Tourist’s guide to Lillehammer, winter sports city in Norway

Lillehammer is a city that is mentioned in ancient Viking legends. Every year, the quiet, calm town of Norway receives hundreds of thousands of tourists, and not only for outdoor activities on the magnificent ski slopes, but also to get acquainted with the amazing culture and history of the country. The coat of arms of the village is unique – a Viking skiing. What so attracts this quiet, small city of vacationers?

Photo: Lillehammer.

Photo: Lillehammer city in Norway

Lillehammer – general information

The city is located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Mjösa, south of the village of Eyer and southeast of the city of Jövik. The distance from the main airport in Oslo is just over 140 km. The most convenient way to travel from Oslo to Lillehammer is by train, the journey takes only 1 hour 40 minutes. If you plan to travel on your own, stick to the E6 highway, it crosses the whole city.

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Lillehammer city in summer

Information about the first settlements in Lillehammer dates from the Iron Age. The event that glorified the quiet town, undoubtedly the Olympic Games, has since been recognized by the whole world – Lillehammer is the city of which country, it has become one of the most popular winter sports centers in Norway (and throughout the world).

The buildings of the last century are perfectly preserved in the central part of the city, from here a beautiful mountain landscape and Lake Myosa open. In this part of Lillehammer, there are most places for shopping and tasting local dishes.


Museum complex Mayhaugen
Photo: Mayhaugen Museum

In the list of Lillehammer sights, a special place is rightfully given to the unique historic open-air complex Mayhaugen. The complex occupies a huge area – the largest in Norway and Northern Europe. Here are collected more than two hundred historical buildings, the architecture of which belongs to different historical periods. The oldest building is a wooden church, erected in 12-13 centuries. Also in this part of the museum there are farms, mills, a lake with a bridge, gardens, workshops. Life is most active in the summer. Pets are raised here, which is a particular pleasure for young visitors.

Another part of the park is decorated in urban style. There is a post office, train station, urban buildings typical of Lillehammer from the 19-20th centuries.

Opening hours and cost of visiting:

  • In summer, the museum complex is open daily from 10-00 to 17-00. In other months, the museum is closed on Mondays, and on other days the attraction is open from 11-00 to 16-00.
  • In the low season, in winter, the price of an adult ticket is 130 kroons, for a child (6-15 years old) – 65 kroons, the price of a ticket for pensioners and students is 95 kroons.
  • Prices for the summer period: 170, 85 and 115 NOK, respectively.
  • It is important! You can buy a family ticket, it is valid for families with children under the age of 16 years. Its cost is 325 (in low season) and 425 NOK (in summer).

  • Address: Maihaugvegen 1, Lillehammer 2609, Norway
Hunderfossen park
Hunderfossen Amusement Park

Located 13 km from Lillehammer. Park is a special world, the creation of which was directed by director Ivo Caprino. The recreation area is located in the forest. This is an amazing fairyland with a farm, rafting, a pool and the ability to watch 4D movies. In total, the park has more than fifty attractions.

It is best to come to the park in the evening when the kids are scared by fairy trolls and funny devils. All rides are in a specially built igloo. If you come to the park in winter, you can warm up in a cafe or restaurant. One of them is made of ice.

It is interesting! The most exciting attraction is a huge ship that sways 70 degrees and rises to a height of 14 meters.

Prices and schedule:

  • The cost of a full ticket for 1 day is 410 NOK, for a child – 355 NOK, for people over 65 – 310 NOK, for children below 90 cm – admission is free.
  • Hunderfossenna’s work schedule is complex and varies greatly depending on the time of year. There are also many days off in the park; it does not work on holidays. For the exact schedule and ticket prices, see the official website of the park –
  • Address: Hunderfossen Familiepark, Fossekrovegen 22, 2625 Fåberg
Olympic park
Photo: Olympic Park

The Olympic sports complex is the best and most modern in Norway. Each sightseeing sports arena is dedicated to a specific winter sport:

  • Birkebeineren ski stadium;
  • for climbing, the Hakons Hall complex is equipped;
  • the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track complex is unique in that everyone can ride a bean and experience some of the most exciting moments in life;
  • Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena is dedicated to snowboarding and skiing;
  • Mount Lysgårdsbakken is equipped for ski jumping.

In each of the centers you can relax, conduct a workout. The park has cafes and restaurants.

It is important! The Olympic Park has a huge number of attractions for strong-willed and hardy people. It is not recommended to visit attractions for tourists with a weak heart and spinal problems.

Before visiting the park, study the working hours and ticket prices on the official website –

Address: Nordsetervegen 45, Lillehammer 2618, Norway

Nordseter Village
Norseter Village in Norway

The attraction is located at an altitude of 850 meters and 15 km from Lillehammer in Norway. Here they ski from the mountainsides or in the forest. The ski resort is open from December until the beginning of April.

In the summer months, tourists come here on bicycles, horses or come on foot. Here you can hunt, fish and kayak.


This is a shop where you can buy souvenirs and handmade gifts. A unique attraction is the place where handmade products are collected, here you can find everything – soft toys, paintings, sculptures. Also, tourists are shown the process of blowing glass products.

Prices on the page are for September 2017.

Things to do

Hafiel Ski Resort

Thanks to the beautiful, modern sports school, excellent infrastructure, Lillehammer is interesting for fans of outdoor activities.

There are four large winter resorts near the city:

  • Hafiel is the largest;
  • Quitfiel – new, suitable for professionals;
  • Sheikampen;
  • Nurseter-Shyushen – recognized as the best in Northern Europe, the total length of the ski runs is 350 km.

All resorts are attractive, have their own characteristics. By the way, the winter season lasts from late autumn to the second half of spring. The distance from Lillehammer is only 15 km, you can get there by public transport, free buses leave regularly.

If you are relaxing with your family, it is better to go to Geilo and Gausdal, they are adapted for beginner athletes, there is a ski school, you can go sledding or just explore the surroundings. For professionals, the Quitfiel resort is more suitable.

Note! Tourists can purchase a single ski-pass, which gives the right to relax in all ski resorts.

Skiing in Lillehammer

In the vicinity of the city there are various entertainments for vacationers:

  • ice skating, skiing and snowboarding;
  • horseback riding or dog sledding;
  • winter safari;
  • snowshoeing.

You can visit a moose farm or take a walk around the city, looking at museums with interesting exhibits. Creative people will surely like the works presented at the Museum of Art. The most interesting street in the city is Storgata, where wooden buildings of the second half of the 18th century have been preserved. At the end of February, the annual art festival takes place in Lillehammer.

Photo: Steamboat on Lake Mjösa

You can take a fascinating journey around Lake Mjösa on an old wheeled steamer that has been running for 155 years. After a walk, the master of the vessel issues a certificate with a personal signature.

If you are not afraid to take risks, be sure to climb to the highest point of the Scandinavian archipelago – the top of Mount Halkhepiggen, which is located in the Jotunheimen National Park. The height of the mountain is almost 2.5 km.

A children’s farm located on the territory of the city is perfect for families with children. Here live dwarf pigs, chicken, pheasants, turkeys. Adults can ride horses, and children can ride ponies. After an active vacation, a cozy cafe invites you to refresh yourself and serves national cuisine. Unfortunately, you can visit the farm only in the warm season.

Weather and climate

Monthly temperature

At first glance, it might seem that tourists expect cold, frost and snowdrifts. However, the city of Lillehammer is in close proximity to the warm Gulf Stream. In winter, no port in the country freezes, and in some regions there is not even snow. The climate of Lillehammer can be estimated as mild, continental.

In winter, snow always falls here, which is why the city was chosen for the Winter Olympics. The winter season lasts from November to May. The average temperature varies from +2 to -12 degrees.

In summer, you can go hiking in the mountains, ride a bike, visit farms and various attractions, fish, take part in festivals and cultural events. The air temperature in the city and the district reaches +15 to +25 degrees.

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How to get there

The easiest way to get to Lillehammer from Oslo is by train. The fact is that the capital is the main railway junction, trains from all over Norway follow from here. There is a direct connection between Oslo and Lillehammer, besides this, during the trip you can enjoy beautiful views and amazing fjords.

Oslo Lillehammer Train

Trains (R10) to Lillehammer leave from Oslo’s main station (Oslo S) 1-2 times per hour from 6:34 a.m. to 11:34 p.m. Travel time – 2 hours 6 minutes. The timetable is best viewed in advance on the Norwegian railway website – The cost of the trip varies from 249 to 414 NOK ($ 30-50) depending on the class of car.

Good to know! You can also take the train at the train station, which is located near the airport – Oslo Lufthavn.

Lavprisekspressen Bus

From Oslo to Lillehammer can also be reached by bus. The carrier companies are Lavprisekspressen and Transport departs from the main bus station in the capital. There is also a bus station near the airport. There are few flights, so this way to get to a vacation spot is not reliable. The fare is from 10 to 22 euros.

You can travel by car. The road takes almost 2 hours. It should be noted that there are 45 toll routes in Norway, there is also a road on the way to Lillehammer, for which you have to pay 12 euros – E6 Gardermoen-Moelv.

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Lillehammer is a city of winter sports, museums and amazing parks. A trip here will surely be one of the most exciting adventures in life.

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