Tourist’s guide to the best beaches in Madeira Portugal

The beaches of Madeira are a great place to relax and energize. There are about 25 of them on the island, most of them are covered with coarse pebbles, but there are also unique areas covered with volcanic black or golden sand familiar to us.

Formosa Beach View

It is immediately worth noting that a beach holiday in Madeira is different from other parts of the earth. On the local beaches, sun loungers or umbrellas are often not installed, but only here you can enjoy the natural warmth of frozen lava or large stones surrounded by water. Going for 1000 km from the capital of Portugal for the sake of such beaches or not is up to you.

In Madeira, there is no concept of a swimming season, because the weather on the island pleases travelers all year round. However, most tourists prefer to visit the archipelago in summer, when the air temperature rises to + 26 ° C, or on New Year’s holidays, when the island warms up to + 20 ° C. The average temperature of the Atlantic Ocean in the Madeira region is + 22 ° C, minimum – + 16 ° C in February, maximum – + 25 ° C in August.

Where are there sandy beaches in Madeira? Where can I go with my children, and where are the most beautiful views? Learn from this article.

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The best beaches of Madeira


Prainha Beach

A small natural beach with all necessary amenities is located in the eastern part of Madeira. Nearby there is a parking lot and a bar where, in addition to invigorating drinks and several dishes, you can take a sunbed or umbrella. The beach also has an outdoor shower, dressing room and toilet.

One of the best Prainho is because it is the sandy beach of Mader. Here, a gradual entry into the sea, clear water and no stones at all, which cannot but please families with children.

Note! Swimming in Prainhe in windy weather can be dangerous due to strong waves.

Porto do seixal

Another of Madeira’s finest sand-covered beaches. The black coast attracts tourists with its beauty and exotic, since it has not many other advantages. There is absolutely no infrastructure, no shower, no toilet, no sunbeds. The island is located on the northern coast of Madeira, the Atlantic Ocean is crystal clear and calm most of the time. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs covered with green plants – this view is fascinating.

Porto do Seixal Beach

Porto do Seixal is an ideal place for those who want to take a beautiful photo on Madeira’s beach or for romantics who can spend hours watching the natural beauty of nature. For tourists who are accustomed to relax in comfort, this place is not suitable.


Mashiku – the best beach of Maiders, created by human hands. Heaped with golden sand, wide, surrounded by majestic cliffs, he cannot but attract the attention of tourists. The infrastructure is well developed here: in addition to standard cafes and a restaurant, there is also a shopping and sports center where you can visit entertainment events or devote time to active recreation.

Machico Beach

On this sandy beach a convenient gradual entry into the water. Unfortunately, there is no separate zone for children, but still many tourists come here with young travelers.


One of the calmest sandy beaches is located on the west coast of Madeira. Big waves are rare, and golden sand is always warm and clean.

Calheta Beach

There are no problems with comfort on Calheta: for a small fee, you can rent a sunbed and an umbrella, enjoy a massage, have a meal in a cafe or restaurant. Of the minuses – the lack of a shower and toilets (only paid in institutions nearby). You can relax with the children.

Ponto da cruz

Ponto da Cruz Beach

All travelers who once visited this Madeira beach advise others to come here. There is absolutely no infrastructure. It is quite difficult to get here, since there are only cliffs and dense thickets around, and the roads are exclusively unpaved. But all these shortcomings fade against the backdrop of unique landscapes – what does one kind of black sand cost against the background of overgrown rocks.

Coming to this beach is only well prepared. Be sure to bring food, water and sunscreens with you, as you can’t walk to the nearest store. Ponto da Cruz is not very suitable for families with children, but there is a convenient entry into the ocean and there are practically no stones.

Important! On this beach you can surf.

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Formosa is located in the small town of Funchal. It is awarded not only the title of one of the best beaches in Madeira, but is also the largest on the whole island, the coast in this section is almost a kilometer long.

Formoza Beach

Beach coverings are diverse. Near the water itself it is black, sandy, a little further – pebble, and at the very road the coast is completely covered with stones. Formos has the necessary amenities: parking, drinking water columns, cafes, sunbeds and umbrellas for two euros. There is no shower and a free toilet on the beach – here, nearby institutions come to the rescue. A large hypermarket is a 10-minute drive away.

Be careful! Some sections of Formosa are officially recognized as wild (marked by tablets), swimming is prohibited there, since there may be sharp stones at the bottom.

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The beaches of Madeira are an unusual but very beautiful place to relax. Have a nice trip to this exotic corner of Portugal!

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