Tourist’s guide to Albufeira – beaches and attarctions

If you are a fan of beach holidays, you should visit the popular resort of Albufeira (Portugal), which is located in the southern region of the country – the Algarve. The town grew from a once quiet fishing village and over time has become a favorite destination for tourists from around the world. The city itself is small – about 25 thousand inhabitants live in it. But at the height of the season, this number increases ten times!

Resort Albufeira

The resort is surrounded by beautiful beaches, orange trees and pine trees. For vacationers, all conditions have been created: comfortable accommodation in hotels, rich nightlife, restaurants, clubs, boutiques, discos. On the beaches, any entertainment is available: from windsurfing and diving to water skiing and jet skiing.

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Urban transport

The city is spread on steep hills, therefore walks consist of serious ups and downs. The life of tourists is facilitated thanks to a special type of transport – a car with small wagons attached to it. Such a mini-train runs at intervals of 20 minutes. (in summer) and 40 min. (in winter). A trip costs about 2.2 euros per person. Kids under 6 years old do not need a ticket.

Mini train in the resort of Albufeira

The city runs five bus routes that will take you to all the main attractions of Albufeira in Portugal. They work from 7 am to ten in the evening. The fare is 1.3 €.

For those who prefer to take a taxi, the rates are as follows: pay for landing 2.8 €, each kilometer of the way costs 0.5 €. Uber also works.


This place is famous not only for its beautiful beaches and the ocean. Where to walk and what to see in Albufeira – also does not raise questions. There are many interesting sights and all kinds of entertainment.

To help visitors installed signs, thanks to which you will find all the attractions of Albufeira. Let us dwell on the most significant objects.

Old city

This is the most picturesque part of Albufeira and its main attraction. Attention of tourists is attracted by the Moorish style of buildings – narrow streets bordered on both sides by white stone houses. Arab domination remained in the distant past, reminding itself of the only surviving arch – a fragment of an ancient mosque. Instead, now stands the first Christian church in the city.

Walk the streets of the old town of Albufeira

Walking along the steep narrow streets leading down (up), you will feel the spirit of the ancient Moorish culture, which had a strong influence not only on the city, but also on the whole of Portugal. Snow-white houses built in the 18th century did not suffer from earthquakes or wars.

Church of St. Anne, Albufeira
Church of St. Anne

After a walk along the streets of the Old Town, you can go to a cafe and have a meal with fried seafood. Having strengthened, be sure to visit the main religious attraction of Albufeira – the Church of St. Anne. Inside, it impresses with its splendor, ancient frescoes and exquisite decoration. Entrance to the temple is free.

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Zoomarine Algarve Theme Park

The park is a suitable place to relax with children. It is located a few kilometers from Albufeira and covers an area of ​​8 hectares. A rich program is equally interesting for both children and adults. All shows and entertainment involve marine animals.

Zoomarine Algarve Theme Park

In the aquarium you can observe the aquatic and terrestrial life of its inhabitants. There are several sharks here. Having visited the 4D cinema, you will take a cognitive journey across the ocean. In the territory of the water park of Albufeira, there are many pools, attractions, recreation areas, shops and restaurants. You are waiting for flights on a pirate ship, climbing a ferris wheel, water slides and much more. You can grab a bite to eat at any local restaurant or organize a picnic right on the park’s green lawn.

Relax at Zoomarine Algarve Park

Additional Information

  • Entrance ticket, including all attractions, costs 29 €. The ticket price for children (5–10 years old) and pensioners (from 65 years old) is 21 €.
  • The park is open 10:00 – 18:00 (in the summer 10:00 – 19:30). He begins work in March and ends in November.
  • You can get to the sights from any resort on a special bus. A ticket is bought at a kiosk or booked online, and you will be given a schedule of traffic.
Observation deck Pau da Bandeira Viewpoint

Familiarity with Albufeira is best to start from the observation deck. You can get to it by bus or take a walk. From a height, the resort is clearly visible: wide beaches, the endless ocean and the snow-white Old Town. The best photos of Albufeira are obtained from this site.

Observation deck Pau da Bandeira Viewpoin

Going down visas on an open escalator, you will immediately find yourself on the promenade, from where you can go to the beach or to the center for sightseeing.

Paderne Fortress
Paderne Fortress

This monument of architecture of the XII century is a great historical value for the inhabitants of Albufeira. It is located 15 kilometers from the city in the village of Paderne. Currently, the buildings are in dilapidated condition. History buffs will be interested in wandering around the ruins of the fortress. It offers a magnificent panorama of the valley. Entrance to the attractions is free.


The beaches of Albufeira are a kind of business card of the town. There are more than 2 dozen: three are urban, the rest are in the suburbs. All the beaches of Albufeira attract tourists with its clear water, fine sand and well-developed infrastructure. They are equipped with changing rooms and toilets, sunbeds and tents, the rental of which is 10-30 euros.

Sea water temperature

Keep in mind that the waves in Albufeira are almost always large, so swimming with young children can be somewhat problematic. The beach season begins in June, although the water at this time is still quite cool – +19 degrees.

One of the three city beaches of Albufeira – Inatel – occupies a small cove between the rocks. He is waiting for lovers of silence and limited space. It is always calm and crowded.

The second beach is Peneku (or tunnel). It is so called because the road to it leads from the Old Town through a tunnel among the rocks and opens onto the terrace. There is good infrastructure, great sand, lots of people, noisy and fun.

The most popular is the central city beach of Pescadores.

Central city beach Praia dos Pescadores

It occupies a vast territory on the outskirts of the Old Town, so it’s spacious here even in peak season. The beach is covered with sand, entry into the water is quite gentle, but the waves are almost always present.

Central city beach Praia dos Pescadores

Everything is thought out here for the comfort of vacationers. No need to go down and up on foot – there are escalators and an elevator for this. Those who enjoy outdoor activities are invited (for free) to practice zumba, play beach volleyball, and participate in dance programs. On a fishing boat or boat you can take a walk along the city coast.

You can fly a paraglider

Gourmets will find something to do in cafeterias and restaurants for tasting Portuguese national fish dishes . Fans of extreme sports can fly on a paraglider, and those who wish to relax will receive a soothing massage. On the nearby famous shopping street there are many souvenir shops and shops of local craftsmen.

Falesia (Falesia Beach)

Situated a few kilometers from Albufeira, the beach of Falesia stretches along the coast of Portugal for 6 km with a coastline width of 20 meters. This is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Europe . Here you can relax with children. The coast is covered with fine sand, the depth is shallow and increases gradually, so the water heats up pretty quickly.

Falesia Beach

The beach is remembered for unusual landscapes: orange rocks against a blue sky and green pines. Due to its large size, it is never crowded here. It is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay – from locker rooms to rescue towers. Vacationers can use the rental of sun loungers with umbrellas and any equipment for entertainment on the water.

How to get there From central Albufeira, you can take a walk or take the bus to the Aldeia das Açoteias stop. The fare is 2 €.

San Rafael (Praia Sao Rafael)

One of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in the Algarve and throughout Portugal . It is surrounded by cliffs of bizarre outlines. Formed from calcareous rocks by the forces of wind and water, they create an unusual landscape. Many tourists come here to capture this beauty in the photo.

Beach Praia de Sao Rafael

San Rafael, covered with fine light sand, occupies a small territory. It is always crowded and lively. Thanks to the many small bays hiding behind the rocks, you can find a secluded place to relax.

Holidays on the beach Praia de Sao Rafael

The beach is equipped with public showers, toilets, free parking, etc. It is located near the Faro Airport (about 20 minutes), which makes it attractive for tourists. From Albufeira to Praia Sao Rafael only five kilometers. You can get here by taxi or rent a car. Some people like to walk while admiring yachts and sailboats. The track is equipped with signs, so it is impossible to get lost.

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Gale (Praia Gale)

Gale Beach divides the rock into two parts: the western one, bordering Salgados, and the eastern one, which abuts against huge cliffs. The name Gale is translated as a shipwreck, and is associated with the events of the Middle Ages. By the length of the coastal strip covered with delicate golden sand, Gale is considered the longest among all the beaches of Albufeira.

Gale Beach

For vacationers, all conditions have been created: from free car parking to showers and rental of beach accessories. Those who like to conquer the waves can take surfboards and use the services of an instructor.

You can get to Gale from Albufeira by bus number 74 or 75. They depart from the bus station with an interval of one hour. The journey takes 20 minutes and will cost 1 €.

Praia dos Olhos de Água

Compared to others, this Portugal beach is small – its length is just over 300 meters. Excellent infrastructure, red soft sand, but swimming here is not very comfortable due to the cool water (this is due to the underwater current). But here is expanse for surfers.

Beach Praia dos Olhos de Água

The ebb and flow of the tide miraculously changes the landscape. At low tide, you can admire exposed stones and algae, mineral springs that hit from under the stones (the water tastes good).

Salgados (Praia dos Salgados)

This beach is farther than others from the city, so the bulk of the vacationers are those living in hotels in Salgados. It is distinguished by cleanliness and grooming, fine sand and a comfortable, smooth entry into the water, so you can relax here with the kids. Rent of sunbeds and umbrellas costs 15 €. Many of the most varied restaurants and cafes allow you to choose an institution according to your budget. There is even a Thai massage hut.

Salgados Beach

You can come here by bus or rent a car. Parking is free.

Praia da oura

It is also called the Golden Beach, thanks to the golden fine sand. The place is in great demand among local residents. The entrance to the water is smooth, without stones, which is clearly visible at low tide. As elsewhere in the Algarve region of Portugal, there are many small bays surrounded by steep cliffs.

Praia da Oura Beach

Praia da Oura is equipped with everything you need for relaxation, beach and water activities. Locals and some tourists sunbathe directly in the sand, laying a mat or a beach towel, saving on a rental price for a sunbed (15 €). Too steep descent to the beach will become a problem for people with foot diseases.

Where better to stay

Room at three star hotel Hotel Santa Eulalia Praia
Hotel Santa Eulalia Praia

Although the resort is small, there are no problems with accommodation for tourists. Here you can find any accommodation: from a chic room in a fashionable hotel to a room in an inexpensive guest house. The most popular are three to four star hotels.

They are equipped with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, air conditioning. Some rooms have a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. On the territory of hotels equipped with children’s and adult pools, playgrounds, etc.

Hotel Velamar Sun & Beach Hotel
Velamar Sun & Beach Hotel

The farther from the center, the lower the price, and the service is no worse. For example, in the Velamar Sun & Beach Hotel, located in the suburbs, you can take advantage of a number of useful services: bike rental, free shuttle service to the historic center of Albufeira.

A double room for a 3-4-star hotel costs from 90 € per day in high season. The price of the same room in an elite hotel is 180–220 €. Hotels on the coast will cost more: 120 (in a three-star) and 300 € (in a five-star).

The most affordable option is hostels. Bed minimum costs 40 euros per day.

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Weather in Albufeira

Albufeira is located in the south of Portugal and is the sunniest place. The mountains protect Albufeira from the cold winds, and a warm wind blows from the south. The average air temperature in winter is +16 degrees, and in summer +27. In the October – March season it rains, so it is better to come here in the summer.

Especially hot months are July and August. This period refers to the high season, when most tourists come. The temperature rises to +30 degrees. The highest water temperature in Albufeira happens in August (up to +24 degrees).

In September, the heat drops by a couple of degrees, but the sea manages to warm up. At this time, it is good to relax with children. The beach season in this part of Portugal ends near the end of October.


There are enough places in Albufeira where you can eat tasty and inexpensively. Of course, the most expensive establishments are located in the Old Town and on the waterfront. National cuisine consists mainly of dishes prepared with seafood and fish. As a side dish, usually served potatoes in different variations.

Seafood garnished at Restaurante Vivaldo's
Restaurante vivaldo’s

Restaurants and cafes of the middle price category have quite affordable prices.

  • Dinner for two people (with wine) will cost about 32 euros.
  • The same dinner in the city center will cost 40-50 euros. The establishments serve (by our standards) quite large portions, so you can order half of the dish.
  • Lunch for one in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 10-11 €. Often for such a price you can get a “menu of the day” of 3 dishes, which includes the first, main dish and salad or dessert of your choice.

How to get to Albufeira

There is no airport in Albufeira, therefore it is best to fly from Russia and other CIS countries to Lisbon or to the city of Faro, where there is also an international airport. And from there already get to the resort.

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By train from Lisbon

The distance from Lisbon to Albufeira is approximately 250 km. You can get in any way: by bus, train or rent a car. The most common option is the Lisbon – Albufeira train.

Departure point – Lisboa Oriente Central Station.

Train schedule Lisbon-Albufeira

You can get a train from Lisbon to Albufeira in three hours. Tickets cost from 20.6 euros. The price depends on the train and the class of the car.

Check the current train schedule and ticket prices on the Portuguese Railways website –

By bus from Lisbon
Buses from Sete Rios Bus Station
Sete rios

How to get from Lisbon to Albufeira by bus? This can be done by going to one of the two bus stations in the capital of Portugal.

Buses depart from Sete Rios Bus Station from 6 AM to 10:30 PM, there is one night flight at 01:00. Just a day – 22 flights in the summer.

The fare is 18.5 €.

From Lisboa Oriente Bus Station, transport leaves 8 times a day from 5:45 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. The ticket price is the same – 18.5 €.

Bus schedule Lisbon Oriente Albufeira

You can view the current schedule and purchase tickets online at

By bus from the city of Faro

From Faro to Albufeira, 45 km. The most convenient way to get there is by bus. They drive both from the airport building and from the Faro city bus station. Flights are operated from 6:30 to 20:00.

Journey time 55 minutes, ticket price 5 euros.

Prices on the page are for June 2018.

Going on a trip to such a famous resort as Albufeira (Portugal), it is best to plan your trip in advance, purchase tickets in advance and book your accommodation. Then nothing will spoil your rest.

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