Weather in June in Israel and what travelers can expect

June in Israel can be called comfortable when compared to the whole summer season. Of course, for tourists who arrive from mid-latitudes, the weather in Israel in June seems unbearable, but in July and August the climate is even more sultry and more difficult for vacationers.

Due to the meridional elongation of the country’s territory and the variety of landscapes, weather contrasts are very pronounced. The most suitable holiday places in Israel in summers are the mountain regions, Jerusalem and its surrounding environs. But Eilat gets very warm even in June.

Beach Holidays in Israel

Israel in June – weather and temperature

The Israeli summer is characterized by sweltering heat, but in June it is not so acute. Therefore, in general, the weather in June can be called comfortable for beach relaxation and for sightseeing trips. However, the holiday resorts around Galilee Sea and the Dead Sea get very warm in June. Here in the afternoon the air warms up to 35°C. It is cooler on the Mediterranean coast – during the day to 27°C, at night to 22°C.

The Dead Sea

What is the weather in Israel in June

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Wind speed 16.5 km / h
Daylight hours 14.6 hours
Air humidity 57.5%
Rainy days 0.8 days
Rainfall 0.1 mm
Lowest air temperature + 19 ° C
Highest air temperature + 31 ° C
Daily average temperature + 24.8 ° C

Some helpful suggestions:

  • For relaxation, choose light clothing made from natural fabrics
  • be sure to take a hat on a trip
  • regardless of the resort chosen for relaxation, you can not go out without treating the skin with sunscreen
  • do not forget to bring a few shawls with you if you plan to visit religious places – one to cover your head, and the second you can tie shorts or trousers

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Weather in June in Haifa

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and a seaport. Many tourists come here for day trips, but in fact there is everything for a comfortable stay. From May to October, the city has lush vegetation, and remains warm and dry.

This city has a lot of Russian-speaking population.

In June, a full-fledged beach season begins in Haifa. The daytime temperature rises to + 31 ° C, but sometimes + 26 ° C. It is also quite comfortable at night – + 22 ° С – + 25 ° С.

The weather in June is mostly clear, there is practically no rain. Locals call the first summer month the sunniest of the year. The wind is present and it brings a refreshing coolness.

In the first half of the month, swimming for some may be a touch cold. The temperature in the sea is + 23 ° C, but from the second half of June, staying on the beach becomes absolutely comfortable – + 28 ° C.

Dado Beach is best adapted for tourists, it is the longest, sandy, on the shore there are toilets and showers. Lovers of secluded relaxation can find wild areas. Concerts are held on the beach every Saturday. June can be called an ideal month for a trip to Israel.

Weather in Haifa in June

Daytime temperature + 29.5 ° C
Temperature at night + 22.0 ° C
Sea temperature + 25.5 ° C
Sunny days 28 days
Daylight hours 14.3 hours
Rainy days not
Precipitation 4.8 mm

Weather in June in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is called one of the most mysterious cities in Israel on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It combines antiquity, modernity and, despite the fact that there are not many attractions, they all deserve to be seen. In addition to beach relaxation, there are world class hospital facilities and holy places.

June in Tel Aviv is quite comfortable and tasty because this is the season of watermelons, plums, lychees and mangoes.

The sun sets around 20:00. Public transport runs until 19:00, and shops until 17:00.

In the first half of June, the conditions for a beach holiday are almost ideal, it is comfortable to practice glanders, but closer to the middle of summer, jellyfish swim to the shore. For three weeks, swimming in the sea is not too comfortable, but then the jellyfish disappear.

According to statistics, June is the driest month of the year, there is practically no rainfall, so be sure to plan a visit to the Jaffa area – the oldest in Tel Aviv, Yarkon Park, take a walk along the promenade.

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Weather in Tel Aviv in June

Daytime temperature + 29.5 ° C
Temperature at night + 24.0 ° C
Sea temperature + 25.4 ° C
Sunny days 30 days
Daylight hours 14.3 hours
Rainy days not
Precipitation 0.7 mm

June Weather in Jerusalem

Almost throughout Israel, and Jerusalem is no exception, June is the most comfortable month in the summer. Daytime temperatures do rise, but the sun is not so strong as to scorch the vegetation. That is why locals call June the best for visiting attractions and beach relaxation. In early June, the city celebrates Shavuot Torah Giving Day, and at the end of June, the Festival of Light is held here.

Good to know! Jerusalem is located on high hills, so it’s a bit cooler here than in other regions. Daytime temperature is about + 27 ° C, only by the end of the month the air warms up to + 30 ° C.

The sun shines almost the whole month, so don’t go out without a hat, water and sunscreen. At night, the air temperature drops to + 19 ° C – + 21 ° C.

Weather in Jerusalem in June

Daytime temperature + 28.0 ° C
Temperature at night + 20.0 ° C
Sea temperature + 29.0 ° C
Sunny days 30 days
Daylight hours 14.2 hours
Rainy days not
Precipitation 1.5 mm

Weather in June in Eilat

In June, there are many more locals holidaying in Eilat than tourists. The city is located in close proximity to three deserts, so during the day it is very hot here – up to 40°С and at night not higher than 23°С. The highest temperature in Israel in June is in Eilat and not every traveler is able to cope with the climate of this beach city.

In Eilat, safety measures are especially relevant – a hat with wide brim, sunscreen and a large amount of water. Humidity is only 40%, the body is quickly dehydrated.

Swimming in the Gulf of Eilat is refreshing, since the water at the beginning of June is around 24°C, and by July it warms up to 26°C. With such a contrast between air and water temperatures, it is not surprising that most tourists spend time at sea.

Another reason to spend a vacation on the beach is great places for snorkeling and diving. Eilat is good for beginners and experienced divers to admire the underwater world. Small fish live in shallow depths and you will have to scuba dive to see the truly picturesque sea landscapes.

Diving in the Gulf of Eilat

Prices for diving equipment in Eilat are several times higher than in other resort cities. This is due to the fact that off the coast of the city there are many beautiful and interesting places – coral reefs, which are assigned the status of a nature reserve. In addition, Eilat attracts surfers and sailing enthusiasts.

Even during such hot weather sightseeing tours are offered in the city, but they are adapted for tourists. You can visit the modern IceMall shopping complex, where there is an ice ring, or go on a night safari into the desert.

Weather in Eilat in June

Daytime temperature + 35.5 ° C
Temperature at night + 22.0 ° C
Sea temperature + 25.5 ° C
Sunny days 30 days
Daylight hours 14.0 hours
Rainy days not
Precipitation 0.1 mm


City of Nazareth
City of Nazareth

In general, Israel in June offers different things to do – relax on the beaches, go sightseeing and wellness. At the same time, at different resorts, climatic conditions and temperatures differ slightly.

The coolest are Jerusalem and Bethlehem, where the daytime temperature does not rise above + 28 ° C, and the night temperature 18°C to 20°C. Another relatively comfortable holiday area is Nazareth where it is not warmer than 25°С during the day and at night it is even cooler at 16°С. Nevertheless, even with such temperature indicators, it is impossible to go outside without a hat and water, since the level of ultraviolet radiation is high.

All resorts in Israel, without exception, are dry in June, as the rainy season has already ended.

Eilat Beach
Eilat Beach

Haifa and Tel Aviv in June are ready for the beach season with air temperature of 30°C and the sea at 25.5°C.

Good to know! Dry winds present at most resorts cause discomfort.

Opera festival

It is best to wait for the midday heat in a hotel room with air conditioning.

In June, many colorful events take place in Israel, one of the most exciting is the Opera Festival. It is held in Jerusalem, open stages are mounted on the streets, and guests wear evening toilets. Performances take place in the evening and it is obvious – after sunset freshness appears in the air.

As you can see, the weather in Israel in June is conducive to relaxation. Numerous resorts hospitably welcome tourists, offering a wide selection of entertainment.

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