Best time to visit Barcelona

The best time to visit Barcelona is from late April to mid-June and then in September. As spring transitions to summer, it is already warm enough to feel comfortable 19°C to 25°C during the day, and the daylight hours are long enough. There are a handful of fascinating cultural events and at the end of the peak season towards September there are fewer tourist crowds.

If you want to combine sightseeing with a beach holiday in Barcelona, it is better to come from 10 September to mid-October. In September, the daily air temperature drops to 26°C, and the water in the sea stays around 25°-26°C.

If cloudy weather is not a hindrance, you can plan a trip to Barcelona in October. The weather this month is consistently warm, but there may be a few rainy days. But the positive part is that the prices for hotels and flights are significantly lower than September.

What to expect during summers in Barcelona

For many, Spain is associated with a summer vacation, but in fact, summer months of July and August are not the best time to visit Barcelona.

The high tourist season in Barcelona lasts from mid-June to the La Merce festival, which takes place on the 20th of September. During this period, tourists from all over the world, especially arriving from cruise ships, come to the Catalan coast to swim in the warm sea and see the sights of the city and its environs.

So you can expect the following if you visit Barcelona in mid-June to August:

  • The cost of a flight is 1.5 times higher than in the low season
  • Hotel prices are sky high
  • Be prepared to wait in long lines and reserve a place in advance at popular attractions such as Sagrada Familia
  • July and August are the most stifling months when everyone dreams of cooling in the sea
  • Water in the sea warms up only by mid-July, so you should not count on warm water in the sea in June and early July

Benefits of visiting Barcelona in the winter months

Heat-loving tourists are unlikely to enjoy Barcelona in the winter. But winters are best time to go to Barcelona for those who like to holiday on a budget. The last “beach tourists” leave the city in November, the hotels are half empty and are ready to cut prices by half and airfare also reaches its bottom. You will not find more attractive conditions budget-wise than in December, January and February.

In winter, Barcelona is cool (12-15 degrees Celsius), but sunny and rain-less, so walking around the city is a pleasure, and the absence of crowds of tourists makes the capital of Catalonia so much more attractive.

The second half of January and February is a time of big sales. If shopping is your thing, then there is no better time for a trip to Barcelona. Also check out our recommendations on what to bring from Barcelona.

Football lovers should also pay attention to this time of year, because Camp Nou football matches run from late August to mid-May, and in the winter months more than a third of the club’s home games are played.

Weather in Barcelona by month

Barcelona in January

January is usually the coldest month in Barcelona, ​​but keep in mind that “cold” here means an average of 13°C or 55°F. The tourist crowd is at their thinnest, which means shorter lines at attractions such as Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, and accommodation prices are usually also quite low. This is also a great month for shopping, as semi-annual Rebajas (sales) will start all over Spain.

Events to check:

  • Soak up the cold waters of Sant Sebastia Beach during the first swim of the year on 1st January.
  • The Festival of St. Anthony and the Tres Tomb Parade (mid-January) are unique local festivals in which the heart and soul of the real Barcelona shines through.

Barcelona in February

The February weather in Barcelona can be quite volatile, and one pleasant sunny day can be followed by a every cold, rainy day. However, this is still a low season and the Rebajas are still strong, so overall this is a very budget month to visit Barcelona. For gourmets, February is the peak of the Calcot season, which means that many restaurants throughout Barcelona will offer these delicious Catalan vegetables for a limited time.

Events to check:

  • The Llum Festival of Light illuminates the capital of Catalonia every year in mid-February.
  • The feast of Santa Eulalia, one of the patrons of Barcelona, ​​in mid-February brings massive street parties around Plaza Sant Jaume.
The royal square in Barcelona

Barcelona in March

Without a doubt, March is one of the best times to visit Barcelona. As winter melts into spring, the temperatures become pleasant and rains are infrequent. Tourists have not started to arrive yet, so hotel prices in general remain low.

Events to check:

  • The San Medir festival in early March is a traditional festival in the charming Gracia region.
  • The holiday of Sant Josep Oriol in mid-March is another real Catalan holiday, which includes symbolic giants and fatheads.

Barcelona in April

As spring officially begins, the low season is drawing to a close. April, as a rule, is the last month before the winters, where there is a relatively low crowd and prices. The weather is extremely pleasant for the most part, but intermittent rains are not uncommon.

Events to check:

  • Celebrate love and literature at the festival in Sant Jordi, which Catalonia will respond to Valentine’s Day on April 23rd.
  • Experience a miniature version of the iconic April Fair in Seville right here in Barcelona.

Barcelona in May

As the temperature and the number of sunny hours per day increase, so do the prices and the crowd of tourists. May marks the unofficial start of the high season in Barcelona, ​​so get ready for a higher cost of living and an increase in the number of attractions to visit. However, with temperatures between 20°-25°C, you can even start enjoying the beach – especially towards the end of the month.

Events to check:

  • To mark International Museum Day May 18, over 50 iconic museums and cultural centers in Barcelona have free entry in the evenings.
  • Primavera Sound, Barcelona’s iconic music festival, usually takes place in late May. During the week preceding the event, several live performances are also held throughout the city.
Amalieu house in Barcelona

Barcelona in June

This is officially the beach season in Barcelona, and although June is one of the busiest times of the year, ​​it is also one of the warmest. Bring plenty of sunscreen to prepare for scorching daytime temperatures and relentless sunshine.

Events to check:

  • The feast of St. John on June 23 is a fiery celebration that closely coincides with the summer solstice.
  • Celebrate diversity and personality at Barcelona Pride in late June.

Barcelona in July

In July, the tourist season reaches its peak, and the city center and beaches often experience overcrowding. Temperatures are officially recorded above 30°C on most days, but they can feel much warmer due to humidity.

Events to check:

  • The Barcelona Beach Festival is a music event that takes place only for one night in mid-July and is attended by some of the largest music stars.
  • Watch hundreds of balloons fly up to the sky at the European Balloon Festival, also in mid-July.
Nova Icaria beach in Barcelona with people lying on the sands
Nova Icaria beach in Barcelona

Barcelona in August

In August, the weather in Barcelona is almost the same as in July, which means that the beaches can be quite crowded. In addition, this is one of the most expensive months to visit the city, because accommodation prices reach their peak then. The good news: Rebajas second round sales officially kicks off this month. However, many small local businesses will close their stores for several weeks, as their owners go on vacation.

Events to check:

  • Barcelona’s most charming area, Gracia, celebrates the Major Festival in mid-August.
  • Another local neighborhood event is the Sants Festival in the neighborhood of the same name in the third week of the month.

Barcelona in September

In September, everything begins to calm down a bit, both in weather conditions (no more brutal heat), and in terms of tourism. At the beginning of the month, the temperature will still be good enough to enjoy beaches that will not be as crowded as in previous months.

Events to check:

  • National Day of Catalonia is celebrated on September 11th. Expect peaceful but major marches and demonstrations.
  • La Mercè in mid-late September is characterized by fun, colorful parades and events throughout the city.

Barcelona in October

Barcelona settles back in the low season when autumn begins. October weather is still on the idyllic side, with high temperatures remaining comfortable in the low 20°C for most of the month.

Events to check:

  • Festa del Roser celebrates the patron saint of La Rambla earlier this month.
  • Celebrate Catalan architecture with free entry to many of the city’s most famous monuments at the 48H Open House at the end of October.
La Rambla street in Barcelona
The very famous La Rambla street in Barcelona

Barcelona in November

Although the weather is getting colder, November is one of the most enjoyable periods of the year for visiting Barcelona. The low season is in full swing, which means less crowds and lower room prices.

Events to check:

  • Music lovers can visit the Barcelona Voll-Damm Jazz Festival, which takes place all month.
  • An alternative independent film festival at the end of the month is a must for moviegoers.

Barcelona in December

Barcelona enjoys a magical atmosphere during the winter holiday season. December is a colder period with the temperature around 12°C, but the festive spirit and low prices make it a good time to visit.

Events to check:

  • Christmas markets spawn throughout the city, the most famous of which is Fira de Santa Llucia.
  • Barcelona is one of the biggest New Year’s Eve hot spots in Europe. Ring in the new year on the square of Catalonia among thousands of other local residents and visitors.

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