Holidays in the Portuguese Lagos – beaches, entertainment and prices

Lagos (Portugal) is a real paradise for surfers and diving enthusiasts. This is an amazing place in which there are many natural attractions: cliffs, lagoons, caves, grottoes, national parks. If the photos of the Portuguese Lagos have long attracted your attention, then it’s time to go on a virtual trip to the best beaches of the Algavre region. Go!

Lagos (Portugal)

General information

The picturesque city of Lagos is located in the south of Portugal, and is the center of the municipality of Faro County. This seaside resort is popular both among local residents (population is 17,000 people) and among tourists.

Photo of Fort Ponta de Bandeira
Fort Ponta de Bandeira

The first mention of the city dates back to the 6th century. It was then that Lagos was conquered first by the Visigoths, and then by the Byzantines. In the 9th century, the Moors became its owners.

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The city gained independence only in the 14th century, and this event became crucial for the history of all of Portugal. As you know, the 15th century is the era of the “Great Geographical Discoveries”, and it was precisely from Lagos that many sailors set off on long and dangerous journeys. Perhaps this time was a real dawn for a small sea town.

Today, Lagos is a cozy Portuguese city, most of whose population works in the tourism industry.

Entertainment, things to do

Portuguese Lagos is a maritime city, so the entertainment that travel companies offer is directly related to water. For instance:

Sea travel
Sailboat Santa Bernard

On the beaches of Lagos, you can rent a boat, boat and go on a short trip with a guide. However, there are offers and more interesting: Portuguese travel agencies offer to go on a tour called “Robinson Crusoe”, the entrance of which you will make an unforgettable journey through the picturesque cliffs, grottoes and caves of the Atlantic Ocean. And the most interesting thing is that tourists will surf the ocean on a pirate sailing boat “Santa Bernard” with two masts and antique trim inside. A ticket for a dream ship will not cost much more than a bus ticket (35 €).

Dolphin safari
Dolphin safari

If you saw dolphins only in the photo and long dreamed of seeing them live, then this excursion is a great chance to make your dreams come true. Together with an experienced guide, you will reach the habitat of dolphins in a few minutes, and during 2 hours you will watch these friendly mammals. The ticket price for an adult is 35 €, and for a child – 25.

Sea Safari
Sea Safari

Sea safari is a great opportunity to take a photo of Lagos under water. The unique underwater world of Portugal attracts many divers from all over the world. And if in the northern part of the country diving clubs are not very widespread, then in the southern part, near the city of Lagos, there are many companies that are ready to show you the underwater beauties of the country at any time of the year: unusual plants, bright fish and sunken ships, which attract here divers. Especially for Russian-speaking tourists in Lagos, a LakaLaka-diving dive center was opened, whose employees, in addition to a sea safari, organize sea quests for children.

Entertainment on land

Golf game
Golf clubs Palmares
Palmares Golf Club, Lagos

One of the most famous golf clubs in Lagos is Palmares, which will be a great place for both professionals and beginners. A golf school operates on the territory of this institution, and there are also fields of various difficulty levels. Good mood guaranteed!

Walk through the zoo
Parque Zoologico de Lagos Map

Zoo Parque Zoologico de Lagos is a great place for families with children. Here you can not only look at exotic animals, but also take a walk along well-groomed paths and relax in one of the spacious gazebos. Also at the zoo there are a number of cafes and restaurants.


Lagos is one of the most popular Portuguese resorts, so there are many beaches and recreation areas. The most famous are the following.

Praia dona ana

Perhaps this is one of the most popular and picturesque beaches of the city. It is never empty here, but despite this, there is always the opportunity to find a secluded place near the rocks that are located opposite the beach. It is worth saying that the pebble beach of Lagos is not without reason considered the most beautiful: it offers a beautiful view of the mountains, and climbing the rocks, you can see the bright blue water of the lagoon and the city, located on the ocean. An important advantage of this place is its cleanliness: tourists and residents of the city take care of nature, and you are unlikely to see garbage here.

Beach Praia Dona Ana

As for the infrastructure, there are several sun loungers on the beach, as well as the opportunity to rent an umbrella. Unfortunately, there are no showers or toilets (the nearest one is in the cafe).

If you are hungry, then you don’t need to go far from the beach: there are a number of family restaurants here. There are also peddlers on the beach who will offer you to buy water or sweets. A little above the beach is a shop where you can buy everything you need to relax.

The beach is located in the south-eastern part of the city, and you can get to it from the center of Lagos either on foot (it will take about 25 minutes) or by car (distance – 2-3 km). If you want to visit this beach daily, then it makes sense to rent a villa nearby (for example, Villa Doris Suites or Carvi Hotel Lagos).

Beach coordinates: Dona Ana, 8600-315 Lagos.

Features: you can get to the beach only by going down a long staircase that is not suitable for baby and wheelchairs.

Tip: if you plan to spend the whole day on the beach, it is better to take up places not by the water, but by the rocks, because in a few hours the water will rise and there will be nowhere to retreat (due to the large number of people).

Meia praia
Meia Praia Beach

Meia Praia is quite an unusual beach for Portugal. There are no grottoes, cliffs or caves. Only sand and the ocean. The advantages of this place include the lack of many tourists, as well as the spaciousness (the length of the beach is about 5 km). The availability of infrastructure is also pleasing: there are changing cabins, showers, toilets, as well as a number of expensive restaurants. This place is perfect for those who love nature and do not need a variety of entertainment.

Meia Praia is located east of the city of Lagos. The distance from the city center to the beach is only 1.5 km, so you can get here by car in 15 minutes (on the N125 and EM534 highways), and on foot – in 18 minutes.

The coordinates of the beach on the map: latitude: 37.117088, longitude: -8.646773.

Camilo beach
Beach Camilo Beach

Camilo Beach is a beautiful, but quite crowded beach. Even in spring it is never empty. Although the interest of tourists is clear – it is a very beautiful place, sometimes resembling some islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

As for infrastructure, it is worth mentioning the presence of a number of cafes and toilets. Unfortunately, there are no showers.

The beach is located in the eastern part of Lagos, and it is more than 10 km from the city center. So, it is best to get here by car (on the N125 and EM534 highways) or rent a house nearby (for example, Villas D. Dinis Charming Residence, Costa D`Oiro Ambiance Village, Carvi Beach Hotel).

Location: Praia do Camilo, 8600 Lagos.

Features: a long and steep staircase leads to the beach, therefore, questions with a wheelchair or pram should be considered in advance.

Praia do porto de mos
Beach view Praia do Porto de Mos

Praira do Porta de Mos – one of the most spacious beaches of Lagos, located on the shores of the Atlantic. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday: thanks to the cliffs surrounding the beach there are practically no winds, and the abundance of sun loungers and umbrellas guarantees a pleasant pastime. There are also a number of cafes on the beach with terraces overlooking the ocean. An important advantage of this place is the presence of a large parking lot, as well as changing cabins and toilets.

The beach is located in the southern part of Lagos, and you can walk to it from the city center on foot (distance – about 3 km).

Features: it is better to visit the beach until 3 p.m., because after lunch a strong wind rises, which will please only surfers.

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Tourist infrastructure

The inhabitants of Lagos earn mainly on tourists, so all the amenities for recreation are created in the city.

Cafe in Lagos

Firstly, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants of various price categories located both in the city center and on the outskirts. For example, a dinner for two in a tourist restaurant in the city center will cost 30 €. If you take a little walk and go to an institution in a non-tourist area, then similar dishes (2 servings of chicken and potatoes, as well as salad, bread and wine) will cost 20 €.


Secondly, there are many hotels and hotels (there are about 550 of them in total), which means that every traveler will find affordable accommodation. The room rate starts from 14 € per night in a hostel (Lagos Marina Guest House, Hostel All 4 You) and ends with several hundred euros per night in a luxury apartment.

Hostel Lagos Marina Guest House
Lagos Marina Guest House

On average, a hostel room will cost 20-26 € per night. Breakfast is already included in this price, as well as free Wi-fi and parking. As for hotels, the cost of a single room will vary from 60 to 75 € per night. This amount includes a room with a beautiful view of the city, breakfast, free parking, as well as unlimited access to the Internet.

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How to get to Lagos

As for transport, here the Portuguese tried: you can get to Lagos both from Lisbon and from small towns. This can be done by train (Lagos – the last station of the railway line), bus (the largest companies – Rede Expressos, Renex, Eva), car (due to the wide roads there are no traffic jams).

You can rent a car in Portugal through international services at very attractive prices (25-30 € per day).

By bus

From the bus station at the Sete Rios metro station in Lagos depart for the following schedule:

Schedule Lisbon Sete Rios - Lagos

Transport from Oriente Station is less frequent.

Bus schedule Lisbon - Lagos

Travel time is 4-4.5 hours. The fare from Lisbon to Lagos is 19 €. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the box office.

By train

From the capital of Portugal to the city of Lagos follows 5 trains per day. You can sit at the stations Oriente, Rossio, Santa Apolonia, Sete Rios.

The road takes 3.5-4.5 hours. The total cost of the ticket is 21-31 € depending on the place of boarding, type of train and class of wagon.

Train Lisbon Oriente - Lagos

You can purchase a travel document, as well as check the relevance of prices and timetables on the Portuguese railway website

The information in the section is current as of November 2017.

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Weather and climate. When is the best time to go?

Temperature in Lagos

Portugal, and especially the Algavre region, is famous for its beautiful weather at any time of the year. The climate here is subtropical. As in all of Europe, the coldest time of the year is winter (from +5 to +10 degrees), and the hottest is summer (from +25 to +30). It is also worth keeping in mind that the rainiest month is November, and the driest month is July and August. The number of sunny days in a year is 300.

The weather in Portuguese Lagos is good at any time of the year, but if you want to not only sunbathe in the sun, but also take a walk along the streets of the city, then you should not come to Portugal in the hottest months – in July and August. Prefer June, May or September. Also, before the trip, you should see the weather forecast, because due to the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean the weather in Lagos is not stable.

If you were inspired by the article, then it’s time to go to Lagos (Portugal)!

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