Tourist’s guide to Porto, the capital of northern Portugal

Porto (Portugal) is located on the banks of the Dora River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a huge number of attractions, architectural masterpieces, ancient streets are adjacent to wide, spacious avenues, and old buildings coexist peacefully next to modern buildings. Many travelers note the amazing cleanliness of the streets, despite the large influx of tourists and vacationers.

Porto (Portugal)

Photo: Porto (Portugal).

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General information

Porto is the administrative center of the region with the same name. After the capital of Portugal, the city is the second largest in the country and is recognized as an industrial center. The Port is home to 240 thousand people.

Dragau Stadium

The city is shrouded in melodic music that flows from the windows of numerous cafes and restaurants. It is best to get acquainted with the true Portuguese flavor and incredible atmosphere in the local market, where there is excitement. Another iconic place for Porto residents is the Dragau stadium, where the Porto football club holds matches. We can say with confidence that among the population of the city there is not a single person indifferent to football. During the match at the stadium, cries are heard, the fans do not subside.

Historical and architectural features of Porto

Porto is on the list of the most ancient cities in Europe. In the past, the city was the capital of Portugal, and today it is called the capital of port.

Good to know! The historical part of the city, on the territory of which people have lived since the 4th century, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city center is called granite and monumental.

Red Roofs of Porto

In Portugal you can often hear the phrase – Porto is a nation. However, travelers note that the city leaves a strange impression, as if it is separated from the rest of the country. At first glance, Porto may seem a little rude and mercantile, but the first walk through the streets of the city will completely dispel this erroneous impression.

It is important! Porto is characterized by a hilly landscape, so it is very difficult to see the sights on foot. The city has a subway, the lines of which conveniently connect remote areas, you can also take a bus or take a taxi.

Weather and climate, when to travel

The opinion of city guests is unanimous – it is best to come to Port in spring or summer. The city looks most colorful at the end of June, when locals celebrate St. Zhuao Day.

Port Air Temperature

In late April, the air temperature warms up to +25 degrees, there are not many tourists at this time and this is the best period for a quiet walk around the city and sightseeing.

In summer, the temperature rises to + 28-30 degrees. Given the northern location of the city, the temperature here is an order of magnitude lower than in the southern part of the country. In the summer months, watermelons, melons, cherries and even strawberries are sold in Porto.

It is important! If you are going to the Port from December to March, carefully study the weather forecast, since the weather is too unpredictable – it often rains, the temperature is not higher than +15 degrees. The juiciest and most fragrant citrus fruits are sung in Porto in winter.

Surfing in Porto

If you want to save the most on your trip, buy a ticket in the fall. At this time, accommodation prices and sightseeing tours are halved. However, in catering establishments, parks and museums, prices remain at the summer level. The temperature in the fall drops to a comfortable + 20-25 degrees. At this time, surfers gather in the city to ride on the great ocean waves.

In winter, the number of tourists gradually decreases and by the second half of November they disappear. Many locals say – most importantly – survive the winter. At this time, stormy winds are raging and rains are pouring, the storm may not subside for several days.

Where better to stay

Bluesock Hostels

Porto is a city understandable to visitors. Three districts make up its center, and four are on the outskirts. For the guests, the most attractive is undoubtedly the central area – the Association of the districts of Cedofate, San Ildefonso, Xie, Miragay, Sao Nicolau and Vitoria. Prices for accommodation here are quite affordable, within walking distance are attractions, there is entertainment for every taste.

Useful information! The most inexpensive housing will cost 10 euros per day – so much will have to pay for accommodation in a hostel and in a campsite. In the hotel (2 and 3 stars) a room costs from 30 euros per day.

In remote areas – Ramalde, Bonfim, Campania and Paranyush – there are almost no attractions, so from a tourist point of view it will not be so interesting.

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Entertainment and Food Prices

Port tour by bus

In Port, fairly affordable prices:

  • excursions – from 10 €;
  • lunch in a cafe – from 5 € per person;
  • lunch in a restaurant – from 8 €;
  • a taxi ride will cost an average of 10-15 €.

Traveling will become cheaper if you go on a trip with a company, rent an apartment, and buy food in a supermarket. In this case, one day in Porto will cost 20-25 €.

Useful information! Do not be afraid to rent a room in a hostel or rent an apartment. This will save money. If you know about the trip in advance, book a room, earlier booking, as a rule, is cheaper. Buy a ticket for travel in public transport and in the metro for a day or for 5 days, since travel to Porto is quite expensive.

Where to eat tasty

In Porto, you will never encounter a choice of a place where to eat hearty and tasty food. There can be only one problem – a large selection of cafes and restaurants, the main and best of them are located in the central part. Here you will find a budget institution where you can eat for 6 euros, as a rule, these are small, cozy cafes with a home menu. There are also elite establishments where a full meal will cost from 20 to 100 €.

For a real foodie, Porto is a paradise, because there are about one and a half thousand places where you can eat.

Budget cafes and restaurants

The cheapest places are concentrated in the Ribeira region. Most of them are arranged the same way, but everywhere you will be fed tasty, satisfying and will offer a relaxing stay.

The list of the best.

Sandwiches in Sandeira

Sandeira. Atmospheric place, despite the fact that there are only six tables. People come here to eat delicious salads, sandwiches, drink craft beer and coffee with liquor. Address: Rua dos Caldeireiros, 85.

Majestic. If you want to try delicious coffee and enjoy the original interior, come to this cafe. Great service, wonderful atmosphere. The cafe is located in the tourist area of ​​the city, so it is always crowded here. Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 112.

Santo Antonia. A small tavern owned by a Portuguese family. It is nice to relax here, because you are always greeted with a smile and a good mood, the food is very tasty. Address: Rua das Virtudes, 32.

Mid-priced restaurants
Restaurant Pedro Lemos
Pedro lemos

Most of the restaurants in the city of Porto in Portugal belong to the middle price segment. To eat here will cost 25-40 € for two. Here are the most popular ones.

Pedro Lemos. A place where you can comfortably relax after a walk along the promenade. Surely, you will be impressed not only by the taste and variety of dishes, but also by their presentation. The wine list will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. Address: Rua do Padre Luís Cabral, 974.

Essencia Restaurante. A vegetarian restaurant where you will be served tasty, satisfying and inexpensive. The institution is located a little in the depths of the streets, but the walk is worth the time. Even if you prefer to eat meat, be sure to check out this restaurant. Where to find: Rua de Pedro Hispano, 1196.

Restaurant O Paparico
O paparico

O Paparico. An excellent institution, which is almost impossible to get without an appointment. It serves delicious dishes, if you are not sure about the choice, just rely on the choice of waiters. For each dish you will be offered a suitable wine. Address: Rua de Costa Cabral, 2343.

Premium Restaurants

Most expensive restaurants are located on the waterfront, there is a large selection of dishes and wines. Lunch costs an average of 70-80 euros for 2 persons.

Restaurant Dom Tonho
Dom tonho

Dom Tonho. Located right on the banks of the river, the windows offer views of the moored boats and the river. The waiters are very attentive, the portions are large. You need to book a table in advance. Location: Cais da Ribeira, 13.

The yeatman. The restaurant is located in the luxury hotel of the same name. Delicious dishes are served here and a glass of wine is served for everyone. It offers a beautiful view of the city. Address: Rua do Choupeiro 345.

What sights to see in Porto we described in this article .

Porto beaches

Matosinhos Beach Photo

In addition to beaches scattered all over the coast and covered with cliffs, this port is called the northern culinary capital of the entire region. Here is an original sculpture called “Fisherman”. Outwardly, it resembles fishing nets.

Getting to the beach is easy. Porto Central Station is followed by subway trains to Matosinhos Sul Station. It takes seven minutes from the station to the beach.

Fort San Francisco (known as Cheese Castle)

It is very windy here, but if you can’t swim, you can always eat in a cozy restaurant and enjoy nature. If you are interested in the sights of Portugal, take a walk to the castle with the strange name Cheesy.

Interesting fact! The best time to visit Matusinhos Beach is July. During this period, a fish festival takes place here. On holiday days, barbecue is set directly on the beach.


A fairly young beach in Porto (Portugal), which has transformed from a small village into a comfortable resort. On the coast there are beautiful beaches where surfers often relax, because it is quite windy here. You can also find shallow beaches, comfortable for families. The coastline is diverse, so after a beach holiday you can take a walk in the forest or climb a picturesque hill.

Espinho Beach in Porto

You can come to the beach by metro. The road from the center of Porto takes about half an hour. People come here to enjoy peace, tranquility, tranquility and amazing ocean landscapes.

Vila do conde porto
Vila do Conde Porto Beach

The 18 km long beach is located 20 km from the central areas of Porto. A romantic place where people come to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The coastal strip is divided into several small beaches. You can get here by metro or bus.

Marimar porto
Ancient chapel Senhor da Pedra on the beach of Marimar Porto
Senhor da pedra

This is another romantic place where you can admire the beautiful nature and the ancient chapel of Senhor da Pedra. People come here not only to swim, but also to take beautiful photographs on the rocks. There are a lot of cafes, you can fish and even play golf. Minibuses go to the beach, it is located 10 km from the city.

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Interesting Facts

If you are planning a trip to Porto, be sure to get to know better this amazing city.

  1. In 1996, the central part of the city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. The city is the recognized capital of winemaking in Portugal. People come here to taste the world’s most delicious wine. Portuguese-made port is the best souvenir.
  3. Bookstore Lello & Irmão Bookshop
  4. In Porto there is a bookstore Lello & Irmão Bookshop, recognized as the best in the world. Built at the beginning of the last century and decorated in the Art Nouveau style – decorated with twisted wooden, carved stairs and elegant bridges that connect the bookshelves. The range includes several tens of thousands of books.
  5. In Porto, you can often see how passers-by are given lunch for free. The tradition is many years old and arose when Portugal faced a difficult economic situation.
  6. The most popular street among tourists is Santa Catarina. There are many souvenir shops where you can buy many bright, original souvenirs – paintings drawn and embroidered, jewelry, leather shoes.
  7. The first name of the Portus Cale settlement is what the Romans called the city.
  8. The current status of the city is the northern capital of Portugal.
  9. The most original way to get around the Port is by cable car. It connects the area near the bridge with the shore of Dourou with wine cellars.
  10. Cable Car in Porto
  11. The most ancient district of the city is Bayrru de Ce. In this part of Porto, originality and a special flavor have been preserved.
  12. If you want to see the city of Porto from above, climb the tower of the Temple of Clerigos. The bell tower of this church is the highest in all of Portugal. In the past, it was used as a guide for sailors who sailed to the shores of Porto. To climb the bell tower, you need to overcome 225 steps.
  13. In Porto, poor streets and modern architecture are miraculously combined. Such an original neighborhood is called – vanished splendor. Despite the fact that the city is recognized as a worker, there are many attractions.

Traveling around Portugal and not paying attention to Porto, according to tourists, means not seeing the country and not getting to know its history, architecture and culture.

Porto (Portugal) – is the second largest and most important city in the country, hundreds of thousands of travelers come here every year. Here everyone will find their own beauty and splendor.

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