10 best beaches in Sri Lanka: relax or surf

If your vacation falls for the winter, but you do not leave the idea to soak up the sea at a distant resort, plunge into the sea, then you have a direct road to tropical adventures! Here you will learn about the best beaches in Sri Lanka, where you can grab a little summer heat and sunbathe on the golden sand.

The gentle ocean, fast surf or kite, magical reefs, unusual cuisine and tropical fruits, the atmosphere of a mysterious exotic country – all this is in Sri Lanka, the state of South Asia ! In this wonderful land you will find not only real tea, but also feel the true pleasure of life.

Bentota - one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka

As can be seen from the numerous photos, the beaches of Sri Lanka are conditionally divided into two categories. The first is more crowded beaches, popular among tourists. They settled down from the south and from the west. The second category is the more deserted beaches of the east coast, known for their marvelous marine life and reefs.

Absolutely all of them are open spaces of the ocean coast with sand that crumbles under your feet like semolina, coconut palm trees, as in advertising, and colorful fish underwater.

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We must remember that the ocean has its own character, it storms very often, so carefully choose a resort in Sri Lanka if you want to swim calmly.

Negombo Beach

Photo: Negombo Beach

The closest beach to Sri Lanka international airport. It is located four dozen kilometers north of the capital Colombo. You can get here by any means of transport, so this beach is often chosen to call here on the way on different excursions. The hotel zone is located near the city of the same name. Motley hotels and restaurants spanned endless round dance along the coast.

In general, the beach is rather wild, despite being close to the city. A wide strip of sand. There is no free rental of sunbeds and umbrellas. The water is quite muddy, in the days of a storm, garbage nails to the shore. If you choose a hotel on the first line, then you can settle literally by the ocean, no more than a minute walk to the coast.

Holidaymakers on Negombo Beach

You can take the pristine sun loungers and move them to the water’s edge. A sunbed with a towel will cost 500 rupees. There is no soul on the beach, and waves can knock you down. In general, one cannot call a calm ocean, waves of different sizes are almost always there, although it all depends on the weather. If you are planning a vacation with your children, take a closer look at other resorts. But here surfing fans may like it.

Of the sights – a lot of bold ravens, who even have the audacity to snatch goodies out of hand on the fly. On weekends, locals gather here, relax with their families, and on Sunday there are fewer free places, but still enough for everyone. Traders are very active, offering to buy souvenirs.

By the way, girls should be prepared for the fact that, most likely, they will not leave you without attention, they will be suitable to get acquainted. In general, Negombo is a fishing village , only partially aimed at attracting tourists, so if you are looking for more than just admiring the work of fishermen in the early morning, then it is better to go further.

Mount lavinia

Mount Lavinia Beach

If you are looking for waves without waves in Sri Lanka, here you can find your treasure. There are two large beaches in Mount Lavigny. The first is citywide, it is more dirty and crowded on holidays and weekends. Umbrellas and sunbeds are not enough, and everyone is standing by the cafes. You can always agree on the price. Another option is to buy a cocktail and then lie for free.

Mount Lavinia Sunset

The second beach is at the hotel. It is much cleaner, there are fewer vacationers there, but it is also tight with umbrellas. But the lifeguard is watching all the swimmers. You can find him by going through the left wing of the hotel. At the end of the beach opposite the hotel, a stream flows – a drain of sewers. In most of the beach there is no smell. By the way, a tortoise farm was built behind him, where for a modest fee they are allowed to hold various sea turtles in their hands and feed them.

This is probably the cleanest beach, one of the best, it is quickly cleaned from garbage.

You can easily find several cafes where you can have a tasty snack. You can even get to the shore by bus and not spend a lot of money on a taxi.

Detailed information about the resort of Dehiwala Mount Lavinia is presented on this page .


Crowded Bentota Beach

Bentota – a developed resort village , for the better differs from most of the beaches of Ceylon. It is located a hundred kilometers from the main international airport of Sri Lanka. Comfort lovers can stay in respectable hotels, eat in good restaurants, enjoy SPA, go on tours and excursions …

Wonderful clean sand braid, great for both sunbathing and exercise. With all this, Bentota is not crowded with people. Moreover, the beach is removed from the gas road. The beach line is long, up to 20 meters wide. There is everything for diving.

Bentota View

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. In season (in winter and until April), the ocean is relatively quiet and calm, it does not scare away waves. The approach to the water is only gentle in some places, but swimming is safe here. Bentota Beach is suitable even for families with children.

All serious hotels on this beach – with their own pool. By the way, unlike Hikkaduwa or Unawatuna, there are no problems with the shadow: both on the trestle bed for money (from 500 to 1000 rupees), and just lying on the sand under a palm tree. Coconuts are inexpensively sold. The place is conducive to kisses at sunset and romantic walks. Of the minuses – obsessive sellers, who strive to cram into “brothers”.

Mirissa Beach

Photo: Mirissa Beach

A popular place among Europeans in Sri Lanka with azure water. There is no garbage on the beach, they take care of it. A wide variety of bars where you can have some fun or take a break from the hot sun. Fans of swimming in the waves and surfing will really like the settlement of Mirissa in Sri Lanka ! Here, even beginners can learn to surf. Long coastline with sandy entrance. Often there are decent waves, but if you are just interested in swimming, there is a place (if you stand with your back to the water, then to the right), where the ocean is calmer.

A quiet lagoon of stunning beauty. There are few people, it’s very nice to enjoy the tide! There is a wonderful cafe where you can enjoy crab soup. Sunbeds are given free of charge, black sand crumbles underfoot … Turtles also decide to swim in the bay.

Fishermen in Mirissa

They set a breakwater here, so it’s easy to find a place for a quiet swim – waves for every taste. There are surf points, there is a place to ride on a body surf, there are parts of the beach with small waves for adults and absolutely no waves for kids. Whalewatching (in Russian speaking, whale watching) is one of the most favorite activities among tourists who are looking for the best beaches in Sri Lanka with a calm ocean.

Boats from other beaches come here to show whales. Of course, tourists pay for the trip to Mirissa, so it’s better to immediately go here and enjoy the games of the sea giants.


Hikkaduwa Ocean Beach

This is the best beach for young people: a fun beach near Bentota. Surfers from dozens of countries come here, because, in addition to the waves, there are plenty of entertainments: parties in bars, night discos and where without affordable housing!

There are not very many people, mostly tourists, but at the weekend there are influxes of local residents. By the way, they can behave arrogantly: shoot cigarettes, beg for money. They smoke a cigarette two meters from you – and again ask. Feel free to boldly send them there … Russians know where.

Narigama beach with big waves

A cold beer shop is across the street. But beach vacationers should remember that when leaving the beach you need to wear outer clothing. Strict policemen like to fine those who neglected this rule. The fine is 1000 rupees ($ 6.5). More dogs running around the beach and can mark a bag – be careful!

It has everything you need: jet ski rental, a surf school and travel agency with a choice of excursions. But it is worth stepping aside – and instead of the noise of discos, you can enjoy the birdsong and the soothing splash of the waves. If you are patient, a sea turtle may swim towards you. The water is beautiful, little is visible in the mask, but it may be lucky and you will be able to see the marine inhabitants, which sometimes reach gigantic proportions. Learn more about holidays in Hikkaduwa .

Pasikuda Beach

Pasikuda, Sri Lanka

The best place for morning walks along the ocean! Nearby coral reef: a wonderful place to visit by boat. However, because of this, there are a lot of large stones and corals on the sandy bottom. Swimming without special rubber shoes is almost impossible. It’s better to swim closer to the Anantay Hotel – there are not many fragments of coral.

In Sri Lanka, the best beaches for swimming are light, small sand, a calm blue ocean and unforgettable sunrises! Passicuda appropriates all these epithets to himself. The entrance to the water is convenient, no ebbs are noticed.

Near the Maalu Hotel, the coast is quite deserted, and half a kilometer from it there is already a public beach, where the local population has plenty of rest.

The depth of the ocean near the coast is safe, you can enjoy your vacation without any problems. To take a shower, you will have to pay 30 rupees. Of the minuses – a lot of garbage outside the hotel beaches.

Goiambocca Beach

Photo: Goyambokke Bay

This Sri Lanka beach is small, with few tourists, and locals generally rarely come here. On days when the waves in the ocean are not too strong, you can swim behind the line of the breakwater and swim in clear water. Be prepared that the current will blow to the left, so swim out only if you are confident in your abilities. In the days of big waves, people are forced to flop on the surf line, where sand floats even on the surface. After that, you have to wash it for a long time in the shower. There are life vests and lifeguards who are watching everyone.

Palm grove on the beach of Goiambocca

Boulders lie only on the edge of the lagoon, where people bathe, stones are not visible. The landscapes are great, the photos will be amazing! There are three restaurants and sunbeds for a modest fee. You can take it for free if you buy food at the establishment. Fresh seafood, only from the ocean, generous portions, deliciously fed. Although some tourists complain of unsanitary conditions. The beach area in Goiambokka was chosen by several dogs. But there is a more interesting living creature: a lot of free-walking chipmunks, peacocks, monitor lizards.


Photo: Nilaweli Beach

Fifteen years ago (when the terrifying 2004 tsunami did not happen), Nilaweli was considered one of the most attractive and best places to relax in Sri Lanka. However, after the tsunami of tourists there has become much less, although still there are a couple of dozen hotels and guesthouses.

Pigeon Island, Sri Lanka

Nearby is the attraction, which is still attractive for tourists – the small island of Pigeon, on which no one lives. This is a national park, the entrance to which will have to pay. Sail to the island will have to be on a boat. Pigeon has a white beach, coral sand and clear water. Divers and snorkelling enthusiasts come here, because there is a coral ridge near by, where colorful tropical fish, turtles and sharks live.

There is only one hotel on the beach, the infrastructure is not very developed. There are no cozy cafes and restaurants nearby (there is a couple, but they are far to go, the food there is specific, these establishments are focused on local residents).

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Turquoise water in Unawatuna

On the map of the beaches of Sri Lanka, this beach takes pride of place. Unawatuna is one of the best southern beaches. Vacationers here are a dime a dozen, but the beach area is quite modest in size. The beach is cozy and stunningly beautiful.

Photo: Sri Lanka beach with calm ocean, Unawatuna

He is embraced by a small bay, protected from the formidable bursts of the ocean by the mighty shoulder of a coral reef. For this reason, there are few waves on Unawatuna, and what waves are quite low. Giants break on a reef while approaching the shore. Even children come to the beach. Unawatuna is the right place for snorkelling enthusiasts!

The western outskirts of Unawatuna are smaller, here is the best place for swimming with children, the beach is wide. The eastern part is severely damaged by erosion: in some places the sand washed off into the ocean, under the feet of a scattering of stones.

There are no large hotel chain-hotels, so people are not sent here in a package tour. A detailed description of Unawatuna resort can be found in this article .

Obviously, this is a good option for “wild” travelers. There are many restaurants, for every taste and color, you can even find western national cuisine.

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We have presented you the best beaches of Sri Lanka. All of them have a danger of reverse flows, which are everywhere. They are dangerous in that they can drag swimmers into the open ocean. Take care of yourself and rest on your health!

The beaches described on the page are marked on the map of Sri Lanka in Russian.

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