Tourist’s guide to Shopping in Lisbon – what to buy and where

The capital of Portugal is on the list of the most budgetary capitals in Western Europe. Shopping in Lisbon is an integral part of the trip, because in shops like Luvaria Ulisses (a small glove shop) or the Bertrand bookstore you can feel the unique metropolitan atmosphere. In Lisbon, there are likely to be souvenirs worth bringing from the trip, the main thing is to know where to look for them.

Lisbon Outlet Stores

Shopping in the Capital of Portugal – General Information

Photo: Portuguese made espadrilles

When planning a trip to Lisbon, be sure to set aside time for shopping, because local shops and shopping centers will delight you with a rich assortment and quite affordable prices. What to bring from the capital of Portugal.


Portugal is the second European country to produce quality shoes. In Lisbon’s boutiques, seasonal shoes of different styles are presented. The average price is about 50 euros.

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It is important! Twice a year – at the beginning of the year and from July to September – sales are held in the capital. This is the best period for shopping, since prices are reduced several times, in some stores discounts reach 85-90%.

Leather products
Photo6 leather bag

Be sure to pay attention to bags, gloves and wallets locally made. The cost of products from 30 euros.

Outerwear (sheepskin coats and leather jackets) in Lisbon is better not to buy, since the presented assortment is not very diverse.

Cork Wood Products
Cork tree products

From environmentally friendly material in Portugal they make completely special, unique things. Lisbon’s souvenir shops have a huge assortment of cork products – jewelry, bags, interior items, notebooks, umbrellas.

Prices are very different – from 5 to 50 euros.


As for the prices of gold jewelry, they correspond to the prices in Europe. However, the quality of gold is much higher. In the capital there are shops that will interest numismatists.

Ceramic products
Tiles and other ceramic products in a Lisbon store

A worthy souvenir and gift for loved ones. Portuguese ceramics are characterized by rich colors and unusual patterns. The greatest demand is for products imitating palace dishes of the 15-16th centuries. As a souvenir, you can choose products with the image of local landscapes – streets, hills.

The cost of ceramics is quite affordable. For the dish you have to pay from 3 to 15 euros, a beautiful, painted vase will cost 20-30 euros. In Lisbon, ceramics prices are the most affordable in the country.

Port wine
Bottles of wine sold in Porto

Portuguese port is revered and loved throughout the world. This drink warms you on cold evenings. For its production, a special grape variety is used, which is grown in Porto. The drink is red and white.

The cost of port depends on the aging. The price of a bottle of regular drink is about 3 euros. For a bottle with an aging of 10 years you will have to pay an average of 15-20 euros, and for a port with an aging of 20 years – from 25 to 30 euros. Accordingly, the cost of the drink increases in proportion to its aging, collectors can find port with a aging of 60 years.

Good to know! It is better to buy alcohol in specialized boutiques. In Lisbon, the most common port with different aging periods. At airports, you can buy alcohol with an aging of 10 and 20 years.

Madera - Portuguese island wine

Amber drink with a pleasant caramel-nutty flavor. Madeira was first produced on the island of Madeira, however, the Portuguese continental drink is not inferior in quality and taste.

The cost of the bottle is proportional to the aging of the drink. It is better to buy a souvenir in specialty shops or at the airport.

Store Hours

  • Lisbon’s shops are open to visitors from 9-00 or 10-00 and are open until 19-00.
  • All stores have a break – from 13-00 to 15-00. At this time, you will not be able to do shopping. Grocery stores operate without interruption.
  • Shopping centers in Lisbon begin to operate from 11-00 and close only at midnight.
  • On weekends, shops are open only until 13-00.
  • Sunday is usually a day off.

Note! There are few large markets in the capital.

On weekends, a flea market opens near the National Pantheon. In the vicinity of Cais do Sodré Station, a grocery market is open daily. For exclusive things to shop, it is best to come to these places.

Sales period

Sales in the Portuguese capital Lisbon are seasonal – held in winter and summer.

  • Winter starts in the second half of December and ends in February. The maximum discounts are in early February.
  • Summer starts in July and ends at the end of August.

It is important! Pay attention to the word Saldos in shop windows.

Outlet Freeport

Freeport, an outlet in Lisbon, covers an area of ​​75 thousand square meters, it is the largest outlet in Europe. On the territory of the shopping center there are shops with products of the most diverse categories, with discounts reaching 80%.

Freeport Outlet, Lisbon

The outlet is decorated in the style of a traditional Portuguese town – colorful houses, paved streets, ceramic tiles. The infrastructure of the Freeport shopping center is designed in such a way that visitors receive maximum pleasure and do not feel tired from long shopping. For recreation, there are gazebos, cafes and restaurants.

Shops in the outlet

At the Freeport outlet in Lisbon, you can visit:

  • more than 140 stores;
  • a bar and 17 restaurants;
  • the area where the exposition is held.

On the website of the trade center ( you can find a complete list of brands that are in boutiques and stores.

How to get to the outlet in Lisbon

The outlet can be reached by car, company bus and public shuttle buses. Everything is clear with the car – you drive the adrus (there is below) into Google maps or the navigator and drive along the constructed route.

Freeport Outlet Shuttle Bus
Signature bus

The transport with the inscription Freeport Outlet Shuttle follows from the center of the capital (the departure point is marked on the map at the bottom of the page) and brings tourists to the entrance to Freeport. To travel by bus, you need to buy a Pack Freeport Outlet Shuttle card for 10 euros. Its owner buys goods in an outlet with a 10% discount and can choose one free drink. Departure time: 10:00 and 13:00.

There are also TST buses to the mall. From Oriente Station, buses No. 431, 432 and 437 follow.

  • Outlet Address: Avenida Euro 2004, Alcocete 2890-154, Portugal;
  • Coordinates for the navigator: 38.752142, -8.941498
  • Freeport’s working hours: Sun-Thurs from 10:00 to 22:00, Fri-Sat from 10:00 to 23:00.

Shopping centers

Centro Vasco da Gama

Despite its relatively compact size, Vasco da Gama is a popular place for shopping.

Shopping Location in Lisbon: Centro Vasco da Gama

The building is decorated in a marine theme – the roof is made of transparent material and water flows freely on it. The center was built in the Expo area near the Park of Nations, which is very convenient – after shopping you can relax in the fresh air.

On the ground floor there is a Continent grocery store, here, in addition to products, souvenirs are often bought – wine and cheese. There is a large selection of fashionable clothes, popular brands Zara, H&M. There are shops with clothes of Portuguese manufacturers – Salsa, Lanidor, Sacoor.

It looks like a shopping center inside

There is a cinema on the second floor, but when buying a ticket, keep in mind that films in Portugal do not duplicate. There is a huge territory with a cafe, catering points. You can eat indoors or enjoy the amazing view from the terrace. On the third floor, guests will find restaurants where you can eat and relax after a long shopping trip.

The center is located as comfortable as possible for tourists – near the airport, and from the subway you can get directly without leaving the street. That is why the Vasco da Gama Center is popular among holidaymakers who transit through Lisbon.

Address: Avenida Dom João II Lote 05.05.02.

Colombo Shopping Center in Lisbon
Colombo Shopping Center in the capital of Portugal

Included in the list of largest shopping centers in Europe. On its territory work:

  • about 400 stores;
  • cinema;
  • entertainment area;
  • fitness center;
  • bowling;
  • cafes and restaurants.
Colombo Center inside

The shopping center occupies three floors, inside the building is decorated with marble arches, and the roof is made in the form of a glass dome. The interior design reflects the period of geographical discoveries – statues are installed, fountains work, streets are given the corresponding names. The most visited is the inexpensive Primark hypermarket. Colombo is located next to the Benfica football club stadium. At the stadium there is a branded football club store.

The official website ( provides a complete list of stores. In December, a festive tree is decorated here, and the Christmas village begins to work. The shopping center is located next to the Colegio Militar / Luz Underground Station.

Address: Av. Lusíada 1500-392.

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Shops in Lisbon

A vida Portuguesa
Portuguese Food Store A Vida Portuguesa

This is an antique store where national products are presented. Locals often come here, nostalgic for forgotten goods, as well as vacationers who prefer retro. Most often they buy chocolate, handmade soap, and canned goods.


  • Rua Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Chiado;
  • Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23, 1100-285.
Chocolate Boutique Arcádia
Chocolate Shop Arcádia

Arcádia is a popular chocolate brand in the country, founded in 1933. The brand has a network of boutiques that are most convenient for visiting in Bairro Alta and Belem. In boutiques, chocolate is presented for every taste. Most often, tourists buy sweets filled with port wine.

Addresses of shops:

  • Largo Trindade Coelho 11 (Bairro Alto);
  • Rua de Belém, 53-55 (Belém).
Tous – jewelry boutique
Photo: Tous Jewelry Boutique

For a century, the boutique was called Ouriversaria Aliança, and this sign adorns the entrance today. Then the store bought the Spanish brand Tous. The interior of the boutique remained unchanged, it is considered one of the most beautiful in the capital. The boutique is decorated in the luxurious style of Louis XV.

Address: Rua Garrett, 50 (Chiado).

Cork & Co – Cork Shop

Located in the Bayrru Altu area. Here are a variety of products made from cork (one of the most environmentally friendly materials).

Address: Rua das Salgadeiras, 10.

Bookstore Bertrand
Photo: Bertrand Bookstore

At first glance, this is a traditional bookstore, but the founding date is unusual – 1732. The shop is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest bookstore. Come shopping at the store on Saturday or Sunday when the fair takes place here.

Address: Rua Garrett, 73-75 (Chiado) .

Garrafeira Nacional – wine shop
Wine Boutique Garrafeira Nacional

Here, tourists are offered wine tasting, a selection of drinks from around the country. In addition to wine, there is port, sherry and cognac.

Where to find: Rua de Santa Justa, 18.

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Shopping in Lisbon is fascinating. In shops and souvenir shops, goods are imbued with the spirit of Portugal.

Outlet Freeport, shopping centers and specialty stores in Lisbon are marked on the map (in Russian). To see all the places for shopping, immediately click on the icon in the upper left corner.

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