Tourist’s guide to Bentota – a resort in Sri Lanka for romantics and not only

Bentota (Sri Lanka) – a prestigious resort and center of Ayurveda, a place that is considered the pride of the country. The unique nature of the city is protected by a special legislative program. In this regard, noisy holidays and events are not held on the coast. There are no large chain hotels here either. If you strive for complete harmony, a quiet, relaxing holiday among exotic nature, Bentota hospitably awaits you.

Bentota Beach

general information

The resort is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka, 65 km from the main administrative center of Colombo . This is the last settlement located on the Golden Mile, the road from the capital takes no more than 2 hours.

Photo: Bentota Wedding

Why do tourists love Bentota? First of all, for the serenity, unique nature and the feeling of absolute harmony. Bentota is preferred by the newlyweds, the best conditions for weddings, a romantic honeymoon and beautiful photos are created here. Admirers of Ayurvedic practices, lovers of spas and outdoor activities come here. Here is the country’s largest water sports center, entertainment for every taste and for vacationers of all ages is presented.

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Bentota offers tourists an exotic vacation of the highest class in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, there are most luxury hotels here. The less you get distracted by organizational issues, the more time you will have to rest.

Vivanta By Taj Hotel Area and Beach View

How to get to Bentota from Colombo Airport

The resort is approximately 90 km from the airport. From there, you can get to Bentota by:

Railway station Colombo Fort
  • public transport – train, bus;
  • rented car;
  • Taxi.

It is important! If this is your first trip to Sri Lanka, order a taxi – this is the safest way to get around. You are guaranteed not to get lost. However, the route is simple and from the second trip to Bentota you can use public transport – bus or train, or rent a car.

By train

This is the most budgetary and at the same time the slowest way. The train runs along the entire coast, the main drawback is that only 2 and 3 class cars run.

Photo: Bentota Railway Station

From the airport to the bus station should take bus number 187. The railway station is located near the bus station. Traveling by train costs from 0.25 to 0.6 dollars. The hotel is best reached by tuk-tuk, rent will cost an average of 0.7 dollars.

The relevance of prices and timetables can be checked on the website of the Sri Lankan railway

By bus

Given that bus routes in Sri Lanka are developed, this way to get to Bentota is not only budgetary, but also allows you to consider the local nature and color. The only drawback is the possible traffic jams.

It is important! Two types of buses follow the resort – private (white) and public (red).

In the first case, you will find a clean interior, air conditioning and relatively comfortable seats. In the second case, the interior may not be so neat. Tell the conductor in advance where you need to go, otherwise the driver simply will not stop at the right place.

Bus 02, from where you can travel from Colombo to Bentota

Two-stage bus journey:

  • from the airport to the bus station follows flight number 187, the ticket price is about $ 1;
  • routes 2, 2-1, 32 and 60 follow to Bentota, the ticket costs a little less than $ 1, the journey takes about 2 hours.

Pre-examine the map where the hotel is located relative to the Bentota Ganga River. If you need to rent a tuk-tuk, choose a vehicle marked “taxi-meter”, in which case the trip will cost less.

By car

Planning to travel in a rented car? Get ready for left-hand traffic, chaos, drivers and pedestrians who do not follow the rules.

In Sri Lanka, smooth, high-quality roads, the trip will take from 2 to 3 hours. Be sure to consider the speed limits.

The optimal route from the airport to the resort is the E03 route, then the B214 and AB10 routes, then the E02 and E01 routes, the last leg of the route along the B157 highway. Highways E01, 02 and 03 are paid.

By taxi

This path is the most expensive, but comfortable. The most convenient way is to book a transfer at the hotel where you plan to live, or find a driver near the airport building. The road will take no more than 2 hours, its cost is from 45 to 60 dollars.

On a note! If you want to save on travel, look for like-minded people on social networks before traveling.

There is erroneous information on the Internet that there is a ferry service between India and Sri Lanka, however, this is not entirely true. The ferry really runs, but only freight.

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Weather and climate when it is better to go

A trip is best planned from November to March. At this time, the weather in Bentota is the most comfortable. It should be borne in mind that hotels are occupied by 85-100%, so the place to stay must be booked in advance.

Resort Monthly Weather

Of course, in Sri Lanka there are rainy seasons, but the monsoons are not a reason to refuse to relax, especially since prices at this time fall several times. Some tourists complain about the constant noise of wind and rain – you just need to get used to it. The bonus for you will be the exceptional attention of the staff. Be prepared for the fact that most shops, souvenir shops and cafes are closed.

Bentota in the summer

The air temperature warms up to +35 degrees, the humidity is high, the surface of the ocean is restless, swimming is quite dangerous, the waves can tighten. The selection of fruits is not very diverse – bananas, avocados and papaya.

Bentota in the fall
Ocean water temperature throughout the year

Autumn weather is changeable, rains happen often, but they are short-lived.

Active water activities are no longer possible, but you can enjoy the exotic during cruise travels along the Benton Ganga River. In autumn, the resort has the lowest prices for legal services.

Bentota in spring

The weather is changeable. The waves are already quite large, but you can still swim. The air temperature is quite comfortable for relaxing – walking and swimming. Rains happen, but only at night. It is in the spring that Ayurvedic services and water sports are in demand.

Bentota in winter
Rainfall mm

The best weather for buying tickets and traveling to Sri Lanka. You will find a comfortable temperature (+ 27-30 degrees.), Mirror surface of the ocean, perfect weather. The only thing that can overshadow the rest is high prices. It is in winter in Bentota that you can try many exotic fruits.

Urban transport

The most convenient transportation for families – taxi or tuk-tuk. In public transport, as a rule, there are a lot of passengers. Tourists without children most often travel by tuk tuk or bus.

Photo: Knock Knock

The taxi network is not too developed. You can only book a car at the hotel. For local residents, taxi is a tuk-tuk, you can find a driver at each hotel. The cost is a little more expensive than a bus, but the trip will be much more comfortable.

The main Halle Road route, along which buses run, runs along the entire coast, separating luxury hotels from less expensive ones. They are all along the road, so buses in Bentota are very popular. Tickets are bought from the conductor.

As for car rental, in Bentota this service is not popular. If you want to travel by car, you need to rent it at the airport. Prices are as follows – from $ 20 per day (no more than 80 km), kilometers over the limit are paid separately.

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Bentota beaches are the most universal on the island. There is everything here – silence, lack of a large number of tourists, extreme water sports, picturesque nature.

The first thing that catches your eye is cleanliness. The cleaning of the coastal area is monitored by special public services. There are no merchants on the beaches, and the tourist police keep order.

Note! The beach strip in Bentota is public, that is, the infrastructure is not so developed, sun loungers and umbrellas are rather luxury in hotels.

North beach
Photo: North Beach

Walking along the shore, you admire the picturesque nature. Part of the coast is covered with boulders, and near the beach, in the jungle, there is a Buddhist temple. If you pass through the thicket of the jungle, you will find yourself on the shores of the regenta Bentota Ganga.

The north beach is in the direction of the city of Aluttham and forms a sand spit. There are almost never waves, not even in the most favorable weather for swimming. You can rent a room in a luxury hotel. The descent into the water is gentle, the bottom is felt for 1 km. This place is loved by romantic couples, newlyweds, tourists who want to relax in solitude. Here you get great photos of Bentota (Sri Lanka), the beach is a favorite place for photo shoots.

South beach
Photo: South Beach

Traders are not allowed here. The beach attracts with exotic scenery and absolute silence. Want to feel like Robinson? Come to the south beach of Bentota, but take everything you need for a comfortable stay.

The resting place is located south of the city. This is a sand strip several kilometers long. Hotels are built on the coast. It is the most convenient descent into the water and there are mostly no waves – this place is suitable for families with children.

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Beaches around Bentota

Aluthgama Beach

This beach can not be called perfectly clean, there are sellers of food and all kinds of trinkets. The peculiarity of the place is a unique coral lagoon. The beach is located north of Bentota. It is better to swim in its northern part, there is a bay protected by reefs. Get ready for the influx of locals who are openly looking at tourists, it bothers. This is a great place for tourists who travel on their own and who are attracted by wildlife.

Beach in Beruvedle, near Bentota

Infrastructure is located right on the beach, since most of the hotels are built here. Nothing more – only the beach, the ocean and you.

The beach is located north of Bentota, suitable for those who prefer a minimum of movement. Nevertheless, active sport is presented here – windsurfing, yacht, sailboat, scooter rental, scuba diving. You can find two places where you can swim even in low season – the lagoon and part of the coast opposite the island with a lighthouse.

More information about the resort is presented on this page .

Photo: Induruwa Beach

This place in Sri Lanka is most reminiscent of wildlife, there are rocks on the coast, you need to look for places convenient for swimming and tanning. The development of infrastructure in this part of the resort is still ongoing.

The beach is located on the south side of Bentota, the length is 5 km. Prices in hotels are quite affordable, this is due to a certain distance from civilization and comfort.

What to do and what to see

Active sports

Sri Lanka is an island that deserves excellent epithets in many ways. Here, tourists are offered good conditions, including for sports fans.

Possible activities in Bentota

A water sports center is located on Bentota’s northern beach, here you will find equipment and you can use the services of experienced instructors. The beach has excellent conditions for diving – there are no undercurrents, a rich and colorful underwater world.

From November to March, tourists come to Bentota, as well as to other southwestern resorts of Sri Lanka for surfing. The waves are perfect at this time. However, many experienced athletes do not consider Bentota the best surfing resort on the island . Service cost:

  • board rental – about $ 3.5 for one day;
  • boat and jet ski rental – an average of $ 20 per quarter hour;
  • paragliding – around $ 65 per quarter hour.

Private, small shops with the necessary equipment for sports work along the entire coast.

Fishing is a great pleasure. In Bentota, they offer to fish in the open ocean or while traveling on the river. To do this, you can take a tour or arrange with local fishermen, many of them tolerably communicate in Russian.

If you can not imagine your vacation without active entertainment, visit the tennis court, volleyball or archery grounds. Many large hotels have such services.

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What to see in Bentota – TOP Attractions

Part of the garden at Lunugang Manor
Lunugang Manor

Flora Bentota – one of the attractions of the resort. Most of the excursions are devoted to natural exotics. You can explore the area as part of excursion groups or on your own, by renting a tuk-tuk or just by bus.

Lunugang Manor

In Bentota, as throughout Sri Lanka, religion is of particular importance. The city has unique Buddhist temples. In memory of the colonial period, there were architectural monuments that can be called a creative explosion of emotions – estates with gardens of architects Beavis Bava and Lunugang.

Bentota Ganga River

A walk along the river will give you incredible sensations of adventure. You will be surrounded by exotic plants and the inhabitants of the jungle, the existence of which you did not even suspect.

Photo: Bentota Ganga River
Temples of Galapath Vihara and Alyutgam Kande Vihara
Photo: Statue of a seated Buddha in one of Bentota's temples.

Despite the fact that these are two Buddhist temples, they are completely different and demonstrate opposite views on the art of temple construction. Galapatha Vihara is a small building demonstrating modesty. Alyutgama Kande Vihara – a magnificent temple, decorated with frescoes, flowers and lamps.


The oldest mosque in Sri Lanka. Today, pilgrims from all over the world come here, however, tourists are more interested in the architecture of the building, the original mixture of Victorian style and Arabic decor. There is a mosque on a hill, not far from the coast. From a distance, the building resembles a cloud.

It is important! Almost all guides in the city speak English.

Ayurveda Centers

It is impossible to come to Sri Lanka in Bentota and not improve your own health. Numerous Ayurvedic centers offer tourists wellness and beauty services. Many centers are located in hotels, but there are also independent clinics. The most courageous tourists visit street massage parlors.

Undoubtedly, Bentota (Sri Lanka) is the pearl of the Indian Ocean, framed by exotic nature, European service and local color. You can only feel the atmosphere of the resort by taking a walk through the jungle and swimming in the picturesque lagoon.

Bentota beaches and attractions are marked on the map in Russian.

Video from the resort of Bentota, Sri Lanka.

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