Tourist’s guide to Aalesund City – Real Norway

Aalesund (Norway) is an Art Nouveau city located on the west coast of the country. The Norwegians themselves consider Alesund the most beautiful city in the country. Surrounded by fjords and mountains, this small town attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. All those who want to see Norway real and original come here.

Aalesund, Norway

About city

The city is located between two fjords – Hurond and Geiranger. Both fjords are part of the world heritage and are listed by UNESCO. Aalesund is interesting in that it is not a holistic city in our usual sense. It is located immediately on the seven Norwegian islands. The population of the city is a little over 42 thousand people.

A brief historical excursion
Photos Aalesund

In order to better understand why the formation of the city gave exactly what we see now, it is worth plunging into history. Since the middle of the 15th century, the fishing village of Borghezund was located at the site of the current location of the city. Obviously, the main factor in its appearance was the convenient location and close proximity of the fjords.

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Already in 1823 the settlement was renamed Ålesund (Alesund), and by 1848 it had grown so much that it received the status of a city. A landmark event for the city occurred in 1904 – a severe fire occurred. And given that most of the city buildings were wooden, the disaster destroyed almost the entire city.

In just three years, Aalesund was rebuilt. New houses in the style of Art Nouveau and Norwegian Art Nouveau made the city incredibly charming, as we know it now. Aalesund continues the tradition of the Borgesund and is today Norway’s largest fishing center.

Attractions Alesund

The sights of Ålesund (Norway) are not as famous as, for example, the tourist places of Paris, but many people come here only to see them. The measured life of the city does not imply a noisy and overly active pastime. So what are the sights worth seeing in Aalesund?

Fjellstua Viewpoint
Fielstoy Observation Deck

The site is located on top of the Alesund Mountain Axla. A rock hangs right above the city. To get to the top, you have to go through the 418 steps of the stairs, which begins in the city park. If you are not ready for such loads, then you can rise by transport. Upstairs is the summer restaurant and Fjellstua Viewpoint itself, which offers incredible views.

From a height of 160 meters, all the islands of the city and their bright houses are visible, and the environment of mountains and fjords is breathtaking even for inveterate travelers. The viewing platform can safely be called a business card of Ålesund. The view that opens from it is printed on souvenirs and in guidebooks. Photos of Alesund from the observation deck of Fjelstois can be found in everyone who has been here.

Alnes Lighthouse Village Lighthouse
Alnes Village Lighthouse

About 20 minutes from Ålesund, the small village of Alnes lies. The main occupation of the villagers is fishing, so everything here is organized for the work of fishermen. The lighthouse can be safely called a symbol of the village and its main attraction. In addition, he refers us to the history of Aalesund, as it is made of wood.

Visitors have the opportunity to go up the lighthouse and enjoy the view from there. As a rule, tourists are immediately given the opportunity to eat and drink.

Hotel Brosundet
Hotel Brosundet

Centrally located in the historical part of the city, the Brosundet Hotel should not be overlooked. The building with a Scandinavian interior will help you immerse yourself in the real world of Norway. Despite the traditional character of the hotel, it offers very comfortable rooms. From Brosundet you can easily reach almost all historically important places in the city.

If for some reason it was not possible to check into the hotel, you can visit the local bar. Brosundet offers an impressive range of drinks and a relaxing atmosphere by the fireplace.

The cost of a night stay at the hotel starts from 180 euros.

Aalesund Church
Aalesund Church

The massive stone church was built in 1909 by the architect Sverre Knudsen. This parish church holds about 800 people at a time.

The structure is decorated with marble, which gives it an even more impressive appearance. The interior is impressive, for a Protestant church, the scale. A distinctive feature of the Ålesund church is the organ – the largest in all of Norway.

It regularly hosts services and concerts attended by not only locals, but also curious tourists. The doors of Aalesund Church are always open.

Ski resort Sunnmorsalpane
Landscape Sunnmorsalpane

Alesund ski resort is open to visitors from December to April. A lover of outdoor activities, this place may seem like a real paradise. Firstly, the landscapes opening from Sunnmorsalpan are something unbelievable. And, secondly, the level of organization of the resort’s recreation is at its best.

Here all the conditions are created so that you can spend time with comfort: slopes of different difficulty levels, comfortable lifts and, of course, the opportunity to spend leisure time with a cup of tea in a pleasant atmosphere.

What else to do in Aalesund?

If you do not travel from city to city, but stop in one place, sooner or later there comes a moment when all the most famous sights are visited and you begin to look for alternative entertainment.

The first thing to do for a traveler arriving in Ålesund is to visit the tourist center. Here you can find free guides and maps, find out the timetables of buses, ferries and excursions. The staff of the center will help you choose places to visit and rationally plan your vacation.

Summer Solstice Celebration

An alternative pastime in Alesund (Norway) includes visiting local festivals and festivals. Each season is notable for its special events, so the likelihood that you will fall on one of them is quite high.

Hiking is also quite popular among city guests. Given the fact that the infrastructure of Aalesund is designed for tourists, it will not be difficult to find such routes. The most popular of them:

  • climbing Mount Sukkertoppen;
  • Climbing Mount Aksla and visiting the park;
  • Trekking to Borgundgavlen.

In addition to hiking, do not forget about boat trips. A variety of excursion routes in the fjords certainly let you find one that interests you.

When is the best time to go to Aalesund?

Alesund air temperature

Compared to the general climate picture of Norway, the climate of Alesund is rather mild. This is due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream. But soft for Norway is not always comfortable for a resident, for example, Europe or Middle Asia. Therefore, let’s talk a little about the weather of Aalesund at different times of the year.

Ålesund in winter

Winter Norway has a rather harsh climate. The proximity of the fjords provides constant winds and high humidity. In winter, it is worth going to Aalesund mainly for a ski holiday. Long walks and cycling, of course, are not available at this time of year.

Spring in Alesund

Spring here begins around the middle of April, until this time mostly snow lies and until May the ski resorts function normally.

Atlantic Sea Park
Atlantic Sea Park, Aalesund

The best time to travel to Aalesund is summer. There is no need to fear too high a temperature here, in the summer months in rare cases the thermometer will show above + 20 ° C, on average +13 .. + 16 ° C. But for walks, visits to museums and other outdoor activities, such weather is quite acceptable.

Weather in autumn

Autumn in Norway is different. But most often in October it is already quite cold and rainy, therefore, with the beginning of the autumn period, the number of visitors to the city is significantly reduced.

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How to get to Aalesund?

The transport system throughout the country is very well organized. Therefore, it is very easy to get to the city of Aalesund (Norway). There are several ways to get into the city, the most common of them – by plane.

By plane
Vigra Airport

Only 12 kilometers from the city is the largest airport in the area – Vigra. If you are planning your vacation in Ålesund, then it is worth choosing flights that are sent here.

The airport accepts flights from major European airlines: Norwegian, KLM, airBaltic, WizzAir and Scandinavian Airlines. Therefore, you can get to Aalesund from most major European and Scandinavian cities.

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By bus
Bus to Aalesund

Another type of transport popular with travelers and locals is the bus. Thanks to the excellent condition of the roads in Norway, even many hours of bus travel are not too tiring. And given the fact that during the trip there are fascinating views, many are not averse to driving through the whole country.

On a ferryboat
Ferry to Aalesund

An alternative way to get to Alesund’s attractions is by ferry. You can catch a ferry from Tromsø, Trondheim, Bergen, Kirkenes and Hammerfest. Such a trip, although it will be somewhat longer and more expensive, but will allow you to enjoy amazing views of the fjords.

You can also get to Ålesund by train or car, but tourists rarely use these options because of the high cost.

A trip to Aalesund (Norway) is a great way to spend a vacation and enjoy the Scandinavian beauties. The city is suitable both for independent travel, and for a trip with family.

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