Guide to shopping in Phuket – the largest shopping centers of the island

Shopping in Phuket is truly diverse, there is plenty to choose from for a shopping enthusiast in a new place – from village markets and night markets to modern shopping and entertainment complexes. The resort is especially interesting with products of natural origin – pearls, stones, precious metals. A separate shopping area is batik products to replenish your wardrobe or exclusively as souvenirs. Thai fabrics are distinguished by variegation, deep color, memorable plots and ornaments.

Phuket Shopping

On the whole, the beach island is famous for handicrafts, traditional types of fishing, however, Thai cosmopolitan shopaholics will surely like it. Here are some of the most noteworthy and recommended by visitors.

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Jungceylon Shopping Center

Only the shopping center in Phuket is second in size. The name of the center is stylistically connected with a peculiar marine installation: in a small artificial pond with fountains, a three-masted sailing vessel “launched into swimming” is the place for theme parties and entertainment events, where spectators are invited to dilute shopping.

Sailboat in a pond in the Jungceylon shopping center

Located in the heart of the tourist life of Patong, so prices are considered to be increased. However, this is offset by many options for leisure activities:

Shopping at Jungceylon Shopping Center
  • cosmetic salons in conjunction with massage rooms and beauty shops;
  • from mass entertainment – bowling, billiards, airsoft, video games, cinema city (cinema), a playground with animators;
  • more than 200 shops, boutiques, restaurants of any cuisine, cafe;
  • great shopping opportunities, well-known branded ones – the Robinson shopping center and the Big Sea hypermarket, where tasty and healthy acquisitions can be immediately prepared for you;
  • from related infrastructure – pharmacies, banks and ateliers.

Phuket Jungceylon shopping center is a very popular place, they come here specifically to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of spending time, therefore it is always crowded. And regular sales of well-known brands at ridiculous prices are a special highlight of the shopping center.

Jungceylon Shopping Center
  • Address: Patong, Kathu District, Phuket – corner of Bangla Road and Ratutit. From the city part of Phuket, there are tuk-tuks for 25 ฿ (~ $ 0.78), from Patong beach – a few minutes on foot.
  • Opening hours: in the summer season from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., in the winter – from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Central Festival (Central Phuket)

The Phuket Shopping Center Central Festival is considered the largest, occupies 5 levels, has an extensive underground parking, which can be used for free. It reads about 250 retail outlets, it is planned to work with a total of 400 points of sale for the most complete shopping leisure. But those that are are arranged very comfortably, even in the halls and along the shops – comfortable sofas for waiting.

Central Festival

Tourists with admiration speak about the prices at the food court, for example, decent dinner on well there cost 100 там (~ $ 3.13). This slightly compensates for the inconvenience of the location – it’s not very close to the shopping center from anywhere. Shop prices are also expensive. Brand boutiques, sales of equipment, hypermarkets work.

Shopping at Central Festival

The structure of the complex represents two combined shopping and entertainment buildings, so large that not all areas are commercially developed. Both wings already have sonorous names – Festival and Florest, between them a pedestrian zone and escalators. The oceanarium is designed for 25 thousand animals.

  • Address: 74-75, Wichitsongkram Road, Wichit, Phuket. You can get there by taxi from almost any part of the city for 400 ฿ (~ $ 12.5).
  • Opening hours: from 10.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

The Plaza Surin

Shopping center allows you to make the most luxurious shopping in Phuket. A large brand and jewelry selection, antiques, valuable art items, decor elements made of natural materials (silk, bronze, precious metals, etc.). On the road between Cherng Talai and Surin Beach, Surin Plaza is a one-story universal complex, which is positioned as an elite.

The Plaza Surin Shopping Center

You can choose from unique jewelry, designer items, souvenir products, household items, children’s and sporting goods, digital equipment, exotic crafts. There are gizmos, in their execution and values ​​bordering on artifacts. The complex has restaurants, including 5 *.

Shopping at Plaza Surin
  • Address: Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket.
  • Opening hours: from 8 to 20 hours, closed on Sat and Sun. Many center shops open from 10 a.m.

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Ocean plaza

UPDATE! Ocean Plaza is closed forever.

Phuket shopping centers with a similar name offer a choice of local production – authentic goods and products. There are three such stores: one – in the central part of the city and two – next to Patong Beach. Sales of world brands and popular equipment are regularly held here.

Shopping Center Ocean Plaza

In recent years, the Ocean Plaza complex has evolved from a group of haberdashery stores selling everything (from fake guns, underwear to guitar strings) to an organized department store. Most of all, he visits at dusk, when the heat subsides, and tourists return from the beach, go for shopping and choose evening entertainment. Curious small colored cocktail shops, working in the evening.

Beach Supplies

The name of the complex speaks of a beach destination, therefore, specialized stores offer quality swimwear, pareos, and other accessories. Here – currency exchange and ATMs, a food supermarket.

  • Address: Patong Beach Road, next to Patong Merlin Hotel.
  • Opening hours: from 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Outlet mall

Of all the shopping centers in Phuket, the Premium Outlet is the easiest to find on the map: it is located on the left side of the airport from the airport. Its design and interiors successfully combine European style and Asian authenticity; for the most part, the complex was created in an interesting and unusual French village style for the area.

Outlet Mall in Phuket

Traditional Thai goods, a large assortment of children, bags and other haberdashery products, sports, men’s goods, including king-size shoes, are presented. Many representative offices and affiliates of famous Asian and directly Thai brands, as well as Lacoste, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Levays. You will find a variety of shopping plus good coffee houses.

Brand stores

Customers especially praise luggage bags purchased here for quality and a reasonable price. However, it is noted that there are shopping malls better and more interesting. Nevertheless, they find useful things, for example, cute children’s toys. Restaurants are not provided.

  • Address: Moo 2 Koh Gaew, Muang Phuket.
  • Opening hours: from 10 to 20 hours daily.

Home pro village

Shopping in Phuket at Home Pro Village is considered a haven for expats and city dwellers looking for good quality and imported products. It is also known as a food supermarket. Located near Chalong County. Positions itself as a modern marketplace with fresh products. The mall earned not so long ago, but immediately liked the visitors.

Shopping Center Home Pro Village

Home Pro Village comes for furniture and design ideas. Everything for the arrangement of business offices, boudoirs, classic rooms and individual interior corners is presented in a separate large pavilion. Buyers have the opportunity to preliminarily consider a 3D model of a new furniture in different combinations.

Shopping at Home Pro Village

Visitors note the convenient parking, the opportunity to find the right price and a large selection of quality products. Many here buy food packages for a week, are bought with cheeses, meat delicacies, a good fish menu. There are enough imported goods of familiar quality for a foreign taste, so the center enjoys well-deserved popularity among foreign tourists.

  • Address: Moo 10, Chalong, Mueang, Phuket, near the transport ring.
  • Opening hours: from 8 to 22 hours daily.

Tesco lotus

A chain hypermarket for shopping in Thailand in Phuket, which is preferred not only by guests of the resort, but also by Thais. Its activities are so extensive that sales are additionally carried out through an online store, club and gift cards function, thematic events are regularly held, and package discounts are available.

Tesco Lotus Shopping Center

The shopping complex seeks to incorporate all possible product areas – from children’s to electronics, everything for the home, etc. At points of sale, the choice of food points is mandatory – cafes, pizzerias, cozy corners for a snack. Here is McDonald’s and everyone’s favorite food court. A large influx of customers after 20 hours, when the largest and most numerous discounts begin to operate.

Power points
  • Address: 104 Chalermprakiat Ratchakan Thi 9 Road, Tambon Ratsada, Amphoe Mueang Phuket.
  • Opening hours: from 8 to 23 hours daily.

Big c

A well-known brand of shopping centers in Phuket, where there is almost everything necessary for both the local inhabitant and the sophisticated tourist. The complex is three-story, it provides for children’s leisure on the first tier, as well as a snack bar and a mobile phone salon – all that is needed for a boring wait at any age. On the upper floors there are souvenir, specialized, grocery and industrial stores, restaurants – KFC and others, beauty salons, pharmacies, bowling and other entertainment.

Shopping Center Big C

Mandatory food court, which is described as tasty and inexpensive. Occupying a total area of ​​20 thousand m2 and its own covered parking lot, the shopping center has become a convenient place to spend time for the whole family, a joint holiday and a high-quality shopping tour.

In the shopping center Big C
  • Address: Wichit, Metropolitan Ampho Phuket, within walking distance of Tesco Lotus.
  • Opening hours: from 9 to 23 hours daily.

Useful Tips

Phuket Food Courts
  1. Be sure to take advantage of the hospitality of food courts in a shopping center in Phuket, and some establishments with traditional local food are quite inexpensive.
  2. Do not miss the opportunity to make a professional photo in your favorite interiors – in shopping centers this service is offered.
  3. Keep in mind! Tourists note that in-country alcoholic beverages are sold between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  4. Pay attention to the location of the shopping center, to some the road will cost a tidy sum by taxi.
  5. Important! In most supermarkets, the set prices are fixed; you can only bargain in markets and in private shops.

Each new shopping center in Phuket is an event for the entire resort area, and construction is constantly ongoing. Shopping is a popular type of tourism and leisure for locals, since the resort is flourishing and consumption is only growing. A large selection of shopping and entertainment centers will help you make the most anticipated purchases at good prices, learn and try a lot of new things. Shopping in Phuket is guaranteed a good mood and a great vacation!

All shopping centers and shops described on the page are marked on the map.

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