Tourist’s guide to Amsterdam’s hotels and where to stay overnight

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts, which combines various architectural styles, eras and manifestations of urban culture. About 850 thousand people live in the city, but each district is distinguished by its atmosphere, originality and color. We have prepared for you an overview of all areas of the capital of the Netherlands so that you can make the right choice yourself and determine where it is better to stay in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam city

General information on the areas of the capital of the Netherlands

It should be noted, the rates in local hotels are considered the highest in Europe. If discounts appear in hotels, accommodation is booked almost instantly, so it is better to plan a vacation and, if possible, book a room at least a month before the trip.

Important! The pleasant experience of staying in the capital of Holland depends on the place of residence. Even in such a prosperous and calm city, there are areas where it is not recommended to drop in. Where to stay in Amsterdam depends on individual preferences and your budget.

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Amsterdam city districts
Map of Amsterdam

The minimum cost of housing in the historic center of Amsterdam is 50 €, for this cost you can stay in a room with an area of ​​no more than 15 m2. A place in a hostel will cost 50-60 €, a hotel room costs from 80 €. Spacious apartments cost from 120 € to stay in a full-fledged apartment, you will have to pay 230-500 € per day.

In the south of Amsterdam, the prices for accommodation are as follows:

  • a place in a hostel costs about 40 €;
  • a room in an inexpensive hotel will cost 60 €;
  • a room in a luxury hotel costs approximately 300 €;
  • apartments can be picked up for 110 €.

If you want to stay in the west of the capital, the prices here are as follows:

  • studio apartment – 100 €;
  • double room – 60 €.

Good to know! In the western quarters of the city, mainly residential areas are concentrated, so there are practically no hotels here. The cheapest accommodation is best found in the Nieuw West area.

In the east of Amsterdam, locals offer inexpensive accommodation – a comfortable apartment for two can be rented for 80-85 €, however, hotel rooms are quite expensive – you can stay at a mid-range hotel for about 550 €.

Amsterdam Central Historic District

Hotel V Nesplein in the center of Amsterdam
Hotel v nesplein

Want to fully experience the atmosphere of Holland? It is better to find a hotel in the historical areas of the capital. Life in the center has several advantages:

  • a large selection of historical and architectural attractions within walking distance;
  • many cafes and restaurants;
  • excellent transport accessibility.

Important! The central districts of Amsterdam are focused mainly on walking, driving in a car, and even more so finding a parking lot is very difficult – consider this fact if you plan to stay in remote areas and want to rent a car.

Families with children should think twice before choosing hotels located in the city center, for several reasons – a large number of drunk tourists, noisy and crowded. Also, be prepared for the fact that already quite high prices for hotel rooms in the center of Amsterdam increase several times more.

Amsterdam Center

If you firmly decided that it is better to stay in one of the central areas of Amsterdam, pay attention to:

  • Large channels;
  • Plantazh is an area with a bourgeois atmosphere; here you can visit the Botanical Garden and the zoo;
  • Yordaan is a luxurious and expensive area, bohemians and shopping enthusiasts prefer to stay here.

Find a hotel in the area

Amsterdam South

Museum Quarter
Museum Quarter of Amsterdam

This part of the capital was built in the second half of the 19th century, mainly for the wealthy residents of Amsterdam. The atmosphere accurately conveyed French chic, as many tourists note – over time, the area has not lost its luxury, exquisite architecture and spacious streets have been preserved here. The Museum Quarter is located near the historical center, nearby you can stroll along Museum Square and shop on PCHooftstraat, where the best boutiques of Amterdam work, and relax in the picturesque Vondelpark Park. Given that the Museum Quarter is located in close proximity to the center of the capital, real estate prices here are quite high.

Oud Zuid District or Old South

One of the best areas of Amsterdam, where you can stay even for families with children. There are spacious green boulevards, park areas and themed shops. In this part of the city there are many educational institutions.

Oud Zuid District
RAI Center in Rivierenbuurt
Exhibition Center RAI

This part of the city is bounded by two embankments and the RAI Exhibition Center. This is where Anna Frank lived. Prefer to stay in this area? It is better to choose hotels located in the direction of the exhibition hall and the Old South – there is a pleasant atmosphere, well-kept houses. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Amsterdam, look for homes and hotels by the Amstel River.

De pijp
De Pijp houses Albert Cuyp Market
Albert Cuyp Market

This area is known as a bohemian place with a large number of eateries with dishes of different national cuisines. Here you can find cheap housing in fairly old houses. In De Pijp is the largest metropolitan market Albert Cuyp, you can visit it every day and inexpensively choose fresh products. Near the historic center of Amsterdam is a very colorful attraction – the Heineken Brewery.

Buitenveldert District, Amsterdam

Externally, the area looks more like a suburb – it is located on the outskirts and borders on the settlement of Amstelveen. This part of the city is quite calm, green. As for housing, here you can rent a relatively inexpensive house. Tourists choose Buitenveldert, because there is a large selection of townhouses. This part of the city is connected to other areas by several tram lines and metro number 51.

Good to know! Amstelveen borders on Buitenveldert; they are united by a huge, picturesque park.

Choose accommodation in the area

Amsterdam West

From the point of view of rental housing for tourists who arrived in Amsterdam for a couple of days, this part of the city is not the most successful, since there are most emigrants from the northern regions of Africa. Prefer to live in the west of the capital? It is better to choose the following quarters:

Street of De Baarsjes
De barsjes
  • Oud West;
  • De Baarsjes;
  • Westerpark.

Oud West is recognized as the most decent and well-groomed, it borders on historical Amsterdam, as well as the Museum Quarter. In this area of ​​the city housing is presented in a wide price range. A favorite vacation spot is Vondelpark Park, located in the Museum Quarter, which borders Oud West.

Vondelpark Park

If the budget plays a key role in deciding where to stay in Amsterdam, pay attention to the inexpensive western area.

Choose housing in the west of Amsterdam

Amsterdam North

The northern regions are considered a city only nominally, local residents consider them to be another city. To get to the northern regions, you will need to use the ferry. In fact, many tourists undeservedly ignore the northern part of Amsterdam, however, there are also many interesting places here. In addition to the ferry, you can take a bus ride through the underwater tunnel.

Het Twiske Recreation Area North
Het twiske

The main attraction of the north of the city is the huge recreation area Het Twiske. Here you can also see the base of the legendary Ajax football club. Locals consider the north of Amsterdam the most dull and inexpressive part of the city.

East area

Capital residents call the eastern part of Amsterdam a patchwork quilt. The fact is that the eastern regions are diverse in color, national and cultural color. In this part of the city there are many inexpensive, but dysfunctional ethnic neighborhoods where tourists are better off not renting a house:

  • Oosterparkbuurt;
  • Indische buurt;
  • Transvaalbuurt.

However, the east of the Dutch capital may pleasantly surprise the expensive, bourgeois and polished Plantage area with fascinating sights:

Frankendael Park in Plantage
  • Frankendael’s picturesque park;
  • sports facilities Middenmeer and Drie Burg;
  • Weesperzijde seafront bordering Oud Zuid.

Zeeburg is located next to the central railway station and at the same time is isolated from the hustle and bustle of the central quarters. If you are not confused by the minimum number of green spaces, the predominance of concrete, asphalt, water, and you want to find cheap housing, you can choose an apartment or hotel room this quarter.

The Ijburg district is one of the most remote quarters, where new buildings predominate, you can rent an inexpensive apartment with a non-standard layout, there is even a Blijburg beach.

Houses in Ijburg
District Ijburg

The Java-eiland and KNSM-eiland districts are built on an artificially created island in IJ Bay. Stylish, modern houses are built on the streets that visually resemble Venetian ones. It is impossible to find inexpensive housing here – the apartments are expensive, and the road to the main attractions of Amsterdam is quite long and tiring.

Amsterdam-Zuidoost District

The Amsterdam-Zuidoost district has a sad history, the fact is that it was here that the first Dutch ghetto was organized. Local authorities are trying to ennoble this part of the city and make it attractive to tourists. The advantages of the Amsterdam-Zuidoost area are affordable housing and the metro that will take you to the historic quarters of Amsterdam in a matter of minutes.

If you choose – where it is better to stay in Amsterdam – pay attention to several factors:

  • remoteness from sights;
  • liveliness of the area;
  • budget.
Hostel Room Amsterdam Zuidoost
Hostel Amsterdam Zuidoost

The closer to the central quarters, the more expensive and more elegant housing, in remote areas you can find a hotel room or apartment in a residential building cheaper, but quite comfortable. If you want to fully experience the local flavor and authenticity of Amsterdam, it is better to choose remote areas.

To choose the most comfortable way to the city center, buy a map of the capital and pay attention to the tourist ticket, which gives the right to travel in any public transport for 1 or 2 days.

Favorable accommodation options in Amsterdam.

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