Guide to Surin’s sparsely populated beach with turquoise water in Phuket

Surin Beach is a sandy beach in Phuket with a length of about a kilometer. The most beautiful recreation area is known for its ambiguous history of infrastructure transformation and the subjective attitude of tourists towards this. The clear sea with azure clear water and fine light sand attract tourists.

Surin Beach

In the article we will tell you all about this beach, introduce you to the infrastructure of the coastal line. The information provided will help you find your place as quickly as possible if you plan a vacation here. On the map, Surin Beach in Phuket can be found on the west coast of the island between Camala Beach and Bangtao Beach.

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Meet – this is Surin

If we compare Surin Beach with other beaches in Phuket, then one of its main advantages is the free accommodation of tourists on the coast. The southern beaches of the island are almost always crowded with visitors, so they have to be located in cramped and noisy environments. This does not bother some travelers, but many come to Thailand for a relaxing holiday. This is what attracts family people with children and all those who do not like extreme sports here.

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is located in the northwestern part of Phuket. In size it is a small but quite picturesque corner. Mountains, boundless expanse of water and exotic greenery of the coast open to the gaze of vacationers. Palm trees and other trees are located in the depths of the beach. They are both a decoration of the area, and a shady area for those who avoid the sun.

A gentle entry into the sea becomes an advantage for a certain group of tourists. The sandy part of the beach is actually always in the sun, as it is quite wide. And the natural shadow of the trees covers only a small area next to them in the morning – because Surin Beach is facing west.

Surin Beach, Phuket

It is located between two more popular coastal lines: Bang Tao and Kamala. Not far from it, another beach “Laem Sing” “hid” in the bay. To get there from Surin in Phuket is possible only by sea. On the north side, also in the bay, separately located is the “beach of millionaires” – Pansy Surin Beach. A coastal cliff separates its territory with two fashionable hotels from Surin beach.

Laem Sing Beach
Laem sing

Note! The entrance to Pansy Beach through the beach is closed and guarded. Rest on the Pansy beach is allowed only for guests of the Amanpuri, The Surin Phuket hotels.

Surin Beach every year attracts an increasing number of people who have chosen the island of Phuket for holidays in Thailand. Once Europeans were resting here alone. Today there are many visitors from Russia. Recently, frequent transfers from different hotels have been established for tourists on Surin Beach. Thais also come to this place on weekends to relax with their families.

Diverse needs – various leisure

Holidays on the beach in Surin in Thailand can be different. And this can be clearly seen from the reviews of travelers who visited it. Someone is completely satisfied, and some write about unpleasant impressions. What is the matter? And why are the responses so different? Most disagreement is due to the following reasons.

Good time to relax
There are strong waves on Surin Beach

There are strong waves on Surin Beach in Thailand. This natural phenomenon depends on the season and other miraculous factors (underwater currents, wind direction). Some describe their holiday experience on Surin Beach as follows: “In the morning it was completely calm, and in the afternoon there were just huge waves.” Someone was lucky to visit there and not see the waves at all. I want to say that in the high season (November-May) the waves still appear, but they are moderate and do not become an obstacle to a comfortable swim.

Beach equipment

The infrastructure of this beach on about. Phuket was transformed several years ago and not for the better. More recently, there was a very popular club and several comfortable restaurants. People came to have dinner and have fun on Surin Beach even at night. Naturally, there were other amenities on the beach.

Construction work on Surin Beach

At some point, the island’s leadership decided to create a park – a dedication to the king of Thailand. It became logical that for this purpose the entire tourism infrastructure was demolished from the location of the future park. But to improve the new recreation area quickly did not learn.

For this reason, Surin is still not sufficiently equipped. Although there are impromptu souls for vacationers. You can go to the toilet in a cafe, located a little at a distance. All this is paid and costs a little less than a dollar at the rate in local currency.

Inflatable sofas

There are paid sunbeds, but only on the hill remaining after the demolition of the building (south Surin Beach). Price – 5 cu There are no sun loungers on the sandy beach. But you can always rent mattresses, special chairs, inflatable sofas and umbrellas. Depending on the accessories you choose, you can spend between $ 6 and $ 10 on rental.

Makashnitsy along the track

On the path beyond the coastal line of Surin, there are always spreading shingles. In them you can buy different foods and drinks. Along Surin Beach there is parking. There you can rent a bike.


Among those can be called massage in specially equipped places in the open air. The average cost of 12-15 dollars. Some hotels in the area also provide spa services.

Massage on Surin Beach

There are active types of entertainment on Surin Beach, but their number depends on seasonality. Jet skis, rides and water skiing are available during high season. From time to time they offer parachute flights behind the boat. And in summer, surf equipment rental centers open.


As you can see, the variety is small. But whoever wants, he will always find what to do. Although many visitors to Surin Beach in Thailand are attracted by the absence of noisy fun. The natural beauty of landscapes and the warm sea is enough for them. Such “recharging” by nature is sometimes simply necessary.

Not cleaned on the beach

In high season, Surin Beach is kept clean. Visitors who have been there in the winter write about proper care for the sand and the entire coastal line.

In the summer, when there are few tourists, cleaning is irregular. Periodically, garbage is collected, which is collected from time to time. And if you take into account the frequent presence of waves during the off-season in Phuket (September-October), which “bring” garbage to the shores of Surin, then sometimes there is an excess of waste in the sand.

What and where to sell

Shopping Center Surin Plaza

Large markets in Surin Phuket – Plaza and Pimol Minimart. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories. Natural cosmetics, lotions and oils are sold at Lemongrass.

200 meters from Surin is the main road in the area. On this street is a 24-hour convenience store – 7-Eleven Family. There are massage parlors, several hotels and cafes.

Shop "Tesco Express"
Tesco Express

Half a kilometer from Surin Beach, the Tesco Express store is open. Here along the road, merchants offer souvenirs and fruit. SuperChip will have to drive 2 km.

Tesco Lotus Supermarket and the evening market (in Bang Tao) are 3 km away. You should go there if you need fruit or manufactured goods. Right on the sands of Bang Tao in Phuket, merchants offer authentic Thai gizmos: from decorations to tents.


On the coast of Surin itself on about. There are no hotels on the first line of Phuket. The nearest are located along the road, located 200-250 meters from the beach. Pedestrian paths (stairs) lead to them.

Hotel Surin Beach Resort
Surin beach resort
  • Surin Beach Resort stands on a hill (the hotel offers panoramic views of the sea).
  • The Surin Phuket is arranged to the north, behind the cape (has a private beach in Pansea Bay).

In high season, the cost of a double room with breakfast at Surin Beach Resort will cost approximately $ 125-150 per night. The price of an identical room at The Surin Phuket Cottage ranges from 450 to 650 cu The exact cost depends on the living conditions and the availability of ocean views from the room.

More hotels are on the second line from Surin Phuket Beach. They offer various apartments. Imagine a selection of some showing the cost of living in high season for two for 1 night + breakfast (in US dollars):

Hotel room 6th Avenue Surin Beach
6th Avenue Surin Beach
  • 6th Avenue Surin Beach (4 *) – 60;
  • Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort (4 *) – 120;
  • Surin Sunset Hotel (3 *) – 50;
  • Twinpalms Phuket (5 *) – 240;
  • AM Surin Place (3 *) – 57.

This is not a complete list of hotels. Phuket Thailand has a large selection of hotels, condos and guesthouses. You can choose based on your financial capabilities and wishes. The most reliable way is to book a place to stay in advance online.

Inexpensive guesthouses are easy to find upon arrival in Phuket. Rooms near Surin and Bang Tao beaches can be rented for any period of time.

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Convenient routes

Bus from Phuket to Surin Beach

There is a bus from Phuket to Surin Beach. He follows through Bangtao to Kamala. The same option is suitable for transplantation to tourists following from Kata and Patong. Landing is at Phuket Bus Station (Ranong Street). It will take about an hour. The ticket price is about 1.5 dollars. From the stop at Surin beach to the beach, go only 3 minutes.

If you have to go from Kamala or Bangtao, the same bus will do. It runs in the opposite direction to Phuket Town. The stop you need will be after the mountain pass. When you get off the bus, you will immediately notice Surin Beach.

Note! Be sure to check the schedule of regular transport before heading to Surin Beach in Thailand. If you have to return back on the same day, it is better to know exactly when the last flight departs.

In extreme cases, you can take a taxi. The driver will quickly take you in the right direction. This is a big plus of this method of transportation. Another thing is whether the price suits you.

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Useful Tips

  1. In low season, monsoon winds appear near Surin Beach in Thailand. They catch tall waves. Then swimming is dangerous. Therefore, if you went to the island of Phuket in the summer, then when you see big waves, think about your own safety. Better wait for calm.
  2. Back flows in Thailand
  3. During the low season in Thailand, strong backwaters are possible off the coastline of Surin Beach. They unexpectedly for a swimmer begin to carry it from the coast, gradually increasing the speed of the current. Only people with special knowledge of water behavior in such situations can handle them. Therefore, it is better not to swim far.

    If you still find yourself in a stream of strong currents, try not to panic. You need to immediately call for help and swim not to the shore (a waste of energy), but a little to the side (any). This will quickly get out of the stream. When you understand that you are no longer related – swim to the shore.

  4. Vacationers in November – January can fully enjoy the warm sea of ​​Phuket. In winter, a mooring for boats is temporarily arranged on the beach (southern part). It can be used as a diving board. Not far from the pier is a rocky sandbank – a great place for lovers to explore the underwater world. Remember to bring your mask with you.

Surin Beach has many of its own advantages over its counterparts, as well as a number of disadvantages. We have already described some of them. Only you can give your own assessment after visiting the island of Phuket.

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