What you need to know when planning your vacation in Eilat

On the tourist map of Israel, the city of Eilat is given a particularly honorable place. A very advantageous combination of clean beaches by the Red Sea, sun-scorched sands of the Negev desert and amazing in their beauty of the surrounding mountains makes the vacation in Eilat fascinating and filled with impressions.

Eilat City

Eilat is the southernmost city of Israel and the only state port on the Red Sea. It is located on a narrow strip of land between the Gulf of Aqaba (in Israel it is called the Eilat) and the Eilat Mountains.

This city was founded in 1951, now its area is almost 85 km². The population is approaching 51,000 people, with about 85% of urban residents working in the tourism industry.

Tourists note! Near Eilat are the main border crossings connecting Israel with Egypt and Jordan. The border with Egypt is only 13 km, and the border with Jordan is even less – 6 km. While on vacation in Eilat, you can go on excursions in neighboring states.

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Weather in Eilat – when is it better to come on vacation

Air temperature in Eilat

Eilat has a very favorable geographical position, due to which its climate is quite mild and dry, without sharp temperature drops throughout the year. This city is rightly considered the driest in Israel, because rainfall here is so rare that it is perceived as an extraordinary phenomenon.

In summer, the temperature is rarely below + 38 ° C, but due to the fact that the relative humidity does not exceed 20–30%, heat is relatively easily tolerated. Water in the sea warms up to + 27 ° С. July and August are “high season” for Israeli tourists, therefore, there are a lot of people at almost all beaches at this time.

Sea temperature in Eilat

As a rule, in the first half of September there is still heat (+ 37 ° C), there are almost as many tourists as in the summer months. And from the middle of September, the velvet season begins at the resort, the temperature gradually decreases. October and November are considered the most comfortable autumn months for a vacation in Eilat, when it is not so hot: + 33 ° C (October) and + 27 ° C (November). The water in the sea is still warm, + 27 ° C.

In winter, a beach holiday in Eilat (Israel) on the Red Sea is quite possible, you can even swim: in December the water in the sea is + 25 ° C, in January and February it is slightly colder – about + 22 ° C.

Daytime air temperature here is within + 21 ° C, nighttime is much less – about + 10 ° C.

Eilat Beach

In March, the air warms up to + 26 ° C, in April to + 31 ° C, and in May the heat already starts – + 35 ° C. It is quite possible to swim, the water temperature gradually increases from + 22 ° C to + 27 ° C.

Output. You can come to rest in Eilat, as, in general, to Israel, all year long, but the most comfortable time is autumn and spring.

Hotel prices

Eilat has a well-developed network of hotels, the prices of which are designed for tourists with different income levels. Accommodation prices depend not only on the “stardom” of the hotel, but also on the season.

Beachfront Hotel in Eilat

Important! On booking.com you can always find and book accommodation, which will be suitable both for the price and the level of service.

On the first line of the beach strip of Eilat are 5 * hotels. Prices for accommodation in them start from 1000 shekels per double room, there are hotels with a price tag of 4000 shekels. 3 * hotels located some distance from the sea, for example, in the center of Eilat, offer double rooms at lower prices, on average for 450 shekels a day.

The prices (in the currency of Israel) for double rooms in some hotels are presented for general reference:

  • Herods Palace Hotels 5 *: in mid-May – from 1180, in April-July – from 1420, in early October – from 1600.
  • Room at Herods Boutique Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels
    Herods Boutique Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels
  • Herods Boutique Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels 5 *: in mid-May – from 920, in late April – from 1700, in July-August – from 1300, in early October – from 1500.
  • Isrotel Lagoona All-Inclusive Hotel 4 *: at different times, prices do not differ much – from 1400 to 1750.
  • Leonardo Plaza Eilat 4 *: in April from 400, in the summer months – from 700, in early October from 560.
  • Rich Royal Suites Eilat 3 *: in mid-May – from 415, in April-August – from 595, in early October – from 735.
  • Motel Aviv 3 *: in early May – from 315, in April – from 650, from June to the end of October – from 1000.

Tourists note! When planning a vacation in Israel, be sure to check the calendar of Jewish holidays. During spring and autumn holidays, Israeli tourists gather in crowds in Eilat! At this time, in hotels in Eilat (and all of Israel), prices for vacations rise 3 times, but finding free housing is still problematic: rooms are booked almost a year in advance. It is clear that the number of free sunbeds on the beaches is significantly reduced.

You can choose a hotel and see prices for accommodation in Eilat with this card.

Food prices

As in any resort in Israel, in Eilat, food prices will vary depending on where to eat.

Lunch at the cafe

There are a lot of cafes and restaurants in this city, especially in the popular tourist area – on the main promenade. Dear elite establishments are adjacent to small restaurants, the prices of which are quite affordable.

  • Lunch at a mid-range restaurant will cost 180–210 shekels for two,
  • the price of snacks and salads 20-60 shekels,
  • hot dishes – 35–110.

In a cafe, the usual Israeli breakfast with eggs and cottage cheese costs about 50–80 shekels. In the All Inclusive restaurant, a dinner for two will cost at least 300 shekels.

Fast Food Snack

A lot of street tents with traditional fastwood for Israel are a great option for a budget snack during the holidays. Prices in local currency: falafel – 10–20, shawarma – 20–40.

The most profitable option is to buy products and cook yourself. Here are the estimated prices of products in Eilat, indicated in the currency of Israel, shekels:

  • cottage cheese (250 g) – 5-7;
  • milk (1 l) – 5.6;
  • bananas (1 kg) – 8;
  • potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage (1 kg) – 4.5;
  • peaches, apricots, apples, plums (1 kg) – 8-12;
  • eggs (12 pieces) – 12.5;
  • beef (1 kg) – 66;
  • chicken fillet (1 kg) – 33.

On a note! It is very hot in Eilat, I always feel thirsty. And although most hotels have coolers with free drinking water, its supply is still needed. The price of a bottle of water 1.5 l – 3-8 shekels.

Features of a beach holiday

The main pride of Eilat is 12 km of luxurious beaches. All of them are perfectly equipped for a comfortable stay: deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes, lifeguards.

Beach holidays in Eilat

The resort area of ​​Eilat is divided into the North Coast and Coral Beach. The North Shore is sand and pebble beaches located within the city. Outside the city, towards the border with Egypt, the southern coast stretches – this is the area of ​​the Coral Beach, where entry into the water is complicated by stones and corals.

Read reviews about beach holidays in Eilat (Israel) and find out more about all the beaches of the resort here .

Things to do while relaxing in Eilat

Diving at Dolphin Reef
Dolphin Reef

What else, besides the sea, is Eilat interesting for? This resort has something to attract and surprise tourists who come here on vacation. To get started, you can get acquainted with the city’s popular attractions: visit the Isrotel Theater and the Underwater Observatory Park, take a walk along the promenade and the botanical garden, watch a musical fountain show, ride an ice skating rink in the Ice Mall Eilat shopping center and camel camels Farm, make friends with dolphins in the Dolphin Reef Reserve. You can read about these and other interesting sights of Eilat and its surroundings here .

But these are far from all the options for spending time in this popular resort in Israel.

Extreme vacation: diving

Eilat is deservedly recognized as one of the best places on the planet for diving, because the world of coral reefs here is very diverse and rich! This resort has many diving schools (Aqua Sport and Red Sea Diving Club – the oldest), which offer rental equipment, instruct and organize diving tours.

Diving in Eilat

Estimated prices in Eilat for local diving schools, indicated in shekels:

  • introductory lesson – 180;
  • one dive with a guide – from 150 to 200;
  • a training course of several (usually 5) lessons with the subsequent issuance of a certificate – from 1800 (all necessary equipment is included in this price);
  • photo and video services (150).

Important! Diving and even swimming at the coral reefs should be done with extreme caution. Many of the local inhabitants are very dangerous: poisonous snakes, fish and corals (the burns received from them can heal for several months).

Extreme lovers: desert safari

Safari – a fascinating walk along the sand dunes, allowing you to get to know the world of the Negev desert.

Desert Safari

There are a lot of types of vehicles for safari: mini-jeeps, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, huge powerful jeeps. Of course, depending on the type of transport, the prices for such a walk will vary.

A tour in a group on ordinary jeeps will cost about 230 shekels per person. The price of a private tour is from 1150 shekels per 4 people.

Eilat nightlife

In Eilat, you won’t even get bored even at night, because this Israeli resort boasts a huge variety of entertainment venues: night clubs, discos, bars. Among the most popular:

Relax at Three Monkeys Pub
Three Monkeys Pub
  • Nisha dance bar, famous for the most incendiary discos;
  • Three Monkeys Pub bar, which hosts live performances by musicians;
  • Disco-bar “Elixir” in the hotel “Princess”, where on Thursdays and Fridays conduct a special show program;
  • Penthouse night club located in Beit Almog, at the very entrance to Eilat;
  • Selena and Crazy Elephant clubs, open seven days a week.

As a rule, clubs are open from 24:00 to 6:00. In almost all establishments, the main shows are held on Thursdays and Fridays, although there are also clubs that operate daily.

Club Crazy Elephant
Crazy elephant

Tourists note! Security at the entrance can check the bag for weapons, as well as ID. In most entertainment venues, people aged 18+ are allowed, but there are also those where entry is allowed from 21+ and even from 23+.

As for gambling, in Israel they are strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, enterprising businessmen found an original solution – casino ships. At certain times, special ships depart from the city port to the sea, on which you can indulge in any gambling that is relevant at the moment.

How to get to Eilat

As the largest resort in southern Israel, Eilat has its own airport (800 meters from the city center). It would seem that an international flight with a landing at this airport is the best option. But the fact is that tour operators do not include air travel in the cost of tours to Israel, and you have to pay separately for plane tickets. A flight from the CIS countries to Eilat costs several times more than a flight to Tel Aviv, in addition, there are much fewer such flights. Therefore, it turns out that the most optimal solution is to fly to Tel Aviv, and from there get to Eilat.

Tel Aviv City
Tel Aviv

Consider how you can get to rest in Eilat from Ben Gurion Airport and from Tel Aviv.

From Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport

The first way – by plane to the airport of Eilat. Every day, up to 10 flights are made (in 1-2 hours), in Shabbat – only 2-3. Depending on the carrier company and the class of ticket, the price will be 230-400 shekels. Flight time 60 minutes.

The second option is land, with a change in Be’er Sheva. At the airport you must go to the railway platform at the terminal. Every day (except Shabbat) from 5:30 to 21:30 trains leave from there to Beer Sheva Merkaz station, the fare is 30 shekels, the journey takes up to 2 hours. Opposite the Beer Sheva Merkaz station there is a bus station – from there every day from 5:00 to 24:00 (except Shabbat) buses run to Eilat. The ticket price is about 90 shekels, the travel time is 1.5 hours.

Ha-Hagana Station

The third option is with a change in Tel Aviv. From Ben Gurion Airport by train (from the station at Terminal No. 3) you need to go just one stop to Tel Aviv Ha-Hagana Station. The ticket price is approximately 15.5 shekels, the time in turbidity is 10 minutes. Then you need to transfer to a bus at the Central Bus Station – it is described in detail below (“How to get to Eilat from Tel Aviv by bus”).

Compare Housing Prices Using This Form

From Tel Aviv
By bus "Tel Aviv - Eilat"

The most rational way is to travel on the Tel Aviv-Eilat bus, which leaves from the Central Bus Station ( address: 108, Levinski Street, Tel Aviv, Israel). Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver or at the box office, their price is about 70 shekels. The trip lasts 5-6 hours. Departures take place from 5:00 to 23:58, the intervals between them are 1-2 hours.

Another option is to do part of the journey from Tel Aviv by train (unfortunately, there is no direct train connection between Tel Aviv and Eilat). From any railway station in Tel Aviv (Ha-Hagan, Merkaz-Tsentralnaya, Universitet, Ha-Shalom) you need to get to the Beer Sheva Merkaz station. The journey will take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, the fare is 27 shekels. In Beer Sheva you need to take a bus to Eilat – this is described in detail above (“The Road to Eilat from Ben Gurion”).

From Tel Aviv by train

It’s important to know! You can see the exact train schedule and ticket prices on the official website of the Israel Railways: www.rail.co.il/. The bus company InterGate operates in the Beer Sheva – Eilat and Tel Aviv – Eilat directions. Travel schedule and ticket prices can be found on the official website of the company: www.egged.co.il/.

Prices on the page are for April 2019.

We hope this article will be useful and will help to organize the most comfortable and full of pleasant moments vacation in Eilat.

The main attractions of the city, as well as the beaches of Eilat are marked on the map.

Walking in Eilat, Israel

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