The best 8 beaches of Valencia in Spain

The golden beaches of Valencia are considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. Many of them are marked with the Blue Flag, have very well equipped recreation areas and have reasonable prices relative to other parts of Spain. No wonder they attract thousands of tourists every year.

There are both quiet places and crowded areas with bars and cafes. But each beach has a convenient gentle entrance, which makes the Costa de Valencia region the best for families with children.

View of Valencia Beach

Good to know! Almost all of Valencia’s beaches have a comfortable, gentle entrance to the water, which is why the region is on the list of the best for family trips with children.

General information

The best beaches of Valencia are located in the city, they stretch one after another. The coastline is spacious and wide. In the information stands installed at the entrance, you will find a list of available services, an overview of the equipped recreation areas, and conditions for renting beach equipment.

More about Valencia and Spain:

Valencia’s beaches is divided into two parts by a port. In the north there are always a lot of tourists, and it is noisy and crowded. But in the south it’s easy enough to find quiet corners.

Most tourists come to Valencia for beach relaxation for three or even four weeks, since the prices here are not as high as in other, more hyped coastal areas. First-aid posts, convenient fountains with drinking water and showers are installed on the shore patrolled by lifeguards.

The beach season starts in mid-spring, but you can only swim from June, when the sea is warm enough (up to +22°C) and until the beginning of October. The duration of the beach season depends on the temperature, as a rule, in early autumn, the water temperature is +25 degrees. But lovers of sunbathing can expect more than 300 clear and sunny days every year.

A deck chair and an umbrella cost about 15 EUR. A small mat costs only 3 EUR.

The best beaches in Valencia

Many urban beaches, as well as in the suburbs, can be classified as excellent. We made an overview of the most visited.

1. La Malvarossa

La malvarossa

The favorite beach of local residents of Valencia is La Malvarossa. Distinctive features:

  • clean shore and water
  • a fenced recreation area for children
  • equipped playground with attractions
  • a place for recreation for people with disabilities is provided

In earlier times, the Spanish nobility loved to relax here. And Hemingway was often spotted in restaurants on Malvarossa.

A factory was working nearby, where mallow was processed for perfumes, which is why it is called Malvarossa.

How to get to Malvarossa beach? Its easy!

  • take bus number 32, and stop at “Pavia – Platja de la Malvarossa”, or
  • take tram number 4 or 6, and stop at “Evgenia Vines”

2. El Cabañal

El Cabañal Beach

The map shows that El Cabanyal is a continuation of the Malvarossa. So moving south, you won’t notice when you cross over from one beach to another. This was an old fishing village characterized by picturesque landscapes.

El Cabanyal also belongs to the best beaches of Valencia. There are showers, cabins where you can change clothes, umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. The coastline is 1.2 km long and 200 m wide. Families come here to relax due to convenient beach facilities, soft and fine sand, various things to do and restaurants serving delicious paella.

Despite the fact that El Cabanyal is located near the port, the sea and shore are well-kept and clean.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, visits to bars and restaurants, El Cabanyal is the best choice.

3. Playa de Pinedo

Playa de pinedo

It is located south of the port, with a length of 3 km and a width of 40 m. It is pleasant to lie on the fine sand and there are also no waves in the sea, since the beach is fenced off by the port in the north.

People interested in sailing and water skiing love to come here. Playa de Pinedo is a quite beach, there are not many restaurants and bars here as in the northern part. The beach is great for people with disabilities. It is also the best beach for fishing enthusiasts.

You can ride a bicycle along the recently built promenade and eat in a restaurant or cafe located there.

Playa de Pinedo is accessible via bus route No. 14 or 15, at the stop “Rotonda Carretera Montanyars – Pinedo”.

4. Playa el Saler

Playa el saler

This beach is located in the beautiful park of Albufera. A distinctive feature of El Saler is its picturesque combination of dunes and pine groves. That is why the beach is considered not only one of the best, but also the most beautiful in the region. Trees and dunes serve as a natural protection from the wind, but in the summer months there is a slight wind at sea, which makes this a hot spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. In summer, it is not recommended to choose this beach for a family vacation due to strong waves.

El Saler beach is equipped equally well as the other vacation spots in Valencia. There is a rental station for beach equipment, medical care and lifeguards. If you like peace and quiet, pay attention to El Saler, because it is located in the suburbs of Valencia where not every tourist goes.

The sand on the shore is quite bumpy as there are many shells and stones in it. The seabed becomes deep near the coast already.

You can get to the El Saler beach by bus route 107 or 25, stop “El Saler”. By car, the journey takes about 25 minutes.

5. Playa de L’Arbre del Gos

Playa de l'arbre del gos

This 2.6 km long beach is located in the city, south of Playa Pineda. According to tourists, Playa de L’Arbre del Gos is the most secluded beach in Valencia, here you can swim in the clear sea far away from the crowds. In guidebooks this beach is not often indicated, but, nevertheless, here you will find everything you need for a comfortable day out – showers and just taps to wash the sand off your feet, and also a first aid station.

There are no cafes, bars, restaurants on the beach, but their deficit is compensated by a well-equipped bicycle path. If you have rented a bicycle and prefer an active holiday, Playa de L’Arbre del Gos is a great choice.

In addition, there is a parking lot near the beach and a public transport stop.

6. Playa de la Garrofera

Playa de la garrofera

This Valencia beach is also located in Albufera Park. In the northern part is De La Garrofera, lies the official nudist beach. The total length of the beach is 1.5 km, and naturists can also relax here. Therefore you may want to avoid it for a day out with children.

The beach is well maintained but it looks secluded, almost always deserted. On the shore there are cabins where you can change clothes and take showers.

7. Playa la Devesa

If you come with children, this beach is a great choice.

The La Devesa beach is located on the border with Albufera Park, so there is not only fine sand and convenient access to the sea, but also a unique ecosystem. Pines, palm trees and mastic trees grow in the neighborhood. Sometimes you can also spot rare wild birds.

Those who prefer untouched nature must visit this beach and preferably stay in one of the closest family hotels.

The most convenient way to reach it is with a rented car.

Playa la devesa

The beach is 35 m wide and about 5 km long. On the shore there are several taps for rinsing the sand off the feet.

8. Playa el Recatí

Located in the Valencia region of Perellonet. Since the beach is urban, it is crowded, but at the same time clean, well-groomed, and with all the necessary infrastructure on the shore. The sea here is quite calm.

Buses follow the beach as a route runs along the coast in this part of Valencia. A bus stop is located near the beach. But this option is especially good for tourists traveling with a rented car.

Playa el recatí

The beaches of Valencia will be a pleasant addition to exciting excursions, shopping for tourists who plan to travel to Spain for the first time. For seasoned travelers this is a must-see vacation destination.

The coast of Valencia is also suitable for a calm family vacation, as well as a fun vacation with friends.

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