Tourist’s guide to Cabo Da Roca in Portugal

Cabo Da Roca (Portugal) is the westernmost point of Eurasia. This place is fanned by the legends of courageous seafarers who, during the era of the “Great Geographical Discoveries”, left the Portuguese rocky shores in the hope of reaching the New World and discovering previously unknown continents. We offer you to go on a journey to the ends of the world!

Cape of Doom

General information

Cabo da Roca is located 18 km from the city of Sintra – in the Sintra Cascais National Park. Over its long history, this place has changed its name several times, but most often it was called the Cape of Lisbon, as it is located 40 km from the capital. Also, the Portuguese cape of Roca is known as the “edge of the Earth.”

Padran Cabo da Roca

For many centuries, the cape and surrounding cities were symbols of travelers and merchants who set off on voyages. However, 1755 came, and the earthquake, which went down in history as the Great Lisbon, destroyed most of Portugal, including buildings near the cape. Prime Minister Marquis de Pombal, who was in charge of the restoration work at that time, ordered the construction of 4 lighthouses on the west coast, as the 2 old ones (near the Monastery of St. Francis and near the northern coast of Porto) could not cope with their task.

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One of the first (in 1772) was built and the famous lighthouse of Cabo da Roca, located on the cape. In height, it reaches 22 meters, and rises above sea level by 143 m.

At night, thanks to special prisms, the light of the lighthouse was visible for many tens of kilometers and all sailors immediately recognized this structure – the light of the lamps was almost white, and for the rest of the lighthouses it was more likely yellow. In the 18th and 19th century, the luminaires at the lighthouse were oil, and after that they became electric, whose power today is 3000 watts.

Cabo da Roca Lighthouse

As before, a caretaker works at the lighthouse, who monitors the operation of light mechanisms and other equipment. There are 52 lighthouses in Portugal, but there are only four lighthouses: Aveiro, the Berlengas and Santa Marta archipelago. An interesting fact is that all the structures of this kind in Portugal are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Navy, which means that everyone who works for them are government employees.

Today, Cape Cabo da Roca is a popular tourist destination that invariably attracts travelers from around the world. Most foreign guests come here in July and August. By the way, the lighthouse of Cabo da Roca is ready to accept tourists for free, in the period from 14 to 17 hours.

How to get to the cape from Lisbon

The transport network in Portugal is very well developed, so you can get from Lisbon to Cape Roca at almost any time of the day. There are two most popular routes.

Method 1
Stations Cais de Sodre

The journey must begin at the Cais de Sodre station in Lisbon, where the railway station of the same name is located. From here, trains and trains depart every 30 minutes to the city of Cascais (you must take any of them and get off at the end station of the route).

Next, go to the nearest bus stop (go down to the only underground passage and exit from the other side), and catch the 403 bus going to Sintra. You need to get to the stop Cabo da Roca (this is exactly half the bus route). This is the end of the journey! You drove from Lisbon to Cape Dora.

Tickets cost 5.5 €. And the travel time will be equal to 1 h 15 min.

Method 2

There is a second, easier way to get to the Portuguese Cape of Rock from Lisbon. True, this option will cost a little more.

Sale cards Ask me Lisboa

At any Lisbon kiosk or tourist office, you can purchase the Ask me Lisboa card, which includes a free tour of the most famous sights of the capital of Portugal and its environs. This card will deprive you of the need to book anything and maintain long lines. However, it has a significant minus – you will be forced to follow the schedule, and you will not be able to spend much time on Cabo Roca.

Card cost for 72 hours – 40 €, for 24 hours – 19 €.

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Useful information

In order for the trip to Portugal to go without unpleasant surprises, take a note of some useful tips:

    1. If you want to enjoy the Cape of Rock alone, then come here no later than 9 a.m. or later than 7 p.m. At 11 there are already full of tourist buses with foreign guests. If you are traveling by car yourself, then keep in mind that after 12-13 hours of the day all parking spaces will already be occupied and will not be vacated soon.
Grilled chicken piri piri - portuguese dish
    1. Especially for hungry travelers, a cafe has been built near Cabo da Roca, where you can try Portuguese cuisine.
    2. There is also a souvenir shop near the cape, but the prices there are very high. Perhaps, it is worth acquiring only a personalized certificate of visiting and climbing the cape. Its cost is 11 €.
    3. What could be more romantic than sending a letter from the “end of the world”? Tourists visiting Cabo da Roca have this opportunity. There is a post office near the cape, from which you can send a letter in a beautiful envelope to your family and friends.
    4. On the cape, the wind almost always blows, so do not forget warm clothes.
    5. The weather in Portugal, due to its proximity to the ocean, is changeable, and the hottest months are stable July and August. The average temperature is 27-30 ° C. Before the trip, be sure to check the weather forecast – there is often fog in this place, and, in this case, you will not succeed in making beautiful photos of the Portuguese Cape of Rock.
Lisboa Card
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If you still do not know where to spend your vacation, then be sure to go to Portugal in order to see the “end of the world”. This place will conquer and inspire you on new trips! And Cape Roca (Portugal) will forever remain in your heart!

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