The best pastry shops in Barcelona

Confectioneries in Barcelona beckon with an aroma that pulls you in to try the pastries of Spanish bakers. We tried a few and list down the most “delicious” pastry shops in Barcelona.

The best pastry shops in Barcelona, ​​patisserie Escribá

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1. Confectionery Mistral

One of the best bakeries is in Barcelona will make you lick your fingers. In the same building there is a shop and a cafe, with an extensive range of delicacies. It is especially cozy here in the morning at breakfast.

You can enjoy delicious croissants and a cup of coffee in the cafe, and also try tuna pies and rolls. But for freshly baked bread head to the store.

Website:  (you can get acquainted with the products, but the site is only in Catalan)

Address: 96 Ronda Sant Antoni (shop), 7 Torres i Amat  (cafe)

2. Confectionery Escribá

Since 1820, this Barcelona patisserie has been famous for its exquisite sweets. If you are going to visit, be sure to buy something for dessert here, it will be worth it. Sweet gifts for every taste are offered here.

Delight yourself and loved ones with amazing flavors and original cakes that are made to order. Prices are higher than usual, but that is justified. Escribá bakery products delight children and adults alike.

Confectionery Escribá

Barcelona Escribá Patisseries is located at two addresses. One shop and cafe is on La Rambla, in a modernist style house near Boqueria. The other is at Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 546 (near the metro station Urgell). By the way, here is a guide to public transport in Barcelona.

In the evening, in that confectionery in the center, there is practically nothing left….tourists buy everything. Yes, the aroma can lure anyone into this store! Therefore, it is better to go to the one on Gran Via, there is a wider assortment and more space.


Address: 546 Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes (not far from Urgell Metro Station)

3. Takashi Ochiai Pastry Shop

Best pastry shops in Barcelona, ​​Takashi Ochiai pastry shop

In the eighties of the last century, a culinary master Takashi appeared in Barcelona’s sweet scene, ​​opened a pastry shop and stunned the audience with his pastries. Basically he came, he saw and he conquered. Takashi is still the best baker in the city with respect to the almond croissant.

The Japanese surprise their visitors with desserts such as green tea mousse, a sponge cake with the addition of a sakura flower, a dorayaki cake made from red beans. As a drink, you should definitely try coffee made from green tea.

In addition to traditional Japanese products, such as mochi rice cakes, they offer traditional Spanish pastries and amazing homemade ice cream. You will pay more, but you will not be disappointed, that is guaranteed.

The metro stop Urgell will be your guide for finding this pastry shop in Barcelona. The shop works with siesta until 21.00, on Sunday until 15.00. Monday is a day off.


Address: Comte d’Urgell street, 110 (near the metro station Urgell)

4. Confectionery Hofmann

This is a unique establishment begs the question  – how can so many gourmet sweets fit in such a small room? Regardless, the important fact is that this confectionery was awarded a Michelin star, which already speaks of the high quality of its products.

All kinds of cakes, cookies, sweets, jams and canapes look so appetizing in their old wooden cabinets that it is simply impossible to resist the temptation. So just sit back in a comfortable chair and try everything your heart desires over a cup of coffee or tea.

Address:  44 Flassaders

5. Confectionery Farga

Over the long years of its existence (it was opened in 1957 ), it has become one of the classic pastry shops in Barcelona. Those who live near Fargaare its devoted patrons. And why not, for you can taste endess products in this shop: from tea biscuits to baking and gentle puffs, as well as sweets that have already become classics.

Be sure to check out one of the 6 Farga pastry shops in Barcelona. You definitely will not regret it!

Address of one of them: Av. Diagonal, 391.

6. Confectionery Caelum

Located in the old Gothic building on the basement floor. Enjoy sweets in the confectionery room with stone-paved walls and high ceilings, by candlelight – a gourmet pleasure.

The building has an incredible atmosphere of the past medieval era. Wines, shortbread cookies, and other sweets sold here are the work of the hands of monks and nuns of closed monasteries throughout the country. All products are prepared according to centuries of recipe traditions.

Address: La Palla, 8

7. La Donuteria

This cafe serves the best donuts in Barcelona. Its owner is an American who has been in the pastry business for 20 years. Donuts are made exclusively by hand from 100% natural ingredients, and the fillings vary depending on seasonal products: bloody oranges with chocolate, wild berries with cocoa, Ferrero Roche with caramelized almonds, light custard with passion fruit, although the real classic – vanilla donuts is always popular.

Here you can also find salty donut options – with salmon, dill and Philadelphia cheese.


A Brief Guide to Pastries in Barcelona

Pastry shops in Barcelona

Pastries in Barcelona are quite varied. It seems that the names of some products may not be familiar to you, so here is a little help.

Ensaimada – a cake, similar in shape to a snail, is made from the most delicate yeast dough, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. Inside, in this delicious product can put custard or chocolate. A snail can be of incredible size, members of the whole family are able to get enough of it.

Magdalena – stuffed cupcake, France is considered its homeland. The filling is varied – apples, raisins, nuts, chocolate. The dough with a pastry syringe is laid out in special forms and baked, the best addition to breakfast and coffee is difficult to find.

Tarta de Manzana – very similar to charlotte, the simplest, but incredibly delicious dish. An apple cake covered with apple slices is baked until golden brown.

Hojaldre – puff pastry with salty or sweet filling

Napolitana – squared puff pastry with chocolate or cream inside. Sometimes sprinkled with almonds.

In general, pastries in Barcelona will be another pleasant surprise during your visit. If you are a Paella fan, you will want to read our recommendations on the best Paella spots in Barcelona.

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