Tourist’s guide to Malmo – the city of immigrants in Sweden

On the map of Sweden, the city of Malmö is the southernmost settlement. Located near the border with Denmark on the Baltic Sea. Today, a trip from Copenhagen to Malmo is a pleasant journey through the Oresund Tunnel Bridge. Malmö, Sweden is a popular tourist city that used to belong to Denmark. The city still has sights characteristic of medieval Denmark.

Malmö City

Photo: Malmö.

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general information

Malmo (Sweden)

Malmö (Sweden) is the third largest Swedish settlement. About 320 thousand people live here, almost half of whom are migrants. Today the city is considered the fastest growing in the EU.

The city of Malmo is the administrative center of the province of Scone, a rich agricultural region with its own university, founded in 1998.

Good to know! The crime rate in the city is quite low, so tourists feel comfortable.

In the 13th century, a small port town flourished and developed through trade in fish and seafood. In 1658, the Roskild Treaty was signed, according to which Malmö became part of Sweden.

Malmo Attractions

Malmo is a city famous for architecture, parks and boulevards. Locals call their oasis the city of parks, musicians and artists often gather here, it is in the parks that cultural events are held. We made a selection – what to see in Malmö in 1 day.

St. Paul’s Church

St. Peter’s Church in Malmö attracts the attention of tourists for several reasons – first of all, this is the oldest church in the city, besides, inside you can see a large number of unique antiquities dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. About a hundred years were spent on the construction of the temple, work was carried out throughout the entire 14th century.

St. Peter's Church

Interesting fact! The new church building was attached to the already existing church of St. Nicholas.

Some elements of the ancient temple were completely destroyed, they were restored, and then the church was decorated from the inside, chapels were attached.

In the 19th century, the authorities decided to carry out a large-scale reconstruction of the temple – for this they demolished the remains of an old temple, a chapel and several outbuildings. The modern church is built of dark brick and decorated in the Gothic style. The square-shaped bell tower is built in separate tiers. The lower ones are decorated with large windows, and the upper ones are decorated with bizarre gargoyle figures, bas-reliefs and niches.

Inside the Church of St. Nicholas

The external design of the main building is quite restrained – there are basic architectural elements. This sleek design is typical of Swedish architecture.

The internal church premises are decorated with arcades, columns, arches are used as decorative elements. The pride of the temple is decorative elements, their beauty is emphasized and set off by walls of light shades. The most famous part of the temple is the altar, decorated with carvings, made in the early 17th century. Several famous artists and sculptors worked on it.

Interesting fact! Today it is the largest wooden altar in Europe.

Headstone at the Altar

Walls and floors are tiled with gravestones dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Also, an organ built in the 14th century was stored in the church, but it was transferred to the Malmö Museum, and a new musical instrument was built in its place. You can listen to magnificent organ music at lunchtime and in the evening. You can attend the concert for free. The program of concerts is regularly posted on the official website.

The organ was kept in the church

In the sacristy there is a small church museum, which contains a collection of old textiles, ancient books.

Practical information:

  • official address: Sankt Petri kyrka, Goran Olsgatan, 4, 211 22, Malmo;
  • You can take buses to the Djaknegatan stop;
  • You can see the temple every day from 10-00 to 18-00;
  • Tourists cannot enter the church during the service; they are held in the morning, so it is better to see the attraction in the afternoon.
Malmo city in Sweden

Photo of the city of Malmö.

Royal park

The park is located on the outskirts of the historic center. The history of the attraction is rich in events – the city’s defense system was originally located here, when the need for defense disappeared, the castle was re-qualified as a prison, and the surrounding area was ennobled.

Royal Park in Malmö

The famous architect in Denmark, Ove Hansen, worked on the park’s project. The park zone was opened for visitors in 1871. Over the years of its existence, the park has not changed too much, only the number of plants that have been brought from all over the world has increased.

Good to know! In 2001, a casino began operating in the park.

The concept of the design of the park is based on the principles of the English landscape – the territory seems as natural and even a little wild. On the territory of the park there are several canals and lakes, plants are selected in such a way as to please tourists with a magnificent, flowering view all year round. The central zone of the park is decorated with a forged fountain, which today is rightfully considered one of the city’s calling cards.

Windmill in the park

The park is multifunctional – people come here for a walk with children, have picnics, this is a great place for romantic meetings. For fans of cultural events in the park regularly hold festivals, concerts and shows.

Interesting to know! Five years were spent on the reconstruction of the park, which lasted 11 million kroons.

Swans in the pond

Practical information:

  • You can see the park at: Kungsparken, Gamla staden, Malmo;
  • can be reached on foot from the central square of Stortorget;
  • the park is open around the clock, admission is free.
Malmo Castle or Malmohus

When mentioning Sweden, first of all, locks come to mind. Malmö Courtyard is located in the city that previously belonged to Denmark, so even in Sweden you can see Danish architecture.

Malmo Castle or Malmohus

The attraction was built in the first half of the 15th century, in the 16th century the castle was reconstructed, since then its appearance has not changed. In the past, the castle was used to protect the trade routes that passed through Malmö. For some time the palace was a royal residence, and later it contained prisoners.

Today, the interior has been reconstructed so that guests can fully immerse themselves in the Middle Ages. You can recognize the palace by the following characteristic features:

In Malmöhus Castle
  • decorated in the Renaissance style with a touch of Baroque;
  • a deep moat was dug around, a fortress wall was built;
  • two weapon towers survived in the architectural ensemble – in one there are still prison cells, and in the second there is a military building.
Technical Museum in the castle

Inside, you can see several thematic rooms, a collection of old paintings, tapestries and skins. The castle also has a Technical Museum. Of particular interest to tourists is the garden, where 8 thematic zones are decorated.

Practical information:

  • you can get to the castle by metro – station Malmö Centralstation or walk from Gustav Adolf Square, also follow the buses to the stop Malmö Tekniska museet;
  • the lock works from 10-00 to 17-00;
  • ticket price: adult – 60 CZK, children (from 7 to 15 years) – 30 CZK.

Öresund bridge

This is the most significant building of the second half of the 20th century. The design is complex, consists of several parts that connect the island of Zealand, which belongs to Denmark, the Scandinavian peninsula, connect Sweden with Europe.

Öresund bridge

Construction work was accompanied by unpleasant events, however, builders were able to eliminate the difficulties and successfully opened the bridge.

The passage through the bridge-tunnel is paid and quite expensive – 59 euros. By the way, it is the Öresund bridge that appears in the famous Swedish-Danish TV series “Bridge”.

Lilla Tori Square

In translation, the name means – Small, in fact, the name reflects its size. An area was laid at the end of the 16th century for the expansion of retail space. For several centuries, violent trade was in full swing at Lilla Tori, this tradition is supported today. At night, this part of the city becomes a center of fun – nightclubs and discos open.

Lilla Tori Square

The landmark is framed by ancient houses of the Middle Ages, many managed to be preserved intact. In numerous souvenir shops you can purchase various gifts, craft products.

Good to know! Here is the Form Design Center, where themed exhibitions are regularly held.

Many tourists note that a special atmosphere of joy and relaxation reigns in the square.

City Hall

Externally, the building of the town hall is so original and unusual that it is very difficult to recognize the administrative institution in it. To see the attraction, you need to go to Stortorget Square. Construction work began in the 16th century, the building gradually expanded, was completed, in the 19th century it was reconstructed.

City Hall

The front of the attraction is decorated in the Renaissance style. The interior decoration is dedicated to different eras. Tourists can see only three rooms, the remaining rooms are closed to visitors.

Practical information:

Bus to the town hall
  • the town hall is located at: Malma radhus, Gamla staden, Malmo;
  • Djaknegatan bus stop is followed by city buses;
  • there is no permanent work schedule for the showrooms; they are opened only on those days when the premises are not needed by the town hall;
  • halls are free of charge.
Sodergatan Street

The pedestrian street Södergatan (South) is a pleasant place to plunge into the atmosphere of Malmö. It starts from Stortorget Square and leads to Gustav Adolfs Square, there are many shops, souvenir shops, original sculptures are installed. As a rule, tourists come to Stortorget Street to see the sights and do some shopping.

Sodergatan Street

Interesting! Received pedestrian street status in 1978.

The main attraction of South Street is the sculptural composition – Street Orchestra or Optimistic Orchestra. The author of the project is Jungwe Lundell.

Sculptural composition - Street orchestra
Street orchestra

Good to know! Prices in stores are much lower than in Copenhagen, in addition, there are much fewer buyers on weekdays.

Skyscraper Turning Torso

What to see in Malmö in one day? Of course, a famous skyscraper throughout Sweden. The idea of ​​building the famous skyscraper in Malmö appeared suddenly and belongs to the world famous architect Santiago Calatrava. Initially, the architect took part in the competition for the construction of the Öresund bridge. His proposal was considered by representatives of a large construction company. Quite by chance in a brochure on the design of the bridge, there was a photo of a skyscraper called – Turning torso. Photography so impressed the association that it was decided to translate the project into reality.

Skyscraper Turning Torso

The attraction creates a visual effect of a swirling facade. The height of the building is 190 m, it consists of 9 sections, each of 5 floors. In total, the building has 54 floors, including intermediate levels. Each section is slightly clockwise shifted relative to the previous section.

Interesting fact! Each of the 9 prisms has five faces. The foundation of the building is mounted in the rock at a depth of 3 meters and 15 meters into the ground.

For the construction of a skyscraper in Malmö (Sweden), a site was allocated on the shore of the Strait of Oresund. The work lasted from 2001 to 2005. The apartments in the house were too expensive, they were bought rather slowly, so today many apartments are for rent. The facade of the building is as simple as possible, there are no decorative elements on it, but the unusual shape of the skyscraper fully compensates for the laconic design.

Bottom View Turning Torso

Good to know! Skyscraper Turning Torso is the tallest building in Northern Europe. It can be seen from any part of the city.

Practical information:

  • You can see the skyscraper at: Turning Torso, Lilla Varvsgatan, 14, 211 15 Malmo;
  • public transport in this part of the city does not go, but it is easy to walk from the railway station;
  • the building is residential, therefore tourists are not allowed here.
Concert in the square of Malmo

Photo: concert in the square of the city of Malmo, Sweden.

West harbor

This area is the city of Malmo is considered the most environmentally friendly. It offers scenic views of the Öresund Strait. The main attraction is the Turning Torso skyscraper, as well as the Stapelbäddsparken park area. The park is equipped with places for skateboarding, picnics, swimming, sports, cafes and cozy restaurants.

Harbor Turning Torso Skyscraper View
Turning torso

Good to know! The western harbor is located near the train station.

Previously, shipyards worked here, but today colorful houses were built in their place, the cost of such real estate is the highest in the city. For the construction, only environmentally friendly materials were used. Roofs of houses are decorated with gardens, which, in addition to the aesthetic function, serve as excellent noise and heat insulation. The living area is closed to cars, they are parked outside, and then move on bikes.

The area has solar panels and windmills, so this part of the city is non-volatile. In addition, a system has been installed here that cools residential buildings in summer and heats them in winter.

West harbor in Malmö

Photo: West Harbor in Malmö, Sweden.

On the sea beach in the summer months there are many cafes and restaurants.

Accommodation and meals

Room in 4 * hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Malmö
Radisson Blu Hotel Malmö

Malmo offers a large selection of hotels of different price categories. A double room in a three-star hotel will cost from 71 euros per day. For a similar room in a 4-star hotel you will have to pay from 76 euros.

Campers take tourists throughout Sweden; they are usually located near the city. The cost of an annual card is about 21 euros, in addition, you will have to pay directly for the campsite. This type of vacation is especially justified for those who travel by car.

Tomorrow at Max Fast Food
Fast Food Max

Most of the cafes and restaurants are concentrated on Möllevongtoriet Square. All connoisseurs of gastronomic art come here to enjoy the best dishes of European cuisine, try baked eel, egg cake. Popular among tourists, the restaurant is located at the foot of the Turning Torso skyscraper.

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant or cafe will cost on average 100-125 SEK per person. If you want to visit a mid-range restaurant, you will have to pay from 450 to 800 CZK for two. A budget lunch at a McDonald’s restaurant chain costs 70-80 CZK.

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Monthly air temperature in Malmo

The settlement is the southernmost, respectively, the warmest settlement in Sweden. The climate of the city can be described as temperate, marine. The absolute maximum temperature is +34 degrees, and the lowest temperature is -28 degrees.

In spring, warm weather is set in the second half of May. March and April are characterized by cool, rainy weather. At this time of year, Malmö is especially beautiful.

Advice! If you plan to travel to Sweden in the spring, take an umbrella, warm shoes and clothes.

Rainfall in Malmö

It is most comfortable to relax in the Swedish Malmo in the summer – the day temperature is set at +21 degrees, and at night it drops to +13 degrees. Sunny weather is half a month. Even in the summer, traveling around Sweden will require warm clothing and shoes in case of rainy weather.

In autumn, the amount of precipitation increases, the temperature drops to +17 during the day and +7 at night. Be sure to take an umbrella, waterproof shoes and raincoat.

In winter, the Swedish city is cloudy and there are few sunny days. Daytime temperature is + 2-3 degrees, and at night -3 degrees.

How to get to Malmo

Malmo Airport is called Sturup, it is located at a distance of 28 km from the village. From the airport, flygbussarna buses run at regular intervals. Tickets can be bought online on the official website of the carrier company. The ticket is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. This means that the ticket on the route – airport-city-airport is valid for three months and you do not need to throw it away after the first trip.

Malmo Airport - Sturup
Malmo Airport

Most often, travelers come to Malmo from Copenhagen, because the cities are located very close by, and the Schengen visa allows you to visit both Denmark and Sweden. Let’s look at a few ways to get to Malmo from Copenhagen.

By train
From Copenhagen to Malmo by train

Trains from Copenhagen to Malmö follow the tunnel bridge. Trains depart from the main station, and there is also a station near the metropolitan airport. The interval of 20 minutes. You can get acquainted with the exact timetable on the website, and purchase tickets directly at the railway station. Ticket price is about 12 euros.

By bus
Swebus in Malmö

Another way to get from Copenhagen to Malmo is by bus. The journey takes about an hour. Transport departs from the Ingerslevsgad bus stop located next to the train station. Ticket price is 69-99 SEK. Travel time is 1 hour. Transportation is provided by two companies:

  • NettBuss (;
  • Swebus (

Tickets are sold at the box office of the bus station and on the official websites of the carrier companies, where you can find out the current timetable.

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By car
By car to Malmö

If you are traveling by car, be prepared that there may be traffic jams on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Copenhagen-Malmo distance can be covered in about an hour, but traffic jams tend to take more time.

The roads in Sweden are of excellent quality, part of the route passes along the Öresund bridge, where traffic on four lanes is organized. The fare here is paid, the cost is calculated depending on the category of vehicle.

It is important! You can pay by credit card or cash.

Traditionally, the high Swedish standard is manifested in all spheres of life, however, the Swedes, with the inherent coldness of the Scandinavians, do not flaunt luxury and wealth. Malmo, Sweden – a city with a typical culture of the country, where you can take vivid photos and get an unforgettable trip experience.

Video: an interesting story from a local resident about life in Sweden, in particular in the city of Malmo.

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