Tourist’s guide to Cape Nordkapp – the most northern point of Europe

Cape Nordkapp translated from Norwegian means the Northern Cape, because it is located on the island of Magere – the northernmost point of not only Norway, but also Europe. This place will be interesting both for experienced travelers and ordinary tourists who have not yet traveled half the globe.

Sunset on the North Cape
Cape Sunset

General information

The North Cape is a huge rock, with many lakes and granite tundra. The height of the cape is 307 m.

Equipped Playground
Site on the North Cape

The cape got its name due to its location – in the very north of Europe. Richard Chansler baptized this rock in 1553 (it was then that the scientist walked next to the cape in search of the Northern Passage). Subsequently, many more scientists and famous people visited this island. Including King of Norway Oscar II and King of Thailand Chulalongkorn. Today it is a popular tourist destination with incredible views of the Arctic Ocean.

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The Norwegian North Cape is located on the island of Magere, and is far from the only natural attraction of this place. Tourists should also pay attention to many birds with bright beaks – puffins and northern boobies with cormorants.

How to get there

Getting to the North Cape is much more difficult than to other tourist places in Norway. This is due to the fact that the cape is located in the very north of the country, where there are much fewer cities and villages. Therefore, it is best to go on a trip with a travel agency. But if you are an experienced traveler and confident in yourself, then it is worth a try!

If you decide to travel on your own, then first you should choose a vehicle.

Honningsvåg Airport Runway
Honningsvag Airport

There are as many as 5 airports in the West Finnmark region of Norway, so there will be no problems with this mode of transport. The nearest one is in the town of Honningsvag, 32 km from the cape. If this airport is not suitable, then you can land in Lakselva or Alta. The road to them from the cape takes 3-4 hours.

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Norway, like Scandinavia as a whole, is famous for its roads. Therefore, traveling by car is one of the best ways to get around this northern country. You can get to the cape via the E69 highway, which passes through an underground tunnel built in 1999. Also on the territory of the Norwegian Nordkap there is a parking lot, the use of which is free when purchasing an entrance ticket.

However, remember that Norway is a northern country, so be sure to check the weather forecast before the trip (sudden snowfalls often occur). You also need to know that from November 1 to April 30, the road for private vehicles is closed, and only buses are allowed to transport tourists.

Ferry on the pier
Honningsvag Pier

You can also get to the cape from large Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger) by the ferry of the Hurtigruten company, which run twice a day. However, it will not be possible to sail directly to the North Cape (the ferry will only take you to the port town of Honningsvorg), so the rest of the way (about 32 km) will have to be done by bus.

North Cape Express Bus

The only bus company that can bring you to Cape North Cape is North Cape Express. It is better to take buses of this company in the port town of Honningsvåg. Travel time is 55 minutes.

If you prefer to go on a trip with a travel agency – congratulations! You do not have to think about various trifles, but you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy your vacation. Although it doesn’t really matter if you eat alone or with an experienced guide, Cape Nordkapp will amaze you with its grandeur and beauty in any case.


There are few hotels near Cape Nordkin, but they are still there:

Kirkeporten Camping
Camping Kirkparten

This is the tourist site closest to the North Cape. The distance from the campsite to the cape is 6.9 km, so the most active travelers can get to the North Cape by bicycle or even walk. As for the campsite itself, it is located in the village of Skarvag, the northernmost settlement of Norway. Kirkeporten Camping is a lot of separate cottages with all amenities (spacious rooms, kitchen, toilet). Perhaps the only drawback of this place is the lack of shops – in order to purchase at least something edible, you have to visit the town of Honningsvag, 20 km from here.

Midnatsol camping
Photo: Midnatsol Camping

Midnatsol is another campsite located in Skarvag. This is a complex of cottages that are 9 km from the Norwegian Cape Nordkapp. However, unlike Kirkeporten Camping, there is a restaurant and free Wi-Fi. There is also a children’s playground on site and it is possible to rent a bicycle or boat. For the accommodation of 2 people in a campsite you need to pay about $ 90-130 per day.

Nordkapp Turisthotell
Hotel Nordkapp Turisthotell

The only hotel located in the village of Skarvag is Nordkapp Turisthotell. This is a small but cozy building with its own restaurant, bar and playground. Cape Nordkapp is 7 km away.


Perhaps Nordkappferie is the most elite and expensive hotel in the entire district. It is located in the city of Jesver, 16 km from the North Cape. All apartments have a kitchenette and a bathroom with a spa bath.

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North Cape Hall Travel Center
Photo: North Cape Hall

As for the tourist center of Cape North Cape North Cape Hall, then during the white nights it is always crowded. Tourists can visit the large cinema hall, buy souvenirs, visit the Grotten bar or watch an exposition dedicated to the history of this place. A feature of this center is that most of the building is underground.

Composition on the North Cape - Child of the World
Monument “Child of the World”

Also on the cape is the chapel of St. Johannes, which, despite its location (and this is the northernmost ecumenical chapel in the world) is the venue for weddings and other celebrations. As for the monuments, a memorable sculpture in the form of a ball is installed on the North Cape, as well as the monument “Child of the World”, which symbolizes the unity of all the people of the planet. Even from the photos taken at the North Cape, you can see how impressive this composition is.


Cape Nordkapp is located in the very north of the country, so the entertainment here is appropriate.

Photo: fishing on the North Cape

Fishing on the North Cape is one of the main hobbies of the Norwegians, therefore they are able to fish here and love to catch. However, before you go to the country of trolls, you must select the appropriate season.

Summer is the hottest time when both tourists and locals go to sea. At this time, you should go beyond the Arctic Circle – there you will find interesting adventures under the midnight sun. If you are not afraid of the cold, then visit Norway in the winter. This time of year is the best for cod fishing. You can also see the polar lights. As for spring and autumn, these seasons are not a season for fishermen. However, fishing on the North Cape is a year-round hobby, so you can come to the cape any month.

As for the places most suitable for fishing near the North Cape, this is, first of all, the village of Skarvag, which is the center of fishers in northern Norway. Also pay attention to the town of Honningsvag, Jesver and the village of Kameivare.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the favorite pastimes of the people of Finnmark (northern Norway). The most famous company that deals with this is BIRK Husky. This company organizes both one-day and five-day tours. You can buy them in many hotels. Also pay your attention to the Engholm Husky company: this company offers to participate in night sledding. Employees of the company are sure that at night a person approaches nature. A trip in the dark is also an opportunity to see the northern lights and take incredibly beautiful photos of Cape Nordkapp.


Anyone can ride a snowmobile in Norway – in almost all hotels you can rent this vehicle. Also, some travel agencies and campsites organize centralized trips in the surroundings: everyone who has at their disposal a snowmobile can join. Snowmobiling is an opportunity to find that Norway, which we usually see in the photo.

Cinema visit

If it’s already too cold outside, but still want to entertain yourself with something, go to the huge cinema of the North Cape Hall tourist center. There you will learn a lot about the history of the Norwegian Cape Nordkapp, as well as see the film, which is broadcast on a huge panoramic screen.


Almost every Norwegian hotel will offer you various excursions around the country – both one-day and four-day. Do not miss this opportunity! Norway is very diverse and diverse, so it is worth visiting every region of the country. Here are the most popular tours:

Bergen Embankment
City of Bergen
  • Trip to Hallingskarve National Park (one day);
  • Walk in the Femunnsmark National Park (one-day);
  • Fjords of Western Norway (two days);
  • Norwegian fairy tale: Bergen, Aalesund, Oslo (four-day). Read in detail about the city of Bergen .

Programs and prices for all entertainment can be found at

Weather and climate when it is better to go

The North Cape is located in the very north of Norway, but thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, the climate here is subarctic. The average summer temperature is 10 ° C, but on some days it can reach 25 ° C. It is not so cold in winter – the average temperature is -4 ° C. The driest months of the year are May and July.

Remember that in the summer, from May 13 to July 31, the sun does not set, but shines round the clock, and from November 21 to January 21 does not rise.

Useful Tips

  • Remember that Norway is a northern country, and even here it is not hot in summer. In the vicinity of the North Cape, a cold wind constantly blows, so you need to take only warm and non-selling clothes with you. Stock up and thermoses with tea.
  • Book a hotel room or ferry ticket in advance. Cape Nordkapp is popular with tourists, but there are not so many places to stay, so think ahead.
  • As for money, it is better to exchange rubles or dollars for Norwegian kroner even at the airport or in another large city (for example, in Oslo or Bergen).
  • In addition to the photo, from the Norwegian North Cape should bring blueberries, traditional Brunost cheese, as well as a personal certificate of ascent to the North Cape (available at the tourist center on the cape).

Interesting Facts

View of Honningsvåg
Honningsvag City
  • According to Norwegian law, only a settlement with a population of more than 5,000 people can be considered a city. The number of residents of Honningsvag, which is today a city, is only 2,415 people. Despite the fact that the population is decreasing, the status of the city has not been taken away from the village, and today it is one of the smallest cities in Norway.
  • In order to get to the island of Magere you need to go through an underground tunnel.
  • The village of Skarvag is the northernmost fishing village in the world.
  • Norwegian patrol ships that fight environmental problems and patrol the country’s borders are named in honor of Cape Nordkapp.
  • One of the streets of Severodvinsk is named after Richard Chansler, the scientist who discovered the North Cape.

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