Tourist’s guide to Transport in Amsterdam: metro, buses, trams, bicycles

Public transportation in Amsterdam is fast, comfortable and safe. Buses and trams are always full of free space, because locals prefer to ride bikes. Ferries and the metro are quite popular, because they can take passengers not only to one of the districts of the capital of the Netherlands , but also to the suburbs. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Gouda – the birthplace of Gouda cheese

Gouda is a city located in South Holland between ancient Utrecht and Rotterdam. For many, its name evokes associations with cheese, but having got a little acquainted with the history of the town, it will become clear that it hides many fascinating stories. Gouda – the birthplace of the famous scientist – Erasmus of Rotterdam, … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Van Gogh Museum – highly popular museum in Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum is one of Amsterdam’s most important attractions. In 2017, it became the most visited museum in the Netherlands, as 2,260,000 people visited it! The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam dates back to 1973. To organize such a museum decided the nephew of the artist, who had a huge collection of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Maastricht – a city of contrasts in the Netherlands

The city of Maastricht is located on the river Meuse, in the southeast of the Netherlands, only 3 kilometers from the border with Belgium and 50 km from Germany. The small administrative center of Limburg covers an area of ​​almost 60 km²; as of 2015, about 125,000 people live in it. The first memories of … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Nijmegen – a city in Netherlands from the Roman times

The ancient colorful city of Nijmegen is located 100 km from Rotterdam on the banks of the Baal River. The inhabitants of Nijmegen are friendly and smiling. Despite the crushing bombing in 1944, after which almost nothing remained of the historical heritage, the city in the Netherlands did not lose its warmth and ancient charm. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Amsterdam’s hotels and where to stay overnight

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts, which combines various architectural styles, eras and manifestations of urban culture. About 850 thousand people live in the city, but each district is distinguished by its atmosphere, originality and color. We have prepared for you an overview of all areas of the capital of the Netherlands so that you … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Amsterdam’s best restaurants: from gourmet to budget

Are you a true foodie or just love to try new food in new cities? Discover the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Having studied a huge number of institutions of different classes, we made a selection of the most worthy. Enjoy the delicious flavors of genuine Dutch food – herring, steaks and sandwiches, salads and sweets. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Volendam and Edam – towns with the spirit of old Holland

Volendam (Holland) is a fishing village near Amsterdam where you can see how Dutch fishermen lived in the 19th century. Volendam is not an open-air museum, its population lives its usual life, providing an opportunity for guests to watch it with the hospitality of hospitable hosts. Without a visit to Volendam and the nearby town … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Eindhoven – a colorful city in the southern Netherlands

Eindhoven, The Netherlands is the administrative center of the province of North Brabant. A vibrant town is considered the center of design and contemporary art. The rapid development of the settlement is due to Philips, whose headquarters was founded in Eindhoven. Today, a world-famous company is based in the Netherlands, but this did not affect … Read more

What to bring from Holland – gift and souvenir ideas

A mandatory part of a trip to another country is the choice of gifts for close relatives, friends and colleagues. Each tourist has a personal approach to buying gifts – someone approaches this question seriously and thoughtfully, while someone limits himself to acquiring several magnets. Amsterdam is rightfully included in the list of the best … Read more