How to get from Amsterdam to The Hague – 3 ways

If you are planning a trip to the capital of Holland, be sure to consider a trip to other cities of the country. There are railway and bus connections between the settlements of the Netherlands, so it’s not difficult to get from the capital to any city. Our article is devoted to the theme – Amsterdam – The Hague – how to get there and which way is the easiest.

The Hague City

Possible routes from Amsterdam to The Hague.

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1. By car

Car from Amsterdam to The Hague

In the Netherlands there are no toll roads, so many tourists choose a car as a vehicle for traveling. Thus, you do not need to lay a free route or spend money on paying for travel on the highway.

Between Amsterdam and The Hague, the A-4 motorway passes. The route should be designed in such a way as to leave the capital specifically for this route, which has several lanes in one direction and a separator that protects drivers from a head-on collision.

The Netherlands is rightly called the country of lowlands and lakes. Before you reach your destination, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes located on both sides of the road. Near the Hague, on the right hand, there will be a small channel. Even in hot weather there is a lot of vegetation.

It is important! There are occasional right or left ramps, but to get to The Hague from Amsterdam, follow the A-4 motorway exclusively.

Highway A-4 to The Hague

A distinctive feature of roads in the Netherlands is safety. At the intersection of highways, interchanges from several levels are established, so the probability of road traffic accidents is minimal.

Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Airport

Part of the journey passes from Amsterdam to the territory of Schiphol Airport, so be prepared for the fact that planes will periodically fly overhead. Consider the airport building and the surrounding area does not work, because they are densely planted with vegetation.

Interesting fact! During the Second World War, the Schiphol building became the subject of fierce battles between the German and Dutch armies. By the time of surrender, it was Schiphol that remained the only object in the country that the Dutch controlled. Today, this airport is considered the main one in the Netherlands.

The distance from Amsterdam to The Hague at 58.8 km the car overcomes in 40 minutes.

2. By train

Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam Central Station

Perhaps the most comfortable and fastest way to overcome getting from Amsterdam to The Hague. Trains depart from Amsterdam Central Station (address: Stationsplein, 1012 AB) and arrive at The Hague Central Station (2595 aa den, Kon. Julianaplein 10).

The road from Amsterdam takes about an hour, the first flight leaves at 5-45, and the last – at 23-45. The exact schedule is best studied in advance on the official website of the railway –

The seats in the cars are quite comfortable, so the road does not seem long or exhausting.

Comfortable car seats

Practical information:

  • Amsterdam – The Hague train leaves every 15-30 minutes;
  • there are direct flights and transfers;
  • the fare is about 11.50 €, but check the price on the railway website.

The Hague can be reached directly from Schiphol Airport, while the Hague is easily accessible from Rotterdam and Delft. Between cities ply trains and trams.

In the Netherlands, there is a special system for buying train tickets. The fact is that the official website provides information about the cost and the current schedule. You can buy a ticket at the box office or in a special machine. If you plan several trips throughout the day, you can purchase a travel card that gives you the right to travel on any train, but only on one day.

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3. How to get from Amsterdam to The Hague by bus

Eurolines Bus to The Hague

There are bus services between Dutch cities, but there are fewer of them than in the railway schedule. Comfortable buses run between cities, so the trip will be easy. Transportation is carried out by Eurolines.

Practical information:

  • schedule – two flights in the morning, three flights in the afternoon and one in the evening;
  • a bus stop is located next to the train station;
  • You can get to The Hague in an average of 45 minutes;
  • the fare is 5 €.

There are no difficulties with the purchase – just go to the carrier’s official website and book a seat online at

It is important! There is no air connection between Amsterdam and The Hague, so it is impossible to fly from the capital by plane.

How to get from Schiphol Airport to The Hague

Train from Schiphol Airport
  1. By train. Dutch Railways departures every 30 minutes and can be reached from Amsterdam in an average of 39 minutes. The fare is 8 €.
  2. Bus number 116. Flights depart twice a day. The road takes 40 minutes. You will have to pay 4 €.
  3. Taxi. You can book a transfer from the airport directly to the hotel. The cost of the trip is from 100 to 130 €.
  4. By car. The distance between Schiphol Airport and The Hague is only 45 km, so it is easy to reach in 28 minutes.

Prices on the page are for June 2018.

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Useful Tips

The train is the most convenient transport
  1. The most convenient way to get to the right point in the country is by train. There are many flights, the cars are comfortable.
  2. The ticket is valid for one day, but gives travel only on trains following one branch. Such a system is convenient if you want to visit several cities.
  3. You can buy a ticket at the machine, having previously selected English. It is more profitable to buy tickets in both directions. It is enough to enter the first letter of the destination and the machine will provide possible options.
  4. You can pay for your ticket in cash or by card.
  5. You can pay for a ticket in cash using a card or card. If you pay in cash, use only coins; the machine does not accept banknotes.
  6. At each railway station there are transportation cards where you can find the current schedule.
  7. The route along one branch can be found in the following ways:
    – in the machine, if there is no stop on the branch that interests you, simply refuse to purchase and return to the beginning of the selection;
    – in the information booth, all data is provided free of charge.
  8. Do not try to drive for free – the controllers will overtake you anyway. Moreover, you will have to buy a ticket only once and then use it throughout the day.
  9. It is important not to forget to compost the ticket at the entrance to the carriage and at the exit, otherwise it will be considered invalid. In large cities, special turnstiles or readers for composting tickets are installed in the station buildings.
  10. The necessary train can be found as follows:
    – the final destination is indicated on the ticket;
    – on the light board mounted on the platform.
  11. Train Departure Board
  12. In the building of each station there is a board where you can see the schedule and the necessary platform.
  13. Almost all trains are double-decker, of course, it is preferable to go on the second floor – from here the best view opens.
  14. Toilets on trains are free, and at train stations you have to pay.
  15. Track the route according to the data on the light board that eats in each car. As soon as the train starts moving, the next station is displayed on the screen.

Question – Amsterdam – The Hague – how to get there and which way is the most comfortable – it has been studied in detail and the trip will not cause unpleasant impressions, but will bring only positive emotions.

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