Tourist’s guide to Narvik – the polar city of Norway

Narvik (Norway) is a small town and commune in the north of the country, in the province of Nordland. It is located on a peninsula surrounded by fjords and mountains. Narvik is inhabited by about 19,000 people.

Officially, it is believed that the city has existed since 1902. It was based as the port of Narvik, and the importance of an important transport hub has remained with it even now.

Photo: Narvik city, Norway

The port is central to the development of the city as the transport and logistics center of Norway. The harbor is never covered with ice and is well protected from the wind. The mild climate and weather prevail in the area due to the warm Gulf Stream.

Cruise Laner stopped in Narvik
Cruise ship in the port of Narvik

Annually, 18-20 million tons of cargo passes through the port of Narvik. Most of them are ore from Swedish mines in Kiruna and Kaunishvaar, but with a strategic port location and good infrastructure, the conditions are suitable for all types of containerized cargo. From Narvik, iron ore is shipped to land all over the world.

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Unique opportunities for winter holidays

Photo: Alpine skiing in Narvik

Narvik has the popular ski resort of Narvikfjelle. Its main characteristics:

  • guaranteed snow cover;
  • excellent conditions for winter sports (total length of tracks – 20 km, 75 runs);
  • the best conditions for skiing in the virgin snow, not only in Norway, but throughout Scandinavia;
  • Photo: Cable Dorga
  • lack of queues for ski lifts (the Narvikfjellet cable car is located at Skistua 7, its throughput is 23,000 people / hour);
  • open ski school with professional instructors;
  • Ski equipment can be rented here.

If you buy a ski pass, you can ride not only Narvikfjelle, but also at other resorts in Norway and Sweden: Riksgransen, Abisku, Björkliden.

The skiing season lasts from the end of November to May, but the best thing is to come here in February and March.

What else awaits tourists in Narvik

In addition to winter skating in Narvik, such activities as climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, fishing are available. There are also all conditions for practicing wreck diving, and at the bottom of Lake Nartvikvann you can even find the remains of ships of the 1940s, there is a whole German fighter!

Photo: cave paintings

Narvik has a unique attraction: 700 meters from the city center, in the Brennholtet district, you can see cave paintings! They can be found using the tourist card, or by following the signs on the streets. Drawings of people and animals cover a huge stone lying right on the street – travelers always take photos in Narvik at this archaeological site.

Photo: wolf in the northernmost zoo in the world
In zoo

If you want to visit the northernmost zoo on the planet, you can do this by coming to Narvik. A shuttle bus runs from this Norwegian city to the Polar Zoo in the Salangsdalen Valley.

There are several bars (8) and restaurants (12) in Narvik, where you can not only have a tasty meal (mainly prepare Scandinavian dishes), but also play bowling. The magnificent restaurant, next to which a viewing platform is equipped, is located at an altitude of 656 m above sea level.

Restaurant with an observation deck
View from the observation deck

Even in summer, there is one Narvikfjellet cable car line operating, bringing everyone to this restaurant and observation deck. You can go down the route for tourists, of whom there are several, and all are characterized by different levels of difficulty.

Shopping in Narving

Near the bus station, on Bolags gate 1, there is a large Amfi Narvik shopping center. On weekdays, it is open from 10:00 to 20:00, and on weekends from 9:00 to 18:00.

Kongens gate 66 has Narvik Storsenter. It houses a post office working on the same schedule. Also in this center is a Vinmonopol store where you can buy alcoholic beverages. Vinmonopol is open until 18:00, Saturday until 15:00, Sunday is a day off.


Narvik is the most amazing place in Norway. The city is located very close to the North Pole, but the warm current of the Gulf Stream makes the local climate incredibly comfortable.

Air temperature in Narvik for months

From the second half of October until May, winter continues in Narvik – the dark period of the year. From mid-November to the end of January, the sun completely stops showing, but you can often see the northern lights. Even in winter, the weather in Narvik is very mild: the air temperature is in the range of -5 to +15 ° C.

From the second half of May, white nights begin in Narvik. This phenomenon ceases by the end of July.

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How to get to Narvik

By plane
Photo: aerial view of the city
Airport and port of Narvik

In Narvik, there is Framnes Airport, where planes from Andenes land daily (1 time per day) and Buda (2 flights on weekends, 3 on weekdays).

Airplanes from the Norwegian cities of Oslo, Trondheim, Buda, Tromso arrive at Evenes Airport, 86 km from Narvik. Also organized flights to international destinations: Burgas, Munich, Palma de Mallorca, Antalya, Chania. A Flybussen bus runs from this airport to Narvik.

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By train
Railway station of the city
Railway station Narvik

The mountainous terrain does not allow connecting Narvik with other Norwegian cities by a railway network. The nearest village, which can be reached by train, is Bude.

The Malmbanan railway line connects Narvik with the Swedish railway system – with the city of Kiruna, and further with Luleå. Passenger trains run daily on this railway line, which is considered the most intense in the Scandinavian countries.

By bus
Photo: Narvik bus station
City bus station

The most convenient way to get to Narvik is by bus: there are several flights a day from the Norwegian cities of Tromsø (the journey takes 4 hours), Buda and Hashtu.

Transport in Narvik

The city of Narvik (Norway) occupies a small territory, so you can move around on foot. Or you can take a taxi (phone for calling a car: 07550), or on a city bus.

The central bus travels alternately on 2 routes a couple of times a day, and these routes begin and end at the bus station. Transport stops at the request of passengers – to do this, click on the button or explain to the driver where to stop.

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