Tourist’s guide to Budva: attractions of the city and surroundings

Budva is a famous resort and tourist city. Located in the central part of the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. The city and surroundings are known as the Budva Riviera. The latter is famous for its clean sand beaches, diverse architectural monuments and vibrant nightlife. This article describes the sights of Budva, what to see in … Read more

Best places to eat cheaply in Nha Trang – top budget restaurants

Nha Trang restaurants fully reflect the multinationality of this city. Russians, Europeans, and, of course, Asians live here. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in the city with different cuisines – Vietnamese, German, Italian, Greek, French. We hope that our article will help you figure out where to eat in Nha Trang and … Read more

Where to eat delicious food in Batumi – an overview of the best restaurants

  Batumi boasts a large number of cafes and restaurants. Visitors are showered with love and impeccable culinary skill. Dishes of national, European or Asian cuisine can be easily found here. The restaurants in Batumi prepare delicious khachapuri, aromatic khinkali and serve homemade, tart wine. There are many establishments with different cuisines and different price … Read more

Best places to eat in Mui Ne – top recommended restaurants

Mui Ne restaurants are famous for the variety of gastronomic delights that can satisfy the taste of any tourist. Therefore, on every street you can find various catering establishments, from street eateries to cozy restaurants. The cuisine here is very different – Chinese, European, Asian, Indian and even Mexican. Do not be surprised if, when … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Haiphong – a major port and industrial city of Vietnam

The city of Hai Phong (Vietnam) is considered the third largest and most populous Vietnamese city – it is ahead of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. According to statistics, in December 2015, Haiphong was inhabited by 2,103,500 people, most of whom are Vietnamese, although there are also Chinese and Koreans. Hai Phong, located in … Read more

Guide to Dalat City – weather, restaurants and how to reach

Vietnam is proud of the city of Dalat as the best mountain resort in the country. The main advantages of a small (about 100,000 people) town are a unique mountain climate, a large number of natural attractions, and comfort. No wonder Dalat is called “Vietnamese Switzerland” and the city of “Eternal Spring”, “Thousands of Flowers.” … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Mui Ne – beaches, attractions and how to reach

Mui Ne, Vietnam – a place that has only recently begun to attract Russian tourists. An ordinary fishing village overnight became a resort, which was visited by large travel agencies. In recent years, Russian speaking tourists began to appear on its seashore. Now there are many more signboards in Russian than in English. Related entries: … Read more