The best beaches of Barcelona and surroundings – how to choose

Spain is famous for its architecture and jamon, but also its beaches conquer travelers, and there are 579 of them in the country, many of them are marked with the Blue Flag. Only in Catalonia there are 10 beaches, 7 are marked with the “Blue Flag”. We have prepared for you an overview of the best beaches in Barcelona with photos and descriptions. We hope the information will be useful and you will find the best place for relaxation.

Barcelona Beach View

Photo: aerial view of Barcelona beaches

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general information

All the beaches on the map of Barcelona have several distinctive features:

  • municipal beaches, that is, admission is free;
  • the beach is landscaped, all beach infrastructure is available;
  • souvenir shops, shops, cafes work. Bars
  • it is not necessary to rent a chaise longue, an umbrella for rent, on soft sand it is convenient to relax on a towel.

Many beaches are convenient for tourists – public transport is available to everyone. It’s comfortable to walk barefoot along the shore – there is fine, soft sand under your feet. Rescuers are on duty everywhere, medical stations are working.

Important! Cases of minor thefts have become more frequent on the beaches; do not take large sums of money, expensive items and jewelry with you.

San sebastia
San Sebastia Beach View

It is rightfully included in the list of the best beaches in Barcelona. Features:

  • awarded the Blue Flag award – clean, well-groomed;
  • the coastline is wide and quite long, so the beach easily copes with a large flow of travelers;
  • there are no pesky merchants; it is quiet and calm;
  • convenient location – next to another beautiful beach – Barceloneta, as well as the famous aquarium.

Good to know! San Sebastia is not a nudist beach in Barcelona, ​​but there is a separate area where you can sunbathe topless.

The infrastructure of the beach corresponds to its high status, perhaps some will not like the lack of safes and the amount of entertainment seems insufficient.

The beach can be reached by bus V15, 39. From the stop, walk a few minutes.

Sant Miguel
Sant Miguel Beach

Located between the beaches of Barceloneta and San Sebastia. By the way, Sant Miguel is also marked with the “Blue Flag”. What is remarkable:

  • clean sand;
  • gentle descent into the sea;
  • on the way to the shore, vacationers enjoy moored yachts;
  • a standard set of entertainment and services is presented, in addition to renting sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a rental of bicycles, restaurants are working.

As for the shortcomings, first of all, this is a large number of tourists, noisy barkers for massage.

Advice! Experienced travelers for relaxing with children call Sant Miguel the best, since there is a smooth descent into the sea, a place for games with sand is equipped.

Public transport to the beach:

  • metro – line 14, station of Barceloneta, then you have to walk about a quarter of an hour;
  • bus V15, 39, the bus stop is nearby, it takes only 5 minutes to get to the shore.
Bogatel Beach
Bogatel Beach

700 meters long, the shore is equipped according to the requirements of the most demanding tourist. The beach was reconstructed at the end of the last century, since then it is considered one of the best in the Catalan capital.

Features and recommendations about the beach in Barcelona Rich:

  • daily cleaned;
  • fewer travelers than other Catalan beaches;
  • the sea is clean, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for several years;
  • adapted for the rest of respectable travelers and young children, including for people with disabilities.

Many say that Bogatel is one of the few places in Barcelona where there are no pesky sellers and massage parlors, where vacationers are invited quite loudly and intrusively.

Descent into the sea gentle, toilets are installed, there are fountains with drinking water. If you do not like passive relaxation on the shore, basketball baskets are installed for you, there is a volleyball net, tennis tables, and a playground is waiting for the kids.

Good to know! Rich people have the best Wi-Fi (in comparison with access points on other beaches), so photos from the rest can be posted on Instagram right on the beach.

To get to the beach, take metro line 14 to Llacuna Station or take the H16 bus to the Pg Calvell – Rambla Del Poblenou stop. In the first case, you have to walk for a quarter of an hour, and in the second – 7 minutes.

Rental of beach equipment from 8 € to 10 €.

Nova Mar Bella
Nova Mar Bella Beach

It is immediately necessary to clarify that in the capital of Catalonia there are two beaches with almost identical names – Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella. So, Mar Bella is the only official nudist beach in the resort. Topless tourists on the beaches of Barcelona is almost impossible to see, only on Mar Bella, in the specially designated areas of San Sebastia and Bearselonetta. The rest is a wonderful place for beach relaxation.

Nova Mar Bella is located away from the center of Barcelona, ​​recognized as one of the best in the resort.


  • impeccable cleanliness marked with the “Blue Flag”;
  • most vacationers are locals, guests of Barcelona, ​​often do not reach here;
  • on the shore there are bars, cafes, prices are lower than on the central beaches;
  • for public use, toilets, showers, changing rooms, a medical center are available, rescuers and police work;
  • available entertainment – volleyball court, diving, playgrounds for children.

The descent into the sea is smooth and clean – there are no stones. There are sellers, masseurs, of course, but the police are looking after them, so they are not as annoying as on other beaches.

Important! The only significant drawback is that there is no Wi-Fi on the beach.

The road to the beach is metro, line 14, station Selva De Mar (walk about 20 minutes) or bus H16, V27, stop Pg Taulat (walk about 10 minutes). Free parking is available near the beach.

Somorrostro Beach
Somorrostro Beach

As a rule, many travelers traditionally relax on the beach of Barceloneta, however, not everyone considers a noisy and crowded place the best. Fans of a more relaxed atmosphere can move to the nearby Somorrostro beach. Benefits:

  • there are not many tourists;
  • the coastline is well maintained and clean;
  • Beach in the center of Barcelona, ​​close to public transport.

In addition to the traditional set of entertainment on the beach there is a library, and a surf school is also available for everyone. In addition, there is an information center where you can buy a fascinating tour, but Wi-Fi is not strong enough.

Important! The best night clubs were built along the coast, and this fact explains the large number of young people here.

There is a metro to the beach – line L4, the road to the coast will take 12 minutes, as well as buses 59, D20, then you will have to go just a few minutes.


The beach is more urban, to many it seems homely, cozy. Since the Levant is located away from the city center, so few tourists come here. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people here.

Levant Beach
  • The beach is clean, sand and water are regularly cleaned.
  • There are many people, so finding a free corner is difficult.
  • For guests with pets, a separate area is provided.
  • There are practically no sellers and called for a massage.

Guests also note the excellent landscaping of the coast, Wi-Fi works, in addition to this.

Important! Sunset at sea is quite sharp, there are stones at the bottom.

Road to the beach:

  • metro – line L4, you will have to go about a quarter of an hour to the coast;
  • H16 buses (stop Diagonal Mar) or T4 (stop El Maresme), and in the first and second case, you need to walk 10 minutes to the coast.

There is a parking nearby, but after lunch, as a rule, there is no free space on it.

Nova Ikaria

Nova Ikaria has the Blue Flag Award, but the water here is often dirty because the port is located nearby. Most garbage accumulates near the pier, however, there are many people here.

The shore is equipped, however, there are no locker rooms, merchants scurrying along the shore complement the picture.

Nova Ikaria

On New Ikaria, travelers with children like to spend time; this is facilitated by a smooth entry into the sea, a clean beach, the presence of children’s attractions and animators. For adults, a volleyball court was built, tennis tables were installed. However, experienced tourists recommend choosing a beach near Barcelona, ​​not in the city, for relaxing with young children.

The road to the beach is by metro, line L4, you need to walk a quarter of an hour from the station, but it is better to go by bus 59 or H16, stop Av Icària – Av Bogatell, the coast nearby is only 5 minutes on foot.

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Barceloneta Beach

The oldest and most crowded beach in Barcelona. When the reconstruction of the promenade was carried out, Barcelonetta was also updated. Now it is a safe, clean place, one of the best in Barcelona, ​​where a full range of travel services is provided. Young people often come here to relax, there is a special area where nudists sunbathe.

Barceloneta Beach

Good to know! The beach is accessible via the yellow metro line.

Barceloneta is located on the coast of the same area of ​​Barcelona, ​​next to Sant Miguel, also within walking distance is one of the main tourist avenues of the capital of Catalonia – Rambla. Its length is about 500 m, the coast is well equipped for hours of relaxation. There are rental centers for beach and sports equipment. The shore is regularly cleaned, so it is pleasant to walk on fine sand. Sunset at sea gentle, established playgrounds. Adults can play volleyball, table tennis, soccer, rollerblading. In the evening, youth parties, discos, and colorful performances are held. Restaurants on the beach offer a decent selection of seafood dishes.

Despite the well-groomed infrastructure, experienced tourists who have visited other beaches of the Catalan capital, the question is – where is good in Barcelona? – not always called Barcelonetta. First of all, due to crowding, noise.

Good to know! Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona can be found next to Sant Miguel and Somorrostro.

View of Barceloneta Beach

The route to the beach is by metro, line 4, by bus or tram.

Costa Brava Coast

Just imagine, just a century ago, only local fishermen admired this picturesque place, but today the Costa Brava is a luxury resort, where many tourists flock.

Advice! The best time to visit the beaches near Barcelona on the Costa Brava is from mid-June until the end of October.

Of course, Barcelona is prestigious, but if you value silence and tranquility, walks more, you will undoubtedly enjoy the beaches of the Costa Brava. Now in more detail about each of them.

From Santa Susanna to Blanes
Resort Blanes

This is the best and favorite resort place of respectable European tourists and senior citizens. In high season, the resort is crowded, as it is located near Barcelona. There are no problems with infrastructure and entertainment (including nightlife), but there is silence and romance.

Advice! The most popular beaches are Pineda de Mar and Calella de la Costa.

Lloret de Mar

This part of the resort is surrounded by mountains and pine trees. A few practical recommendations:

  • picturesque, secluded places – at the edge of the beach, on the border with Tossa de Mar;
  • budget housing can be found in neighboring villages.

Directly in Lloret de Mar excellent infrastructure, from this resort town, numerous hiking excursions to the mountains begin.

Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar

It is here that the best beaches are located near Barcelona. Here the clean coast, elite restaurants, hotels, and especially the resort is decorated with an ancient fortress, which has survived to this day. In the vicinity of the town there are many bays, dense vegetation. Since all the benefits of civilization end in Tossa de Mar, it is not crowded.

Good to know! The highest housing prices in August. Some tourists, wanting to save on accommodation, settle in campsites and tents.

Sant Felu and Palamos

This is a huge beach, bringing together several small towns. A chain of hotels has been built on the shore overlooking the sea surface. The promenade resembles a promenade in the capital of Catalonia. The resort is intended exclusively for beach relaxation, there is not much vegetation here, since most of the territory is occupied by buildings.

Resort Lafranc

This is an old fishing village, where white houses under red tiled roofs are still preserved, arched galleries approach the shore, which makes the resort visually similar to Italian and Greek settlements.

The beach is beautiful – with fine, soft sand, clear water. Just beyond the town begins a pine forest, picturesque hills rise.


Previously, a tiny village turned into a fashionable resort, located in a thicket of pine trees. The beach is in a small bay, where amazing nature is still preserved, since civilization here is represented only by small hotels.

Resort Estartit

This place on the Costa Brava combines beach relaxation, walks in the pine forest, as well as the best opportunities for diving in the sea.

Important! In the forest, tourists are advised to adhere to specially marked trails and not to delve into the thicket.

Tourist places – the fortress of Torroella de Montri, located on a hilltop, as well as the Montgri mountain range.

Resort Cadaqués

The town farthest from Barcelona is notable for the fact that it houses the house-museum of Salvador Dali. However, from the point of view of beach relaxation, the place where the master was born and worked is not attractive in any way, since it is located in a remote bay. But Cadaqués is located in a picturesque bay, it is a beautiful town with white houses and an old church. To get to Cadaqués, you need to come by train to Figueres, and then transfer to the bus.

Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada is located in the north-east of Spain. Namely in the province of Tarragona. The coastline is 200 km long. In translation, the name means – Gold Coast.

Interesting fact! The resort has a good geographical location, as it is protected from cyclones and strong winds.

A trip to the Costa Dorada guarantees tourists not only an excellent beach relaxation, but also an unforgettable experience of excursion programs, a rich nightlife and the exquisite taste of local wines.

On the coast there are several well-known amusement parks in Spain, a water park and a zoo. As far as entertainment is concerned, there are great places for diving, as there are sunken ships, planes and picturesque reefs at the bottom.

Resort Tarragona

The administrative center of the region on the Mediterranean coast with a rich history and architectural heritage of the period of the Roman Empire, well-developed infrastructure.

La pineda

The busy resort town is known for its many attractions, including a water park and a disco.


A modern resort, which today is considered the pride of the whole Costa Dorada. Here tourists will find wide comfortable beaches, palm alleys decorated with fountains, well-developed infrastructure (more than a hundred hotels, shops, restaurants, a go-cart center, supermarkets and parks).

Advice! Young people choose to rest part of Salou, located closer to Cambrils, and families and senior citizens prefer to stay next to La Pineda.

Resort Salou

Also on the Costa Dorada, near Barcelona, ​​there are such resorts:

  • Cambrils is a modern resort with all the tourist amenities;
  • Miami Playa is a fashionable town with 12 km of beaches, surrounded by coniferous forests;
  • Hospitalet del Infant – a leisurely, calm town, which is surrounded by picturesque bays and bays, there is a club for yachtsmen;
  • L “Amella de Mar – a typical fishing town where tourism is actively developing, the coastline is about 14 km long, a gastronomic festival is held annually;
  • La Ampollia – an old town, located next to the conservation area, the resort is famous for its beautiful beaches and restaurants, which prepare a wide selection of seafood dishes.

We traveled to the best beaches in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Each of them deserves attention. Discover the beaches of Barcelona and get the most out of your trip.

All the city beaches of Barcelona described in the article are marked on the map.

The best beaches of Barcelona:

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