Tourist’s guide to Oviedo, Spain: Open-Air Architecture Museum

Oviedo, Spain, whose name in Latin means “Old Town”, is a real open-air museum. Its sights will give odds to the famous European resorts, and nature will give a lot of positive emotions. General information Oviedo is the administrative center and the second largest city of the autonomous community of Asturias. Date of foundation – … Read more

10 Best Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is a real tourist mecca. This unique city reverently protects its history, and there are several great museums in Barcelona that demonstrate this. Thousands of tourists try to get into most of them every year. Each museum is interesting in its own way, but to visit every one will take a lot of time … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Gaudi House Museum in Barcelona – a tribute to Gaudi

The Gaudi House Museum, erected in the middle of Park Guell and dedicated to the most unusual architect in Spain, is one of the most visited places in Barcelona. It presents not only a rich collection of furniture and various masterpieces of art, but also things that belonged to the master himself. Short story The … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Lloret de Mar, a popular area in Costa Brava

Lloret de Mar, Spain is one of the most visited resorts of the Costa Brava, with its pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes and many interesting sights. General information Lloret de Mar is a small resort town, whose population barely reaches 40 thousand people, and the total area is about 50 km². Included in the province of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Valladolid city – the main attractions

Valladolid, Spain – one of the oldest cities in the country, its former capital. It is famous for a large number of unique architectural monuments, unusual museums and other interesting sights that attract tourists from all over Europe. General information Valladolid is a large city located in the northwestern part of Spain , the administrative … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Prado Museum – one of the best art galleries in the world

The Prado National Museum, one of the twenty most popular galleries in the world, will be interesting not only to true connoisseurs of fine art, but also to ordinary tourists who want to get acquainted with the works of world famous artists. General information The National Museum, which is one of the most famous attractions … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Leon City – A Guide to Real Spain

Leon is one of the most interesting and amazing cities in Spain. It combines picturesque nature, colorful Spanish cuisine and, of course, a rich historical heritage preserved in various attractions. Leon became a source of pride not only for local residents, but also for all Spaniards, because it is the birthplace of the Spanish language, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Casa Mila in Barcelona – Gaudi’s last social work

Mila’s House is one of the most popular Catalan attractions, famous for its facade and unusual architectural solutions. Its creator is Antonio Gaudi – the world famous architect, thanks to which Barcelona has become one of the most visited cities in the world. General information Casa Mila is a residential building at the intersection of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Alhambra Palace – Museum of Islamic Architecture in Spain

Alhambra – the so-called grandiose architectural and park complex in southern Spain. It is located on the east side of the city of Granada, on the spacious top of La Sibina hill. An ancient fortress, lush gardens and cozy courtyards with fountains, mosques, the royal palace – the Alhambra combines many beauties hidden behind powerful … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Santa Maria del Mar – the iconic church of Barcelona

Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most unusual Gothic buildings in Barcelona, ​​and indeed in Spain. This basilica, also known as the Naval Church of St. Mary and the Naval Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​is the only surviving church in the style of pure Catalan Gothic. This unique landmark is located in the La … Read more