Tourist’s guide to Budva: attractions of the city and surroundings

Budva is a famous resort and tourist city. Located in the central part of the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. The city and surroundings are known as the Budva Riviera. The latter is famous for its clean sand beaches, diverse architectural monuments and vibrant nightlife.

This article describes the sights of Budva, what to see in the main resort of Montenegro and its environs. All interesting places of Budva can be reached on foot or by public transport.

Photo: Old Town
Roofs of the Old City

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Stari Grad

Streets of the old town


Street in the Old City

In order not to look for a long time what to see in Budva, first of all it is worth getting acquainted with a typical medieval settlement. To do this, go from the modern part of the resort pearl to Stari Grad through the central gate. Or use one of the six remaining passages for the ancient walls. By the way, 3 of them are opposite the yacht moorings.

Fortress walls

Photo: fortress walls

One of these entrances, “Doors at Sea,” is currently not functioning. It has turned into a romantic secluded corner with ancient doors entwined with ivy, and is located at some height from the ground. But taking pictures in a picturesque place where not every tourist will wander is a good idea. Landmark for the search for “Doors at Sea” – English Pub in Old Town.

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The old city is surrounded by a fortress wall in the form of the letter “P”. To climb it, you must use any of the 2 existing entrances leading to the wall of the fortress. You will find one in front of the kitchen owned by the Mozart confectionery. Another – find the sea opposite the Citadel, but if you don’t suddenly go through the gate, go through the fence.

Citadel and Library

Photo: library room

The Citadel is the main fortification built in 840. Until the present day, mostly buildings of the 15th century have survived, which protected this area. Near the Citadel there were other fortifications connected by a fortress wall, and a village where locals and defenders of the fortress lived. The village, in fact, became the Old Town.

In the Citadel you can visit the Budva Museum, see the symbol of the city – two connected fish, denoting lovers Marco and Elena. There is also a library, organized one and a half centuries ago. It is considered one of the oldest in the country, in the library collection – over 60 thousand books, including very rare and valuable publications.

Archaeological Museum

Look yourself: archaeological museum

Being in the Old Town, you don’t have to worry about what to see in Budva. Visit the museums of Archeology and Contemporary Art. Archaeological works from Tuesday to Sunday, from 8 am to 9 pm. On Saturday – Sunday – from 14 to 21 hours. Ticket – 1.5 – 2 euros.

Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery exhibits the work of sculptors and artists from Montenegro and Serbia: paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings.

Churches of Old Budva

Attraction: church in the old part of Budva


Church of st. John

You cannot pass by and cannot fail to hear the beautiful chime of the bell tower of the Catholic Church of St. John, which rises above Budva. The bell tower was erected in the 7th century. AD, but it was rebuilt a lot.

At the bell tower – a cathedral with a modest exterior in the Gothic style. However, its interior is rich and luxurious. You can admire the icon with the miraculous face of the Virgin Mary, painted by St. Luke himself, and get acquainted with the exhibits of the rich library. One of them is the chronicle, which describes the events taking place on these lands in the 18-19 centuries.

Also among the attractions of Budva and the surrounding area, where it is not difficult to go on foot – the nearby Holy Trinity churches – an Orthodox church in the Byzantine style of the early 19th century. and the church of St. Mary “on the cape” (“in Punta”).

The date of construction of the monastery and St. Mary’s Church that once existed here is 840. Now it doesn’t work, but it looks well preserved, and here you can admire Roman mosaics dating back to the 2nd century. AD And thanks to the wonderful acoustics of the temple, you can enjoy music concerts that are held regularly.

Stary Grad is far from everything that you can see in Budva on your own; other sights are available to any tourist.

Ballerina Statue

Symbol of Budva - ballerina statue

This stele is a symbol of the city, its visiting card and the most photographed place in Budva. In addition, the best panorama of Old Town opens here: the sea, mountains, fortress walls and terracotta tiled roofs of houses – all in one frame.

The stela of the dancer lurks among the rocks on a boulder on the way to Moren Beach. Finding this monument is easy if you know where to go. You need to walk along the path to the right of the walls of the old city, and after a few turns you will certainly see it.

Walking in Budva

Embankment of the city with yachts

As in any coastal city, you can take a walk in the heart of the Budva Riviera along the promenade. It is possible to rent a boat or boat, go fishing or just go for a walk in the water.

At the charming Promenade, everything is at the disposal of tourists: souvenir shops and cafes, reputable restaurants, fast food and attractions. The prices here are reasonable, and the species are especially pacifying. Closer to night, disco bars open their doors, so the question of where to go in Budva day or evening, young or adult, practically does not arise.

Central market

Market in Budva

For a change, it’s worth visiting the central market of Budva – Zelena Pijaca (Zelena Piaca). It works from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Sundays – until 13 p.m. Here you can fully enjoy the local culinary exoticism: cheeses, prshut, homemade olive oil, sea fish, popular wines – white “Vranac Prokorde ”And red“ Vranac ”, grape rakiya and“ Bitter leaf ”liqueur.

All the pickles, in the hope of buying, give a try. Here you can boldly, convincingly and politely bargain, and as a result, take away home-made edible souvenirs that are cut and neatly packed in a vacuum shell.

Budva neighborhood

If you decide to explore the surroundings of Budva, there are many educational sights within walking distance.

Photo: Top Hill Club

For an active pastime in the evening, you can choose a club on the Budva hills Top Hill. It is one of the most popular in the country. A distinctive feature – it works all night. Evenings are often hosted by world-famous disc jockeys and MCs.

Right behind the club is a water park that opened in July 2016. A ticket can be purchased for half or full day.

Mogren Fortress and panoramas of Vidikovac

Mogren Fortress

If you like walking, you can independently get to this place. You need to get through the bush up the cliffs from Mogren Beach. Or go to the tunnel that leads to Jaz beach and to Tivat, on the left there is a trail. A few minutes – and you are already on a hill near the remains of a fortress built in the mid-19th century. You will have stunning views of the island of Nikola, part of Budva, the sea and the turquoise Yaz Beach.

Visiting these sights of Budva and the surrounding area, you can also see the city from the height of the observation deck at the Vidikovac Hotel. She is nearby. The hotel is surrounded by white gates, to the right of them is a path. After descending the stairs, go to the white arches and to the viewing platform. The fabulous views of Old Budva and a memory photo will remain in your heart for a long time. By the way, you can also get to the indicated facilities by taxi.

Sveti Nikola Island

Photo: St.  Nikolay

Also, from places that you can see in Budva on your own, the island of St. Nikola is of interest. Here is a nature reserve with pheasants, hares and deer. Entrance there, unfortunately, is strictly prohibited. But there is also the Church of St. Nicholas, a pleasant coolness of the green forests, clear sea water and sand and pebble beaches. But vacationers on them are much less than in the city.

You can get to the island by water taxi or boat. Price from 3 to 25 euros.

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Sveti Stefan

Island of st.  Stefan

The symbol of all Montenegro is considered to be the island of St. Stephen. From Budva to it – 7 km. Once it was a fishing village, and now it is a fashionable resort. He is not missed by Hollywood stars.

In fact, this is a whole town-hotel, which occupied the whole island. But you can get here if you book a tour. You can get from the city to the island by bus from Budva for € 1.5 and 20 min. either by taxi.

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As you can see, Budva (Montenegro) is not poor in sights, and what to see is up to you. The local monasteries, seascapes, islands and panoramic views can not leave anyone indifferent, you want to come to the memorable Budva again and again.

Video with the sights of the city.




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