Tourist’s guide to Jonkoping, an active city in Sweden

One of the most unusual places to visit in Sweden is the city of Jonkoping. It is located in the southern part of the country, at the intersection of the rivers Nissan and Lagan, near the large lake Vettern. The area of ​​the city is small – only 45 km2, about 125,000 people live in it. The average air temperature in summer is + 15 ℃, in winter -3 ℃.

Jonkoping City

Jonkoping’s geographical location was its main advantage and disadvantage throughout the history of its existence. Thanks to him, in the 17th century the city became the most important trading center of Sweden, but because of it, Jönköping was often attacked by Denmark and was completely burned three times.

Today, Jonkoping is a major industrial and educational center in Sweden. The main offices of major companies and international corporations are based here. There is a large state university in Jonkoping, which is one of the best international universities in Sweden and annually receives a large number of foreigners (10 of the city’s population are students from all over the world). From 1994 to the present day in Jonkoping, one of the most ambitious e-sports world championships DreamHack is regularly held.

Interesting to know! Jonkoping is often called the “Jerusalem of Sweden” due to the fact that the city has many churches and cathedrals.

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What sights of Jonkoping are worth seeing in the first place? Where to stay in this city and how much does it cost to rest in southern Sweden? About this and much more – in our article.

Sights of Jonkoping

Museum of matches (Tändsticksmuseet)

One of the most unusual museums in Sweden is dedicated to an invention that has helped us in everyday life for more than a century. It is located in the building, where in 1845 the production of the first safe matches for human health began according to a patent developed by the Swedish chemist Gustav Pasha.

Tändsticksmuseet Museum

Tändsticksmuseet was opened to visitors in 1948. Today, a huge collection of matchboxes and labels is stored here, here you can learn more about the history of matches, watch a documentary on this topic or buy an unusual souvenir for memory. In addition, all visitors can attend a workshop on the manufacture of matchboxes and take home a piece of the museum with their own hands.

Different brands of matches

Historical reference! Matches were invented in 1805 by Louis Chansel, but until 1845 their use was extremely dangerous – they lit up in boxes from exposure to each other, contained harmful substances and often did not die out, which became the reason for new fires.

  • The Museum of Matches is open from 10 to 17 on weekdays and from 10 to 15 on weekends.
  • Tickets from March to October cost 50 CZK (for visitors under 19 years old – free of charge), and from November to February admission is free for everyone.
  • Attraction address – Tändsticksgränd 17.
City Park (Jönköpings Stadspark)

The huge park, with an area of ​​37 hectares, is the main attraction of Jonkoping. Here, in the open air, surrounded by many plants, is the largest ethnographic museum in Sweden, children’s playgrounds and a football stadium. Jonkoping Central Park was opened in 1902.

Children's Playground at Jönköpings Stadspark

The Ethnic Museum, based on the grounds of the Jönköpings Stadspark, is the largest in all of Sweden. It contains more than 10 historically important buildings that were moved here at the beginning of the 20th century to protect against destruction. Among the most interesting exhibits of the museum it is worth highlighting:

Ethnic Museum
  1. The bell tower built in the 17th century.
  2. Agricultural construction is a unique example of typical Swedish architecture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
  3. Museum of birds, created in 1915. His collection consists of 1,500 copies, and the oldest of them is already more than 150 years old. Open from May to August.

Also in the central park of the city there are two cafes serving traditional Swedish cuisine and a small lake where you can take a boat ride.

Jönköpings Stadspark Park Map
  • You can find the entire complex at Jönköpings stadspark.
  • Entrance is open around the clock.

For photographers! Central Park is located on a hill, with panoramic views of the city.

Christian Church (Sofiakyrkan)

The largest church in Jonkoping was built in the 1880s in a neo-Gothic style. It is called Sofievskaya – in honor of the wife of one of the kings of Sweden, Oscar II. The Protestant Cathedral is a key attraction of the city and its symbol, and in its tower are the main clock of Jonkoping. The cathedral is visible from almost all corners of the city.

Sofiakyrkan Church
  • Sofiakyrkan is open daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturday), 5 p.m. (Sunday), 18 (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) or 19 (Wednesday) hours.
  • The entrance is free.
  • The address of the attraction is Östra Storgatan 45.

Important! It is in the St. Sophia Church that the main holidays are celebrated and key events are held. If you want to get to one of them, see the calendar of planned events at

Husqvarna Industrial Museum

The Jönköping Industrial Museum is dedicated to the activities of the Husqvarna company, founded back in 1689. Today it is a division of BMW, VSM and other large enterprises, but over the 300 years of its independent existence, the company has produced many interesting products.

Husqvarna Motorcycles

Among the most valuable examples of the industrial museum, it is worth highlighting one of the largest motorcycle collections in Sweden, the first microwaves and dishwashers, modern lawn mowers and equipment for logging. This museum will be interesting for both adults and children, many copies can be touched.

Husqvarna Industrial Museum
  • Husqvarna Industrial Museum is located at 1 Hakarpsvaegen.
  • It is open every day: from 10 to 15 on weekdays (from May to September to 17), from 12 to 16 on weekends.
  • Ticket price: 70 CZK for adults, 50 SEK for students and senior citizens, 30 SEK for visitors aged 12-18, younger travelers have free admission.

The list of holidays for which the museum does not work, as well as news about upcoming exhibitions and events can be found on the site of the attraction –

How to get to Jonkoping from Stockholm

The capital of Sweden and Jonkoping are separated by 321 km, which can be overcome directly in several ways:

By bus to Jonkoping
  1. By bus. Every day, 8 cars leave the central bus station (Cityterminalen) on this route, the first at 1:15, the last at 22:50. Travel time is 5 hours; ticket prices range from 159 to 310 kroons. You can see the exact schedule and buy tickets on the carrier’s website –
  2. By taxi. Prices for this type of transport in Sweden are not fixed, on average, the cost of such a trip is 2700 SEK, travel time is 3.5 hours.

Note! There is no direct railway and air service between the cities.

The city of Jonkoping will allow you to plunge deeper into the atmosphere of Sweden. Have a nice trip!

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