Stockholm pass – how to save money as a tourist in Stockholm

Stockholm pass is one of the latest innovations that appeared on the tourist market of the Swedish capital. What opportunities does it open up and what advantages does it endow with its owner?

Stockholm pass card

What is the Stockholm pass?

Stockholm Pass is a universal tourist card equipped with an electronic chip. It used to be called the Stockholm card. Then this device allowed free use of all types of public transport (both the capital and the suburbs), and also gave the right to free entry to the most popular museums in the Swedish capital. However, in the winter of 2015, this convenient tourist product not only changed its name, but also experienced other serious transformations.

Stockholm Pass - universal tourist map

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What is included in the Stockholm pass?

The new Stockholm card offers several important advantages to the tourist. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Bus and boat tours
Hop-on hop-off bus tours

With the help of the Stockholm card, you can explore the islands adjacent to the city and make an unlimited number of trips on buses operating on the principle of hop-on hop-off (entered / exited). This type of transport runs along almost the entire tourist route, so you do not have to buy additional tickets to explore local attractions. Hop-on hop-off buses operate immediately by two well-known companies – City Sightseeing Worldwide and Open Top Tours.

Map of bus and boat tours
Free travel guide

When buying Stockholm cards, you get a detailed pocket guide as a gift, in which you can find a lot of important and useful information.


Stockholm pass extends to 60 sights of Stockholm. Among them are Unibaken, the Royal Palace, Millesgarden, the Museum of Physical Experiments, Roussendal, the greenhouse and many others. etc. By visiting these establishments, you will get a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of not only Stockholm, but also all of Sweden.

Park Museum of Sculptures Millesgarden

How to save in Stockholm? Use the Stockholm card in stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments. The main thing is that they are direct partners of this program.


Perhaps there are even more entertainments in the Swedish capital than historical sights! That’s where the Stockholm card will be hard to do! By becoming the owner of this useful device, you will receive the right to free access to the Skyview observation deck, amusement park, Berguis Botanical Garden, the Cathedral and the Invisible Exhibition. This can also include numerous water, walking and bus excursions – a walk along the canals, a boat trip to the archipelago, a tour to Vaxholm, a trip to Gamla Stan, etc.

Visit to the Berguis Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden Berguis

Important! To get a free boat trip ticket, show your Stockholm card at the Strömma box office located on the departure pier.

Unfortunately, the Stockholm card does not apply to public transport and airport transfers. To do this, there is a separate card called Travelcard.

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How it works?

When using the Stockholm Card, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The document is registered and cannot be transferred to other persons;
  • Stockholm card for an adult for one day
  • The card is valid for the exact number of hours – 24, 48, 72, etc. The countdown starts from the moment of the first application;
  • The date of first use should be noted on the back;
  • The number of free visits to the same museum / attraction / attraction / excursion is limited to 1 time;
  • The cost of a lost or stolen Stockholm card is non-refundable;
  • Discounts in shops and restaurants are not subject to this restriction;
  • Adults Stockholm card have a built-in electronic chip, due to which time registration will be automatic. But for children’s counterparts there is no such device, so the data is entered there by hand.

How much is?

The cost of the Stockholm card in 2018 depends on the time of its operation:

  • 24 hours: adult – 54 €, children – 27 €;
  • 48 hours: adult – 70 €, children – 35 €;
  • 72 hours: adult – 87 €, children – 43 €;
  • 120 hours: adult – 112 €, children – 55 €.

On a note! Adult Stockholm card is designed for tourists from 16 years old, children – from 5 to 15 years. In addition, each child must be accompanied by an adult who has his own card.

Prices on the page are for July 2018.

Where and how can I buy a Stockholm card?

Stockholm card can be bought:

At Arlanda Airport (Terminal # 5)
Arlanda Airport
  • On ferries;
  • At Arlanda Airport (Terminal 5);
  • At travel agencies;
  • Large hotels in Stockholm;
  • In the tourist information center;
  • On the official website

Is it worth buying?

Before deciding to purchase an expensive Stockholm card, you need to think carefully and take into account several important factors – the time you stay in the city, the richness of the cultural program, and even the time of the year your trip is planned (in winter, many water excursions remain unavailable for visiting).

International student ID

Experienced tourists say that buying a Stockholm card rarely pays for itself, unless you plan to run around museums around the clock. And they, by the way, work only until 4-5 pm and have an extra day off in the middle of the week. In addition, most of these establishments have free hours during which anyone can enter. But that is not all! If you have a pension certificate or student ID card (ISIC or international standard), the museum staff will give you a very good discount.

Excursion to the island of Fjaderholmarna
Island fjaderholmarna

Buying a Stockholm Pass is advisable only if you intend to stay in the city for 4-5 days and arrange yourself as saturated as possible. Then it will save a round amount of money. The fact is that all of Stockholm’s entertainment is quite expensive. For example, an excursion to the island of Fjaderholmarna will cost 14 €, a trip to the island of Malaren – 30 €, a boat trip to Sigtuna – 37 €, and the entrance to the Royal Palace – 16 €. A transfer around the city will also be expensive. The cost of a daily adult hop-on hop-off bus pass is around 22 €.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, write down the entire action plan – decide where exactly you want to go, find out the price of tickets, add the fare here and compare the amount received with the cost of the Stockholm card.

Most travelers have mixed opinions about Stockholm pass. Buying it or not is up to you, but we hope that your stay in Stockholm will in any case become unforgettable!

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