Tourist’s guide to Montreux, Switzerland- attractions and festivals

Montreux (Switzerland) is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. This is a truly creative place: famous actors and singers often relax here, and local residents organize colorful festivals. On the Internet there are many photos with descriptions of Montreux attractions. The most interesting ones are in our article.

Montreux, Switzerland

General information

Montreux is surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva

Montreux is a picturesque resort in southern Switzerland, often called the Swiss Riviera. On the one hand it is surrounded by the Alps, on the other – Lake Geneva. It is famous for its picturesque places, and the large number of festivals that are held here.

23,000 people live in Montreux, but during the tourist season the population of the city increases to 50,000 – 64,000. The inhabitants of the Swiss Riviera speak French, but they are fluent in English and German.

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Main attractions and activities in Montreux

Despite the fact that Montreux is a small resort town, there are many attractions.

Lake Promenade (Lakeside Promenade Fleuri)

The promenade along the picturesque coast of Lake Geneva is one of the most popular excursions among tourists. In a short walk you can see almost all the charm of Montreux.

Boardwalk by the lake

Firstly, it is a well-equipped promenade with many benches, well-maintained flowerbeds and small cafes. Secondly, exhibitions of famous sculptors and artists are often held here – works of art are placed right on the waterfront. And, finally, thirdly: the coast of Geneva Montreux is a real botanical garden, because more than 400 species of plants grow here.

Queen Studio Museum
Queen Recording Studio Museum

The Queen’s Museum is located 50 meters from the Freddie Mercury Monument in Montreux, in a former recording studio that was built back in 1979. The exposition opened relatively recently – in 2013. Museum workers left everything unchanged here: clothes, computers, musical instruments and notepads with notes – everything looks like Queen was here a minute ago. Also on display are several concert outfits of stars. The highlight of the museum is the ability to create new compositions on your own using the mixing console: adjust voice, bass and drums. There is also the opportunity to listen to the famous songs of the group – in the studio they sound very different!

Faithful Queen fans will appreciate the gift shop next to the museum – in a small shop you can find a lot of souvenirs related to the work of the group.

  • Address: rue du Theater 9 | Casino Barrière de Montreux, Montreux 1820, Switzerland
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 20.00
  • Cost: Free
Golden Pass Line (GoldenPass Line)
Golden Pass Line - the famous railway route

Golden Pass Line (191 km) – the famous railway route that runs through the most beautiful places in Switzerland. During a short but busy trip, tourists can see mountain lakes and waterfalls, picturesque villages and green meadows. Many travelers do not recommend driving this entire route in a few hours – it’s better to stretch the pleasure for several days, and make stops in the most interesting places.

GoldenPass Line panoramic window train

There are two trains running on this railway – the first with panoramic windows and the second in retro style (the atmosphere of the 19th century was recreated in the cars: old sofas, richly decorated tables and chairs with carved backs). In order to enjoy the scenery of Switzerland, you should pre-book the best places at the window. By the way, you can buy tickets in Montreux themselves at the underpass of the railway station.

  • Address: rue de la Gare 22, Montreux 1820, Switzerland.
  • Opening hours: 09.00 – 20.00.
  • Cost: 72 francs.
Freddie Mercury Memorial
Freddie Mercury Memorial

On the picturesque Montreux promenade, in Place du Marché, a monument to the famous British singer Freddie Mercury is erected. A famous musician stands in his “corporate” pose – with his hand thrown up. This is Montreux’s most popular attraction.

Address: quai de la Rouvenaz 2, Montreux 1820, Switzerland.

Mount Rochers de Naye

The view from the top of Mount Roche de Neu is simply stunning: the Lake Geneva, Valais and even the Alps open up to tourists. Despite the fact that this is a natural attraction, there really is something to do: you can just walk around the surrounding peaks, or you can look into the wildlife park Marmot Paradise or the alpine garden La Rambertia. At the foot of the mountain there are several panoramic restaurants.

Mount Rocher de Ne

Climbing the mountain itself on foot will not work – for this there are special tourist cars that will take tourists to the most interesting places. By the way, the road from the city to Roche de Ne itself is a tourist attraction. This is an old toothed bridge that starts at the foot of the mountain and ends at the top. The train travels very slowly, so you can not only have time to consider the dizzying views from the window, but also capture them in memory. The trip will take about 2 hours. After, at the very top, there will be a stop, and tourists themselves can choose what to do.

  • Tickets can be purchased at the box office in Montreux.
  • Ticket price: 68.40 francs – adults, 34.20 – children and holders of tourist cards.
Lavaux Terrace Vineyards (Corniche Lavaux Vineyards)

Lavaux are terraced vineyards leading from Chillon Castle to the shores of Lake Geneva. Unesco listed as a unique geographical and agricultural site. Everyone can visit them – the entrance is free and is not guarded in any way. Vineyards are often used as backgrounds for photo shoots – it is really very beautiful here.

Terraced vineyards Lavo

You can get to the sights by train from Vevey. The final stop is the city of Chebr, known for its tasting cellars.

Address: Lavaux, Montreux 1818, Switzerland.

Chocolate Train

You can’t come to Switzerland and not taste the famous Swiss chocolate. The Montreux – Bernese Oberland railway line even runs an unusual train named after this sweetness. You can go on a trip either in an old carriage in 1917 in the Empire style, or in modern carriages with huge panoramic windows.

Chocolate Train

During a trip lasting 9 hours, you can see the stunning scenery of Switzerland, and the journey ends in a country of chocolate. Have you ever seen a photo of Swiss Montreux? Almost certainly they were made precisely during such a route.

Chocolate Factory Caller

The final stop is the Caller Chocolate Factory. After completing the main program, it is worth a glimpse into the cheese factory in Gruyeres.

  • Tickets should be booked no later than 2 months before the trip – the route is very popular.
  • Cost: 80 francs – adults, 42 francs – children.

More detailed information with photos about the town of Gruyere and the Chocolate Train is collected in this article .

Casino Montreux
Casino Montreux

The casino building houses immediately two attractions of the Swiss Montreux – the casino itself and the Queen Studio Museum. There are always many tourists here, and the main reason is the history of this place. Back in 1971, the musical group Deep Purple, seeing how the casino building was lit, wrote a song in one night, which later became a hit and glorified this building.

At casino Casino de Montreux

The casino has been restored, and today, as before, fortune seekers gather here. At the entrance, quite strict face control, and the attraction itself is built in the Empire style.

  • Address: rue du Theater 9, Montreux 1820, Switzerland
  • Hours: around the clock.
Chillon castle
Chillon castle

Chillon Castle – perhaps one of the most famous sights of Montreux, located on the opposite shore of Lake Geneva. Thousands of tourists come here to see the famous castle, sung by J. Byron in the poem “Prisoner of Chillon”.

  • Address: Av de Chillon 21, Veytaux 1820, Switzerland.
  • Schedule: 9.00-19.00 (April-September), 10.00-17.00 (November-February).
  • Price: 12.50 francs – for adults, 6.00 – for children, 10.50 – pension and student.

More information about the castle is presented in this article .

Montreux Jazz Festival

Claude Nobs - the creator of the festival
Claude Nobs

The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of those grand events in the world of music that everyone should attend. Since 1967, the creator of the festival and creative director of the Montreux Jazz Festival – Claude Nobs, has been inviting the most famous artists of the world every year: Eyed Peas, Alisha Keys, Bob Dylan, Sting and Eric Clapton. If you are not a fan of jazz, then you should not worry: here you can hear songs in different, often opposite styles.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Typically, a festival begins in late June or early July. More than 200 artists from all over the world come here, and the city itself becomes a large-scale, endless stage for performances. We can say that life here does not stop even for a second – concerts take place even at night. The main secret of the jazz festival is in its unique atmosphere.

Time: end of June – beginning of July (duration – 16 days).

Montreux riviera card

Montreux Riviera Card is a travel card that allows you to travel for free or visit attractions at a significant discount. You can get it at the entrance to the hotel, apartment or at a visit to a private clinic. It operates only in the Swiss city of Montreux.

Montreux riviera card

Card Benefits:

  • Free transportation on VMCV and Mobilis networks.
  • 50% discount on trains running on the Montreux – Rochers de Nai and Vevey – Les Plyades routes, as well as the Les Avantes – Sonlup railway funicular.
  • 20% discount on tickets to Glacier 3000, Les Diablerets and back.
  • 50% discount on CGN cruises from Vevey, Clarence, Montreux.
  • – 50% for the purchase of a tour of the city of Vevey, Montreux.
  • – 50% when buying a ticket to the water park Le Bouvet.
  • The card will be valid in most museums.
  • Free drinks at Montreux-Vevey Tourisme offices!

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How to get to Montreux from Geneva and Zurich

The state of Switzerland has a well-developed railway network, so it is not difficult to get to Montreux.

From Geneva:
Airport Geneve-Cointrin Airport
Geneve-Cointrin Airport

Immediately after arrival (or arrival in Geneva), you should buy a ticket to Montreux. This can be done both at the airport (Geneve-Cointrin Airport) and at the railway station (Genève-Cornavin). There are 57 trains running on this route every day, from which we can conclude that there is enough space for everyone.

The distance from Geneva to Montreux is 93 km, and the route takes 1 hour 10 minutes. The first train from Geneva leaves at 04.20 in the morning, the last at 21.57. Passengers boarding at the Genève-Cornavin Railway Station (near the station). Ticket price – 15 francs. Almost all the way from the window of the carriage, Lake Geneva and the picturesque forests of Switzerland will be visible.

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From Zurich:
Train from Zürich HB Station

Getting to Montreux from Zurich is also not difficult: at the Zürich HB station you need to catch the train going to the Montreux stop. Every day, 96 trains travel on this route. The distance from Zurich to Montreux is 200 km, so the duration of the trip is 3 hours and 10 minutes. The first train from Zurich leaves at 05.19 in the morning, the last at 22.32.

Ticket price – from 19 to 38 francs. You can buy them at the box office of the railway station, at the airport or on the website of the Swiss railway

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Interesting Facts

Jazz is the currency during the Montreux Jazz Festival
  1. During the Montreux Jazz Festival, spectators cannot pay either francs, pounds, or euros. The only suitable currency is “jazz” – a copper coin with a round hole. The creator of the festival, Claude Nobs, came up with such an unusual solution.
  2. In the museums of the city (including the Chillon Castle) there are no guards. Here they trust and hope for the integrity of tourists.
  3. The famous composition Deep Purple “Smoke above the water” was written in Montreux – the musicians saw the casino building burning in the distance and dedicated a song to it.
  4. Since 1978, the famous Freddie Mercury lived in a chalet near Montreux, which was called “The Duck House” (today it is one of the main attractions).
  5. Due to the surrounding mountains, there is no bad weather in Montreux. This is the only city in Switzerland where you can see flowering cypresses, palm trees and magnolias.

Prices on the page are for May 2018.

Montreux (Switzerland) is an amazingly beautiful place that will not leave anyone indifferent!

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