Tourist’s guide to Tossa de Mar – the medieval city of Spain

Tossa de Mar, Spain is an old resort town in Catalonia, famous for its beautiful landscape, historical sites and good weather.

View of Tossa de Mar

General information

Tossa de Mar is a popular resort in eastern Spain, on the Costa Brava coast. It is located 40 km from Girona and 115 km from Barcelona. It is known as a prestigious European resort where tourists from the USA, Great Britain and France like to relax. Here you can often meet people with creative professions.

Tossa de Mar is also famous for its picturesque sunsets and beautiful nature: on all sides the resort is surrounded by cliffs and dense fir forests, due to which high waves rarely rise here and, in general, good weather almost always reigns.

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Tossa de Mar in the evening

This resort of Spain will also be interesting to history buffs – there are several interesting sights here.


Tossa de Mar, located on the Costa Brava, is a cozy town famous for its historical sights. There are very few of them, but if the main goal is a vacation at sea, then this is quite enough.

Since the resort itself is located in a mountainous area, the main attractions are in the hills. So, the Old Town begins on the coast and “goes” up. Below you will find photos and descriptions of the main attractions of Tossa de Mar.

Fortress Tossa de Mar (Castillo de Tossa de Mar)

The fortress, towering on the mountain, is the main symbol and the most famous attraction of the resort of Tossa de Mar. It was built in the 12-14th century, and in the 16th century a full-fledged city grew beyond its borders.

It is interesting that now the Old Town of Tossa de Mare is the only medieval settlement preserved in Catalonia. Other cities in Spain failed to maintain their historical flavor – they were built up with newfangled houses, hotels and restaurants.

Tossa de Mar Fortress

You can walk along the old walls for several hours, and tourists like this very much. One of the most popular attractions inside the fortress is the Clock Tower, which rises near the main entrance to the Old Town. It got its name due to the fact that earlier the only watches in the village were installed on it.

It is worth paying attention to the tower of Joanas, which is located near Gran Beach – it offers the most beautiful view of the sights and the sea, and here you can make the best photos of Tossa da Mar.

Be sure to visit the Kodolar tower, better known as the Towers of Revered – this is where the hiking trail begins, which offers scenic views of the resort. It is better to do it in the evening – in the afternoon the sun bakes too much.

Old city

The old town of Tossa de Mary is in many ways similar to other old European cities: narrow streets, paved with cobblestones, dense winding buildings and several main squares. In addition to traditional attractions, tourists should pay attention to:

Old city
  1. Tossa Lighthouse is the highest point of the resort. It was built on the basis of the old tower, so the actual age of the lighthouse is much more than the official one. The height of this Tossa de Mar attraction in Spain is 10 meters, and the light of a lantern is visible 30 miles away. Now in the lighthouse is a museum of Mediterranean Lighthouses, which you can visit for 1.5 euros.
  2. Parish Church of San Vincent, which was built in the 15th century on the site of the destroyed temple. In the 18th century, the New Temple was erected nearby, and parishioners began to stop coming here. As a result, the building was gradually being destroyed over more than 2 centuries, and now 2 walls and an entrance arch remain from it.
  3. The square and the monument to Ave Gardner – the famous American actress of the 20th century. The reason for the installation of the sculpture is simple – first Ava starred in one of the detective melodramas, the shooting of which took place in Tossa de Mar. And after she stayed to live in this cozy town – she liked this place so much. Photos of this attraction Tossa de Mar, Spain can be seen below.
  4. The House of Batlier de Saca or the House of the Governor is the former residence of tax workers, and now it is the Tossa Municipal Museum. The main pride of the exposition is the picture of Marc Chagall “Heavenly violinist”.
  5. Place de Armas. Located near the Clock Tower.

It may seem that one hour is enough to visit the Old Town – this is not so. Medieval development is fraught with many secrets, and each time passing through the same places, you can find new attractions.

Cathedral (Parish Church of Sant Vicenc)

What is worth seeing in Tossa de Mar, is the Cathedral – the main temple of the resort, built in the Roman Gothic style. The attraction may seem rather modest and simple, but it is worth a visit – there are a lot of interesting things inside.

These include:

  • copy of the “Black Madonna”;
  • starry sky on the ceiling;
  • multi-colored candles on the iconostasis.

Many complain that it is very difficult to find the attraction – it is hidden behind the many streets of the Old Town. If you encounter the same problem, it is solved simply – you can go to the bell ringing, which is heard every 15 minutes.

Chapel in the Old Town (Chapel of Mare de Deu del Socors)

The Old Chapel is a small white building in the center of the Old Town. If you want to visit her, you should look carefully – she is so small and inconspicuous. In terms of architectural solutions and materials, the chapel is very similar to the Cathedral of the city.

Old Town Chapel

Inside the attraction there is a small hall with wooden benches, the walls are white plastered. Opposite the entrance is a figure of the Virgin Mary with a baby in her arms.

The chapel itself is unlikely to surprise you, but the square on which it stands (the intersection of the Royal Road and Girona Street) is worth a visit. Here you will find a lot of shops with souvenirs, shops with sweets and many other interesting gizmos. Pay attention to the memorable postcards with photos of Tossa de Mar, Spain.


Grand Beach

Gran is the central beach of the resort. He is the most popular, and therefore the noisiest. Its length is 450 meters and its width is only 50, so after 11 am it is impossible to find a free place here.

Nevertheless, tourists are very fond of this place, because the beach is surrounded by the Vila fortress and the bay, so it seems to be separated from the rest of the world.

Grand Beach

Coating – fine sand. The entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth is shallow – ideal for families with children. Since there are always a lot of people in this part of the coast, there is garbage here, but it is regularly cleaned.

As for amenities, there are no umbrellas and sunbeds, which for many can be a problem. There are 2 cafes and a toilet nearby. There is plenty of entertainment – you can rent a motor boat or a boat, go diving or ride a banana. A relaxing massage procedure is also popular, which can be enjoyed at a nearby hotel.

Menuda Beach (Playa de la Mar Menuda)

Menuda is the smallest beach of the Tossa de Mare resort – its length does not exceed 300 meters and a width of no more than 45. It is located not far from the central part of the town, however there are not so many people here as on Gran Beach.

Menuda Beach

Coverage – small pebbles, but the entry into the sea is sandy and gentle. Water, like the beach itself, is very clean, there is no garbage. There are also no problems with the infrastructure: there are sunbeds (rent for a day – 15 euros), toilets and a shower. Nearby is a bar and cafe.

There are fewer entertainments in this part of the resort, and many recommend diving here – right near the shore you can meet colorful marine life.

Cala Giverola (Cala Giverola)

Cala Giverola is one of the best places to stay with children 6 km from the city. The bay is surrounded by cliffs on all sides, due to which there is almost never wind. On the territory there are sun loungers, umbrellas and toilets. There is a restaurant and rescue service.

Cala Giverola

Girolola has one of the best diving centers in Spain, where you can hire an instructor and rent equipment.

The coating is sandy, sometimes stones are found. The entrance to the sea is gentle, there is no garbage. There is a parking nearby (cost – 2.5 euros per hour).

Cala Pola

Paula is another secluded beach in the vicinity of Tossa de Mare. Distance to the resort – 4 km. Despite the remoteness from the city center, there are many tourists here. There are several reasons. Firstly, the small size is only 70 meters in length and 20 in width. Secondly, soft golden sand and turquoise water. And thirdly, all the necessary infrastructure, which, at times, is so lacking in suburban recreation areas.

The entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth is shallow. There is not much garbage, however, it is still there.

Cala Paula

As for amenities, the beach has toilets and showers, a cafe. It is important that rescuers are present at Cala Paula.

Cala Futadera

Futadera is a beach in the vicinity of Tossa de Mare. The distance from the town is only 6 km, but not everyone can get here – you need to know the area well.

The length is only 150 meters and the width is 20. There are very few people here (primarily because of the inaccessibility), due to which nature has been preserved in its original form. The sand is small, stones and shell rock are often found. The water is bright turquoise and very clear. The entrance to the sea is gentle.

Cala Futadera

Garbage, like people, is not here. There is also no infrastructure, so when you go here, you should take something to eat with you.

Codolar Beach (Platja d’es Codolar)

Codolar is Tossa de Mar’s third largest beach. It is located near the Old Town, and is the most colorful – there used to be a fishing village in its place, and many old boats still stand here.

Length – 80 meters, width – 70. The sand is fine and golden, the entry into the water is gentle. There are few people on Kodolar, since the majority of tourists prefer to relax on the Grand Beach. There is practically no garbage.

Kodolar Beach

As for amenities, the beach has a toilet and shower, there is a cafe nearby. Among the attractions worth noting are diving and volleyball. Also, many recommend renting a boat and going on a boat trip.


Tossa de Mar has just over 35 hotels open. It is very advance to book rooms, as the town is very popular among holidaymakers from Europe and the USA.

The average price for a double room in a 3 * hotel in high season varies from 40 to 90 euros. This price includes a spacious room with beautiful views of the sea or mountains, all the necessary equipment in the room and entertainment on site. Wi-Fi and parking are free. Some hotels provide a free airport shuttle service.

Hotel in Tossa de Mar

In Tossa de Mar there are only seven 5 * hotels that are ready to receive two guests in the high season for 150-300 euros per day. This price includes breakfast, a terrace with sea or mountain views and a room with designer renovation. Also, tourists have the opportunity to attend spa treatments in the on-site salon, a pool with massage showers, a fitness room and relax in the gazebos. On the ground floor of the 5 * hotel there is a cafe.

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Weather and climate. When is it better to come

The climate in Tossa de Mar is Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. There are no sharp temperature drops or heavy rains during the year. It is interesting that the Costa Brava is the coolest in all of Spain, and there is always comfortable weather.

Temperature in Tossa de Mar

In the winter months, the temperature rarely drops below 11-13 ° C. There is minimal rainfall at this time, so the Spanish winter is ideal for excursions and sightseeing.


In March, it often rains, but they are short-lived, and vacationers are unlikely to be severely disturbed. The thermometer is held at 15-16 ° C. This time of year is well suited for sightseeing tours and lovers of eco-tourism.

In April and May, the air temperature rises to 17-20 ° C, and the first tourists begin to arrive in Spain en masse.

Water temperature in Tossa de Mar

June is considered the most favorable month for a vacation not only in Tossa de Mar, but also on the entire Costa Brava in Spain. The temperature does not rise above 25 ° C, and there are still not so many vacationers as in July or August. Prices will also please – they are not as high as in July and August.

In July and August, the high season begins. The thermometer column is kept at 25-28 ° C, and the water in the sea warms up to 23-24 ° C. Also, these months are characterized by complete calm weather and the absence of rain.


September and early October are the velvet season, when the air temperature does not rise above 27 ° C, and the sun no longer bakes so much. The number of tourists on the beaches of Spain is noticeably reduced, and you can relax in silence.

Among the minuses, it is worth noting the beginning of the rainy season – the amount of rainfall is about the same as in March.

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How to get from Barcelona and Girona Airport

From Barcelona

Barcelona and Tossa de Mar are separated by more than 110 km, so it is worth taking at least 1.5 hours to travel. You can overcome the distance by:

  1. The bus. Take the Moventis bus at Estació del Nord and get off at Tossa de Mar. Travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Cost – from 3 to 15 euros (depending on travel time). Buses run 2-3 times a day.
North Bus Station

You can view the schedule and book a ticket in advance on the official website of the carrier: Here you can follow the promotions and discounts.

From Girona Airport

Girona Airport in Spain is located only 32 km from Tossa, so there will be no problems with how to get to the resort. There are several options:

  1. By bus. At Girona Airport station, take bus number 86 and get off at the Tossa de Mar stop. Travel time will be 55 minutes (due to the fact that there are many stops). Cost – from 2 to 10 euros. Moventis buses run 10-12 times a day.
  2. On the shuttle. From the airport, another bus runs 8-12 times a day, which will take you to Tossa in 35 minutes. The cost is 10 euros. Carrier – Jayride.
  3. Since the distance between the airport and the city is relatively small, you can think about ordering a transfer – if you have too many bags or just do not want to push in the bus.
Girona Airport

Prices on the page are for November 2019.

Useful Tips

  1. Tossa de Mar Cathedral often hosts guitar concerts, which both tourists and locals love to attend. A ticket cannot be bought in advance – they begin to be sold 30-40 minutes before the start.
  2. Book a hotel room in advance – many rooms are already occupied for six months in advance.
  3. To visit one of the beaches, which is located in the vicinity of Tossa de Mar, it is better to rent a car – buses rarely run.
  4. It is better to visit the Tossa Cathedral until 18.00 – after this time it becomes dark in the temple, and the lights are not turned on here.

Tossa de Mar, Spain is a good place for those who want to combine beach, sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Visiting the Old Town and exploring the city beach:

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