Tourist’s guide to Crans-Montana – a Swiss ski town with slopes for every taste

Ski resort Crans-Montana in Switzerland is a favorite place for active people and athletes. A unique feature of these places is that they welcome guests at any time of the year – this is favored by weather and climatic conditions. And the impressive height at which the town is located (1400 meters above sea level) only attracts tourists.

Crans Montana Resort

Crans Montana has fantastic mountain slopes for skiing , a dry healthy climate, clean air and sunny weather. This town initially gained fame as the best place for golf (tournaments are held here in the summer all year round), but over time it has become a full-fledged ski resort in Switzerland.

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Highlights of Crans-Montana

One of the most popular and prestigious ski resorts in Switzerland, Crans-Montana, spans the whole area of ​​three villages. They stretched into a kind of line with a length of more than 2 km on the very slope of the Bernese Alps. The picturesque village of Montana (1400 meters above sea level) is located in the very center of the resort, in the east is Aminona, and in the west is Crans Sur Sier.

Crans Montana is a whole area of ​​three villages

The population here mostly speaks French. However, there will be no difficulties with the translation – all the staff knows English, and there are more visitors here than native residents. Experienced skiers and professional athletes love this place for its large number of sunny days and excellent calm weather. The secret to this is that Crans-Montana is protected by chill wind on one side by high mountains (up to 3400 meters high). It’s other side lies adjacent to it the Rhone Valley.

Note that vacationing at this resort is not at all cheap, since the whole Crans-Montana consists of fashionable hotels, high-end restaurants and the Plen-Mort ski area, which is serviced almost all year.

Equipment rental

Equipment Rental in Crans-Montana

If you go skiing in Crans-Montana, then you need not bring equipment with you. Everything you need can be found here at local rental points. Exceptional products from the world’s best manufacturers can be rented here. The cost of a standard suit reaches 180 francs for 6 days, and a ski suit for 285 francs for the same duration.

Skiing with children

Kids will not stay on the sidelines, there will also be a lesson for them. They can enjoy other children’s company at the BIBI club (3-4 years) or in the Snowli club (4-6 years).

If in addition to skiing you are planning to explore further, go to the city of Montreux on Lake Geneva.

Lifts and slopes

1. Zone selection

Crans Montana Snowboard

Crans-Montana is visited by both beginners and professional athletes. The mountains have something for everyone – steep and gentle, long and short, easy and difficult tracks. For snowboarders, the dedicated and well-indicated zones for freeriding are located on the sidelines of red tracks.

For skiing, there are three zones for different skills and capabilities.

Medium Highway Bella Lui
Bella lui track in Crans-Montana
  • Bella Lui – The average height of Bella Lui is located above the village of Montana, the height exceeds 2500 m.
  • Petit Bonvin – located above Aminona, height around 2400 m.
  • Alpine Plaine Morte – in the north of the resort, the height here reaches 2927 meters.

For freestyle skiing, a separate zone is present here. Children can enjoy at Kri-Der.

Ski slopes at Crans-Montana

For pros and beginners, a total of about 140 tracks have been laid here, which are segregated by difficulty level:

  • 15 – black
  • 55 – blue
  • 70 – red
Map of Crans Montana

There is also a super long, well-equipped descent with a length of about 8 km! This place was chosen by the organizers for the annual alpine skiing World Cup.


This ski resort in Switzerland has 28 ski lifts: 10 ski tows, 7 chairlifts and 11 cable cars with cabins. From time to time, some lifts are turned off due to weather conditions, and sometimes for unknown reasons, then the line to the tourists looks like in the photo below.

Lift line in Crans-Montana

Here you can purchase a seasonal ticket for:

  • an adult 17-64 years old – 800 CHF each;
  • children 7-16 years old – 240 CHF;
  • youth 17-26 years – 395 CHF.

You can also purchase ski passes from 12:30:

  • For one adult – 57 CHF / day.
  • For children 7-16 years old 32 CHF / day.
  • For young people 17-26 years old – 43 CHF / day.
Prices 2017-18 at the ski pass in Crans-Montana

Standard price (in Swiss francs) for skiing:

  • For an adult – 69 / day, 615 / 10 days.
  • For children from 7 to 16 years old 39 / day, 347 / 10 days.
  • For youth – 52 / day, 464 / 10 days.

People over 64 can take advantage of substantial discounts on ski passes at a low – 49 francs per day.

The price is for the season 2018/2019. More information on prices can be found on the websites and

Leukerbad, a ski resort with thermal springs, is an hour’s drive from Crans-Montana. And 100 km away is the town of Interlaken, one of the most picturesque corners of Switzerland. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore them while you are in Crans-Montana.

Where to stay

Crans Montana Hotels

Crans-Montana in Switzerland offers a lot of options for accommodation. More than two hundred hotels and apartments of various levels are waiting for their guests. Three-star hotels are very popular, where the vast majority of tourists go to. Those who decide to go to the Crans-Montana ski resort should note that hotel reservations should be booked in advance. Only in this case, you can expect that the cost of accommodation will be acceptable, and the rooms you like will not be sold-out.

The minimum cost of a three-star hotel in Crans-Montana is about 140 CHF. The average check for two per night in a 4 * hotel reaches 170-200 CHF. However, rather high prices do not scare away guests. They are ready to pay for the beauty and the opportunity to ride from the slope of the mountain with a breeze.

Which hotels to choose in Crans-Montana

Favorable weather in Crans-Montana meets tourists all year round, and therefore experienced travelers recommend choosing a suitable place to stay at least 3-5 weeks before the trip.

1. Hotel de charme la Poste

Double room at the Hôtel de charme la Poste

This is a small complex, which is located just 1 km meters from Crans-Montana in Switzerland. The cable car can be reached from here on foot, enjoying the local beauties and picturesque views. At the hotel there are two restaurants that will never leave vacationers hungry. For a double room you need to pay from 140 CHF. An extra bed can be installed in the room (at the request of customers), but for a fee.

2. Hotel Central

Central Hotel Crans-Montana

The Central Hotel stands out among the three-star Crans-Montana hotels in Switzerland. This is one of the best options for accommodation, which automatically affects the price of accommodation – 190-200 CHF per night for two. Guests pay for a beautiful view from the window, the proximity to the ski resort of Crans-Montana is only 200 meters, as well as excellent service. Each room has a minibar and iPad docking stations, TVs and a private bathroom.

3. Hotel la prairie

Hotel Hotel La Prairie

La Prairie hotel is another excellent hotel in Crans-Montana, in Switzerland. It has a rather high price for accommodation – from 220 CHF per night for two, and is located just 500 m from the center of the ski slopes. There is a children’s playground here for families traveling with kids.

Weather in Crans-Montana

Despite the fact that Crans-Montana is a ski resort, tourists come to the place all year round. This is favored by the weather, and there is plenty of things to do for holidaymakers. However, the largest influx of tourists falls on a few months – from December to March. It is at this time that the weather is optimal for skiing and snowy conditions.

On the lake in Crans-Montana

In the high ski season, the average temperature is set at +2 to -5 degrees Celsius. In April, the weather gets warm with gentle sun and the air warms up to +10 degrees.

The ideal time for hiking and active summer holidays is from May to September. During this period, the weather in Crans-Montana allows you to warm up, but not get a sunstroke, because the thermometer does not rise above 22 °C.

Crans-Montana has not in vain become the true “heart of the Alps”. Golf lovers still come here, but the resort offers so much more with its beautiful ski slopes, shady walking paths and picturesque views.

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