Tourist’s guide to Leukerbad, the thermal spa of Switzerland

Leukerbad (Switzerland) is a resort village located high in the Alpine mountains, known for more than 1200 years due to its thermal springs. One of the most picturesque corners in the west of the country is inhabited by only a few thousand inhabitants who speak German or French. What to do in Leukerbad, what attractions to visit, how to get to the resort and which hotels are considered the best in the entire resort? All that a traveler needs to know is described in this article.

Leukerbad Thermal Spa

How to get to Leukerbad

There is no airport near the resort, so from most countries in Europe and Asia you will have to go to it through Zurich:

Visp Station
  1. First you need to find the Zürich train station (the city’s central station) and catch the train to the Visp stop. Travel time – 2 hours, ticket prices – from 70 €, you can buy them on the website of the Swiss railway carrier –
  2. Then you have to take the train (runs once an hour) on line number 100, which takes you to the city of Leuk in 10 minutes. The estimated fare is 5-10 €.
  3. After leaving the station, go to the Leuk stop and catch the bus number 471. On this route, public transport leaves every hour, a road lasting 30 minutes will cost you 7 €. Your final stop is Leukerbad.

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Why come to Leukerbad?

Nature scattered 65 hot springs (+51 degrees Celsius), which spew nearly 4 million liters of mineral water annually throughout the Leukerbad thermal resort. In the settlement, 30 open and closed swimming pools operate continuously, in which water is pre-cooled to a temperature acceptable to humans – + 35-40 ° C.

Therapeutic bathing in the springs of Leukerbad

Healing bathing in the springs of Leukerbad in combination with fresh alpine air and warm sunshine helps to get rid of many diseases. Holidays at this resort are recommended to everyone who has the disease:

  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Respiratory tract;
  • Cardiovascular and nervous system.

Also, bathing in enriched warm water helps with general weakness and physical exhaustion of the body after illness and injury.

The resort offers 250 different procedures aimed at improving, improving the physical and mental condition of a person, maintaining beauty and youth.

The best thermal complexes in Leukerbad

Indoor Pool Burgerbad

The largest public bathing pavilion in Europe, one of Switzerland ’s most popular attractions . It has a developed structure and many amenities for the whole family: 10 swimming pools with water of different temperatures, restaurants, a medical center, a solarium, a fitness club, a bathhouse and a sauna. In addition, here you can undergo a course of treatment suitable for your diagnosis, visit a yoga class or relax in a beauty salon.

Leukerbad therme
Thermal complex Leukerbad Therme

The complex has an indoor and outdoor pool, a zone with slides for children, saunas and cafes. There are also several beauty salons offering healing treatments. Leukerbad Therme is holiday oriented with the whole family.

Walliser alpentherme

A great place for lovers of relaxing massage and gorgeous scenery. The large thermal complex includes a yin-yang pool with different water temperatures, several saunas, a massage room and a Jacuzzi bath. Designed for an adult audience.

Thermal Walliser Alpentherme complex

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Where to stay in Leukerbad

It’s impossible to relax and improve your health cheaply in the thermal resort of Leukerbad in Switzerland, the prices here are high for transport services and accommodation.

Room at the Parkhotel Quellenhof
Parkhotel quellenhof

The cheapest double room in a three-star hotel overlooking the mountains, next to the cable car and with several spas, will cost you 130 CHF. The most popular hotels, for example Parkhotel Quellenhof or Hôtel Les Sources des Alpes (with a beauty salon and a medical center), offer rooms from 230 and 440 francs, respectively.

Thrifty travelers I may prefer a cheaper accommodation option – we will rent apartments or rooms with local residents. Prices for apartments that accommodate two to three guests start at 120 francs, and renting a small room for a couple of people can cost as little as 50 CHF per day.

Advice! If you want to save the extra 100-200 francs / day, do not settle in hotels and hotel complexes with thermal pools. Having built such a “landmark” on their territory, the owners raise prices several times without changing the living conditions. Keep in mind the fact that in Leukerbad there are more than a dozen free public pools, some of them are even equipped with hydromassage equipment.

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What else to do in Leukerbad (Switzerland)?

1. Activities and sports

In winter, the wellness in the thermal resort of Leukerbad can be combined with skiing or cross-country skiing on the slopes of the Torrent Pass. There are tracks designed for world championships.

Those who come to relax with their whole family will appreciate the huge Sportarena sports complex. Here you can not only teach young children how to ski or snowboard on gentle slopes, but also have fun on an indoor ice rink, relax in a cafe, play tennis or mini-golf.

In the summer, you can contact one of the local travel agencies and go on a hiking tour in the mountains.

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2. Make memorable photos in Leukerbad
Memorable photo in Leukerbad

Leukerbad is a photogenic resort. Mountains, lakes (frozen in winter), hot springs, pine forests, waterfalls and other beauties of local nature will not leave indifferent even those who are not used to looking at the world through the camera’s lens.

3. Shopping
Family shop La Ferme Gemmet
La ferme gemmet

Leukerbad has a lot of quality goods, especially in the categories of sporting goods and equipment (most of the shops are located on Kirchstrasse street), underwear and home knitwear (look in the passage with boutiques at the entrance to Alpenterma), cosmetics based on minerals and alpine herbs. Also, be sure to check out La Ferme Gemmet’s family shop located at Dorfstrasse 18 to buy delicious blackberry and chestnut confiture (6 francs per jar), rustic milk (1.4 ₣ / l), fresh cheese and flowered honey.

4. Relax in the spa
Massage at the Isabelle Revitalzentrum
Isabelle revitalzentrum

Of course, even the Alpine air and hot water from the springs will heal you inside and out, but the skillful hands of massage therapists or unique masks based on local herbs will cope with this task faster and retain the result for longer. The best, according to tourists, salons are Isabelle Revitalzentrum and Therme 51 °.

Leukerbad (Switzerland) is a unique thermal resort where everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Come here for health, a peaceful atmosphere and unusual views. Have a nice trip!

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