IAmsterdam city card – what it is and is it worth buying?

I amsterdam City Card is a magic wand for those who want to get to know Amsterdam better. This plastic assistant will turn off your internal calculator and remove any restrictions, allow you to forget about money for the rest and drown in the magical atmosphere of the city.

I amsterdam city card

Who needs such a card? How long does it work and is it worth it to buy? The answers to all your questions are in this article.

Interesting statistics! From 2004 to 2018, more than 1,700,000 Amsterdam tourist cards were sold.

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Where is it used?

The functionality of the card can be divided into three components, which relate to transport, attractions and entertainment venues.


The card allows free use of the city’s public transport services in unlimited quantities for 24-96 hours. Buses, metro and trams fall into this category.

City transport

Please note! You can use transport, whose route goes beyond Amsterdam, but you can only sit and get up at stops located within the city limits.

In addition, I amsterdam city map gives you access to a free cruise on the city’s water channels, but note that this applies only to the services of the following companies:

  • Lovers Canal Cruises;
  • Blue Boat Company;
  • Stromma;
  • Gray line;
  • Holland International.

Important! For the entire duration of the card you can go on a free cruise only once. The same applies to visiting attractions – only the first entrance will be free.


I amsterdam City Card frees you from queues and the need to buy tickets at most of the city’s attractions. It operates in 80 locations, including the central zoo, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, the Nemo Science Center, most of the churches and the botanical garden. A complete list of available attractions can be found at www.iamsterdam.com.

Nemo Science Center, Amsterdam
Nemo Science Center

Bonus! The card is valid outside Amsterdam, its owners can visit the open-air museum for free – the city of Zanse Schans.

Discounts and gifts
I amsterdam City Card as a discount card or coupon

I amsterdam City Card acts as a discount card or a “compliment” coupon (a glass of liquor, a figurine, a postcard, etc.) in some cafes, shops, clubs and restaurants.

The exact list of places where you can get a 25% discount on admission, free rolls, drinks or souvenirs, as well as save on renting a car or riding a bike / motorcycle, can be found at www.iamsterdam.com.

Note! To get a discount on entry to museums and theaters, you need to buy tickets on the spot, not online.

Cost and Validity

There are 4 options for I amsterdam card:

Card price and expiration date
  • For a day – € 59
  • For two days – € 74
  • For 72 hours – € 87
  • At ninety-six hours – € 98

The cost of this card is fixed and does not change depending on the social category of the traveler. In addition, it is personalized and must be purchased separately for each tourist, including children.

On a note! If you have not yet decided where to stay in Amsterdam, see the overview of the districts of the city on this page .

Where to order

I amsterdam City Card can be bought online on the official website www.iamsterdam.com, with delivery (the cost depends on the region of residence) or pickup from the company’s offices, including:

Schiphol Airport Office
  1. Schiphol Airport.
  2. Visitor Information Center (exact address Stationsplein, 10).
  3. Central Station, I amsterdam store.

To pick up a card at one of the three points mentioned, you need to provide a printed order confirmation that will be sent to your mail immediately after payment.

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Is it worth buying

Whether the purchase of a card will be beneficial depends on how many places you plan to visit and how often you will use public transport. We suggest you pre-calculate whether to buy I amsterdam City Card, using the following information:

Amsterdam Water Canal Cruise
  • The average cost of entering the local museum is 17-25 euros per person;
  • A ring cruise on water channels costs about 20 €;
  • A ticket for public transport within the city will cost 3 € (per hour), 7.5 € (day), 12.5 € (48 hours).

To show that it is really profitable to buy a tourist map of Amsterdam, the company made three detailed routes lasting 1, 2 or 3 days, using which you can save from 16 to 90 euros.

We also save time! As a pleasant bonus for buying a tourist card, there is no need to stand in line.

Is it profitable for children to buy a card? Young travelers under the age of 4 years and without it have the right to free travel and widespread free admission, and older kids – the right to a discount. The company indicates the cost of visiting all attractions that may be of interest to children – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information before making a purchasing decision.

Good to know: Where to eat in Amsterdam – a selection of the best cafes and restaurants in the city .

Prices on the page are for June 2018.

It’s important to know


The card becomes active at the time of first use and is valid for the number of hours (not days!) Indicated on it.

We advise you to leave a visit to the largest attractions (such as the zoo) for the deadline. So, using the card for the first time at 10-11 in the morning (and not at 9 to catch it at the time of opening), you can use it for free entry to another place the next day (until 10-11 in the morning) and walk there until closing time.

Note! The countdown of the transport card does not coincide with the museum. Both of them are activated at the time of first use in the appropriate place.

An airport
Bus number 69

The airport is located outside Amsterdam, so travel from it to the city center is not included in the card price. But here you can cheat! To do this, instead of the standard direct bus number 397, you need to use the minibus number 69 and at the station Antwerpenbaan transfer to tram number 2. The final stop is Amsterdam Centraal.

The map includes a guide to Amsterdam, a city map and a glossy travel magazine

Complete with a map is always a detailed guide to Amsterdam, a city map and a glossy travel magazine. If the last two gifts can be safely folded into a suitcase immediately after receiving it, the compact brochure will always tell you the addresses and the opening schedule of all the sights, as well as tell you where the places where you can get a discount on the card are located.

Amsterdam map for tourists is the key to a rich and organized vacation. Have a nice trip!

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