Guide to Hua Hin Beaches: A detailed overview of the best swimming spots

Hua Hin does not look like a classic resort, in the usual sense of the word. Firstly, the beaches in this city are much smaller than in other resorts in Thailand. Secondly, the beaches of Hua Hin are often criticized.

Hua hin beaches

So why do so many vacationers come to Hua Hin? This resort is chosen by tourists who prefer a holiday in Thailand, and at the same time want to leave from Bangkok, which is easy to get from the CIS countries. Hua Hin is a great option for those who are traveling for a quiet relaxing holiday or want to get to know new places in Thailand. The infrastructure in this city is quite good: there are several shopping centers, there are excellent supermarkets, many bars with soft drinks and local alcohol, a large number of comfortable hotels (some with their own beaches). And since Hua Hin is a small town with one main road stretching along the coast, you can get to any point of it very quickly, moreover, by public transport.

Now let’s try to figure out how comfortable the beaches are in Hua Hin and which one is better to relax on.

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The best public beaches in Hua Hin Resort

City Beach

This beach is the only one directly in Hua Hin, all others are located in the surrounding area. It occupies almost 10 km of the coast, and is conditionally divided into central, southern and northern sections.

central part
Hilton Hua Hin Hotel
Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

The central section of the municipal beach is considered the most suitable place for those who like to relax noisily. There are always a lot of people here, but the infrastructure makes it possible to find entertainment for every taste.

There is a central beach near the Hilton Hua Hin, and you can get there from the city in different ways. For example, from Nares Damri Street you can go through the territory of the Chinese temple to the Hilton Hotel, and from there go down the steps to the beach. You can also go through the gate on Damnernkasen Street, which is not far from the tourist police building.

The water here, although not clear, is clear, and there is no garbage on the shore either. The coast is covered with fine sand. The bottom is also sandy, but there are stones, so for swimming you need to choose a crowded place, as far as possible from the huge stones on the shore. Entering shallow water, the depth begins gradually, to it you need to go 20-35 meters.

The central section of the city beach of Hua Hin

There are sun loungers with umbrellas – for vacationers from the nearest hotels they are provided free of charge, for all other tourists their rental will cost 100 baht. But if you don’t want to pay for them, you can just lay your towel on the sand.

For entertainment, trampolines and horse riding are available. Due to the large stones, jet skis and bananas are missing. We should also mention kitesurfing: there are specialized kite schools on the coast where you can rent the necessary equipment and work out with an instructor. The peak season for kiting falls on the winter months, when the monsoons blow; during the rest of the year, skiing is not always possible.

Kite surfing on the beach of Juaina

There are a continuous chain of hotels along the beach (mainly 4 * and 5 *), and almost everyone has their own restaurant. Of course, the prices in such establishments are significantly different from the prices in mashinakh, but the quality of food is also different. Here is the central market of Hua Hin, where inexpensive and in huge quantities offer souvenirs, summer clothes and shoes. Shopping centers and travel agencies work nearby, massage parlors and brothels are waiting for visitors.

Southern section
The southern section of the city beach of Hua Hin

The southern beach, which differs significantly from the central one, originates at Mount Khao Takiab (Monkey Mountain). It is so narrow that sometimes you can go into the water directly from the steps of the nearest hotels. With sunbeds and umbrellas, the situation here is completely unimportant.

There are very few holidaymakers on this site – those who are dreaming of a calm and peaceful vacation will surely like it. If you need to make purchases or want a variety of entertainment, at any time in just 10 baht you can go to the center of Juain on a tuk-tuk.

Standing on Mount Khao Takiab, the temple is often visited by Buddhists, who at the same time gather on the beach. By the way, on the top of the mountain there is an excellent observation deck with a magnificent view of the bay.

North zone
Hua Hin Beach North Zone

This recreation area originates just north of the fishing pier and stretches to the airport itself.

Although there are no umbrellas and sun loungers, there are many other advantages: the area is clean and spacious enough, always 100% non-crowded and safe.

Absolute safety is ensured due to the fact that the Royal Palace stands in Sirikit Park, which is under the vigilant guard of its own army of Thailand. In the evenings, a troop of soldiers is passing by the palace, and warships are constantly on guard in seawater.

By the way, this fact affected the cost of housing located here: hotel rooms often cost more than in the city center.

Khao Takiab Beach

Khao Takiab Beach

Khao Takiab beach adjoins Khao Takiab mountain, but it is impossible to go along the coast to it – only along the highway. From the center of Hua Hin to Takiab, you can take a minibus for 10 baht, however, you will have to go another 15 minutes from the stop. The most convenient option is a trip by car or bike.

This beach has unique sand: very fine white mixed with black volcanic. Because of this mixture, the whole area looks untidy and dirty, especially after low tides. But in reality there is no more garbage here than in any other place of this resort, because every weekend the beach is carefully cleaned.

The number of beds exceeds the number of people

On Khao Takiab, the bottom is shallow, many meters from the coast – shallow water, although the depth of the sea increases faster than on the main beach of Hua Hin. The water is a little muddy due to almost constant waves.

Khao Takiab can not be called sparsely populated, but vacationers on it are much less than on the city beach of Hua Hin. The number of rented sunbeds and umbrellas is clearly greater than the number of people who may need them. Therefore, the cost of these beach attributes is quite affordable: 50 baht.

Horseback riding available

As far as entertainment is concerned, horseback riding, boating and jet skiing, and traditional Thai massage are available here.

Near the mountain there are many comfortable hotels. There are several streets with houses that you can rent. Most of them cost from 30,000 baht (≈ $ 950) per month.

Xuan Son Beach

Suan Son Pradipat beach is located on the same coastal line as Takiab, at a distance of about 1 km from it and 5-7 km from the city. It is impossible to get to it by public transport, only by taxi.

Xuan Son Beach

Suan Son is a private beach of a military sports complex. And although there is a checkpoint and security at the entrance to the territory of the sports complex, everyone is allowed to enter the beach absolutely free.

Sauna Son is also called a pine beach, because casuarins grow very close to it, which are very similar to pine trees. These tall evergreen trees create a dense shadow that shelters even the strongest heat.

Saun Son is also called a pine beach

The wide coastal strip is covered with a mixture of white and black sand, in some places there is sprouted grass, many fallen soft casuarin needles. The bottom of the Sauna Son is sandy, and the water is clear. The depth of the sea increases slowly, shallow water – about 50 m.

There is a dining room with local cuisine

On the pine beach there is free parking, a park, a hotel, massage parlors, a playground for children, a toilet. There is a dining room where you can buy delicious local dishes for only 30-60 baht.

On weekdays, renting sun loungers and umbrellas at Suan Son is practically impossible for children. Another thing on the weekend, when the company of Thais gather on vacation. By the way, mainly locals rest here, Europeans are infrequent. But in vain, after all, Saun Son is indeed perhaps the best beach in Hua Hin – it offers the most for a comfortable relaxing holiday.

Tao Beach

Tao Beach

Tao Beach is located a bit further from Suan Son, at Thao Mountain. It is approximately 11-12 km from the center of Hua Hin. This beach is calm and not crowded, tourists do not pamper it with their attention.

A beach strip 100 m wide is surrounded by vegetation giving a natural shadow. The coast is covered with coarse sand and shells. It’s difficult to swim here, because hundreds of meters from the coast are shallow.

Turtle Temple on Mount Tao
Tortoise Temple

There is no infrastructure on this beach, not even toilets. Its main advantage is the proximity to the picturesque Tao Mountain and the Turtle Temple on its top.

Near the beach there are several hotels and an excellent restaurant. Directly on the coast is a complex of villas designed for a different number of people. In low season you can rent a room for 3,000 baht per day, in high season prices rise to 12,000 baht.

Public transport does not go to Tao Beach, you need to get it yourself.

Sai Noi Beach

According to tourists reviews, Sai Noi Beach is the best in Hua Hin, and it is a 30-minute drive from the city center. It’s just that you can’t get there by public transport, you need to get there yourself. And since there are no hotels nearby, it is not surprising that many people do not come here – mainly couples and single people who come for a quiet and relaxing holiday come.

Sai Noi Beach

The beach is quite small: its length is 200 m, its width is up to 20 m. Sai Noi is a picturesque bay between Thao rock and the nameless mountain, generously strewn with sand and shells. Although the territory is framed by greenery, in its main part the natural shadow is completely absent. The water is clean but not clear due to frequent waves. The sea has a comfortable depth for swimming, and at the same time there are places where children can swim. The most convenient place for swimming on this beach is its right side, near the cliff, where the waves are small and there are few jellyfish.

It is there that the entire beach infrastructure is located:

There is a modest cafe
  • two modest cafes (Thai dishes with an average price of 130 baht, the menu is only in Thai, the staff does not speak English);
  • Makashnitsa (sliced ​​fruits and kebabs from sausages);
  • old wooden toilet;
  • several rows of fairly battered sunbeds and umbrellas.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are always there, but their cost is different at different times of the day. In the morning they try to pass them more expensive: 100 baht for a sunbed or 50 baht for a sunbed with the promise to have lunch at a beach cafe. After lunch, the sunbed is handed over for 50 baht, and two sunbeds with an umbrella for 100 baht.

The right section of the beach is very clean – the owners of the cafe are constantly cleaning it. As for the territory near Mount Thao, there you can find old tins and packages sticking out of the sand.

Hua Hin Hotels with Private Beach

Cape nidhra hotel
Hotel Cape Nidhra Hotel

According to holidaymakers, the 5 * Cape Nidhra Hotel is the most romantic in this resort.

  • Hotel rating on is very high – 9.1.
  • Room rates start at $ 280 per day – this, of course, is not small, but the quality is quite consistent.

The hotel is small, it consists of 3 and 5-storey buildings. There are a total of 60 rooms – there are not too many guests, and the territory is quiet.

Each room has a private pool.

All rooms are spacious, nicely and tastefully furnished (huge comfortable beds, LCD TVs, minibars). Each room (on the balcony or in the tropical garden) has its own pool with underwater massage. That’s just in many cases, the water in them is cold, because of which you do not want to swim.

In addition to its own pools, the hotel has one large common. Once a week, guests can enjoy a fruit and champagne table by the pool.

The hotel has its own free parking.

The restaurant has halls with European and Asian cuisine.

The restaurant has two rooms – with European and Asian cuisine.

Cape Nidhra is a 10-minute drive from Hua Hin Railway Station, and is in the first line of the sea. From this Hua Hin hotel to its own beach is only 10 minutes walk. The beach is really gorgeous: with the purest crisp sand, with a gentle, albeit a little long, entry into the sea. But only in the high season, with a large influx of holidaymakers, sometimes there is a problem in order to manage to take a sun lounger in a good place.

More detailed information about the hotel and reviews about it are presented on this page .

Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa
  • Another 9.1-star hotel on is the 5 * Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa, located almost in the central part of Hua Hin.
  • Double room prices start from $ 125 per day.
Hotel Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa

The hotel has its own free parking, a beautiful garden and 5 swimming pools, a fitness club and a spa.

Hotel room Hua Hin Marriott Resort and Spa

The rooms have air conditioning and TVs, good beds with soft mattresses, many large mirrors.

This Hua Hin spa hotel has its own beach – you can walk to the sea in just 4 minutes.

Loungers have become a real problem for vacationers – there are clearly 2 times less of them than guests. Therefore, not paying attention to the announcements that sun loungers are forbidden to reserve, people take their places literally from 7 in the morning. At 9 in the morning to find a free place is almost impossible. Things are not better with changing cabins and women’s toilets on the beach – there are 1 each for all sunbathers.

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Hyatt Regency Hua Hin
  • On, Hyatt Regency Hua Hin has a fairly high rating of 8.9.
  • As for prices, renting a double room will cost at least $ 120.
5 * Hyatt Regency Hua Hin Hotel

In 5 * Hyatt Regency Hua Hin, everything is created for a comfortable, carefree vacation. Judging by the standards of Thailand, the hotel occupies a huge plot. It is clean and incredibly beautiful, with its own tropical garden on an area of ​​12.5 acres, with a large pool in the form of a lagoon.

Everything here is divided into three zones:

  • standard, in which most of the entertainment is concentrated;
  • club, the most quiet and calm;
  • SPA – a fairy tale zone.

Hyatt Regency Hua Hin has several on-site restaurants: McFarland House, which serves European cuisine, Talay Thai with Thai food, and Figs with Italian food.

There is a Barai spa

Every morning at 8:00, near the McFarland restaurant, hatha yoga classes for all comers begin. The hotel has a Barai spa, a pool with water slides, as well as its own gym, which is open around the clock.

Guests can go directly to the hotel’s own beach area, which extends over 315 meters. Here they are waiting not only for the sea and the sandy beach of Khao Takiab, but also for sunbeds under large umbrellas, clean towels.

More detailed information about the object is presented here .

Supatra Hua Hin Resort
Hotel 4 * Supatra Hua Hin Resort

The 4 * Supatra Hua Hin Resort hotel is an excellent option for those who are interested in families with children. Complete silence and harmony.

  • On, this hotel with a private beach is rated 8.4
  • Prices for double rooms start at $ 80 per day.

Supatra Hua Hin Resort is a complex of spacious bungalows with traditional Thai interiors. The rooms have teak furniture, comfortable large beds with soft mattresses. The bathroom is large, with bath and shower.

Supatra Hua Hin Resort overlooks Takiab Beach

Breakfast is not bad, although a bit monotonous: as a rule, they offer a choice of 3 options. The hotel’s own bar is perhaps the best in Hua Hin. Supatra-by-the-Sea Restaurant serves traditional Thai and European dishes.

Guests have their own outdoor pool, there is a good spa. There is everything you need for horse riding. Conveniently, nearby is the final stop of cheap tuk-tuk, where you can go to the city.

Among the most important advantages of Supatra Hua Hin Resort is access directly to the clean, comfortable Takiab Beach.

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Although the beaches of most of the famous resorts of Hua Hin can not be compared, it remains the most striking in Thailand. Comfortable hotels, upscale restaurants, various entertainments, well-groomed beaches of Hua Hin – all this contributed to the fact that the city became one of the most popular resorts in the country even before other modern resorts were built.

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