Tourist’s guide to Ferrari Land Spain – for a family adventure

Ferrari Park, Spain – a young, but already quite famous complex, offering entertainment for the whole family. A walk in this place will not only give a complete picture of the development of the company, but also immerse you in an atmosphere of speed and adrenaline.

Ferrari Land in Spain

General information

Ferrari Land is a new theme park dedicated to the legendary car brand. Occupying a truly vast territory (about 70 thousand sq. M.), It is a logical continuation of Port Aventura, the world famous entertainment center, located an hour from Barcelona and a 20-minute walk from the popular Spanish resort of Salou.

The huge complex, opened in April 2017 and is a tribute to Enzo Ferrari, has not only a number of breathtaking slides, but also a wonderful museum, shops, cafes, fast foods and restaurants offering European and Mediterranean cuisine.

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Ferrari Land diagram

And on its streets you can see small copies of the most famous architectural objects of Italy – the Roman Coliseum, the La Scala Theater, the bell tower of San Marco, Michelangelo’s sculptures, etc. Walking through the park, you can see traditional Italian dancers and listen to popular Italian music, enjoy daily acrobatic shows and take part in thematic events.

Today, Ferrari Land in Port Aventura, the construction of which cost 100 million euros, is one of the most visited amusement parks in the world. In the first year of operation alone, it was visited by almost 5 million people.


Attractions Ferrari Land in Spain will be a revelation for the whole family, because among them there are both truly driving, able to tickle the nerves of adult uncles and aunts, and quite innocent, designed for the youngest visitors. Interestingly, all slides, simulators, trains and other objects of the complex are made in one color. It’s about Rosso Corsa, the brand’s signature touch.

Visiting all 16 park facilities in one day can be quite difficult, so for starters pay attention to the most exciting and popular ones. Here are just a few of them.

Red force
Red force

The Red Force roller coaster, reaching 112 meters, is considered the highest not only in Port Aventura, but throughout Europe. Being the central building in the Ferrari Lenda, they are an almost vertical 880 m structure, decorated with the famous prancing stallion. The cars moving along this track resemble stylized copies of Formula 1, the legendary sports model Ferrari. Accelerating to 180 km / h, they will take you to a point in just 30 seconds. Only those whose height exceeds 140 cm can ride the Red Force.

Flying dreams

Belongs to the most interesting Ferrari Landa objects in Spain. Allows you to make a trip around the world, accompanied by the full effect of presence. During this small but very exciting trip, you will fly through different countries, see several famous objects and even fall into a dense curtain of clouds.

Flying dreams
Thrill Towers – Freefall Tower

Equally popular is the free fall tower, the height of which is as much as 60 m. Those who decide to ride the Thrill Towers expect incredible emotions. Immediately – a slow climb, during which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ferrari Land, and then a rapid and uncontrolled fall, giving a feeling of freedom and weightlessness.

Thrill towers

Thrill Towers – Ricochet Tower

Twin sister of the previous version. The only difference is that this tower works on the principle of a huge piston engine. This means that for a certain time you will move up and down, accelerating to an impressive speed.

Thrill Towers - Ricochet Tower
Junior Championship

One of the best Ferrari Land kids areas in Port Aventura. It has a large fleet of miniature racing cars mounted on platforms with wheels. In appearance it resembles an ordinary engine, however, at each turn, the young driver will feel how his car brings it one way, then the other.

Pole position challenge
Pole position challenge

Family attraction, consisting of 8 simulators (6 adults and 2 children). It is one of the best Ferrari Landa properties. Allows you to experience incredible speed and feel like a professional car pilot.

Racing legends

An exciting 3D race that will transform you into a driver of a high-speed car and offer to ride on various tracks. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is in great demand, so long lines are always lined up for it.

Racing legends
Crazy pistons

Great fun for kids. It is a huge gondola made in the form of Ferrari cars that spin around its axis. The height of this attraction is about 9 m – quite a bit for an adult, but quite enough for a child.

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The shops

Shop at Ferrari Land

On the territory of Ferrari Land in Spain there are several stores whose products are somehow connected with the history of a famous automobile brand:

  • Ferrari Land Store – a large souvenir shop located on Piazza Maranello, provides pick-up services, has a huge selection of caps, jackets, cars, T-shirts, notebooks, magnets and other goods decorated with the Ferrari logo;
  • Photo Gallery is a very cool store located in the main square. Here you can sit behind the wheel of a real racing car and make both paid professional and free amateur photos;
  • Red Force Photoride – located on Piazza Italia near the exit of the Red Force attraction. For a fee, store employees will take a photo of your arrival or take it on camera. The order can be found on the Photo Opportunity service;
  • Photo Pit Stop Record is another photo zone located on the Piazza Fioriano. Dressing in a special work suit and becoming a real pit stop mechanic, you can get a beautiful thematic picture that can become the main decoration of your album.

Practical information

Ferrari Land park in Spain is open daily from 10:30 to 17:00, but the schedule may change, so it is better to check it in advance. You can do this on the official website of the complex –

View of Ferrari Land

The cost of a visit depends on the type of ticket and where it was purchased.

Combined tickets
Adult (11 – 59 years old)
(online / at the box office)
At a discount
(4 – 10 and older than 60 years)
(online / at the box office)
For people with disabilities (sold only at the box office)
2 days 2 parks
Attention! Until 05.01.2020 this offer is subject to a 10% discount!
61 € / 70 € 53 € / 61 € 35 €
1 day 2 parks
55 € / 57 € 48 € / 50 € 29 €
3 days 2 parks
81 € / 90 € 71 € / 79 € 45 €
Tickets for 1 day (valid only on the day of purchase)
Adult (11 – 59 years old) Discounted
(4 – 10 and over 60)
For people with disabilities
(sold only at the box office)
20 € / 22 € 18 € / 19 € 11 €
Italian night ticket
Adult (11 – 59 years old) Discounted
(4 – 10 and over 60)
For people with disabilities (sold only at the box office)
15 € 13 € 8 €

Children under 3 years old can do without a ticket. In addition, their parents have the opportunity to use baby strollers and special left-luggage offices.

Ferrari park

It should also be noted that in Ferrari Land there are strict restrictions on growth, and in some cases also on weight (Pole Position Challeng – no more than 120 kg). Each park facility has its own standards, which in most cases concern only the smallest visitors. According to these indicators, children can ride on some slides and tracks on their own, on others – only accompanied by an adult, and on others – they will not be able at all. As for the maximum allowable growth, it is 195 cm.

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Useful Tips

Going to Ferrari Park (Spain), read the tips of those who were lucky enough to be there:

  1. According to existing rules, visitors are not allowed to bring food and drink with them, but if you drop a bag of sandwiches and a bottle of water in your backpack and then cover them with some other things, no one will scold you.
  2. There are several restaurants and cafes on the territory of Ferrari Land, but budget tourists go to the local supermarket. His name is Mercadonna, located next to the park.
  3. Those planning to visit the maximum number of slides should start right from the opening. The queue at the height of the season can be very large (40-50 minutes). But the rest of the time (in autumn or spring) it is better to come on weekdays – then there are almost no people. If you want to get the right to enter without a queue, buy an Express pass valid throughout the entire Port Aventura.
  4. Visiting themed stores and buying souvenirs is better to transfer to the end of the day – so you can not only save your time, but also make it easier to carry.
  5. UV cream
  6. In order not to get sunburn and get hit, take a cream with good UV protection.
  7. Large bags, backpacks and other personal items should be left in the storage room (costs 5 €).
  8. Before you approach the vertical towers or Red Force, do not forget to soberly assess your strength. Thrill – this, of course, is good, but you should not forget about your own safety. If you still decide to ride the Red Force, try to take the first seats – the sensations will be even cooler.
  9. Most time consuming video simulators. Even if there are no long lines, it will take at least 30 minutes to complete one such object. This is due to the fact that first you have to wait for full occupancy, and then listen to an interesting, but long story about piloting fireballs.
  10. To save on an admission ticket, collect discount flyers that are handed out both in Salou itself and in other resorts of the Costa Dorada.
  11.  The best period to visit Ferrari Land is April – May, as well as September-October. It is not hot here at this time and there are not so many people. If you intend to combine riding the rides with a beach holiday, choose July-August – in June the water is cool. But in winter it will be better to refuse a trip. With her arrival on the coast, it often rains and strong winds blow, so walking in the park will be very uncomfortable.

3D race at Ferrari Park:

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