Tourist’s guide to Stockholm – the main attractions

The most visited city in Sweden is Stockholm, whose attractions attract more than 3 million people annually. In total there are over 70 museums, 50 parks and several dozen churches – it seems that a week will not be enough to go around all the interesting places in the capital. In fact, many objects worth visiting are within walking distance of one from another, therefore, having correctly drawn up a travel plan, you can get acquainted with all the “highlights” of the city. In this article you will find information about what to see in Stockholm in one day, descriptions and photos of the main attractions of the city, their addresses, work schedule and ticket prices.

What to see in Stockholm

Advice! To quickly plan your walk around the capital, use the map with the sights of Stockholm in Russian, located at the bottom of the page.

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Stockholm Old Town

Take a photo of a boy looking at the moon
Boy looking at the moon

The historical center of the capital is dozens of houses with colorful facades, hundreds of narrow streets and thousands of curious tourists. It is here that you can see the change of the royal guard (daily at 12 o’clock), take a photo of the Boy looking at the moon, visit the palace complex, buy a beautiful souvenir and taste traditional Swedish cuisine in one of the restaurants.

The most important day of the year! Many tourists seek to come to Stockholm on June 6th. On this national holiday, the day of Sweden, they not only organize many interesting events, but also hold the main parade with the participation of the royal family.

The old city of Stockholm was founded in the 17th century, today there are more than 10 attractions.

Large Square (Stortorget)

Stockholm’s oldest district is a symbol of the capital and an adornment of all Swedish souvenirs. Tall and colorful houses are the hallmark of Stortorget Square, but besides them you can see beautiful fountains, visit many shops and several restaurants.

Address: Stortorget, Gamla Stan.

Big square
Church of St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Cathedral, Stockholm

Stockholm city center is decorated with the most important religious landmark of the city – the Cathedral. One of the oldest churches in Sweden was built at the end of the 13th century, today it combines the features of Baroque, Gothic and Neo-Gothic style.

The modest outside church is noticeable only because of its high bell tower with a black clock – a symbol of Stockholm. The most interesting things are hidden inside: an unusual combination of brick, gold and carving, a black altar, ancient stained glass windows, a magnificent organ, an ancient royal box, dozens of sculptures and the main attraction of the church is a wooden statue of St. George and the Dragon. In the summer, every Thursday and Friday at 19:00, classical music evenings are held here, tickets for which are sold at the entrance.

Advice! To save 60 kroons on church attendance, go inside during the service.

  • The large church is located at 1 Traangsund.
  • See the list of events that will be held in the cathedral at
Royal Palace

The official residence of the Swedish monarchs is open for tourists daily from 10 to 17. The entrance ticket to the two-story majestic building costs 160 kroons and allows you to visit the treasury with royal regalia and the museum in the cellars of the palace, stroll through the lush gardens and see the royal apartments. The attraction is located on Slottsbacken street .

Royal Palace in Stockholm

Parliament Building (Riksdag)

The list of the attractions of Stockholm for 1 day includes the palace, where the Riksadag sits, as it is only a 5-minute walk from the royal residence. Tourists are not allowed inside, but it’s worth looking at the building, as this is one of the few examples of neoclassicism in Stockholm. The entire facade of the palace is decorated with symbolic sculptures:

Parliament Building, Stockholm
  • On the top of the pediment is a statue of Mother Svea, a man and a woman leaning on each side, meaning vigilance and balance – the main criteria for the work of parliament;
  • At the middle level of the building, representatives of all civic estates are depicted;
  • The center of the palace is decorated with sculptures of kings, who played the most significant role in the history of Sweden – Gustav II Adolf and Gustav I Vasa.

Södermalm District

Not far from the Old Town is another picturesque attraction of Stockholm – Sodermalm. This is a large quarter, connected with other parts of the city by numerous bridges, each of which is a real work of art.

Södermalm Island

Södermalm is famous not only for its beautiful architecture, it is the main trade and youth center of Sweden. On every street of the island there are several cafes, restaurants, nightclubs or shops, here are the best souvenir shops in Stockholm, a huge number of stocks and designer workshops. Sodermalm occupies such a large territory that you won’t be able to see all its sights in a day, therefore, first of all, pay attention to:

Katarina Temple, Stockholm
Katarina Temple
  • Asymmetric Norwegian Church;
  • The most beautiful temple of Katarina of the 17th century;
  • An ancient cemetery where the most famous people of Sweden are buried – Anna Lind, Cornelis Vresvik and others.

Monteliusvagen observation deck

On the hills of Södermalm a winding strip runs along the Monteliusvegen promenade, known for its largest free viewing platform, from which you can take beautiful photos of the main attractions of Stockholm (Sweden). It offers a postcard view of the southwestern side of the capital: the Town Hall, the Old Town, Riddarfjerden Bay and the House of Soviets.

View from the observation deck Monteliusvagen

Djurgarden Island

Along with the old city, a huge island in the center of Stockholm is another starting point for exploring the main attractions of the capital. There are so many unusual places and beautiful parks here that it’s almost impossible to see them in a day, so you’ll have to choose what is most interesting for you:

The largest ship of the 17th century in the Vasa Museum
Vasa Museum
  1. You can look at the largest ship of the 17th century, raised from the bottom of the Baltic Sea more than 50 years ago, in the Vasa Museum. This is the most visited attraction in Sweden, the main exhibit of which is the Swedish flagship, drowned during its first raid. Thanks to the work of scientists, the ship has survived to this day by 95%. Attraction address: Galarvarvsvagen 14, open daily from 10 to 17. Admission price – 130 CZK, visitors under 18 are free of charge.

    More information about the museum is presented in this article .

  2. You can plunge into the tales of Astrid Lindgren for one day in Unibakken. Here you will find out more about the life of the writer and visit each of her stories, be able to see Carlson’s house and take a picture with baby Peppy Longstocking. There is an excellent souvenir and gift shop for children on site. The attraction is located on Galärvarvsvägen 8, work schedule: every day from 10 to 18. Ticket price – 145 CZK per person;
  3. You can find out the detailed history of Sweden, get acquainted with its culture and look at the largest statue of Gustav Vasa in the Scandinavian Museum. It is located at Djurgårdsvägen 6–16, is open daily from 9 to 18. Admission will cost 120 CZK, children under 18 are free;
  4. Old Swedes Houses
  5. Skansen is Sweden’s largest ethnographic open-air museum. Wild animals, old houses from different parts of the country and a beautiful view of the city – on Djurgarden street 49-51 you can spend half a day. Entrance fee for an adult – 195 CZK, for children under 15 years – 60 CZK.

    For a detailed description with a photo of the Skansen Museum, see here .

  6. Aquarium is the dream of all children, a place where you can get acquainted with the many inhabitants of the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. The address of the attraction is Falkenbergsgatan 2, open every day, except Mondays, from 10 to 16:30. A visit will cost 120 CZK, for children 4-18 years old – 80 CZK;
  7. At the ABBA Museum
    Museum of the ABBA Group
  8. The ABBA Museum is a godsend for fans. Several hundred exhibits, most of which were provided by the musicians themselves, are ready to introduce you to the work of ABBA. Among the “highlights” of the museum: gold discs, costumes, lyrics, movies, brochures and much more. This is one of the most modern museums in Sweden, where tourists can watch a laser show, sing karaoke with their favorite group and even talk on the phone with one of the singers.

    Attraction address: Djurgårdsvägen 68, you can visit every day from 9 to 19. Entrance fee – 195 CZK for adults and 50 CZK for children.

Statistics do not lie! About 1.5 million travelers visit Djurgarden, more than 15,000 people arrive on the island every day in the season.

Green Complex Rosendals Garden
Rosendals garden

Djurgarden is also called the “green island” because there are so many parks and gardens. One of them is Rosendals Garden, landed by employees of the cafe of the same name. It is a complex of gardens, greenhouses and orchards, sometimes wild animals drop in here. You can watch the green beauty at 12 Rosendalsterrassen for free. The café, which serves dishes made from fruits planted in Rosendals plants, is open every day from 11 to 17.

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Stockholm Town Hall

Another item on the list of the main attractions of Stockholm for 1 day is the city hall. The symbol of the capital of Sweden was built at the beginning of the 20th century, today important negotiations are held here, the city authorities are meeting, and banquets are organized after the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Stockholm Town Hall

Inside the building there are two main halls – Golden, decorated with a mosaic of 18 million gilded tiles, and Blue. From the tower of the town hall (height 106 meters, the entrance costs 50 crowns), a panoramic view of Stockholm opens, there is also a museum with several dozen sculptures.

Golden Hall of Stockholm City Hall

Entrance to the Town Hall costs 110 kroons, the price includes a guided tour. Pensioners are entitled to a discount of 20 kroons, students and schoolchildren 12-19 years old must pay only half of the full price. You can visit the attraction located on Hantverkargatan 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (the last tour starts at 15) seven days a week. Schedule of excursions in different languages ​​and detailed information about the visit to the town hall can be found on this website

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Rounding out the list of the main attractions of Stockholm (Sweden) is the Strandvagen city promenade. In the very center of the city you can admire the bay, take beautiful photos, once again look at unusual Swedish houses and birds peacefully resting on the water. A kilometer-long embankment is a favorite place for walking among tourists, and if you want to relax not only mentally, but also physically, order a cup of coffee in one of the coastal cafes or restaurants.

Stockholm Embankment

Sights of Stockholm will take a lot of your time, but in return will replenish your memory with unforgettable emotions and impressions. Have a nice trip!

Stockholm sights described in the article are marked on the map in Russian.

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