Tourist’s guide to Vasteras – a modern industrial city in Sweden

Vasteras is located near the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, in a picturesque area where the Swarton River flows into Lake Mälaren. The rich historical past, the industrial present and the beauty of the surrounding landscape have successfully combined in this city. There are attractions that tell a lot about the history and culture of the … Read more

What to bring from Sweden – souvenir and gift ideas

“What should I bring from Sweden?” is a question that is often asked by tourists planning a trip to this Scandinavian country. Quality Swedish chocolate, meat and fish delicacies, souvenirs with famous fairy-tale heroes and Vikings are often brought from there. If finances allow you to purchase something more expensive, then sets of cosmetics, shoes, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Oresund Tunnel Bridge – the most unusual in Europe

The Danish capital and the Swedish city of Malmo are connected by a two-story Öresund bridge. The border of states runs exactly along its middle. And this is not news for you if you watched the detective series “Bridge”, which made the miracle of engineering a hallmark of the two countries. Bridge between Copenhagen and … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Gothenburg – the center of rock music in Sweden

Gothenburg is located in southwestern Sweden, on the banks of the Kattegat Strait. Its area reaches 450 km², and the number of inhabitants exceeds 570,000 people. The second largest city in Sweden attracts tourists not only with its rich historical past, breathtaking landscapes and majestic fortresses, but also with modern rock music, since it is … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Stockholm metro – art and technology

The city transport network of the Swedish capital is one of the most advanced, well-maintained and comfortable on the European continent. Local buses and trams, commuter trains and ferries, as well as the Stockholm metro are all managed by SL. In addition, the city has a well-developed network of bike and taxi rental points. The … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Karlstad – a small town by the largest lake in Sweden

For many tourists, traveling around Sweden is limited to exploring the capital’s attractions and regions adjacent to Stockholm. However, you can feel the true color of the Scandinavian country only in areas remote from the center, away from popular resorts. Karlstad (Sweden) is a village where the centuries-old culture of the Kingdom has been preserved, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Uppsala – the provincial old town of Sweden

Uppsala is one of Sweden’s oldest and most beautiful cities, a “must see” for everyone who gets to know this country. Ancient houses reflected in the water surface of the river, numerous squares, fountains, interesting sights leave vivid impressions, and the desire to come here again. It takes no longer than 40 minutes to get … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Swedish cuisine – best dishes to try in Sweden

Swedish national dishes are undoubtedly close to people with an open Slavic soul. The menu traditional for the Scandinavian country is full and simple, typical for a peasant table. The menu of many restaurants and cafes in many respects resembles the Slavic menu, and if you are interested in real Swedish cuisine, original treats that … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Lulea – the northern pearl of Sweden

Luleå, Sweden is the center of the eponymous commune, as well as the northernmost and largest Norrbotten County (occupies 22% of the entire country). The compact port city in the fjord of the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea captivates the hearts of tourists with its natural beauties, rich cultural heritage, unrivaled attractions and … Read more