Guide to Phuket’s fish and food markets – all you need to know

The best way to immerse yourself in the Asian atmosphere and culture is to stroll through the bustling markets where food, souvenirs, fruits, clothes, shoes are abundantly sold. We offer to go to the markets of Phuket – grocery, night, fish and fruit. Markets in Phuket on the map are almost the most common attraction, so it makes no sense to go around everything, because they are similar. Walking around the market, you will surely find yourself next to a cafe or bar, try Thai dishes at affordable prices.

Exotic fruits

Market Overview

Locals call most markets Talad Nath or “selling everything.” This is true, here you can really pick up almost everything.

Banzaan market

The largest food market in Phuket, located behind the Jungceylon shopping center on Sai Kor Road. The bazaar is a two-story complex. On the ground floor there is a brisk trade in a variety of products – souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and the entire second floor is a huge food court area, they eat and relax here after shopping.

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Banzaan market

Features of the Banzan market in Phuket:

  • open from 7-00 to 17-00;
  • low prices;
  • noisy, however, this is a hallmark of all the bazaars on the island.

Useful information! Prices are approximately the same, but the closer the market to the coast, the more expensive.

Malin plaza

Phuket Patong Market is located at Soi Luang Wat. If you move from the south of the island, right at the entrance to Patong turn left, after 100 meters you will see a sign of the Malin Plaza market. If you go from the north of the island, you have to drive Patong, then turn right. Patong residents must walk along Second Road to the intersection with Hard Rock Cafe, then turn left.

Malin plaza

The assortment of the market is extensive, they sell clothes, underwear, swimwear, cosmetics, souvenirs. Great gifts are bought here for friends and relatives. Given the variety of choices, locals come here.

Seafood Market

On the territory of the night market in Phuket, Patong sell fruits and seafood. A smoothie or an octopus dish will be prepared from the selected foods. The prices are quite acceptable – cheaper in comparison with food courts in shopping centers.

Schedule of the night market: from 14-00 to approximately midnight.

Loma market

The large grocery market is named after the park near which it is located. Loma Market was built on the first line, on Beach Road, the distance to the sea is impressive, you can not do without personal transport or a taxi. A taxi ride in both directions will cost 1200 baht. There is a large selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, marine inhabitants, and they also sell ready-made dishes. You can choose fresh products from which to prepare delicious treats.

Loma market

Tourists note that prices are somewhat overpriced, while sellers are reluctant to trade.

Works from noon until 23-00.

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Sunday Walking Street Market

Sunday Fair Lard Yai Market opens on Sunday from 16-00 to 23-00. Phuket night market – where is it located. Trade takes place in Phuket Town on Talang Street, it may not make sense to come here from the beach, however, tourists who stop or come on an excursion will be interested in visiting the fair.

Sunday Walking Street Market

Interesting to know! Before entering the bazaar, visit the park where the Golden Dragon is installed, eat at the Cat’s Cafe.

If you do not pick up anything at the fair, you are guaranteed to get aesthetic pleasure by viewing the products of local craftsmen and strolling among the illuminated houses of Phuket Town. During the fair, the Talang overlaps and turns into a pedestrian.

Souvenirs in the market

At the night market there are: traditional Thai dishes, toys, jewelry, wallets. Workshops work where you can buy Thai food.

Practical information:

  • food is sold at a fixed price, and bargaining is appropriate for other goods;
  • work schedule: from 16-00 to midnight;
  • works on Sunday;
  • personal transportation must be left on the neighboring Dibuk Road.

Naka Market Night Market

This night market in Phuket is called the most popular, because it is located in the central, historical part of the city, near the Naka Temple. The bazaar is called nightly very conditionally, since it works from 16-00 to 23-00, after midnight only some trays continue to trade. Trade is conducted only on weekends.

Product part of the market

The market is conditionally divided into two zones:

  • clothing;
  • grocery.

The territory of the night market is large, to get around it completely, it will take at least 3 hours. The range is extensive – clothing, accessories, household appliances, cosmetics, aromatic oils. Bargaining is not only possible, but also necessary, the Thais are willingly inferior, and enterprising buyers manage to get a discount of up to 50%. Average prices for a clothing part – 60-100 baht.

Clothing part of the market

Interesting fact! When choosing gifts, remember – from Thailand you can not export souvenirs from ivory, as well as Buddha figurines over 15 cm.

Practical information:

Street food
  • a trip to the night market in Phuket Town in a taxi in both directions costs 800-1000 baht;
  • Do not buy products that are too cheap; it is better to find products that are more expensive and get a discount;
  • come to the market opening to take a place in the free parking;
  • buy street food where you can see the cooking process;
  • prepare cash and take drinking water with you.

Good to know! Very often, tourists compare this market with Chatuchak in Bangkok, but this is not a correct comparison, since only products from Thailand can be purchased in Bangkok, and products from various manufacturers are presented in Phuket.

Phuket Town Night Market

Phuket Town Night Market – where is it and how to get there. Getting on is quite simple – you need to go along Bagcock Road, then along Wirat Hong Yok, to the left of King Rama IX Park there will be an entrance to the night bazaar. If you move from the Central Festival shopping center, at a distance of about 1 km from Rawai you need to turn left, after 200 m the market will be on the right. Buses run next to the sea from Ranong Street.

If you are moving from the Chalong ring, take the west road toward the airport. Before reaching about 800 m to the “Central Festival”, you need to turn right, drive another 200 m.

Most products are presented without price tags, because you need to bargain at the night market. As practice and reviews of tourists show, the initial price can be brought down 2-3 times. However, prices on the market are slightly higher in comparison with large shopping centers.

Downtown Market

The fruit market, located on Ranong Rd., Is considered one of the oldest in Phuket, before pirates came here. All kinds of fruits are sold here, which are brought directly from plantations and farms. On weekdays, the assortment is limited only to fruits, and on weekends, non-food items appear.

Fruit market

Good to know! Prices on the market are low, as restaurant owners and housewives buy food here. In addition to fruits, a large selection of meat, vegetables, seafood, herbs and spices is presented.

Useful information:

Large selection of meat
  • despite the fact that the market is considered to be night, it operates around the clock and seven days a week;
  • the best time to buy is from 7-00 to 9-00;
  • Recently, a capital building of two floors was built on the market, on the first they sell spices, fruits and vegetables, and on the second – meat, fish, seafood;
  • getting to the market is very simple – near the entrance there is the final stop of buses that bring tourists from Phuket Town to the beaches of the island.


The market operates two days a week on Dibuk Road. Locals call it “Laadploykong,” which means “a market where the right product is found.” Young people gather here to watch colorful shows. If you describe the market, it can be called small and clean. The bazaar is located near the Lemongrass restaurant.


Among the variety of goods there are flip flops, bags, jeans, you can find beautiful rings. Street artists work in the market, for a symbolic price a portrait will be drawn for you, then visit a nail salon.

It is better to visit the market, getting hungry, because there is a large selection of delicious snacks and drinks.

Products on the market

Good to know! Events of international importance are often held on the market, for example, International AIDS Day.

Karon Temple Market

Located in the heart of the tourist part of Karon, in the temple. Translated, the name of the bazaar means – the market of the Karon temple. The easiest and fastest way to get to the shopping arcade is from Karon Beach. You must walk along Patak Street from the ring in the upward direction. Near the first turn to the right is the temple.

Karon Temple Market

Useful! A bus runs along the route “Phuket Town – Karon – Kata” past religious sites.

Clothing on the market

The night market on Karon in Phuket operates two days a week – Tuesday, Friday. The first sellers begin trading at 16-00, and the peak of sales falls on the period from 17-00 to 19-00. Trading trays are installed directly on the territory adjacent to the temple, here you can choose clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, shoes. Products focused on travelers. Part of the market, it is it that causes the greatest interest, is devoted only to street food. Prices are lower in comparison with other outlets.

Good to know! At the market, you can choose a glass with fresh fruits, from which fresh will be prepared immediately. Ice is added to the drink.

Karon Temple Market

In the rows with the products there is a large selection of shrimp, chicken dishes, donuts, salads, rice with meat, rolls. For rolls prepared plastic containers. The big line is always for the famous Thai Pad Thai noodles.

TaladNat Night Market

“Talad Nat” is a common name for all mobile night markets, but this does not mean that trading is conducted from evening to morning. Most sellers close their trade by midnight.

TaladNat Night Market

Phuket’s Kata Beach Mobile Night Market is located next to Patak Food Market. Prices for products are quite affordable, so this is one of the most visited shopping malls where tourists and local residents buy products. At the bazaar a large selection of goods is presented, but the zone of prepared food is of the greatest interest. Here they buy fish, seafood, sausage, desserts, fruits.

The night market on the map of Phuket is open from noon until midnight. You can visit the bazaar two days a week – Monday, Thursday.

Rawai Beach Fish Market

On the map of Phuket, the fish market operates on Rawai beach, which is why many tourists know this beach as a great place for lunch or dinner. At low tide, the sea goes so far that it is impossible to swim here, but you can always buy excellent seafood at the fish market in Phuket.

Rawai Beach Fish Market

You can get to the Rawai fish market in Phuket as follows – move from the Chalong ring in the direction of Rawai. It is best to park near the pier, on the left is the market. This is the best place to buy shrimp, octopus, mussels and even lobsters.

Interesting fact! This place is known as the market of sea gypsies, as there is a settlement nearby. The ethnic group is the indigenous population of the Andaman coast.

Practical information about the fish market.

Pearl and Pearl Jewelry
  • In addition to fish and seafood, beautiful pearl strings and mother-of-pearl souvenirs are presented in the fish market. Pearls, of course, are not jewelry, they are pearls that the store did not accept due to marriage. Prices for pearl beads from 300 to 1000 baht.
  • The catch appears on the shelves after one in the afternoon, so most tourists come to the market before sunset and stay here for dinner.
  • The restaurants will prepare you bought seafood at the fish market.
  • The menu in the restaurants next to the fish market is varied; at the request, they will prepare non-spicy dishes for children.

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Nai Ton

Night Ton Beach is not the best place for shopping; only essential goods can be purchased here. Fruits are sold here in season, stalls are set along the road, here you can buy coconuts, strawberries, mangosteen, longans, papaya, bananas. Prices are quite high since there is no competition. Also nearby are two small minimarkets and a pharmacy.

Nai Ton Market

In fact, the markets of Phuket – this is a special atmosphere and a separate category of attractions of the island. Most likely, next to the hotel there will be a small market, which we did not mention in the article. Be sure to visit it, enjoy the oriental flavor, try local treats and buy Thai souvenirs.

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