The best beaches of Lisbon for swimming

On the coast of the Atlantic Ocean lies the glorious city of Lisbon, whose beaches attract tourists from around the world. Although the capital has the Tagus River, it is not suitable for swimming. And there are no beaches in the city itself – they are located 15-25 kilometers from Lisbon in the small towns of the Lisbon Riviera. This is the name of the resort area connecting Cape Rock with the Tagus estuary. The best beaches near Lisbon are arranged in small settlements: Cascais, Carcavelos, Estoril Costa da Caparica and Sintra.

Beach in the village of Cascais

Weather and climate

Lisbon Air Temperature

The weather in the coastal zone forms the air of the Atlantic. It is warm in winter and not too hot in summer. July temperature does not exceed + 28 ° C during the day, and at night the thermometer shows + 15-16 ° C. In autumn, the temperature is kept within + 10 ° C.

The beginning of the beach season falls on the month of May, and the season ends in October. Water near the ocean warms up to a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius and is not too comfortable for swimming. This is due to the cold Canary Current, which flows west of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Lisbon Sea Water Temperature

Many vacationers consider the water not warm enough for swimming, so the peak of tourists is only in August-September. Winds often blow from the ocean. When a strong wind rises, the beaches immediately empty, because they are covered by powerful waves. However, this is not scary, but, on the contrary, attracts surfers. After the wind subsides, the beaches again “come to life”.

How to get to the beaches of Lisbon

From the capital you can quickly and seamlessly get to any beach. So, the path to the coast of Cascais will take less than half an hour, and the distance to Costa da Caparica can be overcome in ten minutes. You need to take the electric train at the Alcantara Terra train station (in the western part of Lisbon).

At the station of Alcantara Terra

In Portugal, public transport works well, so you can get to any place quickly and without any problems. We recommend that you immediately get a travel pass, which, when used actively, significantly reduces the cost of travel.

For those who prefer to travel by their own transport, it is important to know that in summer the flow of cars towards the coast increases, traffic jams are possible. Not only the guests of the country go to the beaches near Lisbon, but the locals like to spend weekends on the beach.

Cascais beaches

Cascais is a beautiful and vibrant town near Lisbon, which was chosen by European aristocrats. All conditions for the development of sailing are created here. The city is famous for its well-maintained yacht port. Cascais hosts international windsurfing competitions.

How to get there? The Cascais line runs trains to the city. Drive about 45 minutes.

Conceição Beach

One of the most popular and crowded beaches near Lisbon. A large number of tourists due to the proximity to the train station.

Golden sand, free use of the toilet and shower, the ability to rent beach equipment, the accurate work of lifeguards, excellent Portuguese cuisine in cafes and restaurants – all this makes the beach a great place for swimming.

Praia da Rainha
Praia da Rainha Beach

The convenient bay, in which the small beach of Rainha is located, covers it from strong winds and powerful waves. Therefore, swimming begins here earlier than on the other beaches.

It takes only two minutes to get from the station to it, but the city bustle does not reach here – it is blocked by the pedestrian Rua Frederico Arouca. It has everything you need for a comfortable pastime and swimming: clean sand, umbrellas, all the benefits of civilization, free parking, an excellent cafe located at the top of a cliff with a staircase leading down.

Praia da Ribeira
Praia da Ribeira Beach

Praia da Ribeira occupies the central part of the coast of Cascais. The sandy beach and gradually increasing depth make the place very attractive for people. Umbrellas are provided for rent, you can use the shower and toilet, free parking, etc.

Ribeira is famous for concerts and festivals, which take place here quite often. With the onset of the winter season, a Ferris wheel is installed here, competitions are held to create sand castles.

Guincho Beach

This is the most picturesque of all the beaches of Lisbon, and photos of tourists posted on the Internet confirm this better than any words. Unlike other beaches located in bays and bays, Ginshu is washed by the waters of the open ocean. There are often strong winds that raise a powerful wave. This attracts surfers and windsurfers. For fans, surfing lessons are offered. A strong wind begins in June and blows until August. The beach is equipped with free parking, a shower, rental umbrellas, etc.

Ginshu is located at some distance from the beach area of ​​Cascais. First you need to take the Cascais electric train to the end, and then take the 405 bus to Guincho. It is very convenient to get on a rental bike – a special path for cyclists is laid to the beach from the city.

Ursa Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches not only near Lisbon, but throughout Portugal. It is called “bearish” because of inaccessibility. Ursa is notable for its small size, many rocks and fairly cold water, in which, as a rule, bathing lasts no more than five minutes. When going to this beach, be sure to grab comfortable shoes, since the path will lie through the rocks and take about 15 minutes.

It is better to get here from Cascais by bus 417. Travel about 20 minutes. and get out near Ursa. Getting off the bus, you will see a cliff. Two paths lead down. It is safer to go down the left path. The right one is very cool – you can roll your head.

Estoril beaches

Estoril is a picturesque resort with developed infrastructure and luxury hotels. The town is known not only for excellent beaches for swimming and surfing. Nightlife is vibrantly and merrily organized here, golf courses are well-equipped, and there is even an airfield.

São Pedro do Estoril
São Pedro do Estoril Beach

This beach was chosen by fishermen and surfers – there are always big waves. A cliff that stretches along the coast separates the highway from the recreation area. Stone terraces are dotted with cafes and small restaurants. There is a surf school at the beach, there is a lifeguard service, rental of umbrellas, a shower, a toilet, etc. From the train, go 5-7 minutes.

Azarujinha (Azarujinha)
Azarujinha Beach (Azarujinha)

Azaruzhinya can be found in the bay, surrounded by rocks, therefore – powerful gusts of wind do not reach here – for swimming it is. The noise of cars from the nearby highway to Lisboan does not reach. The beach itself is small, and during high tides it is flooded with water.

A narrow central area, bordered by stone slabs, is reserved for swimming. Despite its modest size, there are all the benefits of civilization necessary for cultural recreation. The nearby beach of Pos can be reached by foot.

Posa (Poça)
Posa Beach

Compared to the neighboring beach, it occupies a slightly larger area and has a length of more than 200 m. The place here is great for swimming, clean sand, picturesque views of the mountains. The beach is equipped with a toilet, shower, lifeguard service, rental umbrellas, you can comfortably sit in a bar or restaurant.

Take the train from Lisbon to Estoril Station.

Tamariz (Tamariz)
Tamariz Beach

The beach is located near Estoril Station, from which it is separated by a small park. Tamarizh attracts vacationers by the presence of a pool with warm sea water and you can use it for free. The beach has a clean sand, all the conditions for relaxation, free parking, etc.

Getting here from Lisbon is necessary by train, you should get off at the São João do Estoril stop.

Muitas Beach

The beach is located at the same distance from Estoril and Cascais, so you can get to it by walking from one or another city. The beach infrastructure is well developed: there is a shower, rent of sunbeds and umbrellas is available, lifeguards work, there is even a pontoon, which is a pleasure to walk around.

However, swimming here will be uncomfortable – stones scattered across the water, which are exposed at low tide, interfere. But there is a pool, and the water in it warms up much better than in the ocean.


The town of Carcavelos is 15 km away from Lisbon. It is famous for its wide sandy beaches, well equipped, with a high level of service.

Praia de Carcavelos Beach in Carcavelos

Near the city center is Praia de Carcavelos beach. It is always crowded here. Everyone can get surfing and windsurfing lessons, so there are always a lot of young people in these places. Created conditions for those interested in beach soccer, golf, volleyball. All the beaches of Carcavelos are well equipped, the infrastructure is well developed.

Take the Cascais electric train at the Carcavelos stop. Drive from Lisbon in less than half an hour. From the station to the coast very close – about 10 minutes.

In a separate article, we already talked in detail about beach vacations and the sights of the Portuguese resort of Carcavelos .

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Costa da Caparica

Fishermen on the beach of Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica is a colorful fishing village located next to Lisbon. For vacationers a great opportunity to taste the fish dishes of local cuisine. The kaledeiradash fish stew is in great demand.

Here are great conditions for spending time with your family. Costa da Caparica is located at the mouth of the Tagus River, so the ocean is just beginning. Rarely there are big waves – you can safely swim without risking to roll over under the influence of powerful waves.

Costa da Capariki Beach

Of all the beaches of Lisbon, the Costa da Caparica is especially attractive for locals and guests of the capital for swimming. Many come here for the weekend. Some beaches are awarded the Blue Flag and a quality medal for creating a high level of service.


If you are interested in relaxing on the ocean and want to know if there are beaches in Lisbon and its environs, we recommend visiting the town of Sintra. It is located about 20 km from the capital and is equipped with beautiful beaches.

Grande Beach

One of the largest beaches near Lisbon, striking in its size and excellent equipment (Grande from Portuguese is translated – large). It is called the Portuguese capital of water sports. European and world championships are held here annually, so you can see world sports stars. And the beach is famous for its ocean water pool – the largest in Europe.

From the center of Sintra there is a 439 bus and stops at the beach itself.

Adraga Beach

Adraga attracts vacationers with its snow-white sand. However, due to the raging waves, only desperate daredevils risk swimming here.

The beach has excellent conditions for paragliders – you can rent everything you need and make a beautiful jump. The cafe serves excellent seafood.

It is best to get to this place by bicycle or taxi – there is no other transport here.

Praia das Masas (Praia das Macas)
An old tram to Praia dash Masash from Sintra

Small beach (30 meters long) next to the fishing village. A trip to it can be a fascinating event, if you get from Sintra on an old tram that is over 100 years old. On the road you can see a lot of interesting things.

This place is called the “apple beach.” Previously, a huge apple orchard grew along the river that flows into the ocean. Apples falling into the river carried into the ocean, and the waves threw them straight to the shore. So the name of the beach was born. Here are excellent conditions for families with children. Surfers, body-surfers, and fishers are not ignored. The seawater pool is open all year, so there are many vacationers in the winter. And in cozy restaurants you will taste national cuisine.

Praia das Masash Beach

Buses 440 and 441 run from Sintra station. Drive about half an hour.

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Going on a trip to Portugal, be sure to visit Lisbon, beaches located in nearby towns and villages. Although they are located at some distance from the capital, the trip will give you a lot of unforgettable experiences. For those who like surfing, beaches in Carcavelos are suitable. For a comfortable swim with children, it is better to go to Estoril and Cascais to those beaches that are in the bays. Romantics are advised to go to Costa da Caparica or Sintra.

The beaches nearby Lisbon described on the page are marked on the map in Russian.

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