Tourist’s guide to Tel Aviv beaches – best spots to swim and bask in the sun

The beaches of Tel Aviv are clean sand, clear water and lots of sun. Every year, more than 4,000,000 tourists come to Israel who call the beaches of Tel Aviv one of the best in the world. And there is an explanation for this.

Tel Aviv Beach

Features of a beach holiday on the sea coast in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv water temperature

The swimming season in Tel Aviv begins in May, and ends in September-October. The water temperature in late spring and early autumn does not fall below +25 ° C. Swimming is very comfortable and absolutely safe. The summer months are quite hot (water temperature is + 28 ° C), so those who do not like the heat, it is better to visit Israel at other times of the year.

Tel Aviv has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. The pluses of these places include the complete absence of garbage, clean toilets and comfortable showers. Beach umbrellas and gazebos are definitely enough for everyone.

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Another very important point: all the beaches are adapted for people with disabilities, and everyone can drive up to the sea.

The coastline 10 km long is divided into many zones. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the sand is fine, and the beaches are very wide and seem to be endless. The feedback from travelers to Tel Aviv is positive: they note that the beaches are also perfectly clean.

Beach in Tel Aviv

The choice of beaches is really wide: you can go both to the quiet and deserted, located on the outskirts of the city, and to visit the best recreational activities for youth in the central part of the coast. For surfers and dog breeders, separate zones of the coastline are provided.

In many parts of the sandy shore you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also go in for sports: a lot of equipped playgrounds, exercise machines and even a swimming pool – all this is on the youth beaches of Tel Aviv. Food delivery men operate on all beaches in the city, and cafes, restaurants and shops are also open. Prices in them are quite high.

Training ground

Entrance to all beaches of Tel Aviv is free (except for the elite HaTzuk Beach). Rescuers work everywhere (from 07:00 to 19:00).


If you look at the map of Tel Aviv, you can see that the beaches go one by one and they are divided very conditionally. In the southern part of the coastline are the beaches of Ajami, Alma, Banana. In the central – Jerusalem, Bograshov, Frischman, Gordon, Metzim and Hilton. The north coast is HaTzuk and Tel Baruh beaches.

Hazuk beach

HaTzuk is the only paid beach in the city. True, it is paid only for tourists, but local residents, having shown a residence permit, can visit it for free. Entrance fee is 10 shekels.

Hazuk beach

Not without reason HaTzuk is called the most elite beach of Tel Aviv: it is located in the northern part of the city, not far from the most expensive quarter Ramat Aviv Gimel. It is not possible to get here on foot from the center or to get there by bike – you can only get there by car. Well-off people are resting here: theater and film stars, singers, businessmen and programmers.

There are no problems with the infrastructure: there are a lot of showers, toilets, umbrellas and sunbeds. There is free parking, a Turkiz restaurant and a small shop with all the necessary goods.

Mezitzim (Mezitzim Beach)

Mezitsim is located near Tel Aviv port, near the Nordau Boulevard. It is divided into 2 parts – southern and northern. Locals of different ages come to rest on the northern part of the beach, but there are practically no tourists. There are always a lot of people here, and on weekends it gets very crowded.

Mezitzim beach

The southern part of Metsitsim is reserved for religious people, therefore it is fenced. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday only girls and women can come here to rest, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – men can come here.

This is one of the best equipped beaches. And umbrellas, and sunbeds, and cafes with shops are abundant here. Nearby there is even a farmer’s market and a large parking lot for cars.

Hilton (Hilton Beach)

The Hilton is located between Gordon Beach and the religious beach, which is fenced off from the rest by a wooden fence. Vacationers conditionally divide the Hilton into 3 parts. The southern one is for surfers (there are not many people here), the central one is for gays (crowded) and the northern one is for dog breeders (almost no one is here during the day, but in the evening this part of the beach comes to life).

Hilton Beach

The bulk of cafes and restaurants is concentrated in the central part of Hilton. There are also sun loungers and toilets. In the southern and northern parts there are no such amenities, because only surfers and dog breeders spend time here. By the way, in the southern part of the Hilton beach you can rent a surf and enroll in a school of surfers.

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Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach proudly bears the title of Tel Aviv’s most athletic beach. It begins at the intersection of Gordon and HaYarkon Streets and ends at a large bay. On the beach itself, a huge Gordon gym with a large pool (entrance fee) and a gym is erected. Vacationers can play volleyball and matkot (something like table tennis) at specially equipped sports fields for free.

Gordon Beach

People of all ages come to Gordon Beach, and it is never empty here. On the beach there are sun loungers, umbrellas, 2 small shops and several cafes. Showers and toilets are provided.

Frishman Beach

Frischman is located near the street of the same name, in the heart of Tel Aviv. This beach is considered to be youth, so tourists often drop by here. Both on weekdays and on weekends it is quite crowded. Music always plays on Frischmann, and in the evening themed parties and amateur sports are often held.

Frishman beach

The infrastructure of Frischman Beach in Tel Aviv is developed: there are many inexpensive cafes, bars with cooling drinks and everything you need to relax (toilets, showers and large wooden arbors).

Bograshov Beach

To get to Bograshov, which is located in the western part of Tel Aviv, you can turn off the street of the same name and walk 5-10 minutes in the direction of the sea. This place is very popular among young people, and 90% of vacationers are young people and girls aged 16 to 30 years. Also, this place is very popular with French tourists, so they even gave it the unspoken name “tsarfatim”, which translates as “French beach”.

Bograshov beach

Everything is in order with the infrastructure on Bograshov Beach: there are dozens of inexpensive cafes and cozy restaurants, bars with cooling drinks and American eateries. Also on the beach there are umbrellas, sunbeds, benches and gazebos in which you can hide from the sun.

Tel-baruh beach

Tel-baruh beach

Tel-Baruh beach is away from the famous hotels and expensive restaurants of Tel Aviv. It is located on the outskirts of the city, and this place is very fond of locals, who usually relax here. On weekdays there are very few people. The main feature of the beach is that it works only in the summer months.

Near Tel Baruch there is a paid parking, several cafes and a small shop. Nearby is a rental office where you can rent a pedalo.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is a beach for a relaxing and measured vacation with your family. Here, as a rule, 30-year-old and 40-year-old residents of Tel Aviv and tourists with their children relax. The most popular entertainment here is matkot and beach soccer. You can also often see the following picture: a group of people sits in a circle and reads a book or plays a board game.

Banana Beach

The highlight of Banana Beach is film screenings in the evenings in the cafe of the same name. On the big screen they show both sports competitions and the best Hollywood films. There are no problems with the infrastructure: there are sun loungers, showers, toilets and several shops. Tourists recommend coming here in the evening in order to enjoy the atmosphere of this place.

Jerusalem (Jerusalem Beach)

Jerusalem Beach is another good option for a quiet family vacation. Despite the proximity to the center of Tel Aviv, here everyone can find a secluded place and relax. On weekends, it is crowded, but on weekdays there is almost no one.

Jerusalem beach

A fish restaurant and 2 small cafes are located on site. There is also a large playground and a place for sports. There is everything you need to relax: sun loungers, toilets, showers and gazebos.

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Alma (Alma Beach)

Alma is a good option for those who do not like crowded and “polished” beaches. There are no sunbeds, no cafes, no shops, no toilets. Only the sea and scenic views. Representatives of free professions especially like to relax in this place: freelancers, artists and just creative people. There are practically no tourists. You can come here with pets and even fry kebabs. This is a great place to retire and enjoy the peace and quiet without leaving the city.

Alma beach

The beach is located in the southern part of the coastline, not far from the city center. Its length is about 1 km. The Alma Beach begins at Old Jaffa, and ends near the dolphinarium, which, however, has long been turned into ruins.

Adjami Beach

Ajami or Jaffa beach is the farthest from the city center, so there are not many people here (especially tourists). However, it is still worth a visit to this place: it is located on the territory of one of the most ancient and picturesque areas of the city (photos of Old Tel Aviv from the beach will definitely turn out to be interesting). The stone arches that are located above the coastline, and the building of the Center of Peace named after im. Shimon Peres (ninth president of Israel).

Ajami or Jaffa Beach

On the beach you can fry kebabs, and sometimes it happens to see horses, who often walk here. On the seashore there are a number of new snow-white cafes and restaurants, where prices are quite high. The nearest store can be reached in 5-10 minutes. The beach has sun loungers, umbrellas and toilets. Parking is chargeable.

The beaches of Tel Aviv are a great place for both family and youth vacations! Here everyone will find something to do or can lazily lie under an umbrella.

All the beaches described in the article are marked on the map of Tel Aviv in Russian.

An overview of the entertainment beaches on the coast of Tel Aviv – in this video.

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