Top beach holiday destinations in Portugal

The mild climate, a large number of attractions and exciting sightseeing tours annually attract a huge number of vacationers from all over the world to Portugal. Of course, the main tourist destination in the country is beach vacations. The two main regions where comfortable Portuguese beaches are located are the Algarve region and the Lisbon Riviera. It is here that the most comfortable places for tourists and active leisure are concentrated. We have put together the best places for relaxing on the ocean in Portugal, where you can fully enjoy comfort, beautiful weather and service.

Ocean holiday

The climate in the resorts of Portugal – when to go on vacation?

The popularity of Portuguese resorts is due primarily to climatic features – mild winters, mild summers, the absence of sharp temperature drops throughout the year.

Weather in Lisbon throughout the year
Weather in Lisbon

A full-fledged beach season begins in the first half of June. On the Lisbon Riviera, daytime temperatures reach +25 ° C, and water temperatures up to +18 ° C, in the Algarve province +26 ° C and +20 ° C, respectively. In mid-summer, at the peak of the tourist season, the maximum air temperature is +27 degrees, and the ocean – +19 ° C near Lisbon; in the south of Portugal, air heats up to +29 ° C, water up to + 21 ° C.

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In early September, the velvet season begins – the daytime temperature drops to +26 degrees. The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal at this time of the year remains quite comfortable for swimming – +23 degrees (in the Algarve) and + 19 ° C in the west of the country.

Algarve Weather by Month
Temperature in the Algarve

In October, the rainy season gradually begins, more often in the morning there are fogs, although during the day it is quite warm – +24 degrees. This time in Portugal can be devoted to excursion trips and sightseeing. October is the time to look for where Portuguese resorts on the ocean are cheaper, as accommodation prices are reduced.

Resorts in the Algarve Province

It is the southernmost province of Portugal with picturesque nature and a rich historical and architectural heritage. The rocky coast prevails in the west of the province, in the east of the Algarve the coastline is predominantly flat.

Good to know! The best months for relaxing on the ocean in Portugal are August and September.

Flamingos in the Algarve Natural Park

Most of the Algarve province is a conservation area, people come here to visit a natural park, where flamingos live in natural conditions. The conditions for playing sports have been created – there are golf courses, diving and surfing centers. For families with children, you can also find everything you need – water parks, sea shows, boat trips, visits to the grottoes, lighthouses, and exciting excursions.

Beach Praia de Armação de Pêra

The coastline of the Algarve province is about 200 km long. Today, the Algarve in Portugal are resorts with good beaches that are on the list of the best vacation spots in Europe. Many Algarve hotels have their own green area where you can comfortably relax.

If we compare the resorts of the Algarve province with places of rest on the Lisbon Riviera, we can distinguish the following differences:

  1. The ocean in Portugal in the Algarve region is warmer.
  2. Tourism infrastructure in the Algarve is more developed.
  3. Getting harder, longer and more expensive.


Once Albufeira was a small fishing village, but today it is one of the best resorts in Portugal and a great place to relax. In the central part of the city, life does not stop even at night. At the local market you can buy a wide variety of fish and seafood caught on the same day.

Photo: Albufeira

The resort is surrounded by pine trees, orange groves. A large number of discos, cafes, restaurants work here, you can go diving, go sailing.


In the vicinity of Albufeira, there are about two dozen beaches, some are marked with the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the coastline and the ocean. A huge number of tourists come here. The city is very beautiful, small, with a rich history.

Peshkadoresh Beach Albufeira
Peshkadoresh Beach

Interesting fact! The name of the resort in translation means – a castle by the sea.

Of course, the main reason for traveling to Albufeira is the beautiful beach, well-developed infrastructure. The best place to stay is Peneku, its second name is Tunnel Beach. It is located in the old part of the city, to get to the ocean, you need to go through a tunnel in the rocks.

The longest coastline in the city is Rybatsky beach. There are many cafes and taverns where you can order delicious fish dishes. Many boats are moored, vacationers can rent any and enjoy a trip across the ocean.

San Rafael Beach, Portugal
San Rafael Beach

A few kilometers from the city center there is San Rafael Beach. This place attracts tourists with cliffs of bizarre shapes, the coast resembles the surface of a distant planet. Here you can take the best pictures among the many grottoes and rocks formed by sandstone. This is the perfect place for snorkeling.

Another vacation spot in Albufeira, which was included in the list of the best in Europe, is Falesia. It is surrounded by red rocks. If you like measured rest – this part of the Algarve with fine, white sand and pine forest is perfect for you.

Praia da Oura is located next to the party areas of Albufeira, there are many discos, life is in full swing even at night. The sandy shore is picturesquely decorated with sheer cliffs of a bizarre color.

Resort Prices
Guestroom View Apartamentos Borda D´Agua
Apartamentos Borda D´Agua

A double room in a three-star hotel in high season will cost an average of 90 – up to 130 € per day, apartments near the ocean can be rented for 80-110 €.


  • Lunch in an inexpensive cafe for one – about 9-10 €;
  • in the restaurant – 32 € (for two);
  • a snack “sandwich + drink” – 6 €.

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Distinctive features of the resort of Albufeira
Walk the city of Albufeira
  1. A beautiful city, which is pleasant to walk for hours.
  2. Well-developed tourist infrastructure: a large selection of cafes, restaurants, entertainment.
  3. The central beach is large, comfortable, but crowded.
  4. It is convenient to get from Lisbon and Faro airports – buses run regularly and often.
  5. Holidays on the ocean in Portugal in the resort of Albufeira is the most expensive in the Algarve region – all these pluses affect prices, housing demand is high.


The resort is 66 km from the capital of the Algarve. In fact, the resort is divided into 2 parts – the Old Town with historical buildings and attractions, but further from the beach and the new area – Praia da Rocha – directly by the ocean. In the latter, most hotels are located and all the infrastructure necessary for tourists is concentrated.

Portimao Resort

Traveling to Portimão is not limited only to beach vacations, there are excellent conditions for playing sports – golf, diving, windsurfing, yachting, deep sea fishing.


Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the resort is Praia da Rocha. This place is on the list of the best beaches in Europe and holiday destinations in Portugal. Wooden paths are laid along the entire coast, there are awnings for changing clothes and showers (in a cafe). Another popular Three Castles beach is nearby, it is separated from the Praia Da Rocha by a cliff.

Three Castles Beach
Prices in Portimao

Along the ocean, there are many hotels from three-star to five-star luxury. A double room in a mid-range hotel will cost from 70 to 110 €.

Interesting fact! The main attraction is the massifs of rocks, from the tops of which a picturesque view of the resort of Portimao opens.

Lunch in a cafe in high season will cost 8.50 €, in a restaurant – 30 € (for two persons). A burger + drink snack costs 6 €.

Advantages and disadvantages of the city
Picturesque cliffs
  1. Well-developed tourist infrastructure – there is everything for a comfortable stay.
  2. Picturesque cliffs and a huge beach, where there is enough space for everyone even in high season.
  3. The waves are almost always large, not the best place to relax with young children.
  4. Getting from the airport of the capital of Portugal is not difficult, but longer than in Albufeira (all buses go through it).
  5. It is convenient to visit neighboring cities and natural attractions in the Algarve region, in any direction the road does not take much time.

More information about Portimão resort is presented in this article .

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Resort fishing village located 5 km from Portimão. Nearby is the Ria de Alvor National Wildlife Refuge. In natural conditions, a huge number of birds live, and exotic plant species grow on the promenade. For fans of outdoor activities equipped with a golf course. The sandy shore is a kilometer from the resort center.

Alvor, Portugal

Interesting fact! The town is small, there are few attractions, because after the earthquake in 1755 the village was completely destroyed.

Alvor beaches
Alvora Beach, Algarve

The main part of the coastline runs along a wide barrier that blocks the resting place from the ocean. Alvor has an exceptionally sandy beach where children like to play. Comfortable conditions are created for vacationers – there are sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, you can rent equipment for water sports or rent a catamaran or yacht. Going to sunbathe in this part of Alvor beach, you need to take food and water with you – there will be nowhere to buy near. You can get from the city to the beach on foot. There is a parking nearby.

Good to know! Alvor is a favorite vacation spot not only for tourists, but also for residents of Portugal.

Three Brothers Beach, Alvor
Three Brothers Beach

Three Brothers Beach is located on the eastern side of Alvor Beach. The resting place is surrounded by three rocks, they gave the name of the attraction. There are hotel complexes in this part of the resort. It also has everything you need for a comfortable stay.


The cost of a double room in a three-star hotel in the summer months varies from 120 to 300 €. Apartments can be rented for 85-100 €.

Meals in cafes and restaurants will cost about the same amount as in other places on the Algarve coast.

Distinctive features
Beach in the resort of Alvora
  1. Compared to other ocean destinations in Portugal, Alvora resort is less picturesque – there are no sheer cliffs, and the beach has a large wasteland.
  2. Here, as a rule, a calm ocean without waves is the best place to relax with children.
  3. The choice of housing is not very large, the most profitable options are booked in a few months.
  4. The resort is small, everything can be circumvented in a day.


Lagoa, Portugal

The resort is located east of Portimao. It has beautiful nature, quiet and calm, many interesting places for lovers of history and architecture.

Not far from Lagoa there are cultural attractions, you can engage in water sports, visit spa salons and undergo a course of cosmetic procedures. The tourist infrastructure is well developed, so tourists from all over the world come to Lagoa with pleasure.

Good to know! Lagoa is a great place in Portugal, where beach vacations can be combined with sightseeing and sports.

In summer, accommodation in a double room of a mid-range hotel will cost from 68 to 120 €. Food prices are not much different from neighboring Portimao and Albufeira.

Best places for a beach holiday in Lagoa

Praia de benagil

Cave on the Praia de Benagil

A small stretch of coast Praia de Benagil is notable for a large concentration of tourists and trips to the caves. A boat departs from the coast every 30 minutes, which takes tourists to the caves, the largest is 150 meters from the beach. To get on your own you can rent a kayak or kayak.

Good to know! Getting here is more difficult than to other places of rest.

Praia da marinha

Landscape Praia da Marinha

Among the resorts on the ocean in Portugal, Marinha is considered the most picturesque and unusual place. It has repeatedly been awarded the highest international awards. It is one of the hundred most picturesque places in the world. The landscape on the shore is somewhat reminiscent of the Martian landscape, but it is quite difficult to go down to the shore, so this place is not suitable for families with children. To get to the water, you need to go down the stairs and go through thorny bushes.

It is important! The only way here is by car, you can leave the transport in the parking lot, there is also a sign that will help you get ashore.

To enjoy the beauty of Marinha, it is best to buy a boat trip.

Characteristics of Lagoa
Praia da Marinha Beach
  1. It has picturesque cliffs, bays and beaches.
  2. The beaches are small in size, but very popular among tourists, in the high season they are crowded.
  3. Good transport accessibility and developed infrastructure.
  4. For historical sights it is better to go to neighboring villages.
  5. In general, Lagoa is one of the best places in terms of price / quality ratio.


One of the oldest cities located on the banks of the Bensafrin River. It is nice to stroll through narrow, cobbled streets, sit in small courtyards and climb the fortress walls surrounding the city. Lagos is rightfully included in the list of the most beautiful places in Portugal, people come here not only to relax on the beach, but also to visit interesting sights.

The historic center of Lagos
The best beaches of Lagos

1. Praia Dona Ana

Beach Praia Dona Ana

The most picturesque beach, it is quite crowded, but there is always a quiet place near the rocks. The pebble coast, from here the picturesque view of mountains opens. The shore is very clean, sunbeds and umbrellas are installed, but there are no toilets. Nearby there are cafes and restaurants. You can rent a villa near the ocean, and the journey from the city center will take about 25 minutes.

It is important! It is not very convenient to relax with children in this part of Portugal, since the road to the ocean is difficult.

2. Meia Praia

Meia Praia Beach

Not a typical coast for Portugal, there is only sand and the ocean. There is no large concentration of tourists, and the length of the coastline is about 5 km. The tourist infrastructure is quite developed – there are sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins. The distance from the city center is only 1.5 km.

3. Camilo Beach The

place is beautiful, but crowded, the interest of tourists is quite obvious, because it is incredibly beautiful here. On the shore there are sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes, toilets. The distance from the city center is 10 km, therefore it is better to live in a hotel near the beach.

Beach Camilo Beach

4. Praia do Porto de Mos

Beach view Praia do Porto de Mos

It is spacious and calm, it is a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday. The ocean is almost always calm, since the territory is fenced with rocks. There are enough sun loungers and umbrellas on the shore, cabins for changing clothes are installed, the car can be left in the parking lot. There is also a cafe and comfortable terraces from where you can admire the beautiful scenery. The distance from the city center is about 3 km.

Good to know! This is the most beautiful, but inaccessible stretch of coast in the Algarve, the water in the ocean is cooler than in other resorts of the province.

Prices in the city

Accommodation in a double room in a 3-star hotel will cost from 75 to 125 € per day.


  • cafe – 9 €;
  • lunch in a restaurant for two people – 30 €;
  • a snack in a fast food establishment – 6 €.
Advantages and disadvantages of Lagos
Cape Ponta da Piedade
  1. One of the most beautiful places in Portugal is enough, both natural and historical attractions.
  2. Prices are average in the Algarve region.
  3. The longest journey from Lisbon and Faro Airport.
  4. The resort is located in the very west of Portugal, the water temperature in the ocean is 1-2 degrees lower than in Albufeira in the east.

Lisbon Riviera

Lisbon Riviera

The Lisbon Riviera is no less attractive for tourists, however, it is worth noting that the water in this part of Portugal is cooler than in the south of the country, and the hottest month is August – the ocean temperature does not exceed 19 ° C.

Food prices here are slightly lower than in the Algarve province:

  • lunch in a cafe – 8 €;
  • lunch for two in a restaurant – 26 €;
  • You can eat in a fast-food meal for 5.50 €.

It is important! The main recreation areas are concentrated at a distance of 15-20 km from Lisbon and form the Lisbon Riviera – this is the territory from Cape Roca to the mouth of the Tagus River.

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Cascais Vacations

This is a picturesque resort town where aristocrats from Europe like to relax. It has the best yacht port and windsurfing competitions. Accommodation in the summer in a three-star hotel will cost an average of 90-120 €.

1. Conseisau

Conceisau Beach

The crowded, sandy beach, as it is located next to the train station. Cabins, showers, toilets are equipped, lifeguards work. You can eat in cafes and restaurants.

2. Rainha

Located in the bay and protected from wind and waves, the water warms up quickly enough, so you can swim here earlier than in other resorts. The sandy shore, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, a cafe is open, but you need to climb the stairs to it.

3. Ribeira

Ribeira Beach

The sandy shore is located in the central part of Cascais, the depth increases gradually, for guests there are showers and toilets, there is parking. It hosts cultural events and festivals.

4. Ginshu

One of the best resorts in the Lisbon Riviera, the coast is washed by the waters of the open ocean, so waves often occur here and strong winds blow. This place is great for surfing and windsurfing. The beach has showers, umbrellas and parking for cars.

5. Ursa

Picturesque views are considered the best not only near Lisbon, but also in Portugal. The second name is Bear, because the place is hard to reach. The water is cold, so you can swim no more than five minutes.

Costa da Caparica
Costa da Caparica Beach

A small village where you can try the best fish dishes. There is a resting place at the mouth of the Tagus River, there are practically no waves. Many locals come here for the weekend, because many beaches have the Blue Flag for cleanliness and impeccable quality of relaxation. You can book a double room in a mid-range hotel from 75 to 115 € per day.

More information about the resort of Costa da Caparica can be found here .

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To summarize

Each resort in Portugal, undoubtedly, deserves attention, and it is impossible to name the best place to stay. It all depends on your individual preferences, mood and the conditions in which you are comfortable spending time. Surely everyone will find for themselves in Portugal the best vacation spots on the ocean. Have a nice trip!

What the most beautiful places of the Algarve province look like, watch the video!

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