Tourist’s guide to Grindelwald – Glacier Village in Switzerland

One of the best ski resorts in the world is located in the small village of Grindelwald, Switzerland. This is a real treasure for lovers of winter sports: skiers and snowboarders have long discovered the numerous trails of the area, designed not only for professionals but also for beginners. It provides all the necessary conditions for organizing a first-class holiday both in winter and in summer. Well, a walk through local attractions and attending festivals will be a great bonus for a vacation in the beautiful expanses of Switzerland.

Grindelwald - one of the best ski resorts

General information

Grindelwald - commune in the canton of Bern

Grindelwald is a commune in the canton of Bern, located in the south-west of the country, in the heart of Switzerland. The area of ​​the village is 171 square meters. km, and its population does not exceed 4100 people. Surrounded by the Bernese Alps, the community is famous for three mountain peaks: Eiger (3970 meters), Mönch (4099 meters) and Jungfrau (4158 meters) . The commune itself is located at an altitude of 1034 meters above sea level. Back in the late 18th century, tourists began to visit this area, mainly immigrants from England, who, in the wake of the growing popularity of mountaineering, began to conquer the local mountain peaks. It was here that in 1908 the first alpine cable car was built.

Swiss ski resort

Today, Grindelwald is a high-quality ski resort in Switzerland with the most modern infrastructure. It is in no way inferior to its well-known competitors to the expensive and prestigious Zermatt and St. Moritz with a huge variety of tracks , and, like them, it is part of the elite club “Best of the Alps”. In Grindelwald, all conditions are created not only for lovers of winter sports, but also for non-skiing tourists. A variety of hotels, an abundance of restaurants and shops, spa centers and entertainment for every taste attract travelers of all ages and interests here.

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But not to see the Swiss resort of such glory, if not for its picturesque landscapes. Sheer cliffs, glaciers, majestic mountains, miniature houses as if descended from the artist’s paintings and excite the imagination with their ideal forms. To see this, just look at the photo of Grindelwald. It is not surprising that the object has long been in need of advertising and annually receives thousands of tourists in its vastness. Holidays in Grindelwald will suit both young couples and single people, as well as families with children and senior citizens.

Mount Jungfrau in Grindelwald
Mount Jungfrau

The Jungfrau Mountain is considered the most picturesque area of ​​the commune: in winter, people go skiing and snowboarding, and in summer they organize mountain hiking. Another no less popular peak Eiger has long been chosen by climbers who come here from year to year to conquer its northern slope. A little further than the Grindelwald border is a unique ice cave, following the paths of which you can see waterfalls and limestone grottoes.

Trails and lifts

In Grindelwald, tracks of various difficulty levels are concentrated, so both beginners and professionals can ride here. The elevation differences in this ski resort range from 1034 – 2970 meters. In total, the facility has 51 tracks with a total length of more than 200 km.

Trails in Grindelwald
Cable car Grindelwald

The total ski area covers 50 hectares and includes:

  • cross-country skiing areas (20 km)
  • hiking trails (80 km)
  • sledding area (60 km).

The territory of Grindelwald is equipped with a developed network of cable cars, where 47 ski lifts operate. 30% of the slopes are intended for beginner skiers, 50% are characterized by an average level of difficulty, and the remaining 20% ​​are black slopes designed for professionals. Among the most famous tracks in this Swiss resort are:

Slow Slope Trails in Grindelwald
Slow slope

Slow Slope Such tracks are designed for slow descent, the speed of which should not exceed 30 km / h. These routes are located in the Grindelwald-First area and are marked with appropriate markers.

Inferno The scenic track is almost 15 km long, where races are organized annually, and everyone can take part in it. The starting point here is Mount Schilthorn, and the finish is the valley and the village of Lauterbrunnen .

Downhill Lauberhorn

Lauberhorn. The longest track in the world (4455 meters) used for downhill skiing. It is here that the stages of the Alpine skiing World Cup are held. Available for all athletes.

Every Thursday and Friday in Grindelwald, everyone has the opportunity to go night skiing on the slopes for beginners (from 19:00 to 22:00). At the same time, not only skis and snowboards, but also inflatable cheesecakes are used. There is a school on the territory where they teach skiing, as well as a children’s snow park and a kindergarten.

In order to freely use all the benefits of the facility, you must acquire a ski pass. Its value will depend on the age of the owner and on the period for which he is acquired.

Ski pass prices in Grindelwald for the season 2018/2019 (₣) in the Grindelwald-Wengen region

Number of days Adults Youth (16-19 years old) Children (6-15 years old)
one 65 52 33
2 118 95 59
3 175 140 88
4 226 180 113
5 271 217 135
6 300 240 150
7 329 263 164

You can find out more about ski pass prices in Grindelwald and other Jungfrau regions at

Things to do in Grindelwald

Skiing in Grindelwald

Grindelwald in Switzerland, a photo of which few can leave indifferent, offers its visitors a whole range of entertainment, including not only outdoor activities, but also educational excursions and festivals. The ski season lasts in the resort from November to April, and at this time they go down the steep slopes of skiing, sledding, go hiking on numerous mountain routes and enjoy the picturesque nature, wrapped in a snow blanket.

Apple fritters trail

With the end of the winter season in Switzerland, it’s time for summer fun. Skiers give way to climbers and hikers. In summer, mountain routes become more diverse: their total length is more than 300 km. Especially popular among tourists is the “apple fritters” trail, which opens up a beautiful panorama of flowering Swiss meadows, pastures and verdant forests. And at the end of this journey, all travelers will be rewarded in the form of a cozy mountain restaurant where you can taste the apple pancakes famous in Switzerland.

In between active recreation, many go for a walk around the surroundings of Grindelwald. Although the commune cannot boast of great historical and cultural monuments, there is something to see. Among the local attractions worth a visit:

Grindelwald Ancient Church
  • The ancient Grindelwald church, built in the 12th century
  • The highest mountain railway in Europe, Jungfraujoch, which is located at an altitude of more than 3400 meters
  • The northern slopes of the Eiger mountain, which are considered one of the most picturesque in the Alps
  • Pfingshtegg observation deck, located at an altitude of about 1,400 meters and offering magnificent views of the valley
  • Ice gorge with numerous crevices and marble blocks playing with pink and green flowers

Among other things, Grindelwald is also the epicenter of various festivals held both in winter and in summer:

International Snow Festival
World Snow Festival

January. International Snow Festival (World Snow Festival), in which masters from around the world carve sculptures from snow blocks.

February. The Velogemel World Snowbiking Championship, held annually on the territory of Grindelwald, gives a fascinating sight to all the guests of the village.

Snowpenair Music Festival

March. The Snowpenair Music Festival, held every year, marks the end of the winter season.

June. Landart Festival, in which masters create works of art from natural materials from Grindelwald.

July. Spring Mountain Festival, a holiday with national dances and playing folk instruments, where you can feel the real Swiss flavor.

Weather and climate

Grindelwald is a resort in Switzerland with unique weather conditions, where winter will give you a strong frost and summer will warm you in the warm rays of the sun. In January, strong winds are observed here, but February remains the coldest month. High temperatures are typical for June and July, however, most precipitation falls during this period. August is considered the warmest and sunniest month here. The weather in Grindelwald is really changeable, and in order to study the average monthly temperatures in the region in detail, we suggest that you refer to the data in the table below.

Weather in the resort Grindelwald
Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Number of sunny days Number of rainy days Number of snow days
January -3.9 ° C -10.7 ° C 8 0 nine
February -2.9 ° C -11.5 ° C 5 0 7
March 1.5 ° C -8.6 ° C 8 2 5
April 4,5 ° C -4.9 ° C 8 7 4
May 8.7 ° C -1.4 ° C nine thirteen one
June 14.3 ° C 2.7 ° C eleven 17 0
July 16.5 ° C 4.6 ° C thirteen sixteen 0
August 17.1 ° C 4.9 ° C eighteen eleven 0
September 12.8 ° C 2 ° C 12 nine 0
October 7.8 ° C -1.4 ° C 14 5 one
November 1.8 ° C -5.4 ° C eleven 3 4
December -3.2 ° C -10.1 ° C thirteen 0 7

Thus, the most favorable months for visiting Grindelwald in Switzerland in the winter are November and December, in the summer – August.

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How to get to their Zurich resort

Train station Grindelwald

The distance between Grindelwald and the airport of the largest Swiss city of Zurich is 150 km. The air harbor houses a train station from which you can head to the resort. The train follows the route for about 3-3.5 hours and involves two transfers in the cities of Bern and Interlaken Ost.

One-way fare in a class 2 car is 44.7 ₣, in a class 1 car – 77.5 ₣. Upon arrival at the commune, you can use the city bus or taxi to get to the hotel you need.

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If you are in search of a decent ski resort or dream to visit the Alpine mountains and enjoy their unique landscapes, then feel free to go to Grindelwald, Switzerland. After all, vacation in this region offers a truly magnificent opportunity to combine outdoor activities with pleasant walks in the picturesque surroundings at any time of the year.

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