Tourist’s guide to Beruwela – a young and quiet beach town in Sri Lanka

Beruwela (Sri Lanka) is a place where tourists come who, above all, appreciate comfort. There are almost no vacationers traveling on their own. After the devastating tsunami in 2004, the city was actively recovering; hotels, buildings, and infrastructure were rebuilt. Today it is a resort that has retained the local flavor and exoticism.

general information

The city of Beruwela is located in the west of the island state of Sri Lanka , washed by the warm Indian Ocean. The distance to the most important city and financial center of Colombo is 55 km, and to the prestigious settlement of Bentota, only 5 km. In some sources, Beruvela is called a suburb of Bentota, but it is an independent town with a population of just over 34 thousand people. Beruwela on the map of Sri Lanka in the south is adjacent to Bentota, Alutgama, Induruva, Kosgoda, Akhungalla and Ambalangoda. Moving north, you can get to Maggona, Katukurunda, Kalutara, Waskaduwa and Wadduwa.

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The town was founded in the 7th century by merchants who arrived from the East. In translation, the name Beruwela means – the shore, where the sails are lowered.

Beruwela – this is the first resort that foreigners meet, moving along Sri Lanka to the south. There is everything for a lazy holiday – hotels from 2 to 5 stars, cafes, the necessary infrastructure, long beaches. Hot weather in the winter European months accompanies relaxation on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Beruwela Beach

During 2012-2013, Beruwela actively rebuilt after the tsunami in Sri Lanka. The hotel chain was expanded, lawns were broken, walking paths were arranged.

Attractions and entertainment

Kande Viharaya Temple Complex
Buddha statue in the temple

The Buddhist temple complex is located in the neighboring village of Alutgama. The temple was built at the expense of a Buddhist monk and opened in 1734. The main decoration of the complex is a Buddha statue with a height of almost 50 m. Inside the statue is a five-story museum, its walls are decorated with drawings depicting stories from the life of a prophet. A unique Bo tree grows near the temple; its age exceeds three hundred years.

Beruwela Lighthouse

The lighthouse is clearly visible in the evening and at night, it illuminates even neighboring bays at a distance of 5 km. The attraction is located on the island of Barberin, opposite the port of Beruwela. Vessels go from the port to the islet, the journey takes only a quarter of an hour. The island is a six-meter cliff, from the top of which a beautiful view of the bay opens.

Fish market
Local fish seller

It is the market that fully reflects the true flavor of Sri Lanka. The market is located directly in the port, so fishing boats regularly moor here and you can buy a fresh catch. Not far from the market is the oldest Muslim mosque. The best time to visit the market is from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., when fishermen return with a night catch.

Muslim mosque Ketchimalay Dag
Muslim mosque in Beruwel

This is the main attraction of Beruwela. It was built by efforts at the place where the merchants first landed. This is a unique building, decorated in Arabic and Indian styles. Surprisingly, in 2004 the tsunami practically did not damage the mosque.

Yala National Park
Leopard in the park of Yala

Yala is not close to Beruvela, but you must definitely go there with a guided tour or on a rented transport yourself. Here you can see rare, exotic animals that live in natural conditions. In the park are the ruins of the ancient state of Ruhuna. The tour is conducted in jeeps and takes place along specially designed routes.

Detailed information with photos about Sri Lanka National Parks is collected in this article .


The resort is located just a 5-minute drive from Beruwela. It is also calm and you can hide from the hustle and bustle. The beaches of Bentota are framed by coconut trees, in sunny weather make vivid photos. Here you can visit Buddhist temples built in the XII century. Read a detailed description with photos of the beach and the settlement of Bentota .

How to get there

You can get to Beruwela from the main airport in Colombo. The easiest way is to rent a taxi near the airport building, but the cost of such a trip is quite high – about 7,000 rupees (about $ 55). It is much cheaper to use public transport.


The journey takes 1.5 hours. The farther you get from the airport, the cheaper the trip. Taxis are also rented through the hotel where you plan to stay, or directly in the airport building.

By bus
Bus from the airport to the city of Colombo

A bus ride will cost 60 rupees. From the airport you need to take bus number 187 to Colombo. All buses come to the station, here you need to transfer to the flight next to Beruwela. There is no direct route, buses make a stop near the resort. You need to choose flights that go south – to Halle, Matara or Tangale.

It is important! Before you board the bus, check if it should be via Beruwela. The journey takes no more than 1.5 hours. From the bus stop to the place of residence you can take a tuk-tuk or walk.

By train
Colombo Fort Train Station

The train travels those who want to enjoy the exotic and color of Sri Lanka. The bus station number 187 follows from the airport to the railway station.

The cost of a train ticket is 55 rupees (third class). You will spend only 2 hours on the road, so you can go and 3 class.

10 trains leave daily for Beruwela. Depending on the geographical location of the hotel, you need to go to Beruwela Station or to Alutgama Station.

Good to know! Tourists usually move around the city in tuk-tuk or on rented vehicles. A ride in a tuk-tuk will cost an average of 100 rupees, renting a motorbike costs 700 rupees per day.

Check the relevance of train fares and timetables on the official website of the Ceylon Railway –

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Port Beruwela

Given that the port is located in Beruwel, the tales of the cleanest beaches are somewhat exaggerated. Most of the coastline is a port, boat parking.

The sandy strip is quite narrow at high tide, usually in Sri Lanka it is much wider. The city beach in the Muslim region is not the best place for swimming – garbage on the shore and in the water is a common occurrence. Tourists recommend looking for clean, well-equipped beaches heading south towards Alutgama. To the north there are beaches too, but the coast here is deserted, without infrastructure.

Photo: Beruvela beach in the bathing part

Good beaches with decent hotels start across from Crow Island. There is a well-groomed coast, clean sand, the beach is protected by reefs, so there are almost no waves. Beruwela (Sri Lanka) on the map borders with Alutgama. Moving south, you will find yourself in a neighboring resort, however, in the low season due to the large amount of rain, mud gets into the ocean.

Bentota Beach

Following on, you will reach the wide and beautiful beach of Bentota. To explore the coastline, it is best to use tuk-tuk. The large Confifi Marina Water Sports Center operates here. At this place you can rent equipment for diving, spearfishing, deep sea fishing, windsurfing or just go for a banana ride.

Photo: Moragala Beach in Beruwela

For a beach holiday, choose a beach near hotels and guesthouses. In Beruwel, Moragalla beach is considered the best beach – wide and clean. Its length is almost 1.5 km, the best conditions in its northern part.

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Weather and climate

Monthly air temperature at the resort

Weather Beruvela has a good rest all year round: during the day the air temperature is within + 29 … + 33 ° C., At night – + 24 … + 27 ° C. The water in the ocean is always warm, not lower than + 27 ° C. However, high and low seasons are distinguished here.

The tourist season begins in October and lasts until April. At this time, the rains are short and rare, and the ocean is relatively calm.

Rainfall in Beruwela

The low season starts in May and lasts through November. This time of year is characterized by precipitation and a sharp change in weather. Relaxing on the beach is difficult because the monsoons invoke strong waves on the surface of the ocean.

Beruwela (Sri Lanka) – an ancient city, which over the years has turned into a wonderful tourist area with comfortable hotels, shops. This town, founded by merchants from the East, shrouded in warm monsoons, is imbued with Sri Lankan culture and offers a leisurely, relaxing holiday.

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