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Guest reviews, mostly positive, many consider this hotel the best on Bang Tao Phuket beach

Beach at the hotel


  • delicious breakfasts;
  • great service;
  • well equipped beach.


  • due to poor soundproofing of the walls, sounds are heard from neighboring rooms;
  • noise from lawn mowers during daytime rest.

All the information you are interested in about Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach and read reviews on the site .

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3. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket 5 *

  • The score is 8.5.
  • In February, the cost of a double room – from $ 278 / day. Complimentary breakfast is only available in suites.
The territory of 5 * hotel Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket Hotel is located directly on the seashore in a vast green area with lakes and a pool. There are 5 restaurants with international and Italian cuisine, a golf course, a water sports school. Luxurious rooms have stylish interiors and all the amenities corresponding to a five-star level.

Mostly reviews of vacationers are positive, however, there are many complaints regarding service.


Hotel room Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket
  • proximity to the sea;
  • quiet place;
  • good food.


  • careless cleaning;
  • lack of children’s animators;
  • small pool;
  • remoteness from entertainment centers.

Detailed information on prices, living conditions in Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, as well as guest reviews are presented on the page .

2. Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket 5 *

  • The rating at the booking is 8.9.
  • A double room in season will cost from $ 542 / night with an excellent breakfast included.
Pool at the Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket

Hotel Movenpic Residence Phuket is a few minutes walk from the beach. Features an infinity pool with hydromassage. There is a wellness center, there is a gym, sauna.

The chic suites have balconies with great views and kitchens with microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Some of the suites have a private pool or jacuzzi. Around the clock – free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Hotel room Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket

The vast majority of reviews praise the level of comfort and service, according to them, this hotel on Bang Tao Phuket beach is one of the best.


  • high level of service;
  • quiet, sparsely populated beach.


  • to get to the beach, you need to cross the road (with rarely passing vehicles).

Detailed information on prices, accommodation conditions, as well as guest reviews about the Movenpic Residence Phuket are presented on the page .

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1. Banyan Tree SPA Sanctuary 5 *
  • Average review ratings of 9.0.
  • A double room in February will cost from $ 1060 / day with an excellent breakfast included.
Banyan Tree Sanctuary Luxury Spa Hotel

The luxurious Banyan Tree Sanctuary & Spa is a Thai-style villa set amidst a picturesque garden with ponds overgrown with water lilies. The hotel’s garden is located on the bay, there is a swimming pool, tennis court, golf course, a spa center.

The chic restaurant serves Vietnamese and French cuisines. The wellness program of the center includes yoga and meditation classes, drinking freshly squeezed juices and rare teas. Luxurious rooms have a stylish design and are equipped with everything necessary for an elite vacation. All vacationers receive a free quality Thai massage daily.

Guest reviews about one of the most expensive hotels in Bang Tao Beach Phuket are mostly positive.

Thai massage


  • Thai massage;
  • spa treatments;
  • high level of service.


  • midges in the garden;
  • High price.

You can find more information about the hotel here .

The location of Bang Tao Phuket hotels from our rating can be viewed on the map.


For those who want to relax on the Bang Tao beach, hotels provide ample choice. All hotels from our rating provide excellent conditions for relaxation and have earned high marks from vacationers. Places in them are in high demand, therefore, when planning to come to Phuket in the high season, it is advisable to take care of booking places in the chosen hotel in advance.

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