Tourist’s guide to Blanes, Spain: the oldest city on the Costa Brava

Blanes, Spain – an old resort town, attracting beautiful nature, many interesting sights and unique Spanish flavor.

Blanes view

General information

Blanes is one of the oldest cities in the Costa Brava. Located in the province of Girona, Autonomous Community of Catalonia. Despite its small size (a little less than 40 thousand people live in the city) it is one of the most popular corners of Spain. The main feature of this place can be called a unique atmosphere in which peace and quiet are combined with a developed tourist infrastructure, and historical monuments – with picturesque bays and pristine beaches. At the same time, the crime rate in the city is at the lowest level, so you can walk along its streets quite calmly.

The rock Sa Palomera, on which several observation platforms are equipped at once, divides the entire coast of Blanes in the Costa Brava into 2 parts – northern and southern. The first is a port with fishing moorings, a yacht parking and an old housing estate. But the second part of the city is occupied by the tourist quarter with many shops, souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants. Here you can find many pensions and campsites for cars.

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Hotels in Blanes

Another “feature” of this place is considered the main fiesta of Spain, called the feast of St. Anne and St. Joaquim and attracting an incredible number of participants (at least 500 thousand). The fiesta celebration lasts 4 days and falls on the third or fourth week of July. During this period, many fireworks are released into the air, pleasing not only children but also adults. The final show takes place on Sunday evening.

Interesting fact! Since the city of Blanes is the first settlement located in the western part of the coast, it is often called the “Gateway to the Costa Brava”. In honor of this, a special symbol is installed on one of the city beaches – a metal structure, similar to the inverted letter V.


Sights of Blanes (Spain) are represented by a huge number of historical, natural, architectural and religious sites, the inspection of which will take at least a week. Those who arrived in the city for just a couple of days are advised to pay attention to the most interesting tourist places.

San Juan Castle
San Juan Castle

San Juan Castle, located on top of the mountain of the same name, was built in the middle of the 13th century. At that time, it served as a reliable defense against sea filibusters who regularly attacked local residents. Now it is one of the main historical symbols of Blanes. Unfortunately, to this day, from the once majestic castle, there was only the Watchtower, which offers a wonderful panorama of the city, and a small part of the fortress wall, at the foot of which the snow-white chapel of St. John sheltered.

Marimutra Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Blanes (Spain), designed by the German industrialist Carl Faust in the 1920s. last millennium, is one of the most famous arboretums in Europe. The entire garden area, occupying at least 4 hectares, is divided into 3 climatic zones – Mediterranean, subtropical and temperate. About 3 thousand plants were planted in them, many of which are endangered.

Marimutra Botanical Garden

The Marimutra Garden attracts many tourists not only with rare species of vegetation, but also with its beauty. Firstly, it is located directly on the sea coast, and secondly, next to it there are several cliffs with a picturesque view of the Costa Brava.

Blanes Promenade

Another important attraction of Blanes is the central city promenade, a favorite vacation spot not only for visitors, but also for most locals. The promenade connecting the seaport with Abanel Beach is about 3 km long. Along this line stretches an endless series of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, kiosks with ice cream, snacks and drinks, monuments, sculptural compositions and playgrounds.

Gothic fountain
Gothic fountain

The octagonal fountain, created in the first half of the 15th century. at the request of the guild of manufacturers of wool, is a vivid example of traditional Spanish Gothic. Initially, this gloomy medieval building, consisting of 3 levels and decorated with images of gargoyles, stood in the central city square. But, apparently, it fit so badly into the surrounding space that the local authorities decided to move it to Ampl.

Spain Square and Dintre Street

TOP-5 of the best sights of Blanes in Spain with a photo and description completes the Plaza of Spain and Dintre Avenue. In this part of the city, stretching no more than 200 m, everything you need for a pleasant and enjoyable stay is collected – summer cafes with verandas, boutiques, apartments, coffee houses, etc.

Spain Square and Dintre Street

In addition, on Dintre Avenue, which runs along the sea coast, you can see a shady alley and a huge rural market where you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables. Well, the main feature of this place can be called a kind of architecture, represented by old houses with unusual facades.


Looking at the photo of Blanes in Spain, it is impossible not to notice its amazing beaches, attracting a huge number of vacationers. In the immediate vicinity of the city there are several resort areas, 3 of which are awarded the Blue Flag award. We’ll talk about them.

Sa abanel
Sa Abanel Beach

Sa Abanel, whose length is slightly less than 3 km, is located on the left side of the rock Sa Palomera (the “new part” of the city). The main characteristic features of this beach are large light sand, among which pebbles are only occasionally found, a convenient entrance to the sea and a picturesque promenade running along the entire coastline. The infrastructure of Playa de S’Abanell is quite developed – there is a shower, a toilet (closes at 21:00), paid sunbeds with umbrellas, professional lifeguards work. In addition, there are many outdoor cafes serving delicious butifarra (Catalan sausage), and several shops. Active leisure activities include volleyball, surfing, sailing and water slides. For children there are equipped playgrounds. If you wish, you can rent a small pleasure boat.

San francesc
San Francesc Beach

A small family beach – a little less than 200 m. It is located in a quiet bay, the hilly shores of which are covered with dense pine forest. Coating is coarse sand, although small rock formations are sometimes found. The sea here is warm, clear and very clean. The line of shallow water is quite wide, and the entry into the water is gentle.

Along the entire coastline there is a special asphalt path with restaurants, food stalls and equipped places for recreation. In addition, there is a toilet, shower, parking, a rental point for catamarans, umbrellas and sunbeds.

Cala de Sant Francesc was loved not only by couples with young children, but also by lovers of diving, snorkeling and other “underwater sports”. At the same time, it is better to bring a mask and fins with you – here they cost more. If you want to take some beautiful panoramic shots, climb the hill along a narrow path located at the southern end of the beach.

Blanes Beach

The central beach of Blanes, “made” in the shape of a crescent, stretches from the river port to the rock of Sa Palomera. Its length is about 600 m, which manages to accommodate a huge number of vacationers. An important difference of this place is the clear sea and large light yellow sand, which does not adhere to shoes or clothes.

Not far from Platja de Blanes is the seaport. Along the main promenade there are many cafes, eateries, restaurants and small shops. Professional rescuers are responsible for the safety of tourists. Showers are often, but there is one toilet. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be borrowed for 5-6 €. It should also be noted that a city highway runs a few meters from the beach, so children should be watched with special care. And most importantly – from here it is a stone’s throw to the old part of the city, famous for its unique historical sights.


Blanes (Costa Brava, Spain) offers many accommodation options, including budget hostels and expensive hotels equipped with a swimming pool, fitness centers, spas, free parking and other amenities. It should also be noted that housing in the city is located not only on the first line, but also at a fairly large distance from the sea (you can also find good options there). But the Russian-speaking staff in Blanes did not work out, so we advise you to arm yourself with a translator.

Hotel in Blanes

As for prices, the cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel starts from 60 € per day, while accommodation in a 4 * hotel will cost at least 100-120 €. Prices are for summer.

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Arriving in Blanes, you will definitely not be hungry – there are more than 200 bars, cafes and restaurants offering dishes for every taste and budget. Most of the establishments are located in the area of ​​the city promenade and Paseo de Dintre. They are visited not only by tourists, but also by the local population. In addition, the city has a seaport, at the auction of which you can buy fresh seafood.

Cafe in Blanes

Speaking of prices, the simplest breakfast consisting of coffee with a croissant, a sandwich or churros will cost 2 €, while for a more satisfying option (for example, a continental breakfast) you will have to pay at least 8 €.

Menu del dia, as a comprehensive business lunch is called in Spain (first, second, coffee and dessert), costs from 9 to 25 € depending on the level of the institution and its location. But the most expensive meal can safely be called dinner. The cost of the most modest option (1 dish + 1 glass of wine) is at least 12 €, but, as you yourself understand, very few people are limited to them.

If you are not ready to spend money on a cafe, go one of 5 ways:

  • Settle in apartments that have their own kitchen;
  • Buy ready-made meals in shops and supermarkets;
  • Eat fast food (tapas) or inexpensive beach eateries;
  • Tapas in Blanes
  • Look for a budget institution located away from the tourist streets and the main city attractions;
  • Order one dish for two – the portions are very large.

Most of the Spanish restaurants come off closer to dinner, and some even after the siesta. Moreover, the latter can last from 14:00 to 16: 00-17: 00 or from 16:00 to 20: 00-21: 00. But in the morning, most establishments are closed.

On a note! Most often, prices are written at the entrance to the cafe, but sometimes they need to be clarified. It should also be noted that drinks are not always included in the price of lunch.

Weather and climate – when is it better to come?

Weather in Blanes

The city of Blanes (Spain) has a temperate climate, which is suitable not only for couples with children, but also for people of advanced age. The high season, characterized by an abundance of clear sunny days, lasts from June to September. The air temperature during this period is + 27 … + 28 ° C, and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea warm up to pleasant + 24 … + 25 ° C. At the same time, the hottest and most populous months are July and August.

In the low season, poorly suited for a beach holiday, but conducive to a comfortable viewing of city sights, the thermometer is held at + 13 … + 14 ° C. True, in the second half of October rains begin in Blanes, and the dense cloud of clouds increasingly covers the sky, but the city does not become less beautiful from this.

How to get from Barcelona?

If you do not know how to get from Barcelona to Blanes, use our tips.

Option No. 1 – From El Prat International Airport (distance – 87 km):
    Taxi at Barcelona Airport
  • Taxi – fast, convenient, reliable. And most importantly – you can order a car not only upon arrival, but also in advance (via the Internet from home). For this, it is enough to inform the operator of the relevant flight data. Taxi services are available around the clock. To find a driver in the airport hall, look for a sign with your name and surname;
  • A car is the best way to travel between cities independently. You can also order it in advance. In this case, the machine will wait at the terminal;
  • Bus No. 603 and 614 is the only type of public transport providing direct communication between the airport and Blanes. Buses leave from T1 terminal (platforms number 10, 11, 12), after about 15 minutes they call at T2 terminal and follow to the main city bus station (Blanes Estació D’Autobusos). The road takes 2 hours 10 minutes. Transport runs daily, but the schedule depends on the season and day of the week (it would be better to check on the official website).
Option number 2 – From the center of Barcelona (distance – 70 km):
  • Barcelona Blanes Regional Train (line R1) – connects Estació de Barcelona-Sants, Barcelona’s main train station, with Blanes Station, about 2 km from the city. Run daily with an interval of half an hour (from 05:46 to 22:54). Ticket price is 6.30 €. Travel time is about 1.5 hours;
  • Barcelona Blanes Regional Train
  • Taxis are the easiest, but quite expensive way to get around. For such a trip you will have to pay from 55 to 100 € depending on the class of the car (economy, business, comfort or luxury). When planning a trip, remember that a taxi in Spain arrives without delay;
  • Rented car – issued only on bail (600-800 €), which is blocked on a client’s credit or debit card. You can ride in two routes – short and long. The first runs along the Via C-32 and takes less than an hour. The second runs along the coast of the Balearic Sea and requires at least 1.5 hours. Car rental in Spain starts from 9 €. The cost of gasoline spent on the road is about 8 €. Another 5 € will need to be paid for a toll road;
  • Rental car
  • Buses No. 603 and 614 – departing from the airport, they follow through the city center and head to Blanes. Tickets cost 6.70 €. It will take a little less than an hour on the road. You can take such a bus not only at Estació del Nord, Barcelona’s Northern Bus Station, but also at Ronda St. Pere.

Prices on the page are for November 2019.

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Useful Tips

Going to Blanes (Spain), take note of a few helpful suggestions:

  1. The best time to visit the resort is the end of July. It was during this period that an international fireworks festival was held on the city beach, during which the sky over the Mediterranean Sea was lit up with many colorful flashes.
  2. Blanes Fireworks Festival
  3. However, in the off season, this town is beautiful. So, visiting it in May or the end of September, you can avoid a huge crowd of people and save on living well. You don’t have to worry about the weather – it remains steadily sunny and warm enough for a beach holiday.
  4. Locals speak good English – if you do not speak Spanish, you can safely switch to it.
  5. Blanes is a family resort, so there will be no problems with a nanny, crib or other children’s attributes in the local hotels.

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