Tourist’s guide to Holidays in Zermatt: prices and information

The right approach to organizing leisure is the key to a successful vacation. If you plan to go to the ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland, it is important to know the prices in advance and draw up an approximate cost plan. In this article, we decided to consider in detail the potential costs and calculate the total amount that a tourist will need to relax in Zermatt.

Holidays in Zermatt, Switzerland

We will take into account the costs of traveling from the nearest airport in Zurich, accommodation in a 3 * hotel, the cost of a ski pass, food prices and six-day rental of ski equipment for two persons. In our calculations, we give average price indices, however, it should be borne in mind that in the high season and holidays, the amounts may increase. In this regard, we recommend booking accommodation in Switzerland in advance: this will help to save part of your budget.

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How much will it cost from Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

Zermatt is located 240 km from the airport in Zurich, and you can get to it in three ways: by train, by car or by taxi. Switzerland has a highly developed railway infrastructure, so many travelers prefer to travel by train. The trains from Zurich Airport to Zermatt leave the platform every 30 minutes, and the journey takes about three and a half hours. The price of a train ticket in an economy carriage is 65 ₣. However, if you book a trip 2-3 weeks before the planned vacation, rates may be halved (33 ₣).

Rent a car Opel Corsa

If you decide to get to Zermatt by car, then when calculating the cost of the road, you need to consider the cost of fuel, car rental and parking. A liter of gasoline (95) in Switzerland costs 1.50 ₣, and to drive 240 km you will need about 14 liters of fuel, which means 21 ₣ for the whole way one way. A week rental of the most budget car (Opel Corsa) will cost 300 ₣, daily – 92 ₣.

Tesha has a large covered parking

Since the territory of the ski resort is strictly forbidden to travel by fuel, you will need to leave your car in a paid parking lot in the nearest village of Tesch (5 km from Zermatt). The price of parking per day is 14 ₣, but if the period of your stay at the resort reaches 8 days or more, the daily rate is reduced to 13 ₣. Thus, the cost of traveling to Zermatt by car will be on average 420 ₣ (provided that the rest takes a week).

Taxi service

To get to the resort from Zurich airport, you can also use taxi services, but this option will be beneficial only if there are a lot of passengers. So, a transfer on a standard hatchback (sedan) for four passengers will cost 600-650 ₣ (150-160 ₣ per person). If you are going to a large group of 16 people, you can order a minibus for 1200 ₣ (75 ₣ per person).

Details on how to get to the resort yourself, see here .

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Accommodation prices

Room in 3 *** hotel Hotel Jägerhof
Hotel jägerhof

Prices at the Zermatt resort in Switzerland vary depending on the type of accommodation. The village has a large selection of accommodation options : here you will find apartments, chalets and hotels of different levels. In our study, we will be guided by the cost of living in 3 * hotels, the concept of which includes breakfast.

It is worth noting that all 3 * hotels are located in close proximity to the center of Zermatt and are distinguished by a high level of service. So, the cheapest option among them calls the price of 220 ₣ per night in a double room. The average cost for a vacation in this segment ranges from 250-300 ₣, but the most expensive 3 * hotel offers accommodation for 350 ₣ per day for two.

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Food prices

Snack Bar Take it Doner
Take it doner

The Zermatt resort in Switzerland is not only the epicenter of skiing and snowboarding, but also the focus of cafes and restaurants, some of which are recognized as the best in the entire Alpine mountains.

Of course, here you can find both elite establishments and budget eateries and mid-level cafes. There is an opportunity to have a bite to eat at a small fast-food fast food “Take it doner”, the menu of which has already been praised by many tourists. Here you can order shawarma, kebab, hamburger and french fries at very affordable prices: on average, a snack will cost 10-12 ₣.

Lunch at Gornergrat-Dorf

If you are looking for a budget restaurant that serves a full meal, we recommend that you look into the restaurant at the Gornergrat-Dorf Hotel. The menu offers quite a variety of dishes of European cuisine, and the prices will be pleasant to your wallet:

  • Assorted jerky, ham, sausages and cheese – 24 ₣
  • Vegetable salad – 7 ₣
  • Sausage and cheese salad – 13 ₣
  • Sandwich – 7 ₣
  • Chicken Wings / Shrimps with French Fries – 16 ₣
  • Italian pasta at Gornergrat-Dorf
    Italian pasta
  • Italian pasta – 17-20 ₣
  • Fritters with a variety of dressings – 21 ₣
  • Mineral water (0.3) – 3.2 ₣
  • Cola (0.3) – 3.2 ₣
  • A glass of freshly squeezed juice – 3.7 ₣
  • Coffee – from 3.7 ₣
  • Tea – 3, 7 ₣
  • Glass of wine (0.2) – from 8 ₣
  • Beer (0.5) – 6 ₣

In Zermatt there are many mid-range restaurants, the prices of which will be an order of magnitude higher than in budgetary institutions. Let’s look at the estimated cost of dishes on the example of the institution “Tradition Julen”:

Breakfast at Tradition Julen
Tradition julen
  • Tuna salad – 22 ₣
  • Soups – 13-14 ₣
  • Hot snacks – 18-20 ₣
  • Roasted Elk Steak – 52 ₣
  • Roast beef with blood – 56 ₣
  • Braised Lamb – 37 ₣
  • Flounder Steak – 49 ₣
  • Swordfish steak – 46 ₣
  • Desserts – 11-16 ₣

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Ski pass prices

Skip Pass

In order to use all the possibilities of the ski resort of Switzerland, you must purchase a ski pass. For adults, youth (16–20 years old) and children (9–16 years old), different rates for admission are set. For children under 9 years old, passage is free. The price of a ski pass in Zermatt also depends on the number of days for which it is purchased: the longer the validity period of the pass, the cheaper the price tag per day. To get a complete picture of the costs for this item, we suggest taking a look at the table below.

Number of days Adults Youth Children
one 79 67 40
2 146 124 73
3 211 179 106
4 272 231 136
5 330 281 165
6 380 323 190
7 430 366 215
8 477 405 239
nine 522 444 261
10 564 479 282
month 1059 900 530
for the whole season 1515 1288 758

Details about the slopes and lifts, infrastructure and attractions of Zermatt are described in this article .

Equipment rental cost

Equipment Hire in Zermatt

Going on vacation to Zermatt, it is important to take care of the ski equipment. Some tourists bring it with them, while others prefer to rent the necessary things at the resort itself. If you belong to the second group of vacationers, then the item of your expenses should include such an item as equipment rental. All prices (₣) are presented in detail in the table below.

Number of days one 2 3 4 5 6
Ski VIP 5 * fifty 90 115 140 165 190
Ski TOP 4 * 38 72 89 106 123 139
VIP kit (skis and ski boots) 65 118 150 182 241 246
TOP kit 53 one hundred 124 148 182 195
Kit for youth 12-15 years old 43 81 102 123 144 165
Children’s set 7-11 years old thirty 54 68 82 96 110
Children’s set up to 6 years 21 37 45 53 61 69
Skis for youth 12-15 years old 28 53 67 81 95 109
Skis for children 7-11 years old eighteen 34 43 52 61 70
Skis for children under 6 years old 12 twenty 25 thirty 35 40
VIP ski boots 5 * nineteen 36 47 58 69 80
Ski boots TOP 4 * fifteen 28 35 42 49 56
Ski boots for youth 12-15 years old fifteen 28 35 42 49 56
Ski boots for children 7-11 years old 12 twenty 25 thirty 35 40
Ski boots for children up to 6 years old nine 17 twenty 23 26 29th
Helmet for children 7-11 years old 5 nine eleven thirteen fifteen 17
Helmet for adults 8 14 eighteen 21 24 27
Snowblades nineteen 36 47 58 69 80

Also, a 10% deposit will be charged on the total amount of equipment rental in case of loss or damage to equipment. Judging by the table, it is most profitable to take ready-made sets of skis and ski boots. So, the minimum cost of renting ski equipment (including a helmet) for two adults for a period of 6 days will be 444 ₣ + 10% = 488 ₣.

Total cost of rest in Zermatt

So, now we know the prices for the most important leisure components in the ski resort of Zermatt. Based on the above information, we can calculate the total amount of vacation in the mentioned region of Switzerland. When calculating, we will focus on the most inexpensive options for housing, food, travel, etc. How much will two adults have to pay for a week-long stay in Zermatt?

Swiss francs

The most profitable option to get to the resort of Switzerland is the railway, especially if you book train tickets three weeks before the planned vacation.


  • You will spend 132 ₣ on a trip to Zermatt from the airport.
  • To reserve a room in the cheapest 3 * hotel for a week, you will have to pay a minimum of 1540 ₣.
  • Having lunch and dinner in budget-type restaurants, you will spend about 560 ₣ for two.
  • Buying a ski pass for 6 days (you leave the resort for 7) will be 760 ₣, and the rental of the most inexpensive equipment will be 488 ₣.

The result is an amount equal to 3480 ₣. Add to it 10% for unforeseen expenses, totaling 3828 выходит.

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How to save on special offers

Photo: Hotel 3 * in Zermatt
La Courone Hotel 3 *

Some hotels in Zermatt make special offers, the concept of which includes not only accommodation and breakfasts, but also a ski pass for the entire period of stay at the resort. Such promotions help to save a little: after taking advantage of the offer, you can check into a 4 * hotel by spending the same amount that you would pay for the hotel a star below (remember that the calculations above were made based on the cheapest accommodation options).

Let us give an example of a proposal for one of the 4 * hotels relevant for the season 2018: the package “accommodation + breakfast + ski pass” for 6 nights for two costs 2,700 ₣. As a rule, hotels additionally charge a deposit of 5 ₣ from each guest for a plastic key: money is returned if the key was not damaged or lost.

For more accommodation at special prices, see the official website of the Zermatt resort


Going with a ready, calculated plan to the ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland, the prices of which are quite variable, you guarantee yourself a real vacation, without stress and unnecessary financial losses. And remember, plans are the dreams of knowledgeable people.

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